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Dakota considered himself the luckiest guy on earth. At a mere 22, he was the lover of one of the hottest guys ever - Bryan Hampton. The 5'5, pale slender man was cleaning out the boxes of stuff into their newly moved condo, unpacking and dusting, etc. In one box, he found his old Eastwood High yearbook and began flipping through the pages, reminiscing on past days.

He headed straight for the 'seniors' section and found Bryan's picture. As usual, it was flawless. Dakota had been a sophomore when he first met Bryan and was instantly swept off his feet. Guy or girl, Bryan playfully flirted with them all - he knew he was hot and everyone who stared at him thought so as well. Dakota was no exception. The young man had always admired Bryan from afar; he was perfect at almost everything. Football captain, tennis captain, swimming captain - you name it. And he wasn't your typical jock either; Mr. Hampton was the top IB student, valedictorian of his graduating class. Combined with his 6'1 tanned muscular body, tussled blonde hair and devilish good looks, Bryan was literally perfect.

What started out as admiration grew into a silly crush, which Bryan then took note of, and later grew into a relationship. Unlike most other popular jocks, Bryan was bi, or as he put it "80% straight and 20% gay". Years later, Bryan and Dakota are still going strong.

Dakota was snapped out of his trip down memory lane as a box dropped down to the floor. Bryan slammed the door shut rather angrily, which surprised Dakota.

"Is everything alright?" he asked his godlike lover. Bryan was pretty happy a few moments ago.

Bryan shook his head and sighed. "Yeah, I guess. I just saw Zane."

Dakota stopped. Zane Howard was Bryan's all time rival - just as perfect as he was. Zane attended Westwood High, Eastwood's rival school ever since they were both constructed. Zane was the captain of most of the sports teams as well, and was also in the IB program, although he only graduated as the salutatorian. Dakota was extremely faithful to Bryan, but even he would have to admit that Zane was just as dashing as Bryan with his spiky black hair and cocky smirk.

"What's he doing here?" Dakota asked.

"I guess he moved here too," Bryan replied, pouring himself some coffee. "I saw him carry boxes. He lives a floor down from us."

"Well try not to let him bother you too much," Dakota advised lovingly. "Wouldn't want him to mess your job up now, would you?" He got up and ruffled Bryan's hair.

Bryan laughed and shook it back in place. "No, I'm not gonna let that happen. I'm just a little stressed now."

"Well don't be," Dakota said firmly, although he secretly wanted Bryan to get angrier. The madder Bryan got, the harder the fucking was, and Dakota was a big fan of hard sex.

Bryan smiled. "You're right. Come on, let's finish with these boxes."


That night, the only sound was Dakota's moans of pleasure and Bryan's grunts. Dakota was right; Bryan was literally pounding into him, all nine inches.

"Sorry, babe," Bryan grunted, "Gotta let the stress out somehow."

Dakota tried his best to answer without letting his moans interrupting him. "That's .. okay." He was panting heavily as the pounding continued on. "Mmph! Harder!"

Bryan smirked. Grabbing onto Dakota's legs and pulling them over his shoulders, he started going faster. Nine inches in, nine inches out. Nine inches in, nine inches out.

Dakota screamed. Bryan knew exactly how to tease him.

Bryan was drawing close. His pants grew heavier and his thrusts became rougher. Dakota knew and wrapped his legs around Bryan's waist, preventing his stud from pulling out. The two never used condoms, mainly because Dakota loved it raw and Bryan wanted to mark his territory - and what better way to do that then plant his seed deep within?

Bryan slammed into Dakota's bubble butt one last time and shot a warm load into his moist and waiting hole. Dakota came as well, just feeling Bryan's cum slide into him sent him into a head tossing orgasm.

Bryan looked down at his well fucked bottom boy. "Bed time, babe. I gotta pull a long shift at the office tomorrow."

Dakota could only nod. His panting prevented him from doing any vocal response. The next morning, Dakota awoke to an empty bed with a note:

"I talked to Travis this morning on the phone. We need to stay almost 2 hours overtime. Sorry babe~ Love - your stud muffin :]"

Dakota smiled. He loved Bryan's little smiley faces he drew on his notes. He got up and stretched, rereading the note again and again. Travis was Bryan's boss and CEO of Starship Enterprises, a globally renowned technology company. According to what Bryan told him, Travis was a very young businessman, but very successful too. And he was also cool and laid back like him, so they got along very well.

Dakota knew Bryan was coming home late due to work, but he couldn't help but feel a bit lonely and empty. 'He's been staying after for almost a month now,' Dakota thought to himself as he cooked his breakfast. 'No worries, though. I'd better finish with those boxes.'

