tagBDSMSynder & Ashe Ch. 1

Synder & Ashe Ch. 1


Chapter One: Prelude

I had no more doubts. They were on to us. It had taken a while, but the CIA had finally tracked us down. Pernicious bastards! You’d think that selling weapon systems was a felony offence on par with cocaine smuggling, the way they hounded us throughout Asia. We'd be forced to flee again, relinquishing control of this branch of Phobos to yet another puppet president while we set up shop in another Asian country.

God, I loved this life!

Boredom, the constant companion I'd been forced to entertain for thirty-five years, hadn't been around since I met him – my new love, my master, my reason for living. I'd do anything for him as long as he'd keep me close. Many people say that, but I truly meant it. I trusted him utterly, and so far he'd never done anything to make me question my decision to give him absolute control of my life. I'd experienced life on the other side, being married, bearing children and running the typical American household, and had found it lacking. I craved this life of excitement that Andrew bestowed upon me. In fact, I could barely remember my previous existence. That nightmare had slowly dissipated with the coming of Andrew, my dawn. I retained vague impressions of unfulfillment and frustration, but little else. I'd been reared Vanilla, but preferred Neapolitan.

05h00 struck. The Malaysian sun had yet to rise. Even so, I awoke without assistance. I'd been carefully trained both to wake at exactly this time and to awaken him in the only fashion he'd accept.

I rolled down his coverlet, slowly exposing his coca-brown body, rock-hard, seemingly chiseled out of black marble. I cringed when I saw how the myriad of scars laced his muscular frame. I can only imagine the agony he'd endured while receiving them. They dated from a period in his life that he'd never spoken about to me. I'd long stopped asking him about it. One day, I prayed he'd trust me enough to confide in me. The old wounds fascinated me, though. I'd spent many a-day tracing over the faded tracks of his injuries with an errant fingernail or tongue-tip.

I kept rolling back the cover, exposing his penis. The flaccid member looked formidable even when in repose. I loved that black cock of his and everything about it. The deep slit in his large, lemon shaped crown winked at me in greeting. I ran my lips gently over the bulging, rigid web of veins, then slid my questing tongue down to his plum sized balls. When erect, his cock had practically as much width as length. The thought of him slamming his five inch mahogany fist of man-muscle into me had my pussy already tingling.

Every morning I woke him up in this way, greeting his penis with an opened mouth and an experienced tongue. I always hungered for him, but especially at dawn. You see, fellatio not only roused him from bed, it provided me with breakfast. I supped upon cum every morning, the high-protein meal substitute sufficient to satisfy me until lunchtime.

I enjoyed feeding upon his cock every bit as much as he loved feeding it to me. Everybody won in this game, but myself especially. I had longed my entire life to feel needed. Even a duty as pleasant as this one gave me a role to fill. A small one, admittedly, but one I wouldn't give up for all the world. That sometimes brought me into direct confrontation with Eve, the other woman who traveled with us. She envied my position with Andrew. He only permitted me to do this for him, no matter how many times he's used her mouth in the past for pleasure. Once he'd been awakened by her suckling on him, and he'd not been pleased. Her punishment had been swift, and harsh. She hadn't snuck into his bedchamber since! She coveted the ease with which I could interact with him. Her time would come, she just had to have patience. It had taken me years to develop this rapport with Andrew.

I began servicing him by taking long, lollipop licks down the entire length of his shaft, slicking him down with my saliva. I focused my concentration on the satiny underside of his pole, zeroing in on the sensitive skin there. He seemed to like this the most, judging by the way his inner thighs trembled when I did so. I serpent-flicked my tongue across the base of his glans while I nibbled at the crown of his cock. Then I forced it into my mouth, stretching it as wide as I could while I mauled the fat bulb gently. My tongue tried to force its way into his cockslit, tasting the precum that dribbled ever so slowly into my awaiting mouth. Andrew emitted low, guttural rumblings from deep within his chest. The beast stirred!

