tagFetishTables Turned Ch. 05

Tables Turned Ch. 05


Chapter 5 -- The Discovery

Jack had spent the last few weeks busily organising a schedule & completing requisition forms in preparation for the installation of the new system. He had made the final presentation to Miss Sharp, who in turn had made her recommendations to the board & had been given the go ahead for the project. It was now up to Jack to make it happen. Items started arriving & he was busily wiring up the new hub & admin centre, which needed to be central to the office. He acquired the main floor plans for the office & directed the work crew in their instillation of wiring & network cabling. Each main office was required to have web-cam capability as well as a conference facility in a new meeting room. Conveniently this meeting room was next to Jack's office, which was the foyer to Miss Sharp's office. Camera's had been installed in all of the senior managers suite which were all networked to the central server.

Throughout the week, Jack had been required to log in to each terminal to install upgrade & ensure that the new conferencing software was set up for each user account. This meant that Jack needed user details & passwords for each user. As system administrator, Jack was also required to set up new access codes enabling system scan's & general maintenance whenever required.

Late on Thursday evening, Jack had finished setting up user profiles when he had a devilish thought. With his new access privileges, he could easily check each user details for browser history. Innocently, or not, he decided that he should complete a test of his admin access codes. He logged into Miss Sharps terminal & brought up her personal browser details. The new server linked all devices, including her personal laptop to the system back up's. Jack's eye's lit up when he saw the list. Fancy lingerie sites, various footwear shopping sites including some very fancy ones Jack had only heard of in fetish magazines, some different shopping sites, then Jack came to a couple which immediately caught his eye 'victoriasboots.com' & 'datingsingles'co.uk'.

'Hmmm' thought Jack. In a separate window he clicked on dating singles & bought up the site. It was a site for professional people who's lifestyles prevented them from finding potential relationships & intimacy. He clicked on the profile page, & Miss Sharp's profile & username 'missyh-sharp' came up. Jack browsed through the various sections including 'bio' It listed her as being young, outgoing yet determined, 'blog' listed the most recent few entries which mostly revolved around her hectic work schedule but one entry included a section on her recent horse riding competition which she won her category for. Jack then noticed a title called 'fetish'. Without hesitating, he clicked on that. This page was different. It listed various details, including bra size, shoe size, height etc but as Jack read down the page he came to 'Turn ons' & 'Desires'. Clicking on 'Turn ons' Jack scrolled through to read the listings 'Things that turn me on: Snappy Dressers (Smart & Classical), Facial Stubble, Cool Water by Davidoff aftershave, Firm Handling'

Jack re-read the last line 'Firm Handling'??? What did that mean?

Clicking on to 'Desires' the page loaded a list of things that had different meanings: 'Controlled yet secure, publicly dominant but secretly submissive, romanced yet humiliated'

Jack could not believe what he had just read. A whole new world was opening up to him, one which revolved around Miss Sharp.

Clicking on the other site 'Victoriasboots.co.uk' Jack found a site dedicated to a passion for boots. There were a number of pairs of boots here that he had seen Miss Sharp wearing herself. Reading the 'bio' for Victoria and her love for boots, Jack instantly thought of Miss Sharp and the various boots she had worn during their time together -- let alone the many other pairs than must adorn her wardrobes at home. Excited by this new found discovery, Jack's mind wandered to the many different scenarios that now formulated in his mind. Shutting his system down, he headed off home -- his mind in a whirl.

The next morning, Jack decided to be a little risky. His usual routine was to shower, shave, dress then dash out of the door grabbing some juice & a pastry at the stall near the bus stop. This morning however, he decided that he would forgo the usual shave. On the way to the bus stop, he stopped in a chemist & picked up a bottle of 'Cool Water'. Spraying some on as he stood waiting for his bus his mind wandered, yet again.

Entering his floor, he felt his heart racing. As he walked towards his office, he wondered what Miss Sharp would be wearing today & he remembered the many different outfits & pairs of boots he had seen her wearing. Opening the door to his office, he felt his heart sink when he realised that Miss Sharp was not in her office. Checking his e-mail, he saw on her personal calendar that she had meetings all day out of office. Now feeling dejected, Jack settled down to his desk & got on with the tasks in hand.