A few hours passed and Dakota decided to take a short break from cleaning. He stepped outside for some fresh air and saw that their mailbox was full. After retrieving the many letters and packages, he brought them back to their condo. He rummaged through them, muttering to himself as he went.

"Bills, bills, ooh, what's this? A coupon? Fifty percent off your next purchase of two hundred dollars or more. Man, that's a ripoff." He came across a large manila envelope, marked for Bryan. 'My hunnie-poo' was written all over it and decorated with lopsided hearts. Curious, Dakota opened it and dumped its contents out.

Stacks and stacks of pictures were banded together along with a note on pink heart stationary:

"To the bestest man ever! I love the way you fuck me! My boyfriend is never home enough to give me want I need in bed, so I'm very thankful for you stepping in! Just like old times <3 luv~ Trinity"

Dakota cocked his head. "Who's Trinity?" he asked out loud to himself. He grabbed the stack of pictures and was shocked. Beyond shocked.

They were photos of Bryan and some girl, in various poses, kissing, hugging, stripping each other, etc. He flipped through the pictures and found Bryan fucking the girl, while taking pictures. Dakota was furious. Bryan was doing things to this girl he never did with him! Dakota looked at the dates the pictures were printed. Two weeks ago. Three weeks ago. One week ago.

Dakota laughed to himself. So this was what Bryan was doing after work. Not helping Travis, but getting wild with some slut! Vicious, violent thoughts began pouring into Dakota's brain. He had worked to make sure Bryan was happy, giving him everything he had to offer, making sure he stayed out of trouble for they had Bryan's reputation and image to think about.

He flew into the shower, trying to cool off while formulating a plan of revenge. Just confronting Bryan wasn't enough. He needed to do something more. The slender bottom boy had just finished his shower when the perfect idea came to him: sleep with his boss. Bryan couldn't do anything about that; Travis was his boss! After getting dressed in a nice outfit, Dakota headed straight for the office, making sure to avoid Bryan.

He stopped in front of a large wooden door at the end of the hall on the top floor. This was most definitely Travis' office. He knocked, but then realized he had never seen Travis or even met in person! 'This was going to be a tough plan,' he thought to himself. 'Awkward too.'

He heard a voice shout from the other side. "It's open. Come in."

Dakota took a deep breath, grabbed the handle, and turned.

The office behind the door was even more breathtaking. It was full of chic and simple furniture designs and filled with the latest technology. But what really stole Dakota's attention was the man behind the desk. THAT was Travis.

Travis was extremely handsome, with sharp facial features, complimenting his natural golden tan skin. His sandy blonde hair looked as if someone ran their hand through it and swooshed it back, leaving only a few strands coming down in his face. He flashed Dakota a seductive smile, showing off his perfect white teeth.

"Hi, my name is Travis Parker, CEO of Starship Enterprises. How may I help you?" he asked in a low, yet friendly voice.

Dakota stood, stunned and silent. It took him a few seconds to register what Travis asked and he snapped back to reality, hoping the man before him hadn't noticed him staring. "Um, hi. Can I come in?"

Travis raised an eyebrow, confused. "But, sir, you're already in."

Dakota gasped and silently cursed himself for being such an idiot. "Oh! Sorry. Can I take a seat?"

Travis smiled warmly and gestured to a comfy looking chair. "Be my guest." He got and walked around his desk, pulling the chair out.

Dakota nearly fainted. Travis had to be at least a good 6'4. "Man, you're tall," he uttered out.

Travis flashed another seductive smile. "Thank you. I stopped growing when I was 18, so I've been this height for about ten years now."

Dakota quickly did the math. He's 28. Not bad, not bad.

"So!" Travis said, sitting back on his desk casually. "What can I do for you?"

Dakota stopped. He planned to waltz right in and request a night with the boss. But obviously, things changed. Now, here Dakota was fanboying over Travis. "I need your help. Real bad."

"Help with what?" Travis asked. "We have some highly certified technicians who could-."

"Not with technology," Dakota interrupted. He was happy his boldness was returning. "Bryan!"

Travis nodded. "Yeah, Bryan. Hampton? He's an excellent worker. Good guy, good guy."

"Yeah but he's cheating on me!" Dakota confessed. He was confused as to why he was spilling things out so easily in the presence of a man like this.

Travis looked taken aback. "Oh. I didn't know Mr. Hampton was of that preference."

Dakota shook his head. He felt tears welling up in his eyes. "He isn't! Or, at least not anymore! He's been saying he's staying overtime but he's really messing around with some girl!"

