tagLesbian SexTake Me Away...

Take Me Away...


You call me on the phone becoming my Calgon….

I tell you I haven't had the experience I've been looking for.

"I'll take you there." You assure me confidently.

I've been waiting for this as long as I've been having orgasms; a woman to open my petals, kiss my blossom and inhale my essence. I never expected you to call. After so many men, I just wonder more and more about the other side. I admit to you that I'm inexperienced. I'd always thought the taste I had was good enough. You take charge of my mind and my body like no other has done over the phone. I usually lead. You've immediately caused me to loose my place, and I stumble.

You catch me gracefully with a firm embrace and lay me down upon the bed. I feel like wisp of smoke dissipating into a gentle fragrant breeze. My curly blond hair spills all around my pillow. Turning my head, I smell the amber oil I used just before bed to intensify my dreams. I know you must be a dream because I'm drifting. I'm melting. All of a sudden each moment is caught in slow motion, all within my mind.

So naked and vulnerable, yet I've never felt this comfortable being exposed. I gazed seductively over my body at you watching me from the foot of the bed, and I feel hypnotized. My breasts are full and white compared to the tan on the rest of my body. Trailing my fingertips along my skin, I feel the little hairs stand up from the tickle. Nipples erect, I spread my hands over the fleshy mounds and massage deeply. I see the hunger in your eyes as you reach down between your legs. You're so beautiful standing there exploring me with passion that I feel over every inch of my body. The energy passing between us has me so wet already, and the vibration inside me grows.

You lick your lips and I feel the wetness escape me instantly, causing a moan to betray my composure. A smile flickers over your face and I'm compelled to reach down and caress my labia. I feel the flesh swell. I butterfly my legs, and with both hands I pull open my silky, wet pussy. Juices flowing freely down between my cheeks, I'm glistening with desire for you.

I use my middle finger to gently rub my clit as if I were rolling a pea around an egg yolk without breaking it. That little button creates a tremor in my legs that you cannot resist, and a cry of pleasure that I cannot withhold. You crawl onto the bed and slide your body sinuously up between my legs, your breast tickling my trembling thigh as you move. I giggle. You intentionally let your long hard nipple continue on a path to my secret garden, my pink orchid. You cup your breast and draw the taught flesh in circles around my delicate tulips. I'm shivering with every second that passes. I'm ready to do whatever you want. I'm yours. I'm yours. I'm yours.

You continue to tease me with your hardness as you trail it up along my stomach, dipping into my navel as you pass. I feel you use your knees to spread me open even more, and I gush. You fervently begin kissing and sucking my areola. Your long French nails and strong hand firmly manipulate the one longing to be kissed. I see delicious blooms of red growing on my bosom, like I'm being seared with your heat. The sting won't last long enough. Waves of long brown hair spill around my shoulders and I deeply breathe the scents that surround you. Taking what you can into your mouth, my chest heaves with a gasp. I want you to touch me down there so bad.

"Please touch my cunt. Please, please, please." I whimper.

You chuckle and respond, "Don't worry. I will." Continuing on with your mouth's adventure, you run your tongue up over my collar bone to my neck. You bite my neck gently and I'm all yours, quivering like J-ello underneath your soft, feverish weight. I'm on fire. I can't take it! I try to put my hand down there. You grab my wrist and push my arm back over my head.

"Not yet." You command me. Then you whisper in my ear, "I'm going to fuck you so hard. I'm going to touch you like you've never been touched before. No man will ever make you feel like I can, I promise. I will make you forget all that you remembered from anyone else." I believe you as your words push me almost to orgasm. I wiggle my hips under you just trying to get closer.

Looking deep into my eyes for a moment you let go of my wrist and gently cup my cheek. I can see it in your deep blue eyes; you mean what you say. I stretch my neck to get closer to your full lips and you give me what I'm craving. Mouths hot and wet, tongues dancing and teeth nibbling; we consume each other. My pussy aches and I work my muscles inside to compensate for what I really need.

I beg you, "Please, I wanna lick you so bad." and I urge you to climb up on top of me for sixty-nine. You let me have my way.

Seeing your wonderful round cheeks in my face make me dive right in with wild abandon. I sip you deeply and smell your tantalizing musk. I pull your petals apart and kiss your blossom. Simultaneously I feel your salivating mouth on me; it's more intense than I ever imagined it would be. I'm breathing so hard now, I'm gasping for air between mouthfuls and moans. I feel your nipples pressed into the soft flesh of my tummy. I groan deep in the back of my throat, continually swallowing you. I push up with my hips and grip your face with my thighs. You feel me shaking, muscles tense.

You rock your hips back and forth fucking my tongue. I can't help but lick your ass when you tilt it downward. So tight and soft inside, it's all I can do to push further in. Feeling your fingers enter into my moist muffin I follow your lead and begin searching for your G-spot. I rub downward towards the inside of your pelvic bone. I find your spot and slide in another finger to help out. My lava is flowing and your hand is frigging me faster and faster. Drinking me up as I pour into you, I focus on how your tongue is manipulating my clit. I can't take it anymore and I tell you I'm going to cum.

You pull away instantly and tell me "Not yet." You crawl off of me and hear me whine in protest.

You reach into the side table drawer and pull out a strap-on. My mouth drops open because I can't believe my eyes. It's big! Its ten inches long with a vibrating extension for you. This is bigger than I'm used to and I tell you.

As you strap it on you say, "Don't worry. I'll be gentle, at first." You laugh mischievously. That laugh makes my stomach flip like I just went upside down on a roller coaster. The instant anticipation has me ready and willing to do whatever you want. You put it in my face and tell me to suck it.

"Get it wet! That's a good girl." I take it in and lick all over it. As I'm doing this you continue talking to me. "You like that don't you. You want it don't you. Suck it good, get it nice and wet. I'm going to fuck you so hard and you're gonna beg for more."

You direct me to lay flat on my belly. Straddling me, you spread my cheeks apart and start sliding your dick downward into my cunt. It's so big. I feel the burn as you stretch me open. I'm moaning and groaning uncontrollably now. Your love mound is being vibrated as you fuck the inside extension. You're making more and more noise as you thrust into me. It's finally all the way in and you are pumping me furiously. I love every deep push and I beg you for more.

"Deeper! Harder! Fuck me harder! Please! Please! Please! Yes! Don't stop! Don't stop!" You give me what I want exactly how I want it. My cunt grabbing at the cock, your hips pounding me, "I'm cumming!" I scream.

You let out deep, penetrating groans as you command me to cum all over you. "Cum for me! That's it! Cum all over me! Let it go! I'm cumming!" Moaning and breathing hard you collapse on my back. You pull my hair aside and kiss my neck and whisper in my ear. "You won't want anyone else after this."

I hang up the phone and I know you must be a dream; too good to be true.

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