I felt strange coming to the small health clinic that my physical therapist had recommended. It was obvious that I'd reached a plateau in my athletic performance, so it was time for some new exercises that also involved mental training. The limo drove me all the way to The Almond Modern Medicine Institute, where I was met by a young, enthusiastic woman. She showed enormous strength even though her body was much smaller than mine, and just not strength, but flexibility and dexterity as well. I was amazed at her attitude and performance. Her entire appearance was simply glowing.

She showed me to the reception area, where I got to sign a few papers waiting there for me. As I was putting my name on them, a voice greeted me with a welcome and I looked over my shoulder to see a beautiful tall woman, apparently in her prime.

"Welcome to The Almond Modern Medicine Institute, or TAMMI for short. I'm Olivia Almond."

We nodded to each other without shaking hands.

"Your room and therapy is prepared for you, and I'm sure that you will find the next two weeks here very giving to your body and soul. We have prepared a series of tests to examine how we can provide the best treatment for your athletic career. Would you follow me to your room so that we can start your experience here right away?"

She looked at me for a sign, and I nodded once again, and she turned around and walked down a large corridor with many different sculptures and paintings of impeccable taste. The institute displayed a very exclusive facade in the huge garden, where exotic trees and plants flourished, on the way to the main house. The composition of art in this magnificent house was close to perfection with sculptures standing not only as showcase objects, but also as barriers to shade other areas and enhance other objects and paintings.

Olivia walked silently before me in a landscape of history, wearing incredibly high heels on which she balanced perfectly on the hard marble floor. Her long white dress was entirely open in the back showing her tanned skin, which lay in excellent contrast to her soft, dark brown hair, which glistened with discrete red highlights.

"Your trainer has explained your level of training so far, and how it has been set up. The physical exercises will be much more intense that you are used to, but I can assure you that you will not notice how hard your muscles are really working. We will also have a series of mental exercises for you, to prepare you better for your tasks on the field, and we will also monitor your style and make suggestions if we see that you have the physical and mental components suitable for other sports. We will of course prepare all your meals, making sure you get all the nourishment you need. You'll then leave after a complete physical examination, where we will show you in black and white exactly how the two weeks has been effecting you. We will then send you an invitation to return after six months so we can follow up on your therapy."

It was amazing to hear her speak about what the institute would do for me in a way that sounded like I really wouldn't have to do anything but lay down and sip from fruit cocktails with small umbrellas. She must have sensed my amusement because she turned around and faced me, looking at me with a stern expression.

"Are we making a mistake to think that you want to be here?"

I looked at Olivia for a second before I realized it was too late to say a simple "Yes" or "No", so I stuttered out, "No, no, no, I want, I want, I want..."

"You want? Our therapy requires that you stay focused on the task at hand."

Turning from me again, she started to walk, with me in her wake, until we reached a small pathway down through some trees and bushes and up to a small bungalow. The inside contained a minimum of furniture, a bed, a chair and a nightstand. I looked around and thought for a while that I had by mistake ended up in a monastery.

"Undress and my assistant will be here to get you in 15 minutes for your initial evaluation."

The door closed behind me, and I realized that I had none of the bags with me. I sat down heavily on the bed. It felt extremely hard, like a plain wooden board, and shook my head. What kind of therapy was it to treat their customers to this kind of service?

I removed all my clothes except my shorts, and lay down on the floor to do a few push-ups while I waited, but the door opened at that very moment, much sooner than I expected. At first I saw small feet enclosed in elegant black 6 inch heels with ankle-straps, but raising my eyes I noticed the woman was completely naked, apart from the heels and a thin black ribbon around her neck.

"Come with me."

She had already walked away from the door before I realized that she had spoken, and I got to my feet and followed the gorgeous woman down another path to a steel door set in the rocks nearby. The door opened before her onto a small stairway leading down. She kept walking without saying a word, and I followed looking around me curiously. At the end of the stairs was a corridor leading to yet another door. She paused a bit before the door opened and we entered a room where the walls were covered by machines with blinking lights and readouts.

