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Tables Have Turned


I hadn't been back home in many years and was anxious to meet people who I hadn't seen in a long time. Some people were the same, but many had changed. I'll admit I wasn't always the nicest one to certain folks, but I have matured over the years and I'm not the same immature fool I was back then.

The first weekend greeted me with a get together at a local bar where many of us used to hang out. Well into the night, my eye caught a gorgeous girl sitting across the bar. Her and I made eye contact, and she walked over. Luscious tan skin, pearly white smile, and eyes that pierced your soul. We got to talking, and long story short, she was an old acquaintance from years ago. She was barely recognizable these days. She was amazing. Only a fool would let an opportunity like this slip, so I asked her to come over. She had work in the morning so she refused. "But I'd love to another time," she assured.

A couple days went by and I finally got a call. "Tonight? My place?" she asked. Of course. I assumed a nice dinner, maybe a movie. She had other plans. I had no idea what I was in for.

I arrived at her place, incense already burning. She set the mood right. After shooting the breeze and playing catch up, she led me upstairs. I can't be getting lucky this early. Once in the room, she had her arms around me. I AM getting lucky this early. She whispered in my ear as she unbuttoned herself. She licked my lips as she unbottoned me. "I've wanted you like this for years," she said rubbing my chest. She sat me down on a chair and roped my hands behind me while we kissed. My legs were next as she used belt restraints to immobilize my legs. I felt like the luckiest guy at that moment.

She teased the tip of my dick with her finger and made me lick off the precum. She was behind me, leaned over and said, "I finally got you." Got me? "You don't really expect me to forget the past do you?" I was really naive to think all those times I used her to get something else would go unnoticed. "The tables have turned," she whispered. It was my turn to face her wrath. Years of built up anger towards me for making her look like a fool. I had an idea of what was coming next, so I tried to jimmy myself from the knots. Meanwhile, she calmly set up the tools she was going to torture me with.

Without hesitation, and without mercy, she whipped me with a belt. The leather stung, leaving red slashes with each hit. I knew yelling wouldn't help so I concentrated on absorbing the pain. I was tied so tight I could only move a few inches in either direction. I was completely hers. She walked over and stood right in front of me, her shaved pussy in my line of vision. She was breathing heavily, I could see her ripped abs pulsate. I didn't want to make eye contact with her, but she pulled my head back and spat in my face. She rubbed it all over my face and moved her hand down my neck to my chest. With her teeth, she mercilessly bit my nipples. The more I moved, the more it hurt, so I was forced to sit still and endure unthinkable pain. All I could do was grunt helplessly.

She reached for clamps with a slight grin on her face. She grabbed my neck to prevent futile attempts to maneuver out of the way as she clamped my nipples. I knew she was far from over. "Please," I whispered. She came up inches in front of me and rubbed the side of my face. She guided my mouth towards her pussy and forced me to taste. "I have something else for you," she said. She walked over and opened the door. He walked in. He saw me tied to the chair and stated, "I'm going to have fun with this one." I was about to get humiliated like I had never before.

He walked in front of me. He had tattoos running down his muscular arms. He was rubbing his six pack as he looked down at my pathetic state. She began rubbing his cock until it was erect. They looked at each other and grinned. He grabbed my head as he moved his cock closer to my mouth. I tried to delay the inevitable by breaking free of his hold and keeping my mouth tightly shut. "Don't do this to me please," I begged her. He grabbed my neck and threatened me, I had no choice but to surrender. He slid his cock into my mouth and I massaged it with my tongue. He pushed it as deep as it would go until I gagged. He continued to fuck my mouth, each time deeper and harder. The ropes around my hands were tighter than ever as I gasped for breath helplessly. I noticed her rubbing her pussy a few feet away enjoying every minute of my torture.

He finally stopped after a few minutes of pounding my throat. I was covered in my own saliva, gasping for air. My legs, and hands were untied and a ball gag placed in my mouth. Cuffs replaced the rope, and I was now on my feet. "Time for the clamps to come off," she said. They both whipped my chest to loosen the clamps. All I could do was scream, and even those were muffled by the gag. I fell to my knees; the pain was exponentially excruciating with each whip. Saliva gathered in my mouth, with every scream more escaped my lips and dripped down my chin and my chest. They finally whipped both clamps off, and by now I was reduced to nothing. I couldn't take anymore.

He pulled my up by the hair and slammed me face down on a table. She spread my legs and tied them to each leg of the table. I shook my head no. I begged. I pleaded. She undid my gag and I begged until I ran out of breath. She merely spread her legs and put my face between them. "You don't want to know what will happen if he cums before I do," she stated. Just then he inserted. I let out a loud growl as he began to fuck me. The pain was unbearable, but I forced myself to go down on her. The table shook as he forcefully had his way with me. She let out long moans as I continued with her. "I'm cumming..." she gasped, and screamed while she grabbed the back of my head and came. She motioned for him to come over and do the same. To add to the humiliation, I had to suck him off until he came in my face.

I laid there in a puddle of saliva and cum, hands still bound and legs still spread listening to them snicker at my expense. After all these years, she finally got me.

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