tagFetishTables Turned Ch. 03

Tables Turned Ch. 03


Chapter 3 -- The Task

Jack had spent the first few days finding his way around the office & the various departments on their floor. His desk was in a small lobby immediately outside Miss Sharps Office. He was quite pleased with his little 'world' it was like an office, within an office. In a strange way, he was like a guard to Miss Sharps personal area. Anyone wanting to enter Miss Sharps office had to go through his own. He liked that.

He had been set some menial tasks, which -- once he had learned the various sections -- had been accomplished with relative ease. The hardest thing Jack had so far was to avoid making himself look like a gibbering wreck every time Miss Sharp waltzed by his desk on her way in each morning. Every morning was the same. That glamorous look, that glint in her eye. The sharp suits that she always wore, and of course the boots. Jack paid particular attention to this detail. Given his own dark past & personal feelings, he found that whenever he was in her presence his heart would beat faster. His breathing got faster. He was nervous, tense, & extremely excited. It was all he could do, not to become a gibbering wreck! But the boots... He thought back to his interview & remembered the black patent knee high's. On Monday she wore some brown knee high stacked heel pull on's. Tuesday it had been some black slouch 'cowboy' style, but still with a stiletto heel. There was a distinct pattern -- they were all heeled.

On Wednesday morning when he got into work he found an envelope on his desk with a folder inside. Settling down at his desk, as soon as he picked the envelope up he knew who it was from. That sweet smell was unmistakable. He opened the folder & started to read. It contained a list of do's & don'ts, including a set of office rules & compliances. The folder also contained Jack's first 'proper' task which was to research suitable IT packages and software programmes that allowed for multiple streams to be fed into a central hub for networking & video conferencing. The project sheet stated that Jack would be required to have a meeting with Miss Sharp at 13:30 to begin making notes & preparations.

Jack felt immediately nervous. Looking at his watch, he realised that he only had a little over four hours to come up with some plans. He immediately set to making some headway.

Just after lunchtime, Jack heard the lift doors ping open & that familiar 'click-clack' swoon down the corridor. He felt a lump developing in his throat & nervously kept his head down pretending to be hard at work. He heard the door to their lobby open & immediately, that smell hit his nostrils. Standing to the side of him, Jack's view went straight to Miss Sharps feet in a 'head bowed' position. He could see that again, she was wearing incredibly high heels. And he could see no visible end to these boots, they seemed to disappear up into her skirt which was knee height itself & quite flowing. She perched herself on the side of his desk & started to remove her black leather gloves. Again, he could not help but notice her long immaculate red nails.

'Ah, Peter's. I see you received my instructions. Good. I have a few calls to make then we shall begin. Make sure you bring a tray of coffee with you. You remember how I like it? This is going to be a long afternoon.' She said.

'Yes Miss Sharp.' Jack nervously replied 'Black, double strong with plenty of sugar.'

'Good boy. You're catching on. I'll summon you when I am ready for you.'

With that Miss Sharp went into her office, closing the door behind her & shading the blinds that prevented Jack from maintaining eye contact.

Jack had just finished printing out the rough outline of his initial findings when the buzzer on the intercom went off. The two red lights meant she was ready. Jack had prepared the tray & knocked on the door.

'Enter' he heard from within. As Jack entered her office, he saw that she was laying on the couch in a half sat up position. Incredibly, he noticed that she had changed her outfit. His heart raced knowing that less that 5ft away from him, she had been naked. She was now wearing a light blue business suit with a white blouse, natural coloured stockings & some knee high white boots. Stiletto of course. Jack glanced around the room, looking for her previous outfit -- hoping to glimpse the other boots and complete the jigsaw image from earlier. Nothing.

'Put the tray on the table & close the door' she demanded. 'Come & sit, let us begin.'

Jack put the tray down on the large circular table in the middle of the room & sat. As Miss Sharp rose from the couch to join him, he noticed the split in her skirt revealed a lacy stocking top & white suspender clasp. Standing tall in her boots, Miss Sharp straightened her outfit & brushed her skirt down. Jack was mesmerised as he witnessed her soft hands & red nails almost caressing her legs & bottom in a teasing tantalising fashion. She came and sat next to him & started to pour the coffee.

'Now, where are we then?' She asked

'Well Miss Sharp, I have looked at a few different possibilities & it all depends on the budget. The most reliable system will obviously cost more, but there are different methods of achieving a consistent stream.' Jack nervously stated.

