The girls and I always enjoyed long holiday weekends; all the men go off hunting and fishing and leave us to do our own thing. Saturday are always down to the Mall for a bit of shopping, and then lunch followed by more shopping. The twins, Jill and Jen, who still live at home spend most on clothes, and my eldest, Jan who is married, spend most on her home. Then there's me being Mom, I like to spend my money treating them all.

It was at lunchtime, while sitting in the food court, enjoying our Chinese food, Jan noticed the two Asian young men sitting at the next table, listening and watching us. The twins of course are used to young men staring at them and took no notice, but I noticed they never smiled, just sat there watching us.

They were both in their late twenties perhaps, quite good-looking and very muscular. They were just odd and it stuck in my mind, but was dismissed, when by the time we were ready to return to the serious business of shopping, they were no longer too be seen.

A few hours later, we arrived back at King Ranch our home for many years. While I went into the kitchen to make some coffee for us, all the girls unpacked all their 'bargains,' and put them in their bedrooms. Jan put hers in her old bedroom for when she left in a few days. We all sat around the dining table, laughing and joking when we heard the kitchen screen door slam, Jan and I both stood up trying to see who it was.

"Sit down you big titted cunts." A man screaming at us.

The two Asian guys who had watched us at the mall, had stormed in the house shouting and swearing at us all, while waving and firing electric stun guns in the air. Both Jan and I were slow to sit back down and were both smacked around the head, We were both in shock, not at the pain, but more the outrage we felt. I tried to gather my thoughts, the twins were sitting there sobbing and shaking while Jan just sat there looking defiant at them.

"Calm down girls they just want to rob us, they will soon be gone." I said trying to calm everybody down.

Man number 1 asked for all our wallets, which we pointed out in various parts of the room, he collected them altogether and took them into the kitchen. We then heard a vehicle in the driveway, we all hoped it would frighten them off, but we still had no idea what was going to happen. Then to our surprise man number 2 opened the front door and let three more of the gang inside into our home. I thought now we are in some serious trouble.

All five of them went into the kitchen and emptied out all our money and credit cards from our wallets, and threw the wallets in the trash. Man number 1 demanded to know if there was any more money in the house, I told him there was a few hundred dollars in the desk drawer, which he retrieved and pocketed. Men number 3 and 4 went searching through the house; Man number 5 I think, went back outside to probably keep watch. Man number 1 came back into the great room holding Jan driver's license.

"This is you?" He said showing it to Jan. She nodded.

Stand up and take you're fucking jeans and blouse off, Miss Big Tits!" He screamed at her.

"No way!" She shouted back in total defiance.

Man number 1 punched her in the stomach hard, grabbed the front of her blouse and ripped it from her body as she reeled from the punch; Jan fell to the floor in pain. We looked on, with fears in our faces and tears in our eyes.

"Now all of you take your jeans and blouses off, get some air to those big tits you all have. NOW!" He screamed.

I quickly took mine off and helped Jan remove her jeans, and the twins complied rapidly. We all sat back down trying to hide our assets with our arms with little success. A strange time to think this I know, but looking at my girls, it was nice to see them all in very pretty underwear with matching bra and thongs.

Man number 2 suddenly decided that I ought to make fresh coffee for everybody and dragged me by the hair into the kitchen and screamed 'fresh coffee' at me. He sat down at the kitchen table and watched me as I prepared the coffee maker and got the cups all ready. I washed the ones the girls and I had used earlier to keep busy. He suddenly started to speak softer and asked me general question about the house and family. I took this as a good sign until he started asking sexual question, I think then I knew what was going to happen, He asked me to come and sit on his knee, knowing I would get beaten if I didn't, I complied. The questions continued. Moreover, I thought it was best to be honest.

"Do I like sex?" He asked.

"Yes, my husband and I, have a healthy sex life." I replied quickly

"Do I like a cock up my ass?" He asked.

"I have never done that." I replied with worry in my voice.

"Do I like sucking cock? " He continued to ask.

"Yes, I do that for my husband."

"Do I like my cunt being licked?" He asked.

"Yes, my husband does that." I replied.

"Are your nipples sensitive?' He asked very attentively.

