I stood opposite the door, surveying the room. The most exotically dressed people I had ever seen populated it. As my eyes skittered from person to person, they grew wider with astonishment. Leather, latex, mesh, metal, vinyl, thin gauze - some were near naked in only collars, cuffs and a small triangle of tight material. Odours, leather, lace and sex filled the room fighting with the music for space. Voices hummed all around me as my senses drank in the onslaught leaving me gasping.

I felt a brief stir of cool night air as the door opened to allow a man and a woman to enter. The door closed behind them and the man helped his Mistress off with her long coat. I had seen immediately, by both their demeanour and dress, who was in charge in that pairing. She wore thigh high shiny black spike healed boots, tight black shorts and a top that instead of covering her ample breasts, slung beneath them and lifted them high and bare. She walked with a confidence that spoke of leashed power and unleashed sexuality. Her submissive partner wore a collar, cuffs and tiny briefs. He kept his eyes downcast and followed after her like an adoring puppy. I felt drawn to this couple with their unashamed embracing of their lifestyle, their apparent comfort in the roles that they assumed, and their obvious affection for each other.

I watched as the pair approached a Master and his female slave. As the Mistress spoke, she caressed her man's near-naked body. Just slight, light touches, a running of the fingertips on his forearm, stroking his hair, and a pat on his buttocks as she apparently made a ribald joke that made him blush, the Master roar with laughter and the Masters slave try to suppress a smile. I sighed as the crowd ebbed and flowed and hid their small group from me. I knew that one day I would find my other half - the one who would complete me - my own submissive partner - the man of my dreams. Restlessly I adjusted my concealing cloak, feeling its slightly coarse texture against my breasts and resumed my observation of the room.

I was new to this game, my hidden sexuality only lately come by. Suppressed as I had been in the firm rules and beliefs of my family, I had believed that my desires were unnatural. Searching for something I knew had been missing from my life; I found my answers through the Internet. Discovering the world of fetish, I felt a kinship for the people who had discarded the ancient notion that men were superior. People who had decided to walk their own path and people who felt free within their sexuality. I longed to become one of those people, and in this city where I knew no one and no one knew me, I finally felt I could join them.

Becoming more confident, my roving eyes passed over the heads of many people until a pair of blue eyes looking straight back transfixed me. I became lost in the depths of them. I felt all time had slipped and drifted free, loosing us from its harsh restraints. I felt as if my soul had reached its hand across the room and was drawing us together. Amid all the noise and laughter and the pervasive seductive odour of sex I took a step forward, oblivious to all but you. I looked past the trappings of your thinly veiled form and saw your firmly muscled body. The figure of an athlete, the face of a Greek god, and in that instant I knew who you were. With a shocked gasp my lungs drew in air, emotion, smell and memory.

For four years, I’d held you in my mind, your body knifing through the chill air at the rink, your smile stirring my emotions. Dancing on ice you spun your way into my heart. Partnering you, we moved in perfect synchronicity, mesmerizing the local judges, wooing the audience, tasting the heady fragrance of imminent fame; until that fateful day four years ago. Remembering the loss of you, seeing the pain in your eyes as you told me you had to go. To be with your father as he slowly made his way into the world beyond. As he made that painful trek from the hospital half a country away. You went to a place I could not follow. Much as I loved you, I needed to remain near my own family. We parted as friends, having never made the step I craved for, the step that would have made us lovers. Memory took me back to our last dance, swirling in the spotlight; we danced as we’d never danced before. The slight muskiness of your sweat filled my senses, love welled in my heart, and the chill air squeezed the breath from my lungs. You led our last dance with passion and tenderness; I saw the glint of moisture in your eyes and had to fight to keep back my own. Time passed, as time does and we lost touch.

Blinking away that remembered past I realized you had come to me; and with the exquisite grace of a skater knelt on one knee before me. Kissing the hem of my cloak, your head bowed in supplication I knew I’d found my dream.