It was around lunchtime on the Friday that Jack finished bench testing all the new systems, cameras & links. He sat back in his chair, blew a huge sigh of relief & grinned. The budget for this project had been set at £285k & after finalising all of the accounts, the actual cost came in at £197k. Admittedly, he had put in a hell of a lot of overtime & used all his own knowledge -- which had saved a fortune with outside contractors, and by taking on additional responsibilities himself saved more long term. That was £88,000 saved against budget, of which he was sure Miss Sharp would be delighted. He summarised all account details & made a final presentation & e-mailed it off to Miss Sharp before heading out to lunch.

When Jack returned from lunch, he found a note on his desk. He opened it & read

'Dear Mr. Peters, Thank you for your e-mail. I am so very pleased that this project has been mutually beneficial for the both of us. Unfortunately, I have a meeting this afternoon but would like to meet up & thank you personally. Please drop by at my house on your way from the office later on this evening. I will be going out this evening so should be home between 6pm & 7.30pm. Regards, Helena Sharp.' Also enclosed was her business card, with her home address written on the back.

Straight away, Jack was turned on. He never thought he would be seeing the inside to Miss Sharp's house -- and she wanted to thank him personally! He had to use this opportunity to make an impression. He decided to buy a new suit on his way. Something a bit more classier, classier than his usual office wear. With nothing more on the calendar for the day, he tidied up his desk & headed off to the shops.

Strolling down Finsbury Avenue, Jack felt nervous but excited. He'd gotten his new outfit. A smart black three piece suit, new shoes (actually they were ankle boots -- with a slight western style), smart new shirt & tie. He had even had a new haircut. Approaching number 86, he pause outside the entrance to the driveway. Reaching into his bag, he pulled out the aftershave & freshened himself up.

Walking up the driveway, Jack thought that it was more than big enough to accommodate at least five cars Knocking on the heavy door, Jack thought that this old Victorian house must be huge inside. Nervously waiting on the door step, he felt his palms starting to get sweaty. The door creaked as it slowly opened & there she was. Miss Sharp stood, greeting him at her doorway. Taken aback, Jack guiltily allowed his eyes to wander up & down. She was towering over him, wearing a sleek black vinyl all in one & a pair of black matt leather thigh high boots which must have been at least 6 inches high. Her make up was slightly more 'aggressive' than usual which gave her a stern appearance.

'Ah, Peters. Please come in' she said.

As Jack brushed passed her at the doorway, he was sure he heard her take a deep breath. He paused & looked around at her to see her eyes glowing. Was she eyeing him up?

'Err, Peter's, thank you for coming. I, I know it'sss short notice but I wanted to thank you for your hard work with our project' she said.

She was eyeing him! up & down! Jack felt a little pang of excitement inside.

'No problem Miss Sharp, you know I would do anything for you. That's what makes our relationship so special, it is all about devotion' Jack replied with a huge beaming smile on his face.

Miss Sharp stood there, not sure what to say or do next. She didn't like being in this situation. Caught off guard. 'What was it?' she thought. 'What's so different about him? He looks good, and that smell! It's driving me wild. I can't concentrate. Must remain professional. Must.'

'Ok, where were we? Yes, well Peters. Jack. Can I call you Jack?'

'Yes Miss, I would like that' replied Jack, now feeling quite confident seeing the impact he was having on Miss Sharp.

'Yyyyou must think I look a bit strange wearing all of this?' said Miss Sharp, as she took a step back & looked down at her feet 'I'm on my way to a fancy dress party later & I am going as Cat woman. I don't normally wear things like this'

'That's a shame Miss, you look amazing. You look stunning all of the time, & even more so when I close my eyes & think of you' Jack smartly replied, seeing Miss Sharp blush a deep shade of red.

'Oh Jack, thank you. You know, you actually look good yourself. Somehow more mature? Anyway, we need to discuss business before pleasure. Shall we go & sit?' Miss Sharp responded, gesturing Jack into the sitting room.

Entering the sitting room, he saw the room was spotlessly clean. Beckoning him to sit on a large leather sofa, she sat herself down next to him. Turning to look directly at him, she went to speak -- then hesitated.

