Smiles to myself in the mirror as I put on the last touch of my light make up. My hands brushing through my long hair, and I look over myself to see that everything is perfect. My breasts lifted and held by the lovely leather dress. It is laced at the front, and with a short skirt swaying out from my hips and barely covering my naked heart shaped ass.

My legs are caressed by black silk stockings, and my feet are slipped into high heeled shoes in suede. In my ears small diamond earrings are piercing through, and around my slender neck there is no jewelry at all.

I have been to the club many times before, but this time I have a strange feeling that it will be different.

I leave the ladies room, and step into the bigger room where the bar is. Eyes searching for an empty seat and I sashay across the room slowly and over to the vacant seat my eyes found.

I order a glass of white wine, and sip it slowly while my eyes slowly move across the room and the people there. Nodding now and then as I see familiar faces, while I small talk with the bartender about everything and nothing...

Then, with a soft shock, my eyes meet an intense gaze from across the room, and I am mesmerized...

He is tall and rugged, sending my thoughts to a biker type of man, and He has an aura around Him that makes me gasp softly to myself, and take a deeper sip of my wine than I intended to.

His eyes calmly take me in and every little inch of me is enjoyed. I sit absolutely still, and I can not tear my eyes from His even if I wanted to. Finally I see His head nod once in a greeting. I happily smile to Him, warm and open, but He turns around slowly. I am strangely disappointed as I turn around myself and sigh a little. Still trembling a bit just meeting those eyes, but I was obviously not what He was seeking.

I finish my glass of wine, and pondering on ordering a new one. I can not help it, and turns on my chair letting my eyes seek the room, and I get this lost feeling inside when I can not see Him anywhere.

Then suddenly He steps out of the shadows, and walks to the middle of the floor. He stops and His eyes lock with mine in a silent command. I put my empty glass down while gazing back at Him and a strange sensation fills my tummy.

He lifts His hand and motions me over, and without hesitation I slip off the barstool and moves slowly across the room. My eyes are glued to His, and by the time I am there – my sex is soaked, and I am quivering.

He is tall. He has to be at least6'4", so He is practically towering over me. He is looking down at me with a little smile playing in the corner of His mouth and speaks for the first time,

"Hello, little gem," He says quietly, and His voice has that southern, slow drawl to it. Dark, raspy and dripping with power. It hits me like a ton of led, and I have to lick my dry lips slowly before I can find my voice and smiles, "Hello, Sir."

There is silence now ~ His eyes taking me in – and I feel naked under His intense gaze. –"Undress, gem." He says with that intense voice and His eyes suddenly changes. The dominance in them is glittering – and I gasp softly feeling that as a jolt through my entire body.

I hesitate for a moment. Just long enough to see His eyebrow raise, and then my trembling fingers unlace the dress in front, and slowly I let it slip from my shoulders, down my breasts and over my hips. I look at him with a shy little smile as the dress slowly sails to the floor leaving my feet in a sea of black leather.

All I have on is a pair of exquisite silk stockings and my shoes, and keep my gaze to His. He just stands there, not a word falls from His lips, so I step gracefully out of my shoes, and with shivering hands I roll my stockings down slowly until I am standing completely naked before Him. My nipples have already budded intensely, and I take deep breaths in a rather futile attempt to calm myself down.

He looks at me for a small eternity and a soft touch from His hand on my hair. He touches my face and my shoulders. He lets His hand softly brush over my tummy and my waist. My shoulders are touched, my very core of self being is touched...even though He is avoiding my aching breasts and my throbbing sex.

I am lost in His eyes and His presence. Small trembles are still running through me, and my excitement is so clear for all to see. Some of my closer friends are smiling but they are also incredibly surprised to see me undress just like that, and without even a word spoken. They know how shy I am, but also how lonely I have been.

They know there have been Masters wanting me as theirs, but that I have declined. Not because I was difficult, but simply because the Ones asking me, did not touch me deep enough. To me submission was more than a game – to me submission was giving it all – willingly, freely and totally.

He smiled to me now, seeing the tears form in my eyes, but also seeing the pride in them as I stood there naked before the entire room. I know we are not alone, and I sense eyes on me, but my eyes are locked with Him in a quiet song. The melody only Him and me are hearing.

He speaks quietly, "Display yourself, little gem," and since I am not sure what He means, I just turn around slowly where I stand, I am doing a full circle while my fingers dance over my full body. I am grazing hard nipples and letting my hands touch their way down over my tummy and slowly over my petals. I gasp then, feeling a soft shock as I meet wetness there, not only a kiss of moist.

My back is turned to Him when I bend over slightly, and open my as cheeks with my hands. I blush very sharply, and my tears are still running down my face. I am so embarrassed and want to hide, but the other part of me is proud, giving and without any shame inside...

I meet the eyes of a friend, and He asks without words...just using His eyes, "Are you ok?" I smile to Him as I turn around completely – facing my captivator once again.

His eyes are warm and proud – and He nods again, "Excellent, gem. Excellent!"

Then he sat down in the chair calmly and looked up at me with those intense eyes, "kneel, my little gem." He said, and His voice left no room for hesitance, so slowly I pooled at His feet and without thinking my legs spread widely. My hands resting on my thighs with their palms up.

I kept my back straight, and with a small shiver, I pushed my shoulders back and kept my head high.

The room had only a soft buzz of voices now. Here and there someone had been playing, but they had stopped as if they felt the electricity in the room.

We were undoubtedly the center of the attention. The tall, rugged stranger with the intense eyes. And me, the petite blonde - so shamelessly displayed.

His hand moved to my throat, and it was slowly closing around it. He leaned in and His lips touched my ears, and I heard Him whisper, "You are Mine from now on!"

I was so shocked when I heard His words. He sat there so confidant. He was dressed very casually in a snow white t-shirt, tight faded jeans, boots. Sharp dressed men were there in their expensive Italian suits and the exquisite silk shirts. Some in leather or fetish kind of clothes, and some of the men were indeed drop dead handsome. Nevertheless - my eyes only saw this tall, rugged stranger and it hit me so hard, knowing I needed Him to live and to breathe.

His eyes narrowed as I still had not answered Him, not that it was anything to answer. He had stated it. I was His, and I nodded, and finally I whispered, "Yours."

I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. For all that I knew He could be a mean man, brutal - maybe even married, but I knew I did not care. Because I was indeed –His-.

I was purring softly from the touch of His hand around my throat and I saw His hand slip to His pocket bringing out a lovely handcrafted collar. Wonderfully created in white and yellow gold entwined and braided and it had a small lock at the back. His hand reached for me, and I took it.

A gasp floated through the room as He opened His jeans and pulled out His rock hard manhood. His arousal was clear to see for everyone, and my own scent was hanging heavy in the air.

My lips opened willingly and without any shame, and He pushed His hard cock inside, all the way down my throat. The collar slipped around my neck, and as the soft click of the little lock was heard, almost like thunder in my ears, He came with a load moan and it was sending my own body into orgasmic shivers. I cried around His pulsing cock as Wwe came, and I was His.

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