Tables Turned


Vickie had a secret; one that she absolutely could not let anyone ever find out. The attractive 34-year-old had a reputation of being a sophisticated professional trainer, president of the home owner's association, and volunteer with the local school board amongst other things. She was seen by everyone as the perfect wife and mother. Vickie had been married to her 36-year-old husband, Tom, for six years. She had two daughters from her first marriage when she was in her early twenties.

Her secret: She hated men and loved to humiliate them. She thought that she was in love with Tom when she first married him, but her primary reason for marrying him was the money and security that he provided. Vickie worked as a personal trainer at a local gym and she received child support from her first husband, but neither were enough to support both her and her children. And her ex would love to use her inability to provide for the kids as grounds to take custody of her kids. So she needed Tom's income and support. And that was another reason why she resented men: She needed one to survive and that angered her.

Vickie was a very attractive, slender woman with long black hair, a pretty face with bright blue eyes. She barely fit into a B-cup bra on a good day, but the rest of her body made up for any inadequacies she felt about her breasts. Vickie had long, sexy legs and a perfect ass. She loved catching men staring at her at work when she strolled past in her tight leotards. She made sure never to wear a bra so her nipples would be noticeable as well. She enjoyed teasing men at the gym; often embarrassing them when noticing that the bulge in their shorts had increased, always giving a disgusted look when inside she was thrilled to know that they were probably going to jack off thinking about her.

Vickie's sex life was far from normal. She had caught Tom cheating on her four years ago. He had made the mistake of contacting a hooker and having her come to the house when Vickie was at work and the kids were at their father's house. Unfortunately for Tom, Vickie wasn't feeling well and left work early, catching Tom in the act of receiving a much needed blowjob on the living room couch when she walked in the door.

Tom was completely in the wrong, but it could be understandable as to why he did it. Vickie never sucked his cock and she rarely fucked him. Worse for Tom, Vickie used her cell phone camera to take a picture of the affair. Poor Tom was humiliated, lost the money he had paid the whore and never got to cum. Vickie would have divorced him had there been any real chance of getting any significant alimony, but the lawyer she consulted said that they just had not been married long enough for her to expect anything out of a divorce. And Vickie was too proud to let anyone know that Tom had cheated on her.

Instead she took her rage out on Tom. He was already pussy-whipped to begin with, so now things just got worse. He was cut off and suffered insult and verbal abuse for several months before Vickie pushed things farther. For the better part of the last four years Tom has been nothing but a toy to satisfy his wife without ever getting true satisfaction in return.

During the week Vickie would permit Tom to go down on her and get her off, but he got nothing in return. Instead Vickie would insist on watching him jack off for her. She often took pictures of him and chided him for his inadequate cock as she watched him play with himself.

When the kids were away with their father Vickie pushed things farther. Tom would be tied up and played with. She loved to stroke his cock to the point of orgasm only to stop and make him plead for release. She could make this last for quite a long time, keeping him just of the verge of cumming as she toyed with him. Often she would whip his ass and balls, enjoying his cries of pain. She would sit on his face and make him lick her pussy as she came over and over again. Sometimes she would suck his dick, but she would never permit him to cum: That was something that Vickie had never permitted a man to do in her mouth.

Tom would usually be untied and permitted to jack off for his lovely wife, which he would always obediently do. If he was very good she would sometimes jack him off. To Tom this was a reward, but of course once he came Vickie would continue stroking his ultra-sensitive cock making him beg for her to stop. If she was vindictive she would sometimes shove a small vibrator up his ass and use it to force him into an unsatisfying orgasm as his cum would ooze out of his hard cock to Vickie's enjoyment.

Needless to say, Vickie did not want anyone to know her secret. And Tom wanted no one to know as well. He wasn't happy, but he found acceptance in being Vickie's slave.

Unfortunately, Tom's submissive behavior trickled into his job. Soon he was having difficulties and his employer finally insisted that Tom seek counseling. And that's where Eric came in. Doctor Eric Summers was the therapist that Tom went to see. As Tom began opening up Vickie became concerned. Needing to know just what her husband was telling his therapist, she requested an appointment for herself. When Eric refused to discuss Tom, Vickie changed tactics and on her second visit she seduced Eric.