In the center of the room was a chair, which immediately made me think of my last dentist appointment. She pointed toward the chair and I understood that I should sit down. Sitting down, I let my eyes wander from machine to machine, across white desks with different gadgets on them. The only things I recognized were test tubes. The rest was either medical or something straight out of science fiction.

The woman left, leaving me alone in the room, but not for long. Another door opened and in came Olivia, followed by two men and two women.

"Hello again. It's time for your physical. We'll take a few tubes of blood, which is standard procedure here. We'll check you carefully to make sure you have no hidden or sleeping physical problem or dilemma, which could influence your treatment. We'll then let you go through a few tests to measure mental and physical speed, among other things."

While she was talking, the assistants were busy making preparations around me and one inserted a needle in my left arm, extracting blood into color-marked tubes of various sizes. When they were done, they withdrew the needle and placed a small protective plaster in the bend of my arm. The efficiency of this place was admirable, as they placed a collar around my right arm and measured my blood pressure then checked my finger to see how much oxygen I had in my red blood cells. After that followed more tests which were new to me, but evidently meant that the Institute would be able to give me more accurately targeted exercises. Each test, regardless how long it took, ended with someone saying "Very good." without saying anything about the actual readouts.

"It's time for a visual test."

They took out a helmet that looked like a VR helmet, and placed it over my head.

"Follow the red dot."

It was no problem to follow the small red dot that was moving up, down, left or right in a random pattern. Once again someone said "Very good." yet the helmet wasn't removed. I couldn't see a thing, but the darkness sat heavily on my eyes before written words appeared. The instructions were to read questions and answer them by looking at the correct answer, and the questions came both in writing and, in some cases, as sounds. The questions came slowly to begin with, but after a few correct answers the questions started to appear more quickly as I kept on answering them. Some questions were really easy such as recognizing colors, or if a sound came from left or right, while other questions required some time to comprehend and answer. I had no idea how much time had passed, but eventually everything went black and silent again. For a few moments I waited until the helmet was removed from my eyes and I could see that the four assistants had left Olivia and myself alone in the room.

"You've done well. It's now time for your first exercise. Kiss my feet."


"Kiss my feet. You know you want to. You've felt an urge to do so since you first saw me. The heels, and in particular the ankle-strap, make you want it even more. Just stand up and kneel before my feet and kiss them. No-one is watching, no-one will know."

To my surprise, I actually did what she was saying. Yet something told me that I was fighting each action as well, as if my muscles were making my body run in a different direction. Even lowering myself suddenly felt like the exercises I'd had running in water. Finally reaching her beautiful feet I felt as if my heart was pumping 200 a minute and I had difficulty breathing. I was exhausted from this incredibly small task, but I wasn't sweating at all. When my lips were about to touch her skin, she moved her feet and spoke.

"See how we've increased your muscular activity? Can you imagine what a decathlon would feel like now when you're not even capable of kneeling and kissing my feet without great exhaustion? This is what T.A.M.M.I. does to you. Would you like to meet Tammi in person?"

I didn't understand the question she was asking, but without waiting for my reply, not that I would be able to give one anyway, I saw her heels walk out through the door she had entered. Moments later another set of heels entered, 9 inches high, elegantly black with strings of gold and double ankle-straps, with the name, Tammi, embroidered in gold.

I felt a pair of hands lifting me up, and the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen looked at me with a kind smile. Her blue eyes sparkled like two deep wells, above a cute small nose and delicately thin pink lips. She had high cheekbones and long red hair framing her beautiful face with natural waves. There wasn't a split end to be seen anywhere. Her skin appeared perfect in color and texture, down to the single mole on her left cheek. She lifted me up with no effort at all, and placed me in the chair as if I weighed nothing. I noticed how her muscles flexed inside her arms and abdomen as she moved me, and I could see her entire being before me. She was a perfect ten if God ever made one. Her firm, naked body appeared to be 37-24-34, and about 6 feet tall. She smiled at me, and showed her empty palms to me.