'I admit Peters, I don't really know the ins & outs of all of this. The objective is to install a system where we can hold conferences with our other offices & certain clients. How we achieve that is down to you. I have been given a budget of £285 thousand pounds to overhaul our IT systems & after a discussion with the chairman, I have managed to persuade him that any surplus from our budget will come directly to me as a bonus for delivering. Obviously, we can come to an arrangement whereby you will receive a percentage of that bonus. So again, I ask where we are?' Miss Sharp responded, with a wry smile curling up in those luscious red lips. Jack was in a trance. He was unable to think clearly about anything but those lips.

Miss Sharp stood up and moved to stand directly behind Jack, bowing down beside him leaning over his shoulder to glance at his notes.

'Wellll, well, Miss sharp, I am sure that we can come up with a viable solution. I have already made some preliminary investigations & will continue to work on this.' Jack replied

'Good. Make sure you give this your all. This could be very beneficial... for both of us' she quietly whispered into his ear, and with that she brushed her nails gently along his neck.

'Now' snapped Miss Sharp as she walked over to the closed in the corner of the room 'I have a meeting this afternoon with the distribution manager. It seems that he does not understand the meaning of the word 'budget' so I am going to give him a lesson by firing a quarter of his staff. I have an appointment this evening at the theatre & so will be going straight from the office. I need you to do some jobs for me this afternoon.'

Jack was still in a trance. His head was spinning, almost as though he was high on her intoxicating charm. Miss Sharp opened her closet & took out a bag, handing it to Jack.

'I need my boots re-heeled. There is a shoe repair store a few streets away, which I believe is on your way to the bus stop?' She said. Jack noticed how he had now broken into a major sweat. His hands felt very moist as he reached out to take the bag she held in front of him. She also handed him a piece of paper.

'My riding boots are already at the store as they needed resoling. This is the receipt for them. Unfortunately, you will need to wait for these boots as I will need them tomorrow. Would you mind taking them home with you & bringing them back into the office tomorrow morning.' Miss Sharp said. It wasn't really a question, more of a demand. One which Jack could not believe he was hearing.

'Ab, Absolutely no problem Miss. No problem at all.' Jack responded.

'Good. Now, don't forget our little project. I have to make my presentation to the board first thing on Monday morning. We will have another little get together on Friday just after lunch to fine tune.' Miss Sharp said. 'I want you to focus entirely on this. Can you do that for me?' At this point, Miss Sharp was pulling on some white leather gloves & putting on a white leather long coat.

Jack was focusing on nothing at the moment except her pure mystique & sexiness. His mind wandered to the bag now clutched tightly in his sweaty hands & the thought of what was yet awaiting him at the shoe repair shop.

'Of course Miss. I will give it my all.' He meekly replied.

'Good boy. Now, I shall see you bright and early tomorrow morning.' She said, as she glided by him on her way out of the office. Jack made his own way out, shutting her door behind him & sat at his desk.

Trying to concentrate for the rest of the afternoon seemed an impossible mission. He kept glancing at his watch, and then down to the bag which was down on the floor beside his desk. Attempting to focus, he was visiting various websites & making notes on web cam's, wireless hubs, mini servers and the like. After saving all of his notes & files onto his USB stick, he decided that enough was enough for today. He needed to leave a little early anyway to visit the shoe repair shop on the way home if he was to stand any chance of catching his bus. Packing up his satchel, & grabbing the bag, he whisked himself off out the office & out into the street below. Jack stood in the shoe repair shop, not really remembering how he'd actually gotten here! He stood at the counter waiting for the attendant.

'Can I have these re-heeled & also pick up another pair. Here, I have the receipt for them' Jack spoke nervously to the attendant, almost embarrassingly.

'Sure' the attendant said with a cheeky grin on his face 'are you going to pick these up tomorrow?' he said, referring to the boots in the bag.

'No, I'll wait' Jack replied.

'Ok, be about 20 minutes' said the attendant.

'No problem. I'll pop along to another shop then come back' said Jack. As he wandered up & down the high street his stomach felt like it was doing cartwheels. Nervously, he kept checking his watch. After 15 or so minutes he went back to the shoe shop.

'All done' said the attendant 'They were well worn, it won't be long before the sole needs replacing too.'

Jack paid & took the bag with the two pairs of boots in. All the way home on the bus, he felt his palms getting sweaty whilst he resisted the urge to get them out for a closer inspection.

Jack arrived home somewhat later than usual. He decided that he couldn't be bothered to cook so instead phoned for a Chinese take away order.