This was easy enough for Vickie. Eric was a handsome man: 6'2", muscular with short brown hair and brown eyes, a sexy goatee and chiseled features. He was also a man who demonstrated control, and that was something that Vickie had to break.

The married therapist knew it was wrong, but Eric wasn't the most loyal husband anyway. He had a fuck buddy named Monique—a pretty black lady with a similar body style as Vickie's—so he found Vickie just too desirable to resist and he willingly let her go down on him in the office, only to have her jack him off onto her small tits. That's when Vickie turned on Eric, showing him the hidden camera that she had in her purse that had captured their sensual encounter. She now had Eric where she wanted him. If he didn't do as she said, she could turn him in for having sex with a patient, thus ending his career and causing his wife to divorce him.

She saw Eric twice after that, each time making him satisfy her with his tongue before jacking off for her while she took pictures of him. Then he would have to tell her everything that Tom had shared with him.

After learning everything that Vickie had been doing to Tom, Eric realized that he had to do something. When she insisted that he come over to their house one Saturday when the kids were out of town he knew that it was now or never. So he called Monique and confessed what was happening and enlisted her aid.

When Eric arrived at her house on a Saturday he was surprised to find Tom tied naked in a chair. His legs were apart and his balls were tightly bound with a leather strap. Vickie was dressed only in a sexy black bra and panties. She ordered Eric to strip naked, showing her husband what a "real cock" looks like: Eric was blessed with a thick, nine-inch cock; a good three or four inches longer than Tom's.

Vickie told Eric and Tom that in addition to teasing each of them mercilessly this day, she was going to make each of them jack off the other for her a number of times. The doorbell interrupted her lecture. Vickie grabbed her robe off the couch and went to the door, unaware of Eric following her. When she opened the door she was surprised when the tall, pretty black woman pushed her way into the house. As Vickie tried to resist Eric grabbed her from behind.

"Let me go, mother fuckers!" She ordered as Eric and Monique dragged her back into the living room where a wide-eyed Tom looked on.

"I think you need a taste of your own medicine!" Eric said as he began dragging Vickie across the room. He grabbed the rope that had been meant to secure him to the chair and, after forcing the robe off of Vickie, tied her hands behind her back, then they thrust her onto the couch and tied her legs as far apart as possible. He then pulled the couch out from the wall and put Vickie's bound arms over the back where he tied another rope to the one holding her hands and ran it under the couch and around to her left leg. Now Vickie was bound helpless on the couch with her legs stretched apart and her ass hanging over the edge of the couch. Ignoring her protests, Eric unsnapped the front clasp of her bra to expose her perky small tits, then he used a pocket knife to cut off her panties to reveal her shaved pussy.

"How do you like being tied up?" Eric asked.

"Untie me know, mother fucker!" Vickie spat.

"Or what?" Eric followed up; grabbing the camera she had on the table he began taking pictures of her. "Will you let everyone see these?"

He leaned over and rubbed her pussy, "You're already wet; it seems a shame to let that nice pussy go to waste."

"Don't you fucking dare!" Vickie hissed.

Eric looked back to Tom, "What do you think, should I fuck your wife?"

Tom's cock was throbbing as he watched his wife bound and vulnerable for the first time. "Fuck yes; she hasn't let me fuck her in four years, fuck that cunt!"

"Four years," Eric said as he turned back to Vickie, "Is that true?"

Vickie refused to answer; she did not want this bastard to know that he would be the first to fuck her in so long. "Please don't." She pleaded, hoping that the change in attitude would change Eric's mind.

"Oh I can't turn this down." He said, handing the camera to Monique as he got on his knees in front of her and guided his thick cock between her legs. "No, don't!" Vickie insisted as his cock pressed into her. "At least put on a fucking condom!"

"No babe, it's bareback for you tonight." Eric said as he pushed his cock into her. Vickie's pussy wrapped around his tick shaft as he sank his pole into her snatch. Vickie groaned in humiliation as for the first time in her life a man was in control. That was worse than the rape! And she knew that there was nothing that she could do about it.

"Fuck her!" Tom yelled as he watched Eric thrust his cock into Vickie. Eric slammed her cunt hard and fast knowing that it would not take long to cum after the way she had been teasing him. That did not matter; he just wanted to feel his cock explode in Vickie's pussy. "Here goes!"