"Come, let's teach you how to walk again."

I tried to raise my hands again, but I seemed immobile. However, didn't give up at that, and finally I was able to place my right hand in her left. After great effort I finally managed to have both hands in hers, and I was panting like a dog.

"What is happening to me?" I asked with a slight taste of blood in my mouth as if I had worked myself to the very limit of my capabilities. I could hear how full of despair my voice was, and truthfully I was scared beyond belief. Yet I couldn't help but feel calm as I kept eye contact with this gorgeous woman. She just smiled, kindly showing off her perfect white teeth to me, slightly licking her lips as if she wanted to make sure they were moist before she answered my question.

"You're learning all over again, the proper way, so that your body has a chance to build the proper nerve-connections to your muscle-fibers. This way you'll have better control over your muscles, not only when it comes to strength, but also precision, dexterity, endurance and so forth, and isn't that what an athlete participating in the decathlon needs? I'm doing all of this to you."

I felt good in her presence, and with her help I stood up, only to fall to the floor with a loud thump. She was standing a few feet from me, and as I lay on my back her angelic appearance raised high into the heavens, the large white lights in the roof making it impossible to make out her face. With the reserves I still had left in my body I turned around on my stomach and instinctively started to crawl towards her like a baby.

"That's it my child, you can't learn how to walk before you can crawl, and time is ticking. The more you learn under my supervision the more you will see the result when our time is up. You have to want to become better. You have to want to grow up again. Do you want to learn? Do you want to become better?"

"Yes" I replied without hesitation, understanding how patients, after traffic accidents, had to learn over again how to use their legs or arms. In my case, it was about my entire body. Except for my head. My thoughts were clear. So was my sight and hearing, but the commands from my brain were not accepted by my muscles as they once were.

"Good, now crawl to me. You have to be up on your feet and walking tonight, and from where I'm standing you're pitiful in your efforts to improve. Come on, come here!"

Her tone of voice and choice of words hurt my manliness, and for that reason I forced myself to crawl towards her. I thought, for a fraction of a second, that it took too long to crawl, so I got up on my feet and started to walk: It must have appeared as if I was under the influence of large amounts of alcohol as I was stumbling towards her. Her voice kept guiding me.

"Good. That's very, very good. Keep it going. You're already up on your feet. That's an excellent sign. It means your body is adapting quickly to the new conditions. Go on, you're doing great. Keep it up and I'll give you a reward for your hard work. Each performed improvement will be embraced with a generous reward, both in short and long term."

She kept smiling, licking her lips while she turned around and leaned forward showing off her perfectly shaped behind, and watching over her shoulder at me she said with an incredibly sexy tone of voice.

"Kiss my ass, and you'll feel something wonderful happening."

I watched her wiggling behind like a mirage before me, and like a very thirsty man in the desert I moved to the oasis before me, hoping to find fluids to drink, and staggered by it all I stumbled on towards her. When I was finally in reach of her swaying perfection, I leaned down with great difficulty and felt my lips caress her cheeks in a soft kiss. At the same moment, I felt my manhood rise to the occasion and Tammi told me to fuck her from behind right there and then. Her commands didn't seem the least bit odd, in fact that was all I wanted to do, except for the thoughts that were rushing in my head wondering if that would drain me of all my strength. She lead me in place and I felt her smoothness against the tip of my cock, but before I could push my hips forward and enter her from behind, the sensation of my orgasm startled me and I moaned while she gently teased my head and whispered.

"Can't hold back, can you?" she softly laughed as I found myself ejaculating heavily in her hand, spraying her palm with jet after jet of hot white semen, and finally falling to my knees behind her.

"See how incredible my ass is? The very touch makes you rock hard and craving for sexual release. Even now when you have drained your balls, leaning against my ass keeps you hard and wanting more."