Travis sighed. Ah, a lover's quarrel, he thought to himself.

"And then the girl sent pictures of them doing it together!" Dakota felt a tear slide down. Furiously, he looked back up to the handsome Travis. "I need your help!"

Travis slowly shook his head. "I'm terribly sorry, Mr.?"

"Dakota Fulton," Dakota said.

"Mr. Fulton," Travis continued. "I'd rather not get myself involved in a lover's predicament. I feel much remorse for you, but there's nothing I can do about it in a professional environment. It's not against company policy to engage in such acts like Mr. Hampton has."

"I know that," Dakota said. He got up from his chair and dropped to his knees before the towering Travis. "But I need you for my plan."

Travis blushed. 'This guy seriously wants to use me for some revenge?'

Dakota reached out and boldly placed his hand on Travis' crotch, feeling him up and down. He could feel the huge lump hardening. 'Good god,' Dakota thought, 'is this guy as big as he is hot?'

Travis closed his eyes and let out a soft moan. "Dakota, please. Get up."

The younger man shook his head and playfully rubbed Travis' crotch. "No, I can't do that. I really need you. I need you inside me."

The huge bulge in Travis' pants grew harder. Travis sighed and reached his hand out, grabbing Dakota's wrist firmly. "Please stop. I'm not gay and I have no interest in fucking you." His voice was low and soft yet Dakota could tell he was serious and angry.

Dakota was also kind of surprised that Travis would use the 'F' word in such a professional environment. "You don't have to be to do me!" he protested. "And look! You're hard! You were enjoying it too!"

Travis pulled Dakota up to his feet. "That's a normal reaction for any man. I can't control what goes on down there. And besides, you look like a good guy. Clean, smart, and respectful. You don't have to resort to such ... lowly actions just to get revenge. Sit down and talk it out with him."

Dakota could feel his eyes watering again, partly due to the fact that Travis was so gentle and kind to him and partly because of his humiliation of a failed plan.

Travis flashed Dakota another one of his signature seductive smirks. "Out you go," he said, playfully shooing Dakota out. "I really do hope everything turns out for the best for you," he said softly as he shut the door behind the pitiful Dakota.

Dakota sighed and leaned against the wall. He looked sadly back at the door. 'Travis Owens Parker'. 'T.O.P.' Dakota sighed again. 'Even his initials are dominating, ' he thought

The young distraught man slowly trudged back home. At the door, he fumbled around for the keys and struggled to just unlocking his own door. A sneeze turned his attention away as he said "Bless you" to the stranger, but soon got another, revenge filled idea.

Back at the Starship offices, Travis dismissed Bryan off work early, hoping he would go home to discuss Dakota's picture incident. With nothing to do, Bryan decided he would head over to the club downtown for some partying and stress relief.

"Crap!" he mumbled to himself. "I left my wallet back at home." He drove back home to sneak in, get it, and sneak out, hoping Dakota was either out shopping or sleeping. He climbed the stairs, and on the door of his condo was a note tacked to it. Bryan read the note out loud:

"I know your secret. Trinity should've just given you the pictures in person. Stupid hoe mailed them instead. Oh yeah, I've got my own secret now. Look in the window."

Curious, Bryan peeked in the window beside the door. There, behind the open curtains was Dakota, naked and sprawled out on his back on the couch, getting drilled by a man with his back turned to Bryan. Bryan was furious! The look on Dakota's face told him he was clearly enjoying getting wild with another man.

Dakota glanced out the window and his eyes met Bryans'. Smiling, he seemed to say something to the mysterious man fucking him. The guy stopped and turned his head slightly, and Bryan saw that it was none other than Zane Howard ramming his cock in Dakota.

Dakota said something again to Zane, and he continued drilling away, faster this time. Dakota grabbed onto Zane's back, holding on for dear life as Zane pummeled his ass.

Seeing their lover getting plowed by a man they hate would send anyone over the edge, but for some reason, Bryan was getting turned on. He began to caress his crotch, but realized he was still standing outside. He unlocked the door and stepped in.

Dakota's moans were loud, and the entire place smelled like cum and sweat. Bryan walked over to the moaning Dakota getting fucked furiously by Zane.

"Dude, wassup?" Bryan asked.

"The little bitch wanted me to fuck him," Zane answered, panting like a dog. "I was horny so, you know. Couldn't resist. He's got a great ass though."

Bryan laughed. "Yeah, that he does.