To do the next step, I’d require more spit. I moistened his cock as much as I could. The frothy saliva streaked his milk-chocolate coloured skin. I intended to make him as slippery as a greased skillet. Once prepped to my satisfaction, I again took his cock into my mouth and pushed straight down upon it. This time I didn’t stop until my nose burrowed into his pubic bone. My nipples hardened uncontrollably as I impaled myself upon him. They, like my neglected clitoris, demanded direct stimulation. As much as I wanted to pleasure myself, I ignored the demands of my aching body. I had come for his pleasure this morning, not my own. Once I was as far down as I could get, I began to suck. His cock crept about another eighth of an inch further down my throat. I knew how he would react to this move!

Andrew surged upwards, arching his back as he held my face tightly against his groin. His penis lodged itself deep within my throat, his cockslit staring into my vitals. He bucked his ass upwards again, jamming his fleshy cork even deeper within me.

I loved this part, me grasping him in my throat, him clenching me against himself tightly while my esophagus worked its convulsive magic around his girth, milking him of his seed. I mauled his balls with my hands, sinking my nails into the firm tissue. That always resulted in the cum-dousing I gleefully anticipated. Warm, sticky ejaculate flowed down my welcoming throat. God, I loved him! When I gave him pleasure, I always received it back tenfold.

Awful, isn't it? I served him, and in doing so I served myself. I often felt guilty about this, but Andrew himself told me that everyone had an agenda that they must fulfill. Why perform actions you felt no pleasure in doing? Constant self-sacrifice for the sake of others only left one feeling bitter and ill-used. Take pleasure when you can, and never feel guilty about it.

I loved the feeling of his powerful loins smacking into my face as I took all of him into me. I loved feeling his essence flow down my throat and into my tummy, warming me from the inside. Every morning, a part of him became a part of me. I slurped down his offering quietly, then nuzzled my cheek against his inner thigh. A contented sigh escaped my lips.

"Morning, Kitten. You miss me?" he said lazily. His sleep-heavy voice straddled two realms, the World of Dreams and our own.

"Of course I do, Mister Grissolm, Sir," I whispered. And I meant it, too! I slept with Eve most of the time. Any opportunity to be alone with him I cherished. I curled myself into the space between his legs, almost fetal-style, as I continued to suckle on his softening cock. His hand descended, stroking my auburn hair absently as I concentrated on nothing else but the feel of the sweet umbilical cord between my lips, my connection with the source of my physical and spiritual nourishment. He gave me strength. He gave me a reason to be. Without him, I'd be lost.

The jingle of slave bells alerted me to her presence. Eve stood in the doorway, watching our morning ritual with undisguised jealousy. Andrew might've nicknamed me Kitten, but Eve was the one with a cat's grace and stealth. Her lithe, toned body would do an Olympics sprinter no disservice. Except for her large breasts; those melons would be a handicap for anyone who relied on athleticism to earn their bread.

Her peacock feather and bell ornaments dangled from her pierced nipples, swaying in time to her breathing. A single fine gold chain draped between her rock hard nubs. That's all she wore other than her waist chain, Indian handflower and anklets. She looked so beautiful standing there, her alabaster-skinned, red haired Celtic beauty so intoxicating that for a split second I considered inviting her in. I ruthlessly squashed the thought immediately.

She knew better than to interrupt us! Sometimes I think she made these missteps simply to get Andrew's attention. She often acted like a naughty girl that would do wickedness just to be noticed by her inattentive father. I understood it, but didn't like it. I'd acted the same way when I first started my affair with Andrew over five years ago. But her presence in my designated personal time with Andrew terribly upset me. She had no right to be here!

"Come to me, Eve," Andrew said drowsily. Eve padded silently into the room, moving briskly on her toes like a stripper strutting barefoot across a stage. She didn't produce a sound. She sashayed past me with a haughty green-eyed glare which I returned with interest, releasing Andrew's cock to do so. Not a single nipple chime jingled as she positioned herself by Andrew's right side. So, she'd meant for me to hear her at the doorway. Sneaky bitch!

"You're up early, aren't you? You could've slept in for another hour. I don't expect you to rise until 06h00."

