tagLoving WivesT Shares at Margaritaville

T Shares at Margaritaville


My wife T and I both love Jimmy Buffett. His music can make any time or situation seem better. Luckily for us, we've been able to attend his concerts at Cincinnati's Riverbend Music Center for the last few years. Riverbend is an open air venue and the perfect place to visit Margaritaville.

If you haven't been to a Jimmy Buffett concert, then there's just no way for you to imagine the atmosphere. ParrotHeads of all ages and backgrounds just thrilled to be escaping reality for one evening and headed for Margaritaville. If you've tailgated at a college football game, add grass skirts, shark fins, coconut bras, flower leis, and lots & lots of cool beverages. Multiply that by 10 and you might have an idea of what the pre-concert atmosphere is like.

The entire concept of being a ParrotHead consists of a love for Jimmy Buffett, his music, the ideas behind his music, cool beverages of course and a friendly, feel good attitude about life....at least on a concert night. Of course that friendly, feel good attitude can easily cross into the realm of, "Lets get drunk and screw" as Jimmy so succinctly puts it in his song.

My wife, as I've described in other stories, is the horniest woman I've ever met. The concert this year was on a Sunday night but we'd already had a really nice weekend. Our only child still at home had gone to his grandparents on Friday night and we always try our best to have as much sex as possible on weekends like this.

T's a nurse and had worked Friday night so she slept late on Saturday. When she woke that afternoon, she decided to take a long hot bath so she could shave her pussy. She knows I love to lap that slick pussy but hey, she knows I would lap at it if she hadn't shaved in years. I was waiting for her on our bed watching a movie we'd made years before. My cock was hard from watching the movie and she could see I 'd also shaved my balls for her. I'm fortunate that my wife loves me because she just can't resist the sight of a cock and I try my best to make sure mine is the only one she sees.

My wife will screw any time and any place unless she's really feeling bad and naturally when she saw my cock, she just had to crawl into bed. We lay there playing with each other as my cock got even harder.

Early in our marriage, I wanted my cock in her as soon as it got hard. T's a gorgeous brunette with killer tits and an ass that just begs to be fucked. It was so bad when we were dating that I usually had to (and of course she let me) fuck her before we went out. Of course since we had already fucked, why wear panties? So on many of our dates, she had my cum running down her thighs when we were out...she loved it as much as I did.

This is a woman who could make any guy's cock hard but thankfully, since we met she just wants mine. I always thought of myself as a considerate lover, trying my best to make sure she got to cum before I did but obviously my rush to penetrate wasn't always the best way to make that happen.

Now 18 years or so later, I'll lay there forever letting her play with my cock and balls, I just can't get enough of it. At the same time, she loves for me to pinch her nipples and play with her tits. Of course, a finger or two in her pussy will always make my baby moan and beg for something bigger and harder.

She was all wet from getting out of the shower and I was doing one of my favorite things in life, slowly licking her from her cute little asshole all the way up to her clit. Of course being as gentle as possible with her clit but also trying to get as much of my tongue as I could into her pussy and asshole. She loves having her asshole licked and I'm always ready to fill her needs. She also goes nuts when I gently suck her clit between my lips and flick it with my tongue. Then I pick up the speed as I repeat that faster and faster.

Depending on what kind of mood she's in, she'll let me eat her until she cums or she'll decide she just has to have her cock. That Saturday was one of those times. After about 5 minutes of eating her she begged me to fuck her. The problem was that I just love to eat her pussy, I crave the taste of her juice. Usually she likes to ride my cock but that day I crawled up nibbling and licking as I went and my hard cock knew just where to go.

Like most men, I have times when I'm trying my best not to cum from the second my cock slides into her pussy. Thinking about anything else on the planet except this moaning slut squeezing my cock with her pussy.

That Saturday though, I was in a fuck zone. I had total control and was intent on giving her a fucking she would be thinking about a week later while she was playing with her pussy. She kids me that I would rather fuck her tight little asshole than her pussy but that just isn't true.

Don't get me wrong, I love to fuck her ass but I can't look into her eyes or kiss her as well due to the different positions. We were definitely going to do some ass fucking that weekend but right now, I just wanted to pound her hot wet pussy.

