tagLoving WivesT Loves Tammy's Juice

T Loves Tammy's Juice


As I've detailed in previous stories, I'm a very lucky guy because I have to be married to one of the horniest women on the planet. Later I plan to write some fictional stories but to this point, this letter and my prior ones have all been 100% true.

T, my wife of 16 years, loves to be fucked. While she doesn't cum every time, the majority of the time she does and then she goes off like a rocket ship. I love to eat her and feel her pussy convulse as she cums or watch her eyes almost roll back into her head when she's riding me. Oh, and the sounds she makes when she cums are just impossible to describe. I'm getting hard just thinking about it.

Let me just mention for any new readers at this point, this is a lady who many people compared to Jamie Lee Curtis when we met 18 years ago. If you saw Ms. Curtis's body in any of her early movies, you saw my wife. Looks wise, they could have been sisters and body wise, they could have been twins. My wife's a brunette and had the same great tits and ass that Jamie Lee had. Sixteen years and a baby later, she's still a 7-8 on anyone's scale.

She was 26 when we met and the funny thing is that she's always maintained that she couldn't cum prior to fucking me. Back then she acted like eating her pussy would almost be a waste of time because she wasn't going to cum. Knowing what a horny piece of ass she is, of course I never believed a word of that, she just loved to fuck too much.

I probably made assumptions about her based on what I knew but didn't seek great detail on what I didn't know. I was divorced when I met her and never really sought great detail on her relationships prior to me. I knew she had been raised as a good Catholic girl and that it'd been ingrained into her that she was put on the planet to have babies. I assumed like any good Catholic girl that she had fucked her share of guys.

I knew she had been engaged to a guy as she entered college but he'd broken her heart by cheating on her. I knew she had lived with a guy after college but he drank a lot and had some other personal issues that caused them to go their separate ways. I knew some items about the other guys that I was fairly sure had fucked her sweet pussy but I had never really questioned her in any detail.

One afternoon about 3-4 years ago, we both had a window in our day for a nice slow afternoon fuck. I love afternoons like that because unlike night time fucks, I can see what a hot piece of ass is riding my cock and as detailed above, watch her until I have to close my eyes to keep from cuming.

As we lay in bed playing (remember I'd known her for 15 years at this point) prior to fucking, we must have been talking about sex as lovers do. Up to this point, we had always had a good sex life (even during rough patches of marriage, fucking had always been good) but I would have to say, a normal sex life. Fucking in any position and both loving to give and receive oral sex. Especially me because when she wants to, she can suck me off in literally 30 seconds and ALWAYS swallows my cum.

On this afternoon for some reason, I was in a playful questioning mood. I think I first asked her if more than one guy had ever fucked her at the same time, the answer, "no". In fact, she said none of the guys she had dated (obviously a bunch of losers) had ever fucked her more than once in an evening. Frankly, I didn't believe that because if I had known her when I was in my early 20's, her pussy would have been sore from being fucked so much.

She was probably sucking me or I was eating her during this Q&A. I think I must have asked her next where she learned to suck cock so well. I was expecting a hot answer because I knew she had let a guy fuck her in an elevator once and that she had let her live-in boyfriend handcuff her and take pictures while she played with herself (I'm always looking for those pictures on the internet).

Needless to say, again a disappointing "I never liked to suck cock before you" This coming from a girl that I just explained can suck me off in 30 seconds or make it last for 30 minutes depending on what kind of mood she's in.

She was loosing her creditability at that point and I was kidding her about it. I was expected to believe that I was married to horny slut who couldn't get enough cock, but that prior to meeting me she couldn't cum and while she wanted to be fucked, just didn't enjoy it.

The next question was a half-hearted, had she ever been with another girl? Remember, I knew some details prior to college and some after college but I later realized there was a hole there of a year or so that I just didn't know anything about.

I was stunned to get a hesitant "yes". Her creditability was instantly restored!! Later I realized that she would have probably answered no if she hadn't been so horny and also had a pretty good idea how I would react.

Needless to say, like any normal all-American guy, my cock got even harder as I immediately had to fuck her. After a long hot fuck, I started asking more detailed questions that continue to this day. She still dribbles out little stories especially when she wants to get me hot.