"I couldn't wait. I just had to come early to see you – " A sharp intake of breath cut off the rest of her words. Andrew's hand slid over one of her firm asscheeks. Knowing him, he probably had pushed a finger deep into her asshole. Eve's chin quivered, her lips frozen in an 'O' of surprise. Her green eyes widened as much as her mouth did.

"Barbara, did I instruct you to cease what you're doing? Please continue. Make me hard again."

"Yes, Mister Grissolm, Sir," I said as I bent my head back to his cock. Icy tendrils gripped my heart. She'd ruined my morning, insinuated herself between Andrew at me, then provoked me so Andrew would scold me! I felt my cheeks heat up, shame colouring them deep crimson.

He wouldn't want me to suckle on him slowly for an hour, not now. I attacked his cock, doing my best to revive his limp member to Ironwood-hardness as quickly as possible. I knelt between his spread legs, my head bobbing on his cock. I made sure to keep my eyes averted from the two of them as I concentrated on my assigned task. Oh, but you'd better believe I kept the sucking noises to a minimum and my ears trained upon them!

"You do know of course that this is the only time I get to be alone with Barbara, don't you?" he said gently. "Things are getting hot for us, here. We'll have to leave for Laos in a couple of days. For the next little while, we'll have practically no leisure time together."

"I just wanted to have some of your time, too," she whined. She moaned through her words. The raspy sounds of Andrew's dry palm gliding over her asscheek as he fingered her asshole reminded me of sandpaper running over silk. She'd never done anal before, though she told me she badly wanted to. The thought of it frightened her a little, but excited her as well. I'd wanted to explore that avenue with her, but Andrew had decided that he'd reserve that pleasure for himself.

"You wanted my time, you say? You shall have it," Andrew decreed. "Starting tomorrow, you'll wake at 05h00 and come to me, just like Barbara. Bring a damp, warm face cloth, a towel, shaving cream and a razor. You're to shave me each morning in bed."

"Really?" The scheming woman didn't even try to hide the glee in her voice. I inadvertently bit down on Andrew's penis. He grunted in surprise, but didn't scold me.

"Yes. We'll also start training this tight asshole of yours for its ultimate purpose immediately," he said. Her voice rose a couple of octaves, becoming shrill.

"Andrew, that's beginning to hurt!"

"You think a finger in your ass hurts, Little One? Wait 'till I drape you over the side of the bed and shove my dick all the way up inside of you, right to the balls. You wanted my attention. Well, you've earned it," he said grimly. "Barbara, you almost done?"

Indeed I was. With stern satisfaction I finished buffing his coca-coloured cock and leaned up. "Shall I prepare Eve?" I asked him.

"Please do," he replied. "I don't want to kill her." I retrieved the lubricant from the night stand as Andrew bent her over the side of the bed and stroked her short-cropped hair. "This is going to hurt like hell, Little One. I only have forty minutes or so to spare for you. When breaking in a new asshole, I generally like to take at least a couple of hours to gently work into it," he said as I lubed up his cock and her asshole thoroughly. Her bright pink, virgin asshole clamped shut like an old woman pursing her wrinkled lips in disapproval.

As Andrew's thick mahogany bunghole-probe touched her defenseless rectum, Eve sobbed aloud. "If you don't want me to do this, just say so," Andrew whispered softly.

"Really?" she said, hope blazing through the word.

"Just so. We'll forget about the whole thing. I won't hold it against you."

Eve remained laying face down on the bed, ass hanging over its edge, utterly immobile. "What about Barbara?" she finally asked.

"Don't ask me, ask her. She's free to deal with you however she pleases."

Eve shuddered as if swatted across the ass with a Spencer paddle. Her long-nailed hands crept to the sides of her asscheeks and held them spread apart. "Take me," she said in a tiny voice.

Andrew leaned forward, beginning to push his thick manhood through the rose-coloured entranceway. "I thought you'd say that," he said.

Andrew's bluster concealed his gentle nature. He'd go as easy on Eve as he could. But she had to learn discipline, and it was his job to teach it to her. I hoped he didn't seriously hurt her, but no matter how gentle he went, she'd still ache for days after he'd finished using her tight ass. Andrew wasn't even all the way into her when the wailing began, her discordant shrieks loud enough to crack plaster.