"No, stop, don't cum in me!" Vickie yelled in frustration as Eric began spewing his cum into her pussy.

Eric shook as he came in Vickie, enjoying the thrill of filling her pussy with his seed as he continued to pound away at her. Finally he stopped and withdrew. "Look at that used cunt." He said as he watched some of his cum trickle out of her. "Get a picture of that."

Vickie cried out in protest as Monique knelt on the floor to take pictures from an angle that would capture both her dripping, cum-filled pussy and her face. "We're going to have plenty of fun with you, sweetie." Monique said as she stood back up.

While Monique took pictures Eric untied Tom. "How about it, you want some of that?"

"Let me at her." Tom insisted.

"Don't you dare!" Vickie ordered, trying in vain to regain control.

Tom who rushed over to his bound wife. He began playing with her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples and delighting in her cries of protest. "How's it feel, baby?" He kept asking.

Then Tom stepped up onto the couch, shoving his cock into Vickie's face, "Suck it!"

"Fuck you!" She refused.

"Grab the clothespins." Tom said to Eric. Eric saw the box on the table and brought them over.

"Let me." Monique volunteered. The black woman grabbed a handful and approached the couch. She put two on either side of each of Vickie's small, firm tits as the woman cried out in painful protest. Then Monique snapped one on each of Vickie's rock hard nipples causing her to yell. "Suck his dick or I'll put them on your clit too."

Vickie could not bear to face that. As disgusted as she was with the idea, she opened her mouth and allowed Tom to shove his cock into it. She began sucking him, hoping that he would tire of this and climb down to fuck her. But she soon realized that Tom had other plans. He grabbed her head with his hands and began fucking her face. Vickie tried to pull away, knowing that he meant to cum in her mouth. This was something that Vickie would never permit. She thought it revolting but now she was about to be forced to accept Tom's cum in her mouth.

"Oh shit." She heard him moan as he continued fucking her face. Vickie tried again to pull away, but he held her head firmly. She felt the first blast of his cum land on her tongue, followed by a second, larger and thicker blast of cum that splashed the back of her throat as Tom's cock began spewing cum into her waiting mouth. She was forced to gulp it down as he continued fucking her face, relishing his first ever orgasm in Vickie's mouth.

"That made some pretty good pictures." Eric said as Tom jumped off the couch. She turned her head to see Eric holding the camera beside her where he had captured images of her being forced to suck cock. She could feel some of her husband's cum running down her chin and blushed as Eric too a picture of that too.

"Untie me mother fuckers!" She demanded.

"Why, Vickie, it doesn't sound like you've adjusted your attitude towards men yet. I guess we'll just have to keep working on you for a while." Eric informed her.

"Yeah, let's fuck her brains out." Tom agreed.

"You're going to regret this, Tom." She told her husband.

Eric disagreed, "I think he's going to enjoy every minute of it, and things will change from here on out."

"Does your wife have any vibrators?" Monique asked Tom.

He pointed to a small red vibrator on the kitchen counter, saying sheepishly, "That's the one she uses on me. She has another one in her nightstand."

"Go get it," Monique instructed, "and if you have any duct tape bring that too."

"What are you going to do?" Vickie asked as the tall black woman walked over to pick up the vibrator on the counter and returned.

Monique stepped up to the couch and began tugging on the clothespins that still adorned Vickie's tits. "You want me to take these off?"

"Yes, please." Vickie answered.

Monique took the two outermost clothespins off. Vickie squirmed as the blood rushed in causing her more pain. Then she cried out in protest when she saw Monique moving the clothespins to her pussy. She cried out as Monique placed one on each of her swollen cuntlips as Tom returned.

Monique removed the two inner clothespins and placed one on Vickie's clit, causing her to cry out and begin bouncing up and down on the couch. Monique stepped back and enjoyed the sight of the squirming woman with clothespins on each nipple, clit and both sides of her labia.

"Take them off!" Vickie begged.

Monique reached up and simultaneously removed both clothespins from Vickie's nipples, causing her to yelp in pain as the blood rushed back into them. She then reached down and tugged on the two clothespins on Vickie's pussy lips, causing her to squirm and cry out as her lips were stretched out until the clothespins finally pulled off. Only then did the black woman remove the remaining clothespin from Vickie's clit.