After dinner, Jack decided to have a shower. Sitting on his sofa wrapped in only a towel drained after a long day, he sprung up remembering the boots. Almost flying off the sofa, he grabbed the bag and excitedly took both pairs out. Almost shaking with a mixture of fear & excitement, he bought one of the stiletto boots up to his lips & gently inhaled the sweet aroma. The boot was unzipped so he could easily notice the unmistakable smell of worked feet combined with soft leather. He felt overwhelmed & was visibly shaking with excitement. Turning the boot over to look at the sole, he glanced that the boot size was 7. Was he dreaming? He picked up one of the riding boots and quickly searched for a size imprint. Size 7 as well.

'Oh my god' Jack thought as he sniffed and ran the soft leather tenderly over his upper lip. Leaning forward, he bent over to place his foot inside the riding boot. He pulled on the stirrup's that stuck out of the top, stitched to the inside and the boot gently slid on snugly. He picked up the other one and did the same. Once both on, he sat and looked down at his newly booted feet. Gingerly, he reached down and gently caressed the leather -- running the tips of his fingers of the well worked leather. They were immaculately polished. Glimmering in the light with every crease & crack reflecting small darts of light. He stood up and took a step forward. Wow, they felt incredibly light on his toes & feet. He paced around his living room waiting for his feet to start aching or his heel to start rubbing but it didn't happen. 'That's incredible' Jack thought as his bare flesh was completely covered by Miss Sharp's riding boots. 'There's no rubbing at all' he said to himself. After wandering around his flat for a few minutes his eyes caught the sight of the other pair of boots. Excitedly, Jack sat on his sofa and tugged at the riding boots. Amazingly, & with complete ease they slipped off of his feet. He looked down at them & placed them beside him. He picked up one of the heeled boots and admired the way the shone in the light. He ran his finger along the seam, leading up to the arch, working his way towards the stiletto heel. Excitedly, he reached down & placed the boot over his toes, slipping them into the pointed tip. Pushing down, he worked the heel of his foot snugly into place. 'A bit tighter' though Jack 'But I'm in!' Ever so carefully, he pulled up on the zipper. It was a little tight around the ankle but after some gently persuasion it worked its way to the top. Jack then did the same with the other boot. Once both on, he crossed one leg up & again, lightly worked his fingers across the soft leather. Pulling himself up, he stood for a moment. Not entirely sure if he was balanced or not, he looked down at 'his' new boots. Admiring the way the light caught them he gingerly put one foot forward. Then another. After a few light wobbles, he found he was walking around his living room. The arched feeling on his calves was something he was not used to. Although aching, he felt that this only intensified the feeling in his toes. Imagining Miss Sharp's toes being exactly where his now were was overwhelming. Pushing down with his foot, he knew that the sole of her foot was where his was now only a few hours ago. This turned him on immensely. Jack walked over to the sofa and sat, picking up the riding boots. He put his hand & arm down inside one of the boots bringing it up to his lips. Gently kissing & smelling the boot, he found himself slowly staring to wank himself.

He laid back & dreamt of Miss Sharp. He imagined being there, hiding in her bedroom sneaking a look while she got herself ready for the theatre. In his mind he imagined how she would be dressing. Long seamed black silk stockings with a basque. One of the many different pairs of stiletto heeled boots that she owned, coupled with a sexy little black dress & throw. Completing the imaginary outfit was a pair of elbow length black leather opera gloves. He imagined her bright red hair, seductively put up. Her sexy dark eye make up that made those blue eyes twinkle like stars on a clear night sky. Her luscious red lips, seductively curling at the edge whilst her long red nails reached down and gently caressed her boots.

With that image, Jack couldn't hold off anymore. He swung his legs round & positioned a riding boot near his now exploding cock. Jets & jets of hot white cream shot out across the boot & started trickling it's way down to the foot.

After a few minutes, Jack regained control of his body. That was quite possibly the most intense orgasm he had ever had. He looked down at the riding boots that were covered in his cum. 'Hmm, I'll have to clean those up!' he thought, and stood grabbing the riding boots and headed to the bathroom. As he walked through the flat, he still could not believe how comfortable the stiletto boots were. Reaching the bathroom, Jack cleaned the riding boots, taking hold of an old towel & buffing them back to their former shininess. Still admiring them, he made his way back to his bedroom. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he reached down & started undoing the zipper on the stiletto boots. After removing them, he looked at the riding boots & a wicked thought entered his head. Reaching down, he pulled on the riding boots once again. He had decided that he was going to sleep in them tonight.

As Jack's head hit the pillow, he felt his feet tingling at the thought of being enclosed in Miss Sharp's leather boots. Snuggling himself down into the duvet, he reached one hand down and gently strolled the top of the boot. With that, and with the many images of Miss Sharp firmly at the front of his mind, Jack drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...

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