My mind wandered as Andrew fucked Eve's anal orifice, going back to how things started between me and 'Mister Grissolm.' I chuckled as I thought of the playful honourific, the one I always used when having sex with him. He'd never insisted upon it, not since I left the U.S. with him, but I loved addressing him that way. It reminded me that I was his little fuckslut, to do with as he pleased.

Eve's squeals echoed my own screams uttered over five years ago during that trip to Venezuela. Andrew had taken my ass for the first time during that vacation. I'd become his surrogate wife for that week, and his eternal possession. That fateful decision of my ex-husband's to lend me to his boss set my feet firmly upon the path I now willingly followed. I stroked Andrew's broad back and shoulders as he worked his black cock into Eve's slowly stretching asshole. My mind, though, wasn't in the Presidential Suite of the Renaissance Hotel in Melaka. I was remembering the auburn-haired, hazel-eyed mother of three young boys, one Barbara Ann Synder, and how she'd been when she first encountered Andrew Grissolm, her then-husband's boss. He had taken her life, torn it asunder, then reassembled it into something so much better!

Andrew noticed how distracted I looked. He placed his right hand on the side of my hip, his thumb idly caressing my Winnie the Pooh tattoo I had on my left hipbone. He kept his other hand on Eve's hip to facilitate his anal endeavours. "Hey, Kitten. What's wrong?" His fawn-brown eyes searched mine for the answer.

"Absolutely nothing, hon," I replied. "There's nowhere else I'd rather be."

He graced me with a smile that could make a searchlight seem dim in comparison. I lived for his infrequent, genuine smiles. "I can think of one place you'd rather be right now," he challenged. "Take that tasty, shaved snatch of yours and slide it underneath Eve's nose. You shouldn't miss out on your morning orgasm just because she decides to play games," he said. "Giving her something to concentrate on will also help keep her mind off the pain."

Stern, yet fair. Did I mention that I love this man?

I gave him a quick peck on the cheek then I slid on the bed to position myself as Andrew had instructed. I snaked my fingers into the short hair on the sides of her head and bent her neck back. My hazel eyes locked on her green ones, seeing the pain that hazed her vision, but also the lust that dulled her senses. Her tear-slickened face was marred with red blotches. She looks so wretched my heart went out to her. We actually were good friends, and got along remarkably well. She just had some difficulties in adjusting to her new role. Time would smooth things out for us.

Not to say that I wouldn't enjoy using her this morning!

I pushed my smooth pussy underneath her face. "Eat me," I said. Eve didn't question the order, not that I thought she would. She had a real talent at eating quim, and had serviced me practically every day since we obtained her. Today's session eclipsed all of the others. She burrowed into my cunt as if she could escape the pounding Andrew delivered to her asshole if she sucked on me hard enough, or with enough skill. Each shot of his cock into her tortured anus telegraphed into my pussy. In some strange way, it felt like Andrew fucked me via proxy.

I laid back upon the bed and pinched my erect nipples cruelly as I locked my ankles behind Eve's back. My pussy ground into her mouth, pumping her face hard as I tortured my own breasts. My orgasm was fast approaching, the telltale roiling in my belly and inner thighs heralding its arrival. Then it enveloped me in its disruptive kaleidoscope of visual stimulus. My whole world was flashing light, my skin burning so hot, it felt glacially cold. Moisture oozed out of me, flooding Eve's face with my spend. She mechanically continued to feast on me, just like Andrew continued railing her poop chute with clockwork precision. As for me, I lay contentedly beneath her, lazily rubbing my breasts as I thought back on my past life. No, I thought with an idiot's grin plastered across my face, I regretted absolutely nothing about my present circumstances.

* * * * *

This is the first installment of my new serial 'Synder and Ashe.' Feel free to check out 'In the Garden of Eve' at my profile page. if you wish to find out how Eve got involved with Barb and Ashe.

As always, votes are nice but feedback is what I'm after. If you like what I write please let me know. If you don't, please give me some suggestions on how to improve. Your responses will dictate whether I continue submitting stories to Lit or not.

Take care, and look out for S&A Chapter 2, and E&A Chapter 7.


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