My cock was hard as a rock and she had her legs wrapped around me pulling me deeper into her. I decided to see how many times I could make her cum. She was so hot and her pussy was so wet that it was like sliding my cock into hot melted butter. I would slowly pull out and then slowly bury my cock back into her and every time I did, she would moan and tell me how much she loved my cock.

I lifted my chest off her while I continued to slowly slide in and out of her pussy. I had my arms locked straight against the bed so I could look down at her. I asked her what she wanted and she begged me suck on her tits. My wife will do anything for you if you'll suck her tits.

As I leaned down and sucked on each one, I would also suck just the nipple into my mouth and then suddenly nip it with my teeth. When I did this she would scream and grab at my head as her pussy squeezed my cock.

I don't know if your woman is a moaner but my wife certainly is. That's one of the best things about having the house to ourselves on a weekend, she can be as loud as she wants to be. Hearing her scream, "GOD I LOVE TO FUCK" is one of my favorites!

We were talking to each other as we fucked. She was telling me how much she loved being fucked and of course, I was telling her how happy I was to oblige. On one of my slow thrusts back into her, I again bit down on a nipple and she began to cum. I thought she was going to buck us into the floor.

I slowed down to let her fully enjoy it. She knows from past experience, that when she has a big orgasm, I'll usually fill her pussy with cum at the same time. I just get too excited, listening and watching her as she cums, to hold back. This time when she came back down, there was still a big hard cock buried in her pussy.

I picked up the tempo this time, slamming faster into her pussy. At the same time, she was pleading with me to fuck her ass. Talk about a tough decision but I was determined to make her cum more. Although...she cums or should I say she explodes when I fuck her ass.

She started to cum again and again, I slowed down but this time I started slamming into her pussy even faster just before she was completely finished. I lowered myself back down onto her tits and pinned her arms down above her head. She immediately started to cum again and I slowed to let her enjoy it but just for fun started slamming into her again before she was all the way down. She started an even bigger orgasm, her fourth and she was begging for me to let her catch her breath.

Feeling sorry for my poor well-fucked baby, I slowly buried my cock all the way into her and just lay there until she calmed down. Even buried in her and not moving, I could still flex my pelvic muscle and make my cock twitch. Each time I did, she would make a little mew sound. When she had fully calmed down, she begged me to fuck her ass, saying she needed to feel my hot cum in her ass but I told her she would just have to wait for Margaritaville.

By this time, I was getting tired. Hey, I'm 49 and I'd just fucked my baby to four orgasms! I started to slowly pull my cock almost all the way out of her pussy and then slowly bury in all the way back in. As I did that, I would grind against her clit and I gradually picked up the pace. She had wrapped her legs around my waist again and it felt like she was trying to squeeze my entire body into her pussy.

She started to moan her directions to me; she wanted to feel me cum. I promised her that when I came, she was going to feel it. I slammed faster and faster into her and then, as she started to cum again, I decided this time I wasn't going to hold back.

As she reached the peak of her orgasm, I exploded into her pussy. It literally felt like an explosion as a flood of cum that I'd been saving for her shot deep into her pussy. It felt like the end of my cock had blown off.

As she felt my cock throb with each stream of cum, her orgasm seemed to go into an even higher gear. She was screaming and moaning and bucking both of us around on the bed. She squeezed so tight with her legs that I couldn't move even if I had wanted to.

We lay there as she slowly relaxed her legs around me and as my cock slowly started to return to normal. Wow, what a fuck!! She kidded me about not fucking her ass but I kidded back that surely five orgasms should count for something. We both laughed when we finally got up because cum was dripping from her pussy and there was a big wet spot on the bed which was mostly her pussy juice.

Needless to say, we were both done for Saturday and started making our final plans for Margaritaville on Sunday and then headed to bed...to sleep.

We already had hotel reservations in Cincinnati close to the concert sight. On Sunday, I put some finishing touches on our SUV, decorating it with typical ParrotHead stuff for our trip. Of course, I also made sure that all the required items for making margaritas were packed.

