tagBDSMTable for Two

Table for Two


The tall blonde walked into the dimly lit space of the café, pausing in the doorway, letting her eyes grow accustomed to the darkness.

He sat on a stool at the end of the bar, watching her for a few seconds before he got up to meet her halfway across the room.

She smiled when he put his hands around her waist, trying to pull her close. But she pressed her palms against his chest and held him off with a look of feigned indignation on her face.

"Why Sir! Such boldness!" she exclaimed.

She kept beaming at him with an innocent smile on her face, defiantly daring him to oppose the false prudishness by continuing his endeavour. But he didn't take the bait and just smiled as he took her by the elbow, escorting her to the exit. On their way out, he leaned towards her and whispered with his low voice: "We'll soon find out who will pay for being bold, my dear."

Her eyes slightly widened and her smile froze but she never faltered, as he held the door open and let her pass into the bustling city street.

Outside the bar, he gently pulled her against him and they strolled along the side-walk like any other couple, chatting away, enjoying the late afternoon sun.

They were quite a sight to see, walking together, his arm slung around her waist. Both being very tall, they stuck out of the crowd in more than a figurative way. With her high heels she almost equalled his 6 foot 5, which made them look like giants, compared to most other people.

She felt very proud, walking alongside of him, making heads turn. She had a fondness for good looking, well-dressed men – especially tall, well-dressed men. And when they had good manners too, she was definitely interested.

But she never met a guy that matched her personality the way he did. When they first met, she was attracted to him because of his looks and his utter gentlemanly ways. He'd been attentive, kind and respectful, yet resolute and strong-minded – she didn't like spineless people much.

And he had the good sense of humour to take a joke. She liked challenging him and knew he could and would respond to her bravado in that rigorous way of his.

They walked into the city park and soon deviated from the main lane, turning to a smaller path. After a while they reached a secluded meadow, often used for picnicking. When they reached the first wooden table, he stopped and turned to her. She looked at him apprehensively, not knowing what they were doing here. He had promised to take her out to dinner but she hardly believed dinner would take place at a picnic ground in the park.

His right hand slowly moved up along her arm, caressing the bare skin, till it reached her shoulder. Then suddenly, he grabbed a fistful of her long hair and with a jerk pulled her head backwards.

She gasped in surprise, as he pulled her face closer to his, while he held her hair in a tight grip.

"So, what was all that cheekiness in the bar about?" he growled.

He tried to keep a stern expression on his face, which wasn't easy, looking straight into that startled face –eyes wide with fright. It was so rewarding to watch the emotions roam across her face.

"I... I'm... sorry," she stammered. "It was just a joke."

She never knew where he'd draw the line. One day she could get away with anything and the next she'd get her ass whooped over the tiniest disobedience. It kept their relationship diverse and interesting. He knew how she loved to play these mind games.

"And you really thought it was funny, did you?"

"Yes... no... I don't know. I guess not."

"So you've been a bad girl, haven't you? Now, what would be a good punishment to put that straight again?"

"Ehm... I don't know, Sir."

"Oh yes, you do, little lady. And you're gonna tell me fast or I'll double any rate."

"You mean, right here, out in the park?"

She wondered if he really would go through and punish her out here, in plain sight of any potential onlooker. He'd never done that, before.

"I do mean right here, out in the park, kitten."

Now she really was getting nervous. She should be sitting in a restaurant, having dinner with him, not getting her ass whooped in public.

"But Sir, people could see," she tried to sway him.



To be honest, she couldn't think of any good reason why he should not do it. She had been cheeky alright and she knew in advance that such behaviour would evoke retaliation. It was why she did it, in the first place.

But she never thought he'd go this far. Though, while she considered it, she felt the tiny tickle of excitement crawl across her belly. What would happen when someone did pass by?

The mere thought was turning her on.


His harsh voice startled her out of her reveries. He was still holding her head firmly and the look in his eyes told her she'd better give an answer fast.

"A... a spanking, maybe?"

He smiled. Women could be so predictable, sometimes. Still, he played along with it.

"Very good idea, kitten. How many?"

"F...five... Sir?"

"Five? Well, you little cheat! You want ME to decide the amount, perhaps?"

"No! No, Sir. Ehm... ten, Sir?"

"I truly hope you mean ten on each side," he grumbled.

"Yes, of course! I meant two times ten."

She swallowed hard. This was going to hurt. But more than the fear of the pain, she was afraid for what he might do to her in public. There was no one around for the time being but there still were lots of people strolling through the park and one –or some– of them might just wander straight into their little 'private affair'.

"Right then, let me see that cute butt of yours. Bend over the table."

She bend over like he demanded, leaning on her elbows on the tabletop. But quite obviously, that was not what he had in mind, because as soon as she planted her arms on the wood, he grabbed her by the neck and pushed her face onto the boards. With a shriek, she quickly spread her arms so she was lying flat out on the table, from the waist up.

