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For the past 3 and a half years I have been screwing my wife's Mum and have written about a few episodes on literotica (Mother-in-law lust). We started when she was 64 and she is now 67 and we usually have just one session a week. However at the same time I am happily married to her eldest daughter Liz and we too have a great sex life and thankfully she has never found out about her Mum and me although I think she has sometimes been suspicious about her mother's behaviour. A few times in the past she has mentioned how her Mum seems to be flirting with me or wearing something sexy or on a couple of occasions when we have been on holiday, she has asked me what I thought of her Mum wearing a bikini. Each time I have been a good husband and said basically that I didn't notice anything.

However on Saturday night things took a strange and unusual turn and if you think further down the page this is going to end up in a husband, wife, mother in law threesome then you are wrong. That is a wonderful fantasy, this is fact but just as horny as far as I am concerned.

This past weekend in England we had fabulous weather and my in laws invited us to their home for a barbeque. The four of us sat in the garden and slapped on the sun screen. Both Liz and Georgie, my mother in law, wore shorts and bikini tops and we just sat around chatting and eating once Ken had cooked a few sausages and some chicken. Now my mother in law has a nice large set of tits, (36D) and it is hard not to notice them encased in a thin non padded cream coloured bikini top. Her nipples were clearly visible under the material and although I have seen them many times plus kissed them and sucked them, it was still hard for me not to get hard, if you get my meaning.

Anyway at the end of the evening, which was very uneventful, Liz and I went home, watched TV for a while and then got ready to go to bed.

Whilst I was in the bathroom, I heard the tell tell tone of Liz's vibrator. When I walked into the bedroom, she was lying on our bed naked and she was rubbing the tip of the vibrator up and down her labia. Her eyes were tightly closed and she was obviously in ecstasy. Watching my wife (and my mother in law) masturbate gives me a huge amount of pleasure and for a few minutes I just stood back and took in what I was watching. Liz opened her pussy lips with her other hand and held them open as she slowly inserted the vibrator into her moist cunt. She fucked herself slowly and started to pant and moan slightly as her excitement grew. With the expertise that perhaps only a woman has, she brought herself to the edge of her orgasm, before adjusting the vibrator speed up to maximum and then thrusting it in and out of her extremely fast and hard for about 30 seconds. Liz's cum squirted from her cunt as she panted louder and faster.

When she relaxed, she opened her eyes and looked toward me. I was, as you might expect, wanking myself off.

"Thought you might like a little show," she said.

I stepped toward the bed, let go of myself and started to touch her, first her breasts, then down to her shaven pussy and eventually pushing 3 fingers into her.

"Come and fuck me darling," she said.

And that is exactly what I did.

Afterwards we lay in each other's arms and she was obviously still feeling horny, as she caressed my limp cock and kissed me passionately.

She then pulled back and looked me straight in the eye,

"Did I see you ogling my Mum's tits this afternoon?"

I laughed nervously,

"The only tits I was ogling were yours babe."

"Mmmm I don't think so, only I definitely saw you having a good look."

I decided the best course of action was to kiss her again and then we cuddled a bit more.

After a few minutes of quiet she said,

"Do you think my Mum is attractive?"

I half laughed "Well for her age I suppose, she certainly seems to look after herself, but not that I had really noticed."

"She's got a thing for you though, that's obvious," Liz said, "I'm sure she doesn't wear that bikini for my Dad's benefit."

"Don't be daft, it was hot, she just wanted to get a tan, their off to Spain next month, she obviously doesn't want to look like a typical Brit when she is there."

"Mmmm so you say, but I think she likes flaunting her boobs in front of you, I mean at one point her nipples were sticking out so much, she could have had someone's eye out."

I was getting a bit nervous at this point and started to fondle my wife's tits, but that was the wrong move too, or so I thought at the time.

"I think she is just trying to tempt you, by showing you that her boobs are so much bigger than mine, I expect given the choice you'd rather be fondling her huge titties now rather than these," Liz said.

"Don't be silly babe, I love your tits, always have, always will do."

"But I saw you looking, and if you were looking then deep down you must want to have a feel, tell me, I won't be angry, but if you had the chance would you fondle my Mum like you are fondling me now?"

The fact that Liz was talking this way couldn't help but get me excited and I felt my cock start to grow again and as I was pressed up against her, so did she.

"You horny bastard," she said. She pulled back and looked down at my now erect cock, "This is turning you on, thinking about my Mum's boobs."

"It's just you talking dirty like this, that always turns me on," I said, but even to me it sounded pathetic.

"Yeah but the reality is that thinking about my Mum's big tits has got you excited. I'm not stupid. I bet if she gave you half the chance, you'd have your hands all over her."