She stepped away, wiping her hand with a tissue, and said.

"There is plenty of that if you're behaving, and while you're on your knees, you're just in the position to understand the terms of the treatment you'll be getting from now on. To begin with, you're not on your knees right now, you've been moved to a specially designed bed in the Institute. Bed Foxtrot Alpha Sierra to be exact. Your body is being given exactly what it needs and your muscles will be given exercises for long hours each day forcing your muscle mass to increase. The activities also makes sure that your bones are kept in the best possible condition, while your nerves are forced to adapt to the higher intensity training, but you will only notice what goes on in this world, a world where I rule. If you decide not to work in here you will find that I have ways to punish you immediately, and the Institute is also capable of causing your career great harm, possibly long jail sentences. As you come in here, you also come in your bed, where the staff will collect your strong semen for further experimentation and genetic research, which is another research branch. Perhaps you'll be the unknown father of the next generation of athletes, or perhaps you're already the result of several decades of research."

She elegantly picked me up and slammed me down in the bungalow board bed. In reality it would have been a couple of minutes’ walk, but she was right. In this world, she ruled and was able to move very quickly from one point to another. She told me that I would do best to sleep in order to keep up with the pace of the days to come, and vanished before my eyes. I started to cry as I realized that I had been conned into being at the Institute for two weeks, trapped to a bed and blackmailed not to reveal anything about it.

I woke up the next morning hearing Tammi shouting loud.

"GET UP!!!"

I slowly moved my legs outside the bed and came to a seated position while she kept screaming.


Sitting on the edge of the bed, I rubbed my eyes and was instantly slapped across my cheek with her open hand.

"You're already awake, get that through your thick head."

I looked at her, as if she was a nightmare, still vaguely in my dreams, and said.

"It's 5AM in…"

She slapped me again, this time so hard my jaw felt as if it were displaced and I fell to the floor.


Looking up at the loud wake-up call, I moved to my feet. When I was standing straight before her, she smiled and grabbed my jaw with her delicate fingers as if she wanted to make sure nothing had happened, but it was instantly followed by a heavy kick in my groin, causing me to fall back on the floor with a silent scream. The pain was incredibly intense, but I didn't pass out, which I would have done normally. When I realized that she could inflict so much pain without causing me to blackout I started screaming, only to be silenced by her hand around my jaw.

"Control your emotions, control the pain, and control your reactions to it."

She moved close to me, as close as two lovers would be, and with her lips touching my lips she whispered.

"You're mine, and you have nowhere to go. You'll do exactly as I instruct you to do, when I instruct you, and without hesitation."

I tried to say something, but her painfully tight grip didn't make it possible for me to say anything, and she continued.

"Don't try to comprehend, you're not capable of understanding it..."

She released her grip, and moved away, signing me to follow her out as she ended the sentence.


As I followed her outside the bungalow, I noticed that it was in the middle of an arena, and Tammi pointed to the starting line of the opening sprint. I moved to it, hearing my pulse like a huge drum pounding in my head, and I forced myself to a starting position. I heard a gun being fired and I began to run as quickly as I possibly could. I saw the finishing line in front of me and continued to run while Tammi slowly walked next to me.

"What are you waiting for?"

I looked down and noticed that my right foot was still in the blocks, while my left foot was in the air, just an inch above the ground. My mind screamed for a timeout, for some sort of straw to cling on to in this utterly strange world, but there was none to be found. Tammi got down on her knees and pointed at my left foot.

"You're already wrong and you haven't started. From the moment your feet leave the blocks, the angle in your legs and body is wrong because your feet aren't supporting your weight correctly."

She placed her index finger against my hanging foot and pushed it marginally. Then she did the same with my right foot, very gently turned it and pointed out the differences between what I had been doing and how these small things would correct my balance, how it would increase my speed and get me to an upright position more quickly. Then, suddenly, I felt the wind like a storm in my face as I rushed against the finishing line and broke the ribbon there waiting for me.

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