T-Girl University Ch. 02


"But don't fret too much. I've got a magic dick. Once I get it inside you, it changes you, turns you into a cock-hungry bitch, my bitch. So I already know how this ends...the only question is how rough I have to be with you to get you there. So, I'll say it one last time: take your clothes off."

Her confidence and sexual power were too much for Jason. She scared him and aroused him, and what choice did he have? Either way he was screwed. He started undressing, ashamed and defeated. He soon stood naked in front of her, shyly covering his privates. She stared at him hungrily, her rock-hard cock pointing straight at him, "I'm going to make you forget all about that little girlfriend," she promised as she started towards him.

Something about the way Morgan dismissed the girl Jason loved instilled new fight in him and rather than stand and meekly accept this woman's cock he decided to make a run for it. Naked, he turned and ran for his life. And immediately crashed into another toga-draped woman, bounced off her and hit the dirt on his butt.

"Jason, is that you?" the roadblock asked, "you've really got to be more careful, you're starting to make a habit of this." He looked up to find his RA, Ashley, smiling down at him.

"Ashley!" he exclaimed, clambering to his feet and rushing into her arms for protection, "will you take me inside, please?"

"Not so fast," Morgan interrupted, "I caught him outside tonight, unaccompanied and without a bracelet. He's mine and I'm gonna have him."

Ashley had been absent-mindedly soothing the terrified Jason, while Morgan spoke, but now she looked down at him with a serious face and asked, "Is what she says true, Jason?"

"Well, yeah, but.."

"No buts," Ashley cut him off, "I'm sorry but this IS Hunting Night after all, and if you didn't want to give yourself to a girl you shouldn't have been out late. Morgan is right, even if she is a little more aggressive than I'd like."

Jason couldn't believe it. His last hope for rescue was delivering his ass back to this horny demon of a woman. The hopelessness of the situation overcame him and felt his eyes burning with tears.

Ashley tried to calm him, "Oh Jason, it's okay. All freshman here go through this. They're all scared but soon learn to love it. Hasn't your roommate Sam talked to you about this? He was scared too but now he's happily in a relationship with Kelly. There's no need to cry," she bent close to his ear to whisper, "Remember what I did in your room?"

He nodded, sniffling through his tears.

"And you liked that didn't you?" Jason nodded again. "That's right, I know you did. I can make you feel good again and make it easier for you with Morgan. But only if you ask me for it."

Jason was embarrassed and muttered something. "What was that?" Ashley pressed.

"Would you please make me feel good for my time with Morgan?" he finally confessed.

"Of course!" Ashley brightened, "as your RA I'm happy to help you adjust to college life." And with that, Ashley quickly spun Jason around, bent him over and had her mouth at his backdoor. That strange feeling of having his ass touched once again dominated Jason's senses. Her strong tongue licked him only briefly before targeting his rosebud and penetrating him. Like before in his dormroom, he couldn't contain a moan as she masterfully tongued his ass, and again he felt that sensation of submission, of being exposed. It was delightfully taboo and erotic and his cock stood at its full 6 inches.

The experience was interrupted by Morgan, "Alright, enough! He's ready. You better thank your RA, freshman, that's way more preparation than boys usually get for me. Now show me that virgin ass."

Ashley stood back up and pulled Jason around to face her, "Just relax," she told him, "I'll be here with you the whole time."

Jason's head was spinning. What Ashley had done had aroused him so intensely and now gazing up into her blue eyes he felt safe and loved. He hugged her tightly, his face pressing into the folds of her toga between her breasts. But even though she was so kind to him, she was also forcing him to accept Morgan's big cock. He was so confused and scared and, ashamed to admit, turned on.

Morgan stepped up behind him and grabbed him by the throat pulling his face back to hers, tonguing his mouth powerfully. There was nothing tender about her kiss, she mauled his mouth, while her other hand slipped between his ass cheeks, circling his hole. She pressed her finger inside his lubricated backdoor and he whimpered into her mouth. As her finger loosened him he felt the hot weight of her girlcock poking into his ass cheek, and had no idea how he could accommodate her monster. Morgan ended the kiss and pushed his face back into Ashley's cleavage. One hand gripped him tightly by the waist while her other guided her angry cock towards his hole. He felt the pressure of her tool against him and it was so much bigger than her finger. He looked up pleadingly into Ashley's face, his eyes imploring her to help him.