"Yes," I replied.

"Is your cunt sensitive?"

"Yes." I said hesitantly.

The worst bit of this questioning was the girls, number one and three who were standing by the kitchen door, could all hear my answers. Man number 2 turned to man number 3 and asked him to search for some Vaseline in the house. The reason for that request has still not dawned on me. Man number 2 so far had not touched me, but that changed as he slid his hand down my panties, my body just froze as he inserted a finger inside of me.

"You are completely shaven, I like that." He whispered in my ear.

"We all are, we all get waxed quite regularly, and it is healthier." I explained.

Although I was shaking the whole time, I silently prayed that my body would not give me away; I knew that any touch on my clit tended to get me excited and very wet. Fortunately, he withdrew his hand and demanded I show him my big tits; he was pulling my hair with the demand so I had little choice but to open the front fasteners on my bra and hold it open. My eyes were tightly shut as he touched my nipples with his fingers, and of course, they rose, as they always did to the touch.

"Open your eyes look how big they have become." He said as he twisted my nipples between his fingers.

"Stop, that really hurts!" I begged.

He obviously did not like me saying that, he twisted both nipples again until I nearly screamed in pain.

"Stand up and bend over that kitchen bar stool." He ordered.

He dragged me over to the bar stool by my hair, bent me over it and pulled my panties to the floor. I finally knew what he was going to force me to do. The girls could hear it but not see it, which gave me some comfort, as tears rolled down my face.

"No! Not there, please!" I called out, as I felt his finger probing my ass.

That got me three stinging slaps on my ass, and his finger pushed further in. Then the realization of why he wanted Vaseline came to my mind as I felt it being smeared on my anal entrance, his finger spreading it inside me, followed by his cock pushing into me, the tears continued to roll from my eyes more with the indignation I felt rather than the actual pain. As he eventually managed to get his cock all inside of me, and started to pump into me quite slowly at first, which helped me, get used to it.

"You can scream if you want, you big titted cunt." He called out.

I was determined not to give him that pleasure, nor did I want my daughter to hear my pain so I kept quiet. With my face buried into the stool seat, after a few minutes the pain had eased, and with the intent of getting him off more quickly, I squeezed his hard cock with my internal muscles, which of course he loved and spurred him on to pound me even harder. However, it did the job, as a few moments later I could feel his cum fill my insides and his cock thankfully going soft. He pulled out of me, just leaving me there while he went to the bathroom to clean up. I stayed there not daring to move until he came back and told me to go clean myself.

"Now you cannot say you have never been fucked up the ass before." He called after me laughing.

I sat in the bathroom after I had a quick shower trying to think of a way out of this dilemma, but could not see one yet. I put my bra and panties back on, went back to the great room, and sat back down with the girls.

"Are you all right Mom?" Jan asked.

"Yes." I said. "We will get through this."

I sat there wondering, whom they would pick on next, and could I stop it? I could not admit the truth, that the interaction with man number two has made me so horny that I would let any of them fuck me.

My question was soon answered as man number 2 started to ask the same questions to Jan. He made her stand up facing him while he sat in the chair. (Jan is 25 married to Paul and a teacher and stands her ground under pressure.) We all knew how she would answer the questions, and of course, she answered no, to every one of them.

"Take off your bra!" He ordered.

"No chance!" She screamed back. He stood up and pulled his fist back to punch her.

"Take it off Jan!" I screamed at her, not wanting to see her get beaten.

She took her bra off and dropped it on the floor, man number two stood up again and inspected her breast, then played with her nipples until they became erect as he had done with mine. He leaned forward and sucked them, flicking the nipple with his tongue; Jan just stared at me, so as not to show any emotion to him.

"What size are you?' He demanded to know.

Jan ignored him so he picked up her bra and checked the label. "44DDD, very impressive, they will be popular." He said.

He was still holding her extended nipples as he ordered her to drop her thong. She was still looking at me, ignoring him, until he started to savagely twist her nipples, putting her in pain, his hands went to her side and pushed them down off her hips and they sank to the floor.

"Open your legs bitch, let's see if this cunt is sensitive!" Jan complied, moving her feet about a foot apart.