We were taking a bare minimum of clothes, meaning no underwear was making the trip for either of us. I was going to wear a big Hawaiian shirt and baggy running shorts so she could play with my cock and balls as much as she wanted. She was going to wear a mini skirt and a white top but with no panties or bra. She hoped the flower leis would cover her nipples but I on the other hand, hoped everyone noticed.

As we approached our hotel to check in before the concert, I noticed that a Cheeseburger in Paradise (Jimmy's chain of restaurants) had opened within walking distance of our hotel.

Wow, what a perfect day this was going to be. Eating at Jimmy's restaurant, going to his concert, having a great time and then fucking my horny wife's ass. What more could a guy ask for? Little did I know that even better things were in store for me.

The good fucking my wife had received the day before just seemed to make her even hornier. Of course that's hard to judge because she's always horny. She was taking full advantage of my shortson the ride up to play with my cock and balls as much as possible.

Our hotel and the others near by were already swarming with ParrotHeads. Men and women in Hawaiian shirts or grass skirts and wearing flower leis. There were couples and groups of all types who were coming to Cincinnati to find Margaritaville for one evening.

I noticed a group of women in their late 20's to early 30's who were already exchanging flower leis and bead strings and seemed to be having a great time. The one real noticeable thing about them was that they were all gorgeous. Gorgeous and, Oh Yeah, they all seemed to have big tits that their coconut bras barely covered.

We left for the Cheeseburger In Paradise and it was everything I expected and more. The food was great and the atmosphere, which was probably great anytime, was electric because of his concert that night.

We finished eating and headed for the concert. My wife looked so hot in her mini skirt and although she was right, the leis did cover her nipples, I still had lots of fun playing with her tits and pussy.

The concert was typical Jimmy and everyone seemed to have a blast. Most people were standing for almost the entire time and as he kids, knew the words to his songs better than he does. As we sang along, my wife swayed to the music in front of me and rubbed her ass against my cock as I played with her tits. She was so hot to be fucked in the ass after the concert.

This has become a wonderful addition to our sex life in the last few years. At first I thought she was doing it just to please me but over time, she's convinced me that she wants it just as bad as I do. As I mentioned before, I've always tried to be a considerate lover and being as gentle as possible with her until she tells me to start slamming into her ass seems to be a big key to her enjoyment.

When I fuck her ass, she doesn't really cum so much as she explodes. She will truly beg to be fucked in the ass. She loves it so much that she even makes me cassette tapes as she fucks her ass with her vibrator, talk about hot! Hearing her on tape, describing what she's doing and what she wishes I were doing to her is better than any Viagra pill.

The concert ended and we started for the parking lot with a happy horny glow. I noticed other couples on the way who were rubbing and playing with each other, we weren't the only horny people there.

As we neared the parking lot I noticed a woman who appeared to be by herself. She seemed to be searching the crowd with her eyes as people walked by so I assumed she was looking for someone. I also noticed, probably because her coconut bra had almost slipped off one of her big tits, that she was one of the ladies we'd seen at our hotel before we left for the concert.

She was tall, blond, appeared to be about 35 and as already mentioned, had at least 36d tits. My wife also remembered her from the hotel and stopped as we walked up and asked her if everything was ok.

She said she had gone to the bathroom as her group were leaving the concert and thought they were waiting for her but when she came out, they were all gone. She said her cell phone was back at the hotel so she didn't have any way of reaching them and she was starting to worry that they had left her. My wife offered for us to walk with her out to where their car was parked in the parking lot.

As we walked, I noticed she was feeling no pain and was leaning against my wife for support with her arm around my wife's waist. T was being so helpful and had wrapped her arm around the lady's waist also. She said her name was Julie and thanked us for helping her.

I was walking on the other side of my wife holding her hand. T was making small talk with her about the concert and asking questions about where she was from and the group she was with. She said she was recently divorced and was with a group of single girlfriends. I noticed that both their arms had slid down to where their hands were on each other's ass.

When we reached the spot in the parking lot where she thought they were parked, they were gone. Since she was staying in the same hotel as we were, my wife offered to give her a ride back with us. Without a lot of options, of course she accepted.