She saw the fear on his face and tried to comfort him. She stroked his face and hair, whispering soothing words, "Don't worry, Jason, I'm here, I've got you. I want you to be brave for me and take her cock. Can you do that for me? Can you let her big cock inside you?"

"I don't know...she's so big," he sniffed.

"I know she is," Ashley cooed, "but just relax your body and focus on these." She pulled her toga down exposing her full breasts with beautiful pink nipples. Jason needed little encouragement and his mouth latched onto her left breast, sucking greedily.

At that moment, Morgan pushed forward, forcing the head of her cock into Jason and making him moan around Ashley's nipple.

"Oh god yes," Morgan exclaimed as she pushed more of herself into the boy, "this is just what I needed: a virgin freshman ass. I am going to turn you out, freshman bitch." With that she slapped his ass and fed more of her length inside him.

Jason's moans grew louder as the invasion became more painful and intense. Ashley held him tightly to her breast with one hand while her other reached between his legs to stroke his small soft cock. Jason could barely feel her hand, as the stretching of his ass by Morgan's spear consumed his world. Morgan's grip on his hips tightened as she stuffed the last inches of her cock inside him, her hips coming to rest against his ass.

"Oh yeah," she exhaled, "I can feel your ass clamping down on my cock. I'm all the way inside you now. You can never go back to that girlfriend now. She'll see it on your face that you've been fucked, that you took a dick balls-deep. Everyone else knows you're a bitch, now I'm going to fuck you until you know it too."

Morgan began dragging her cock back out of him until only the head remained and slowly plunging it back in. The power of her dick and the sting of her words had Jason barely holding back tears. He held tightly to Ashley, suckling at her breast between the moans and gasped that Morgan forced from his lips. Morgan slowly built up speed, enjoying the tightness of the trapped male, fucking him to a steady rhythm. On every inthrust, when she would bottom out, Jason's moaning would turn to a shriek. It felt like she was disemboweling him when she reached that deep. His testicles were steadily pummeled by her larger full balls that slapped into his own every time her hips collided into his ass.

His only comfort was Ashley, who kept up her kind words, "That's it Jason, you're doing so well. You're taking every inch of her cock. And you're sucking my breast so nicely. I'm so proud of you." Her hand continued to fondle his soft penis, and somehow she was able to coax some life back into it. The steady fucking he was receiving from Morgan became a less acute sensation, a more dull throbbing pressure and somewhere deep inside him, pleasure started to bloom. It was like the pleasure that Ashley had given him but more intense, more consuming. The pain from Morgan's unrelenting dicking melted into something not quite pain nor pleasure but a hot fullness. He felt himself slipping into a trance, hypnotized by Morgan's pistoning tool and Ashley's tender ministrations.

Both women noticed the change in the freshman. He went almost limp in Ashley's arms, his eyes half-closed and unseeing, his dick starting to drool precum over Ashley's hand.

"I told you I would turn you out," Morgan panted, triumphant in her conquest. Her breathing quickened, she was truly pounding him now, all the way in and out, creating an obscene slapping sound. She felt her orgasm building in her balls and fucked the poor boy as hard and fast as she could, caring only about her own pleasure. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum all the way inside you!" she promised. Her cock was impossibly hard, impossibly big inside Jason, and then she was erupting inside him. She kept pumping, using his ass to coax all her seed out, her muscles clinching and unclinching until she had finally emptied herself inside her conquered lover. When she had finally ceased cumming she continued to make small pumps in the boy's ass enjoying the post-orgasmic sensation of the now very well lubricated hole. When her cock finally started to go limp, she pulled free of Jason's ass, whose moans had now turned to soft whimpers.

Without Morgan holding his hips, he slumped forward almost collapsing onto Ashley, who easily held him up. Jason felt drugged, he was having trouble forming thoughts and most of his body was a warm numbness. He looked up at Ashley, not sure if he was awake or dreaming, and thought she looked like an angel. As his body rested against hers he felt a large hard protrusion from inside her toga poking him in the stomach. He knew there was a reason that should bother him but he couldn't remember what it was. All he could remember was that he had to get back to his dorm. "Please, Ashley, please take me inside.."