His hand stroked the back of her legs from the knees up, caressing gently up her thighs. The little hairs on her arms immediately stood straight up, giving her goose bumps all over. Arriving at her buttocks, he let his hand roam across the curve of her ass, up her lower back, hiking up her dress and thereby exposing those creamy white cheeks. His hand stroked about her bottom for a while until he suddenly put his nails into her flesh, scratching four diagonal red lines across.

"Ah!" she gasped as her knees buckled. A good thing she was lying on her belly or she would have fallen down. She wasn't ticklish at all but he damn well knew that the scratch of his fingernails on her skin could bring her to her knees. Her body trembled with anticipation, when he grabbed her arms and pinned her hands on her back, holding both wrists firmly with one hand.

She flexed her fingers and made a feeble attempt to free her hands but the iron grip of his strong hand was inescapable. She knew it and he knew she loved it. He could smell already that she was getting excited.


With a loud slap, his hand landed on her left ass cheek and she moaned.

"Count it out," he ordered.

"One, Sir," she breathed.

He alternated the blows between left and right, whacking her little bottom thoroughly. With every strike, she counted out the number of hits she received but by the time he got to twenty, her voice was more of a groan and she kept writhing against the rough wooden edge of the table.

Was that sneaky slut rubbing her clit?

"Hey! What's that wriggling?" he barked, making her jump.

She knew she'd been caught, trying to relieve some of the pressure that had been building up inside.

"You trying to get off, kitten?" he asked, his voice suddenly sugar-sweet.

"I... I'm sorry, Sir! No! It's just that... No Sir, I wasn't."

"You expect me to believe that?"

"Honestly, I wasn't. It's just so hard to keep still when you're spanking me."

She craned her neck and turned her head to look at him, her eyes all wide and pleading. She knew she had more coming for yet another disobedience and her ass was already on fire.

But to her surprise, he didn't continue spanking her. Instead he smiled and said:

"Ah, too bad. Because if you were, I would've helped a little."

He laughed as he saw her startled look, knowing she'd trapped herself by lying to him. She should have known better than to try deceiving him.

She blushed fiercely as she turned her face to the table again.

"Forgive me, please," she pleaded. "I couldn't help it. I..."

She sighed, not knowing what to say next. She knew he didn't like her not telling the truth and yet, she had disappointed him again.

"Please, forgive me," she whispered once more. But he didn't answer.

Instead, his hand caressed her buttocks, lovingly stroking those red-hot glowing cheeks. Slowly, the hand slid down into the crease of her ass, disappearing between her thighs. He felt her wetness and let his middle finger gently rub those glistening lips up and down, until she moaned with desire.

His finger dug deeper into the folds of her pussy, finding her swollen clit. Her inner muscles contracted rhythmically while he fingered her. Her breath was coming out in short gasps and every time he rubbed a little harder, he got rewarded with a passionate groan, escaping her mouth. He increased the speed and the pressure of the strokes and heard her moaning grow louder until she was practically singing it out. She was on the brink, now. Apparently, the excitement had made her forget they were in plain sight of whomever passed by.

"Ah, yes! Oh my god, I'm coming!" she almost shouted.

She felt the rolling waves starting deep in her belly, as her pussy frantically spasmed. Seconds later, the orgasm flashed through her like a bolt of lightning, a shooting star exploding behind her closed eyelids, sending a thousand volts of erotic charge through her body.

After her screams of ecstasy had echoed away into the surrounding foliage, he slowed down his hands' movement and finally slid his fingers out of her.

He leaned in next to her on the table, putting his hands around her shoulders and softly kissed her neck, while she tried to regain her breath.

After a few minutes, he stood, pulling her gently to her feet and wrapping his arms around her. She sighed softly as she leaned against his chest. Her legs were still feeling a little wobbly.

As he stroked her back, he kissed her golden hair en whispered against it, that it was time to leave.

"We've got to get to the restaurant, so you can clean yourself up a bit, before we dine."

She smiled at him and smoothed out her dress and together they walked off the picnic area to the main lane of the park again. She put her arm around him and huddled close to his chest as they slowly strolled to the park exit.

"Thank you, honey. I really enjoyed that."

"I did, as well, dear. But you'll get to thank me more thoroughly when we get home, tonight."

She laughed. Of course, she wasn't going to get away with it, that easy. She knew he liked to get rough on her from time to time and that she mostly deserved it if he did. The understanding they had, was not what one would call a 'normal relationship'.

He was a gentle and caring man; considerate and respectful. Whenever she needed him, he would be there for her.

But he also stirred a longing for something else. He had the power to unleash an unknown desire from deep inside of her.

He was her man, her lover, her best friend and companion.

He was her protector but also her tormentor.

In one word, he was her Master.

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