I looked around the room to see man number 1 and man number 3 watching intently and was surprised to see the twins watching voyeuristically as their sister was sexually assaulted. Although my watching the whole scene, could be said to be the same thing.

"Look at that clit sticking out to greet me, just like her Mothers did, still a bit dry at the moment." He said laughing, as his middle finger was inserted into her, while the rest of his hand was rubbing her labia lips and clit.

"Oops no! Another lie she told me, she's really wet now, her cunt is really sensitive." He shouted out so everybody could hear. Jan was still staring at me; I could see in her eyes that she was disappointed that her body had let her down.

He stopped touching Jan and I could see in her eyes that she thought her ordeal was over. However, man number 2 stood up again, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to my armchair by the window, threw her down into it and hooked her legs over the arms; you could see the hate in her eyes as her pussy was open to anything in this position. Man number 2 called over man number 3.

"Check to see if her cunt likes being licked," He suggested.

Man number 3 wasted no time in kneeling down in between Jan legs; Jan tried to push his head away, and she kept trying as his tongued delved all around her pussy with little effect, the twin had turned around to watch as well as I had. Although my thoughts, which should have been about maternal protection, they seemed to be heading towards a wish to be in her place. Jan had tilted her head back, eyes closed. I think we all knew that she would not be able to stop herself from showing a response to this assault. Within two minutes, I noticed her hands were not pushing the head away, but pulling it into to her pussy. The way she was slumped forward in the chair with her ass near the edge, man number 3 probably had his finger up her ass as well. As we all watched, her hands stopped holding his head and starting playing with her own nipples, her breathing was getting faster as her orgasm came. She started bucking on his tongue and went back to pulling his face into her pussy. As she settled back exhausted and sated, man number 3 stood up saying.

"Come on you fucking bitch, my turn, open your mouth and start sucking my cock." He demanded.

He dropped his Jeans to the floor together with his underwear, Jan hesitated after seeing the size of it, and it was bigger than average. Man number 3 slapped her face hard and pulled her hair until much to the delight of the others, she gave in and opened her mouth and it was rammed full of his cock. He was merciless; he pushed his cock in to the back of her throat until she was choking on it.

" Don't spill a drop." He told her, while holding her head tight to ensure she took it all down.

She choked a bit but manage to swallow all his cum, when he pumped her mouth full. Pulling her up from the chair, he ordered her to bathroom to clean up, in case he wanted more at a later time . I was sitting there still very scared, but watching Jan had made me quite hot, what worried me now was that it was probably the twins turn to be sexually abused and my fear was for them, I did not know if they could handle it.

Man number 1 ordered the twins into the kitchen to get food and drinks for the whole gang. I was relieved for them and hoping our ordeal may be nearly over, until man number 1 came over to me, pulled me up by my hair and dragged me to my bedroom, threw me on the bed and started asking questions. Again, I thought it best to be truthful.

"Did you enjoy seeing your daughter satisfied?" He began to ask.

"Yes, but not the violence." I quickly replied.

"Do you want to watch all your daughters being fucked?"

"No." I replied.

"Did I want to suck his cock?" He asked.


Do you want to be fucked?" He asked.

"No." I replied.

"Looks like it's not your lucky day." He sneered while dropping his jeans to the floor."

"Get on your knees and start sucking bitch, and make it a good one, but first get those udders out so I can give them a going over." He yelled.

I got off the bed and removed my bra, and stood right in front of him, glancing at his cock as I did so, and noticed he was not yet hard. He stroked my breasts, teased my nipples, and made comments about how large an area my areola covered and how big my nipples grew. This continued for a few minutes until he started to twist my nipples until it really hurt and forced me to say that I wanted to suck his cock, I said I did of course to stop the pain, he pushed me to the side of the bed forcing me to sit down. I turned away as he forced his cock into my face, he reached down and twisted my nipples until I opened my mouth from the pain and held my head to stop me turning. He was still only half-hard when he forced it in, but with very little effort on my part it grew in my mouth, substantially, far bigger than my husband's cock, which I was used to. My effort was obviously not to his liking, probably because I made no effort, he just threw me back on the bed in anger, and I thought I was going to get a beating, instead he ripped my panties right off me. Leaving me naked, laying on the bed.