* * *

Donning a trench coat over my costume, I look one final time in the mirror and, slicking back the lock of hair that always manages to free itself from any hold, I prepared to make my way into my new life. Unsatisfied with past experiments with women, I felt the need to surrender control with them. Skating had taught me, and taught me well how to lead women in the dance, a foreplay in movement, posture, style, gliding from move to move in a well rehearsed play. The illusion of dominance I’d formed around myself was just that, an illusion. I ached to break from those bounds and become the man I really was, a slave to the goddess that is Woman. Tonight I hoped to find that goddess. Taking a breath, I hurried from my apartment and hailed a taxi. Directing the driver to the address of the club, I knew I had taken the first step in my new life.

Stepping from the noisy bustle of the street into the dark warmth of the club, the music and murmur of voices hit like a wave, and borne upon it rode sex and sensuality reminiscent of lovers. Checking my coat at the door, I revealed my outfit. Barely clothed I wore little more than a leather studded g-string with straps that joined in a V at the front. A transparent thigh length tunic covered all. Lingering beside the doorway, I surveyed the room. Seeing was believing, and I knew I was meant to be there; I belonged. My eyes roamed, slowly drinking in the sights and sounds that I thirsted for. The crowd shifted as if Moses parted the sea and across from me stood a woman alone. Time seemed to slow as my heart speeded up. Dragging me forward I could not resist the tide; did not want to resist. Her pale face beautiful, her green cat-like eyes speared into, pierced through, and lodged deep within me: imperious, majestic, a vision in gothic beauty; a Goddess worthy to bear the name.

A flicker of a frown passed over her features and, seeing it, I knew I had already met her. Mentally I stripped her makeup, the high flaring collar, the concealing cloak and recognized in her the graceful beauty I had left in love and sorrow four years ago.

Four years ago I’d held you in my arms, your body moving with cat-like grace, your green eyes stirring my emotions. Dancing on ice you wove your way into my heart. Partnering you we moved in perfect time, thrilling the judges and audience alike on the road to stardom; until that fateful day four years ago. Remembering the tearing pain I felt as I told you I had to go to be with my father as he was dragged down by cancer. I went to a place you could not follow; you needed to remain near your own family. We parted as friends, having never made the step I longed for, the step that would have made us lovers. Recalling our last dance, basking in the limelight: we danced as we’d never danced before. The delicate blush of your cheeks, the warm breath against my chest filled my senses, love swelled in my heart, and the cool air froze the words unborn on my lips. I led our last dance but you were the star. With passion and tenderness we enacted our longing and parting on the stage of the rink. Blinking back my emotion as I knew I had missed out with you. Time passed, as time does and we lost touch.

My blood surged at the realization of her, and I knew on that instant that we were at last destined to be together. Dropping at her feet I kissed her hem, head bowed in supplication, swearing with body and soul I would never leave her again.

* * *

From his position on the upper level, he saw the silent drama unfold. A woman standing silent and alone, and though dominant in her stance, she hides both nervousness and costume. A man, strong of body, sure of movement, but lost emotionally, seeks his ideal. Their eyes told the tale. Both sought that which would make them whole. The recognition of kindred spirits, the recognition of self, and the recognition of the other brings them together. An almost audible click as their pieces meshed and he knelt at her feet. They belonged together. And he watched as their drama played out.

* * *

She unfastened the single closure at her neck, dropping the cloak in a puddle at her feet, finally revealing her costume. An outward reflection of her inner desire, the black vinyl gleamed in the dim light. Surrounding the halter neck raised a high flared collar, setting off her makeup pale skin, kohl blackened green eyes and ruby red lips. The plunging neckline revealed the inner curve of her breasts. Outlining her slim waist, hugging her torso the laced bodice accentuated her figure. The skirt, plain and unadorned swirled around her thighs at every movement. They moved as if within a dream. He removed his tunic, baring his flesh for her. Light as a butterfly, she rested her hand on his shoulder and in a husky emotion-laden voice uttered her first words of command

"Dance with me."

The man, enraptured by the beauty that was his Woman, his Goddess, his partner, his friend and his soul mate, whispered for the first time the words he was born to say:

"Yes, Mistress."

* * *

Leading her by her silvery leash into the darkness of the upper floor, Destiny spoke to his consort, "Dance with me."

Lady Luck replied

"Yes, Master."

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