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Take Control of Me


I imagine coming in from somewhere and you waiting for me on the bed. You begin to instruct me to undress slowly. First I am to remove my shirt. And you just lay next to me looking at me. You lean over and give me a soft gentle kiss. You roll me over so my back is toward you, and you move my hair to the side and kiss my neck softly. I feel some soft nibbles then you get hungry to taste me and begin to suck hard and rough on my neck. It hurts a bit and a give a small cry of pain out. But that does not stop you, it only makes you suck harder. You reach around and take my breast in your hand and give a squeeze. I feel you unclasp my bra. I let out a long breath and await your touch, but instead you move my hand to my breast and tell me to squeeze it and play with it while you watch.

I feel your body move away from mine a bit, and you roll me back over. Your hand slowly running down my leg. You rub firmly on my crotch and feel the heat through my jeans. You stop and tell me to remove my pants. I get up and slowly take my pants off as you watch my every move closely. I lay back down next to you. You stare at me and drink in every inch of me. I can't stop looking into your eyes as you look at me. You are so sexy and I want you so badly.

You tell me to reach down and touch myself from neck to knees. I slowly run my hands down my body and watch you watching my hands as I do so. As my hands near my breasts you tell me to stop and rub them for a while, I begin to rub them and pinch my nipples as you watch me. With heated breath you tell me to pinch them harder until my nipples are nice and hard. When you see my nipples are hard you lean over and take one into your mouth and suck softly, while you pinch my other nipple between your fingers. I let out a soft moan as you suck harder and pinch harder. I wasn't loud enough so you do it even harder until I let out a cry of pleasure.

You move back and tell me to keep going. As I am about to touch my wet pussy you tell me not to touch it and to go around. I do as you say. You lift my knees and move them so they are bent now. You tell me to spread my legs open so you can see me. I watch you move so you are looking at me from my knees up now. You move one of my legs over your side so you now have a clear view of my dripping wet pussy. My knees shake now with anticipation.

You run your hand down my stomach and down my leg. As you bring your hand back up you softly run it over my pussy feeling the heat and wetness you have caused. I watch you as you push my legs further apart, as far as they can spread before you. You take my hand and move it to my wetness. You tell me to spread my lips open so you can see my wetness before you. I reach down and do exactly as you say. As I watch you looking at me spread open and waiting for you to touch me you smile. You reach over and grab some ice and slide it up and down my hot already wet clit. I suck in a deep breath. I feel you slowly slide a finger slowly inside me. I watch you as you lick your lips. My hips start to try and move but I hear you tell me to hold still or you will stop. You push your finger deep inside of me and slowly draw it back out. Even slower you slide a second finger deep into my wetness. I lay my head back and moan. I feel you move and then quickly I feel your tongue run down my clit. I let out a louder moan and ask for more. You let out a laugh and pull back yet again.

You instruct me to play with myself as you watch. So I place my hand between my legs and watch you. You tell me not to finger myself yet. So I begin to rub up and down my clit, starting to rub harder and harder. You tell me to slow down and do not rub hard as you don't want me to climax yet. I feel and watch you place more ice on clit and move it so I am rubbing my clit with the ice now. You take more ice and rub it just outside my pussy and down my legs. I feel you kissing and licking the wetness off my legs. Slowly your mouth gets closer to my true wetness. You push my hands away and place your mouth over my clit. I feel you softly lick and kiss me. As I look down at you I see you are looking at me. Oh that makes me so hot to see you looking into my eyes.

You reach up and take my breast in your hand and give a gentle squeeze. I watch you as you begin to pinch my nipple again. Your mouth fully in circles my clit as you begin to softly suck on it. You begin to squeeze my nipple harder as you slide a finger deep into with your other hand. I am moaning louder now. You take you hand from my breast and slide it around my leg to hold me still. I am breathing heavily now and trying to move about under you. You thrust you tongue all over licking and sucking me harder. I can not stand it anymore as I release a loud cry and tell you i am about to cum. That only makes you go stronger and harder. I scream out as I cum, my whole body shaking.

I feel you move and slowly lower your body onto mine. I feel your hardness sliding up and down my pussy but not entering it. You bring your face to mine and kiss me deeply. I smell my musky scent on you, and taste my juices from your lips as I kiss you back hard. I am only thinking of your lips and your kiss when suddenly you enter me hard and fast. I can't gasp out but it feels so good I accidentally run my nails a bit to hard down your back. This makes you back up and gasp in pleasure. I feel you reach down and grab my leg moving it over your shoulder so you can enter me even more deeply. I can't stay quiet and tell you how good you feel deep inside me. You begin to move faster and harder in and out of me.

Then suddenly you stop and pull out of me, I look at you wantonly. You have that evil smile on your face as you move your body up mine still smiling at me. I watch you and slowly realize what my baby wants and I take your hardness in my hand and slowly wrap my lips around it. I take you into my mouth now as you did for me. I see you watching me and I suck hungrily on your hardness. You begin to move your hips pulling in and out of my mouth as I suck on you.

As quickly as you moved up me to allow me to suck on you...you move again. This time you roll over and lay on your back and tell me to ride your hardness like you know I love to do. I position my body over yours and slide the head of your hardness into me. I feel you lift up to meet my wetness with your hardness. And I push down fast onto you. I begin to grind down on you and ride you hard. I tell you I want to cum again and hear you tell me to do it. I ride hard my body shaking as I cum harder than I ever have. I try to stop to catch my breath but you keep moving and soon I am going again. I lift and lower my hot wet pussy onto your cock as you hold onto my hips making me ride you harder. I lower myself and begin to grind down on you as I feel you begin to rub my clit. I am getting louder as I tell you I want you to cum with me this time. You smile and gladly agree.

Together our bodies moving as one we cum together. Our bodies melt together as we try to catch our breath. We roll onto our sides still holding each other tightly. And slowly we fall asleep in each other arms.

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