"OK!" He said; let us see if you can fuck better than you can suck. Open your legs let's see your big cunt!" He screamed angrily.

I sat up leaning on my elbow and really wanted to scream at him, but fear and my tears stopped me. I realized I was naked with my legs wide open, something no one else but my husband had seen since my marriage 26 years earlier, with a man probably 20 years younger than I was, now standing between my legs, with a huge erection that could only be satisfied by one thing. I resigned myself to my fate, and with no intention of making it easy for him.

"Well that's looks like a cunt made for fucking. Are you nice and wet for me?" He asked, while slapping my pussy hard with the flat of his hand.

I did not reply, he put two fingers inside of me and hooked upward and fate decreed, it had to happen, he found my G spot, the first time it had been touched for a very long time, and he knew it, just but my sudden groaning I suspect. There was no way I could hide the sexual spasms I was feeling.

"You are very ready." He said laughing.

He lay across me with his arm supporting his weight with his cock poking at me in an effort to find my entrance; I subconsciously put my hand down between us, took hold of his cock, rubbed his cock head up and down my slit, and guided him into my canal. I could feel every ridge and vein on his cock as he at first entered me slowly until he was fully inside me. My juices were lubricating us both, as he went in and out of me two more times before he suddenly started to quicken the pace, and slamming into me with force.

He brought his weight down on me and mauled my breasts, biting them. My nipples were being sucked, licked and bitten, causing me great pain. His pounding was relentless, he slowed one time and nearly came out of me.

"Don't stop, keep it in." I called out.

He looked at me and smiled, and then sped up again, even through the pain, my orgasms were coming at a fast rate. My legs had involuntarily encircled him pulling him into me. Suddenly, he started to breathe heavier and his cum started to jet inside of me, I squeezed his cock with my internal muscles and drained every drop from him.

"Well! Your one great fuck." He said as he stood up and sauntered to the bathroom.

I never moved, I just laid there, enjoying the feelings of sexual relief, and realizing I had just been hurt, beaten, abused and forced to have sex, but I felt so good. This must be wrong I thought to myself. Man number 1 came out of the bathroom, and ordered me to get cleaned up. I dashed in the bathroom, had a quick shower and stood in front of the mirror, my breasts were covered in bite marks, my pussy was puffy from the pounding, and my nipples were sore from the sucking, but there was still elation inside of me, I returned to the bedroom where he sat waiting for me, fully dressed.

"Can I wear something, it's getting cold." I said.

I did not want to let the girls see all the marks on me; he passed my thin and short cotton dressing gown from the closet, to me.

"Or would you prefer to fuck again." He said.

"Not yet, perhaps later." I said without thinking. My fate was sealed, by the big grin on his face.

He pushed me out of the bedroom and back into the Great Room, where the rest of the gang were at the table eating what the girls had prepared for then, The twins were sitting on the sofa, Jan was in my armchair, I sat in my husband's recliner chair, preparing for what was going to happen next.

We did not have to wait long. Men number 4 and 5 rose from the table and stared at all of us, and it was scary stare, we all bowed our head and looked at the floor to avoid eye contact. Eventually they walked over to the twins who were sitting on the sofa together.

'Stand up dirty whores." He shouted at them.

Jill stood up immediately, but Jen was slower, man number 5 slapped her around the side of the head and knocked her back down shouting.

"You are not learning are you? Do what you are told immediately or suffer the consequence."

Jen stood there, with tears rolling down her face from the pain, while Jill just stared at the floor trembling, man number 4 pulled two scarves from his pocket and blindfolded them.

Jan and I were dreading this moment of seeing our child and younger sisters abused and hurt, the pain for us was watching, unable to look away, was perhaps even worse that what had been done to us so far. The men removed the girl's bras and thongs, stood back and just stared at them. The whole gang started discussing all our bodies, comparing breast size, nipples, pussy, and the clitoris size of all of us. All of us gave a nervous smile when they decided whom the winner of each section was, not knowing if we were supposed to smile or not.

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