It seemed to take forever to get out of the parking lot. A lot of happy drunk people were all heading in the same direction at the same time. T was sitting in the front passenger seat trying to turn around to talk to Julie in the back seat. It was taking so long to get out of the parking lot that she was getting uncomfortable twisted around like that so I suggested she get into the back seat with Julie.

My wife had spent about a year in college between boyfriends in a hot relationship with another coed named Tammy. Basically, they just couldn't keep their hands off each other and T learned to love the taste of pussy juice and sucking tits. From what my wife has told me, Tammy's fingers or tongue were in her pussy almost every day. When T wants me to cum when we're fucking, she'll whisper a Tammy story. It works everytime!

Tammy was also tall, blond and had big tits so my mind was on other things than just trying to be nice in suggesting T climb into the back seat with Julie. Since finding out about my wife's love of pussy, I had always dreamed of a threesome but it just hadn't happened.

They continued to make small talk as only women can but I noticed in the rear view mirror that Julie was gradually slumping over toward my wife. We continued to move at a snails pace leaving Riverbend and I noticed that their conversation seemed to be drifting.

I watched in the rear view mirror and T had her arm around Julie and Julie's head was resting on my wife's shoulder. That would seem pretty innocent if my wife's hand hadn't been caressing the top of one of Julie's tits.

I looked at my wife in the rear view mirror and she just smiled back. I could see one of her nipples and it looked like a pencil eraser sticking out of her white top. The way Julie was slumped, one of her arms was kind of behind my wife and the other one was resting on my wife's left leg. My cock was getting uncomfortably hard and I rearranged my running shorts where I could play with it while I drove.

We finally got out of Riverbend and pulled onto the interstate heading back toward the hotel. I couldn't see much of the back seat now due to the poor lighting but every once in a while, I thought I heard small moans coming from the back seat.

As we passed under the lights at an exit ramp, I suddenly got a flash of the backseat. Julie's hand had moved up under my wife's mini skirt and T had both of her hands on Julie's tits. My wife's told me on many occasions how much she misses sucking another woman's tits. Precum from my cock was soaking my hand.

This was one time that I wasn't going to exceed the posted speed limit because I wanted them to get as friendly as possible. It took about 10 minutes to reach the exit for the hotel and T seemed to notice because I heard her ask Julie if she thought her friends would be there. Obviously I was mentally pleading that her friends were nowhere to be found.

We pulled into the parking lot and Julie said she would go check their room and at least get her cell phone so she could call them. My wife told her that if they weren't there, she was welcome to come to our room for a margarita.

We rode up the elevator and when we reached Julie's floor, she thanked us for helping her. Then she turned toward my wife for a hug and started to give what I thought was going to be a peck on T's cheek but my wife turned her head and kissed Julie on the lips. The peck became a full-fledged kiss and as I watched, my cock was so hard that it hurt.

They broke apart and Julie seemed to stagger out of the elevator toward her room. The door closed and T immediately grabbed my cock. I pushed the button for our floor as she dropped to her knees and engulfed my cock. The entire situation was so hot that it's a wonder that I didn't cum immediately but remember, I'm 49 and had just shot a big load of cum into my wife just the night before so I still has some control. That's not to say that I wasn't going to be able to hold up my end, regardless of what happened the rest of the evening, but it had taken some of the edge off.

She continued to suck me even when the door opened; she was just so horny at this point that she didn't care who might see us. Luckily no one was in sight and I pulled her up and gave her a big kiss. I thought I could smell pussy juice on her lips and I asked her about it. She said Julie had started fingering her on the way back and would alternate between licking T's juice off her own fingers and then having my wife lick it off.

Needless to say when we got back to the room, we tore off what little clothes we were wearing. I didn't want to get going too fast because I still hoped Julie would come up to our room. I think T hoped she would also because she slowed down and she started telling me how hot it had been with Julie fingering her pussy and knowing I was in the front seat. She said one of the moans I had heard was when she leaned over and sucked one of Julie's big tits into her mouth. She laughed that she didn't know whose moan was louder, hers' or Julie's.

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