"There, you should be very sensitive now." Monique said as she turned the small red vibrator on and began pushing it into Vickie's wet pussy. "Give me the other one."

Tom handed the larger, black vibrator to Monique, who placed it long-ways over Vickie's pussy with the top resting against her clit. "Tear me a piece of duct tape."

Tom did as instructed, handing the tape to Monique, who used it to secure the vibrator in place. She took a second piece and made sure that the vibrator would not move before turning it on high.

Vickie laughed, "What, you think making me cum is punishment?"

Monique gave her an evil grin. "No, but not letting you stop cumming will be."

Eric approached the couch. "There still seems to be room for me down there."

Vickie looked down at her pussy. Seeing it covered by the vibrating toy, and feeling the other one buzzing inside of her, she could not figure what he meant, and then it hit her. Vickie's ass was hanging just over the couch. "No, you wouldn't dare do me there."

Eric stroked his cock. "That is exactly what I plan to do. You enjoy shoving things up Tom's ass, so it's time that you got something shoved up yours."

"No, please, I've never done that."

"That's all the more reason for me to want to." Eric said with a sadistic grin as he dropped to his knees and pressed his hard 9-inch cock up against her asshole.

Vickie pleaded for him to stop but Eric was only turned on more by that. He slowly pressed the head of his cock into her tiny virgin hole. Vickie cried out in pain as it broke through and he began pumping his cock deeper inside of her inch-by-painful-inch.

The two vibrators combined with Eric's cock in her ass was all too much for Vickie. She wanted everything to stop, but the vibrations were stirring her pussy to life. There was a part of her that wanted to orgasm, but she did not want to give them the pleasure of making her climax this way. Still, there was absolutely nothing that she could do about it as Eric began fucking her asshole.

Monique grabbed the camera and took several pictures of Vickie getting buttfucked for the first time.

Eric enjoyed anal sex, but there were few women who would permit him to do it, mostly because of the size of his cock. So he took great pleasure in shoving it in Vickie, allowing his pleasure to be payback for her twisted behavior.

Vickie was bucking up and down on the couch, desperately trying to escape the cock in her ass, the vibrator inside her pussy that was right up against her G-spot, and the vibrator taped to her clit. Her ass ached from the fucking but her pussy was responding against her will.

"Lick her nipples." Tom said, "It drives her fucking nuts."

Monique put down the camera and began licking Vickie's right nipple while Tom went around and began doing the same to her left nipple. This was too much for Vickie. She shook from head-to-toe as she began to have an orgasm under the multiple assaults.

"That's it, cum for us!" Eric yelled as he began pounding his cock into her asshole with even more determination.

Vickie could not stop the orgasm. It subsided for only a moment before beginning again. It wasn't long before she understood just what Monique had meant: Without any relief between the forced orgasms this would soon become torture by pleasure.

"Oh shit!" Eric bellowed as he began cumming in Vickie's asshole. He emptied his nuts into her ass, enjoying every moment of his cum-draining orgasm before pulling his cock out of her.

Vickie gave out a yelp of surprise when his cock pulled free; causing her to believe that she would crap all over the floor as it popped out of her. Only after Eric was standing before her did Monique and Tom stop suckling her nipples.

"Please, stop the vibrators." Vickie pleaded.

"Not until the batteries die." Monique informed her.

"No, fucking no!" Vickie yelled as another orgasm overtook her.

Monique looked at Tom's hard cock. Reaching over she began stroking it. "Would you like to make your wife watch you fuck me?"

"Fuck yes!" Tom agreed at once.

Monique crawled between Vickie's legs and knelt over her right leg so Tom could get between his wife's legs and fuck her.

"Don't you dare fuck her." Vickie ordered between breaths as she kept cumming.

Tom shoved his cock into Monique's pussy and began fucking her as his wife looked on in continued forced climax. It had been too long since he felt pussy wrapped around his cock. Fucking Monique's pussy right in his wife's lap was incredibly satisfying for the pussy-whipped husband.

Vickie shifted between moaning and yelling as her body was ravaged by orgasm after orgasm with no relief. Her stomach was aching from the constant spasms, and every time she opened her eyes all she could see was her husband fucking the woman who was the cause of her torment.

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