'Well then Jack, at the start of our project we had a deal didn't we. Now, we came in under budget by £88k. I would like to propose that you take 20% of that for yourself as your bonus. How does that sound?' Miss Sharp said, in an unconvincing voice -- almost as though she were doubting herself.

'Well Miss, I think that is very generous of you. Very generous indeed.' Jack replied.

'Now, on my workings out that makes you a little over £17k' she said.

'Well Miss Sharp, that sounds really generous. But, I was thinking that you would like this arrangement to continue. I mean, with the two of us working together? I believe we make a good team?' Jack said.

'Oh yes indeed, oh yes Jack. I need you now, I think we make a perfect team. I have never had an assistant like you before. One who understands my needs & is willing to put the extra effort in like you have' Miss sharp replied, and she hesitantly rested one of her hands on Jack's thigh. Slowly & carefully, touching up & down, gently moving further & lower with each stroke before caressing with her long red nails through the material of his trousers. Jack suddenly realised & tensed up. He needed to remain focused.

'That's how I feel about you too Miss Sharp. I am very happy with our arrangement, except that I would like to push it up to 25%. I believe that figure would be more reasonable, given our 'special' working relationship'. Jack hesitantly, but defiantly stated.

'Hmm, well Jack. You do drive a hard bargain. Normally, I would have kicked a subservient to the ground & booted them out for being so brash' she snapped whilst still rubbing her hand up & down his thigh 'but I like you. You have passion, & clearly a drive for bigger things. It's a deal.

'Thank you Miss.' Jack replied. He was feeling so excited about actually manipulating her into a raise in the stakes that for a moment, he forgot SHE was the boss.

'Well Jack, It is a shame but I really must finish getting ready. Would you like me to drop you off on my way?' Miss Sharp said.

'Yes please' Jack replied, excited at the prospect of spending another few minutes with his sexy cat woman boss.

'No problem at all. Let me finish getting ready, I won't be a tick' & with that, she walked out of the room. Hearing her heels click clacking up the marble stairs, Jack glanced to the adjoining dining table to see her long leather coat draped across a seat. Quietly walking over, he also saw placed on top a pair of her elbow length opera style black leather gloves. Discreetly, he picked one up & started to sniff. The used leather smelt sensational, the combination of her oily hands mixed with the aromatic leather sent a shiver down his spine. Brushing one of the gloves across his cheek & lips, he imagined her on her knees in front of him.

Remembering where he was snapped him back to reality, just in time as he heard her heels clacking down the stairs.

'Ready?' she said

Jack stared as she pulled on the gloves, tightening & clenching her fist as she pulled them up as far as they could go. He gulped a couple of times, so wanting to take things further. Next she pulled on her leather coat. Walking out into the hallway, he notice her bend down to pick something up. She turned and faced him, & he saw that she was holding a long black whip.

She beckoned him towards her, Jack felt his balls tightening & his now throbbing erection straining against his underwear. Surely she noticed.

'I would like to thank you Jack, for all your hard work.' And with that, she put her arms around him & gave him a kiss on the cheek. She held the position for a moment, almost as though she were inhaling the scent off of his neck. Jack instantaneously allowed his hands to wander to her hips, tenderly brushing & caressing the soft leather of her coat. After what seemed like an age, they took a step back from one another. Miss Sharp seemed confused & thought 'I need to get a grip, control yourself woman'

The journey to Jack's was a strange one.

He kept glancing across at her thighs, her boots tentatively within reach yet seeming so far away.

She kept drawing deep breath, as though fighting the urge. She nervously tried to make small talk, but ended up stammering through a conversation.

Pulling up outside Jacks, he decided to take one last risk. He reached across, placed on hand on her booted thigh & gave her a long lingering kiss on the side of her neck all the while stroking the leather on her thigh down to her knee.

Feeling her whole body tense up, he could hear her take a deep breath & let out a huge sigh.

'Thank you for bringing me home' Jack said.

'Nnno problem at all' Miss Sharp replied. 'See you soon' she said, whilst giving him a loving look with those big blue eyes.

With that, Jack got out & walked up to his front door. In his own mind he now knew the buttons to press. As much as he instantly wanted her, he knew he would have to make this last. He would have to play her at her own game to keep the excitement alive. He would have to come up with a plan, to ensnare her forever...

To be continued...

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