"Of course, sweetheart. You did so well. Let's get you to bed. As long as Morgan doesn't mind."

"Fine, whatever," Morgan waved her off, "he's used up for the night anyway. But I'll be having him again. This one was born to ride my cock." And with that Morgan tucked her cock back in her toga and headed back down the hill towards the bonfire.

Ashley scooped Jason up and took him inside, carrying him to his room. She laid him face down on his bed and stood back up to leave before pausing, "Damn there's that ass again," Jason heard her say, "you must be the biggest tease in this dorm the way you keep showing me that cute butt."

She began stroking his lower back and ass cheeks, giving him a gentle massage. Jason moaned his approval. "Did you like what happened, Jason?" she asked, "your dick got nice and hard. You liked it didn't you?"

Jason was still having trouble thinking, and remembered the nice feeling from when she had licked him and nodded his head yes.

"It's made me want you so much, watching you two like that. I'm ready to burst," she told him her voice heavy with desire, "but it's against the rules for me to be with my residents for my pleasure. But...if you asked me to, if you wanted me to help you adjust to life here on campus...then I could help you, I could make you feel good.

"So, Jason, do you want me to make you feel good? Ask me for it. Ask me to make you feel good."

Jason, still thinking about her oral attentions to his ass, groggily replied, "Please Ashley, make me feel good. Please."

"Oh I will, baby, I will," she confided.

Jason felt the bed shift with her weight as she climbed up over him. She sat on his thighs and he felt her hands rubbing and spreading his ass. But instead of her tongue he felt something bigger and harder pushing its way inside him. He started to push himself up off the bed, but his arms felt weak and his used ass offered little resistance to her assault and she was quickly all the way inside him. His arms gave out and he fell back to the bed, his face in the pillow, moaning. No sooner had Ashley buried herself in him than she was fucking him fully and deeply, her hips slapping his upturned ass cheeks.

Jason felt her breasts press into his back as she laid against him, her hips humping her cock in and out, eager to cum. She used one hand to hold his neck as she licked at his ear, whispering to him, "Oh Jason, I'll take such good care of you. Your ass is so sweet. I'll make you feel good all the time. And you'll ask me to, won't you? You'll ask me to make you feel good?"

Jason wanted to tell her no, but he realized she was making him feel good. Although his ass was sore, she was hitting a spot that made his dick leak and his balls churn. Her sweet and loving manner made him feel safe, even as she penetrated him. He couldn't believe his ears as he answered her, "Oh god, yes, Ashley, oh...oh...you're making me feel good. Ohhh...fuck me, Ashley."

His submission to her spurred her on. She fucked him in earnest, her cock swelling before she finally starting cumming inside him, hot bursts flooding his insides. The feeling of her cock pounding him and unleashing herself inside him drove Jason over the edge and he felt his dick, untouched, shoot a huge load into his mattress. When she was spent, Ashley kissed Jason on his cheek and pulled out of his no longer virgin ass.

"We're going to have such a good time together. I'm going to make sure you're the best prepared freshman on campus. See you soon, sweetheart."

And for the second time she left Jason in his room naked with his ass in the air and his cock spent. And as Jason felt her seed dripping down his balls he worried his blonde RA would be using his ass a lot more this semester, but what worried him even more was that he would ask her to.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/29/18

It's a shame that there's only two of these. Quite a Universe that's been created here.

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by Anonymous04/16/18

Jason needs to find his true ts love. Please make the 3rd part

I want to see him find his true ts love badly and get banded by her and completely submit to her. God it makes so horny thinking about it. Jason putting his needs aside and putting her cock first WILLINGLY.more...

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by Luganis01/31/18

Hot, but you need to develop it more

I sincerely thought that he would ask Ashley to be his GF. It would have made both very happy...

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by Anonymous08/16/17

Great Read

Vic ... great read and would really love to see/read the next few chapters about Jason and Ashley as they grow through college and into the real world
Cheers Vic, keep up the great work

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