No reply.

Liz reached down for my cock and this time in her horny seductive way said, "So would you like to a nice feel of my Mum's tits? Would you like to fondle them and kiss them and suck those erect nipples of hers?"

I couldn't believe she was talking like this, but it was driving me nuts and I could feel the pre-cum seeping from me and so could she as she played with my cock.

I continued to fondle her tits and Liz then said, "You can pretend they are hers if that is what you want, they are not as big in reality, but in your filthy mind they can be."

Her voice was so husky and dripping with filth that it was easy to get lost in what was happening and then I just blurted out,

"Oh Georgie your tits are amazing." I then dived down and started to lick and suck Liz's tits.

My wife gasped in pleasure and as I went to work on her tits with my mouth, my fingers went to work on her pussy.

"Oh babe I knew you wanted her boobs, suck them for me darling," she gasped.

As I licked and kissed and sucked I continued happily with the game telling "Georgie" how fantastic her tits were. The more I mentioned her Mum's name, the wetter my wife's pussy got and she was literally flooding the bed.

After a few minutes, Liz pulled me up and started to kiss me, she was really panting heavily now and was as horny as I had seen her in a while.

"Tell me what you want to do to my Mum," she demanded.

She continued to kiss and lick my face as I told her how horny her Mum made me feel, how I couldn't take my eyes off her tits that afternoon and then how I wish she had been wearing bikini bottoms so I could see the outline of her cunt.

Both of us were caught up in the heat of passion and even though I was thinking that in an hour Liz will have calmed down and feel guilty and might even be slightly angry, I knew that as long as I didn't let slip that my thoughts had actually been actions over the past 3 years I'd be okay. We often played out sex fantasises, especially her favourite of getting fucked by 2 or 3 guys all at once, but we both knew they were just that and would never happen. I thus felt fairly safe, but this was by far the best fantasy ever.

"I bet her pussy was really wet this afternoon when she knew you were looking at her, do you think?" Liz said.

"Mmmm I did note she went off to the loo for quite a while, I bet she was rubbing herself off."

Liz grunted loudly at that and I felt another squirt of cum pass my fingers.

"You'd like to have been there for that, wouldn't you, you horny sod, watch her frig herself off first and then pee all over you too."

This was just amazing and I just agreed to everything my wife said.

"Would you like to drink her piss like you drink mine?" Liz said between gasps and pants.

"Oh yes babe, I'd love your Mum to piss in my mouth and then I'd like to share it with you."

Lots more cum for that and lots of groaning and panting.

"Would you then fuck her, would you like to screw my Mum?"

" Mmmm love to."

"Up her cunt? up her arse?"

"Mmmmm every hole darling whilst you watch."

"Do you want to fuck us both at the same time, her first then me?"

"Oh yes."

I knew that I couldn't hold back much longer and I climbed on top of Liz.

"Fuck my Mum babe," she groaned.

And so I did, calling out Georgie's name (I have in the past let my wife fantasise about men we know and pretend they are fucking her as I use her sex toys on her, but this was the first ever time I have used another woman's name when we have had sex).

Even after I shot my spunk inside Liz, I continued to hump her until both of us were bathed in sweat and physically spent.

For a while neither of us said a thing and I knew from experience that after Liz was spent of all her passion that she felt bad about some of our fantasises and so I was expecting a negative reaction. However she reached for me and held me tightly.

"That was so bad," she said.

"Yeah we did get a bit carried away."

"You enjoyed it though you horny sod," she said and giggled. "I don't know fancy wanting to screw a 67 year old woman."

"It's your fault," I said "You were the one who started it. I just got caught up in all that dirty talk."

"Yeah but it started because you couldn't take your eyes off my Mum's tits today."

I held her close again and hoped that the topic would go away.

Eventually she pulled back from my arms and kissed me passionately.

"It was the best fantasy and sex we've had for ages though, I'm not angry with you. I always get a bit jealous when I catch you looking at other women but today it sort of turned me on. I can't explain why, perhaps its because I don't feel threatened by my own Mum, even when you mentioned fucking us both at the same time, the mental image made me feel wild. Anyway babe I'd be happy to do that again, as long as it all stays in this bedroom."

I ran my hands over my wife's body, "You're a naughty girl," I said "But if you want that to be just one of our fantasises then it is okay with me."

"No, I can tell it drives you wild, as well as me, so we'll do it again."

She then started to turn over but looked back over her shoulder and said,

"So I don't mind you ogling her, as long as it is discreetly, but I don't want to catch you at it with her, because I think that is what she wants, so eyes only lover boy."


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Having read all the stories in this series I think we all know where it will ultimately end and I can't wait so please continue this exquisite tale!!!!

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