It seems that while she was attending college in the early 80's, a pretty blond with big tits named Tammy seduced her. She has a photo album from those years and I had seen pictures of the girl but of course never realized the significance of who she was. It turns out that my sweet little Catholic girl had been this girl's slut for over a year and T would do pretty much whatever Tammy wanted to her as long as my baby got to cum. Tammy would ask her if she wanted some "juice" and my baby ALWAYS did.

She explained that she hadn't told me because she was ashamed and wasn't sure how I would react. Apparently, it had began as she was dealing with her fiancé cheating on her and ended because she was afraid she was becoming a full fledged lesbian (and loving the "juice") so she started dating the guy she eventually lived with.

She was scared because only Tammy could make her cum until she met me. The guy she lived with couldn't (I guess I believe her) no matter how hard she tried and in the period between breaking up with him and meeting me, she was starting to think being with a girl was the only way she would be able to truly enjoy sex.

Wow, what an afternoon, one little "yes" pretty much changed out lives. Obviously, all it immediately did for me was make her even hotter than she'd already been. Imagine, my wife of 15+ years, liked to suck tit and eat pussy!! Every guy's dream!!!

I started asking about other girls like our maid-of-honor, a beautiful blond with big tits. Had she been with her? "No", but I just found out in the last couple of weeks that...oh, by the way, I did play with her big tits one evening while we were skinny dipping

As she figured out that Tammy didn't threaten me and if anything, just made me hotter for her, she started telling me more and more Tammy stories. Three years or so later, I think she is very comfortable that she's bi-sexual. She'll come home from the hospital (earlier stories) and tell me about some girl that she saw that night and describe what she would like to do to her.

Just this past Sunday morning, she woke me up by playing with my cock and telling me a Tammy story. Needless to say, she knows what buttons to push when she really wants a hard cock.

The answer "yes" led to me searching for Internet pictures of lesbians (blonds eating brunettes of course), which led to my wife finding those Internet downloads on our home pc (prior story).

It led to an even better and more open level of sex than we'd ever had. Which led to me telling her how bad I wanted to fuck her sweet little ass (future story) and her bending over and taking all of my cock and not just taking it but loving it. Not just loving it but begging for it...didn't I say earlier how lucky I was?

Unfortunately for me, my sweet little slut isn't the aggressive type. As you obviously know, my ultimate fantasy is to come home and find my wife's face buried in another ladies' pussy. I'm 49 this year and I've told her that's what I want for my 50th birthday but I'll probably have to make due with her sucking my cock and balls and then fucking her ass which would be just awful!!

Tammy seduced her and I can't see T making the first move on another woman but I can always hope. If you had seen how she jumped and squirmed when I asked her if Tammy had ever eaten cum out of her pussy, you would know it's possible. Maybe I'll get lucky and some sweet lady will notice how hot the nurse working the evening shift is and make a pass at her. Which I'm sure she would love because I know she misses the sweet taste of pussy and the feeling of a big tit in her mouth.

As I close this, I hope I can get her to write some future actual stories about her Tammy days and if not, maybe I can create some longer stories from the little hard-on producing tales I can remember.

Like the night Tammy seduced her at the bar. Eating each other in the shower on camping trips. Threesomes and foursomes with Tammy, Cheri and another girl on camping trips. The feeling of 2 girls sucking her tits at the same time.The things Tammy would make her do before she would let her cum.

Skinny-dipping with the girls. Sitting on bathroom counters in bars while they ate each other. Playing with each other in restaurants. Driving down the road while Tammy ate her pussy and then pulling over to eat Tammy's. Tammy spanking her and then making it all better.

Not wearing underwear under their clothes on camping trips with large groups of other people. Tammy fingering and eating her in empty class rooms during school. Knowing there were sometimes strangers watching them.

Tammy treating her like a slave girl and pissing on her. Tammy finding out that the new guy she was dating couldn't make her come and then eating her until she was delirious and saying "can he do that?"

Tammy bending her over things and eating her pussy from behind. Tammy seeing what kind of vegetables she could fuck my baby with. Tammy sucking her tits until she didn't know where she was.

Tammy, if you're out there, I'd love to see who can make her cum more now!!

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