tagLoving WivesT And The Internet

T And The Internet


This is the first of many stories I'll probably write about my horny wife who I'll call T. Being a normal American male, I doubt I've gone more than 2 weeks since I was 14 without finding a hard-on in my hand needing to release some cum. Whether it was being in the 8th grade and thinking about my teachers panties, the girl that I saw for 30 seconds as she walked by the day before, or that months new Playboy, there just always seemed to be some reason for my cock to be in my hand. By the way, unlike many storywriters, I have a normal cock, 6-7" depending on how hard my wife's sucking it.

Eighteen years ago, I was lucky enough to meet and marry a woman who would fuck 7 days a week in any location or position. Occasionally though, there are still times when I have to take matters into my own hand. Most guys will know why; the monthly period, the fight that lasts 4 days over where the pillow goes, the kids, work, on and on.

Let me just interject here that my wife has owned my cock since the first time it slid into her tight little pussy. While she was raised as a good little Catholic girl, this is a woman who was wearing a mini skirt when I first met her and sat where I could see straight up her skirt. A woman who decided on the 3rd (maybe 2nd) date that climbing on top of me in another mini skirt while I was laying on her living room floor was probably a good way to wind up in bed 90 seconds later. A woman who said she'd been without cock for approximately 9 months between her previous bodyfriend and me. Which of course I've never believed knowing how bad she needs cock. This is a woman who let me fuck her on a car hood in her parent's driveway. This is a woman who agreed to blow off the honeymoon suit on our wedding night, so we could go home and fuck and then eat pizza while we opened wedding presents. A woman who let me fuck her while she lay on her side breast-feeding our son (sort of a threesome I guess). Did I mention, a woman who will beg for my cock in her ass? Frankly, I think she's every man's fantasy, a woman who loves to cum and loves to swallow cum whenever possible so it's my goal in life to make sure she gets what she needs.

Oh, but I didn't describe her physically. The old adage says, "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". Of course this is true for most couples but I think 99% of the guys reading this would have no trouble producing a hard cock if my wife were to make the offer. Did I mention she also loves to suck tit and eat pussy? I guess we can include 99% of the ladies out there also (there'll be other stories about that). When I met her she was 26 and many people thought she looked like Jamie Lee Curtis. There was certainly a possible family resemblance and believe me, her ass and tits wouldn't have hurt that comparison. Age and childbirth have changed her body over the years but her sweet, hard-on producing ass, is only slightly bigger. The 34c's are now probably 34d's which I don't think would be a problem for most guys or girls. When she's riding my cock, I notice her waist is a little bigger than 16 years ago but all in all, my cock gets just as hard anytime she wants it.

So what do jacking off and a horny wife who wants all your cum have to do with each other? Well, half the answer is the Internet. You're reading this on the Internet and hopefully are starting to feel a twinge of a hard-on or even better from my perspective, a dampening pussy, so of course you know it's vast ability to help you cum, one way or another. My wife's a nurse and her shifts are usually 7p to 7a. When she's not working, she's often off to bed earlier than me because she's tired. I've always tried to be a considerate lover and that includes not expecting to be fucked when I know she's not up to full cum receiving ability. As probably happened with most of you reading this, I happened to discover that when you have the Internet and a hard-on, cum is just a web page away? As I started to peruse the Internet in the evenings, I found myself focusing on women who looked like or reminded me in some way of wife, Brunettes with great tits and ass's. Of course being an ass man, a few blonds with great ass's also caught my attention. In the natural progression of things, I started downloading some of the pictures that I especially liked to our home PC.

Back to the earlier question, the second half of the answer is my nosey, cum loving wife. She's very seldom if ever on the computer and it never occurred to me to hide the picture files where she couldn't find them. Cut to the chase, of course she found them. Was there a huge fight? Nope, read on.

Our life in general has become much more settled in the last few years just like most couples that make it through the first 10 years or so of marriage. We communicate more openly with each other and while neither of us have the bodies we had when we got married; our sex life is probably much better. I love to buy her lingerie and I have also purchased her several sex toys to help herself anytime she needs to cum and I'm not around.

She called me when she found them and didn't sound too upset. I said we would talk about it when I got home. Needless to say, I wasn't sure what was going to happen so I got home as soon as I could. When I walked into our bedroom, I found her asleep but I noticed one of her big dildos was lying beside her on the bed. I quickly took off my clothes and slipped into bed and she immediately rolled over and wanted to be fucked. As she lowered herself onto my cock, I saw the look only really lucky guys ever get to see, the look of pure lust. When I saw that I knew everything was going to be ok. After she had ridden herself to a good screaming orgasm and I had pumped the normal amount of cum into her sweet pussy, we started to talk about the pictures.

It seems that at first she was shocked and upset, but she quickly started to notice that the pictures were almost all Brunettes with great tits and ass's. I think she almost immediately realized the connection between herself and the pictures. It probably also helped that she liked looking at the pictures also. This has all led to us being even more open with each other about all aspects of sex.

So as normal life continues to throw it's little roadblocks into the way of your sex life, remember T. Having a horny wife will overcome a lot of roadblocks. Now I often call her at night when she's working and describe what I'm looking at and let her listen as I slide my hand up and down on my cock. I love making her even hornier at work and knowing her panties are getting wet (which will be an ingredient for another story). Now she'll call me during the day and let me know she's fucking her ass with her dildo while looking at the pictures and reading the stories that I've saved her from links to Literotica. It's tough driving around with a hard-on and a big stain to the left side of my zipper. Needless to say, all this builds to the point that when we're together having sex, it sure beats the hell out of jacking off. I guess the point of my story is: Try a horny nurse, you'll like her!!

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