Dakota couldn't believe his ears and eyes. Here, he thought getting fucked by his rival would be great revenge, but now they were talking like old buddies. He tried to say something, but it came out as a long incomprehensible slur due to Zane's pounding.

Zane's body glistened with his sweat, as was Dakota's.

"How long you guys been at it?" Bryan asked, stripping his clothes off.

"Bout an hour," Zane replied. "I sneezed and next thing I know, here this guy was on his knees, groping my dick."

Bryan laughed again. "Yeah, he's a slut. But he's a good one though. Real faithful."

"Fuck him," Zane said, pulling out.

As Zane pulled his nine inches out, the cold air rushed into Dakota's gaping hole. He whimpered, and wriggled his ass around.

"Relax, babe," Bryan reassured, mounting him. "I'm here now."

Dakota was still furious at Bryan, but he was also really horny, so he let Bryan in without any trouble.

"I came inside him twice," Zane said, panting and held up two fingers. "Couldn't find any condoms here so I just thought, fuck it. Raw is good, right?"

Bryan nodded. "Yeah, this guy likes it raw anyways. You clean?"

"As a sponge," Zane said. He plopped down on the couch opposite from them, resting.

Bryan picked up the pace and progressed into a steady piston pounding mode, sending waves of pleasure throughout Dakota. He moaned and cried out in ecstasy.

Getting his stamina back, Zane rubbed his hard nine inch cock, standing straight up in the air. "Alright, Hampton. Bring him here."

Bryan picked up Dakota, still fucking, and set him down on Zane's eager cock.

Zane tossed his head back and moaned. "Oh yeah. Ride me, boy. Ride me good."

Dakota started moving his hips up and down, making a quiet 'sloshing' sound each time.

Bryan pushed Dakota back onto Zane, and pushed his own cock to Dakota's hole.

The helpless bottom boy panicked; he had never had two big dicks at once! "Wait! Bryan, please! Wait!"

Bryan ignored his pleas and pushed in, sending Dakota into an orgasm of pain and pleasure.

Dakota felt his body go limp and relaxed, letting the two men take control of him, loosening his hole more. He felt tears well up, not from the pain, but from the joy of being taken by two hot and hung guys.

Hours passed and the three men had literally fucked in every room and every position. Finally, after seven sex filled hours, Zane and Bryan had tired themselves out. Panting, they both pulled out of Dakota with an audible 'pop!'.

"You guys ... were ... great," Dakota complimented, panting and disorientated. He had no energy left to even lift his body up.

"Yeah," Bryan said. He then turned to Zane. "Yo, Zane! Wanna go see who can fuck the most girls at the mall?"

"Valleywood's got the hottest chicks," Zane said, putting his clothes on.

"Hell yeah!" Bryan agreed, putting his own clothes on as well. "I did a few girls there last week."

"There were great, weren't they?" Zane asked, eager to know.

"Sure was! A few let me in the ass."

"No kiddin'?!"

Bryan shook his head. "No lies here."

Zane laughed, eager at the thought of doing girls in the ass. "Come on, man!" He turned to the door but stopped. "Oh wait." He smiled cheekily and walked over to Dakota, still naked and on the bed.

"Thanks for the great fuck. My name's Zane. Nice to meet ya," he said and leaned down and kissed him lovingly on the lips.

Bryan smiled. "Yeah, thanks too babe. And uh, hey. I want that ass tight when I come back tonight." He kissed Dakota on the lips as well.

Dakota moaned in pleasure and watched his two studs go out. He pulled on a sleek silk robe and glanced at the clock. 7:48 pm.

Dakota was just about to take a shower before the door bell rang, followed by a knock. He sighed and walked over to open it, and immediately regretted it. Travis.

"Hey, uh, is Bryan here?" Travis asked.

Dakota looked away hoping to hide the fact that he just got tag teamed. "He just left a while ago. Why?"

Travis held up a wallet. "He left his wallet on the front counter at work."

"Oh. Well, I'll give it to him when he comes back," Dakota said sheepishly. "Do you want to come in for something to drink?"

Travis smiled. "Sure. I don't have to be anywhere just yet. Just no alcohol."

Dakota was shocked. 'A man who doesn't drink beer or alcohol? Besides myself, I've never met anyone like that. But then again, he does have to keep his body in shape.'

"There's some water, juice, or that protein drink stuff for muscular guys like you," Dakota said and instantly cursed himself. 'Muscular guys like you? Come on, Dakota! How the hell would you know he's muscular? Why am I such an idiot?'

Travis chuckled as he walked in. "I'll take a protein drink stuff." Eyeing the robe, he asked, "You gonna take a shower or something?"

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