This is my first submission it is an interracial love story but you could also classify it as non-human. The first chapter is an introduction of the characters, no love scenes sorry. Also sorry about any errors you come across.



Today was officially the longest day ever, Alicia had been working non-stop around the house since 8am doing one chore after the next. Normally she'd have no problem helping out around the house but this was ridiculous.

Who died and made me Cinderella? She thought as she scrubbed the kitchen floors, just as she was wiping the sweat from her forehead Melinda her guardian called out to her.

"Licia honey I need you to go to town and run some errands from me, here's a list of the things I need for tonight party and make it quick okay."

Taking a deep breath so she wouldn't show how aggravated she was "Melinda I've been cleaning all day why can't Melissa do it she already in town all you have to do is call her."

As usual in her clipped tone she replied, "Listen here tonight gathering is very important for this family, we have a lot riding on this. We're going to be meeting with some very important people, therefore as the women of this household me and Melissa must be up to par. Now I'm going to meet Melissa at the salon and you're going to run these errands, considering we took you in when no one else would I don't think that's too much to ask for is it?"

Ahh, the we took you in therefore you're forever indebted to us speech, "Of course not I'll go change."

"Don't worry about it just go like you are."

Grabbing the list Alicia ran up stairs to get her keys, part of wanted to cry another part of her wanted to smack Mrs. Garrison and tell her exactly where she could put her list.

Three years of living with the Garrison's and Melina and her daughter Melissa still treated her like she was the hired help. She came to live with the family when she was sixteen after her father, James Monroe died in a car accident. Her mother died years before from cancer, as a result of having no immediate family she came to live with the Garrison.

Her father and Mr. Garrison were best friends growing up, they even went to the same college together and when James had Alicia he made William Garrison her guardian. Unfortunately, whereas Mr. Garrison made a name for himself and moved up financially and socially the Monroe's had no such luck. After one bad business venture after the next, the family was living from pay check to pay check and when her mom got cancer it only got worse. Although her family had it rough she wouldn't trade her parents for the world she knew they only did the best they could.

The Garrison's on the other hand was a completely different story. Mr. Garrison wasn't too bad; in fact he was really nice. For the most part he was mostly away on business but when he was home he always treated Alicia like she was part of his family. Now M&M as she like to call them was nowhere near as nice as Mr. Garrison. Both women would be considered beautiful by society standards with their blond hair, fake tan, oh and not an ounce of fat on their body but their attitudes was downright ugly. The two always made sure she knew her place, never included her in anything, and talked down to her any chance they got, but they made sure to hide their feelings when Mr. Garrison around.

Lately, things haven't been going well for the Garrison's with the economy, a couple of bad business investment, and Melinda spending money like crazy; the Garrison was on the verge on bankruptcy.

Hence the reason why she was still living with the Garrison, when it came time for the girls to go to college they could only afford to send one to the University and of course it would be Melissa even though the girl barely graduated high school. So while Melissa went to the University which she flunked out of after the first year; Alicia got a job in town so she would be able to go to Community College part-time. At least Mr. Garrison was nice enough to let her continue staying with them although she heard Melinda trying to talk him out of it. So as much as she wanted to leave the truth was she couldn't afford to.

Grabbing her keys off the nightstand Alicia stop as she past her mirror. She looked a hot mess in her baggy t-shirt and sweats. Her rich coco skin along with her long hair was sweated out. Damn I need a perm ASAP! Pulling her hair into a pony tail she headed out.

"I hope everything goes well tonight at least for Mr. Garrison sake."


"Oh my God Gabe that was amazing, it's like our bodies became one." Liz purred as she ran her manicured nail down his chisel chest.

Gabriel closed his eyes and tried to calm his rising temper. He hated it when she called him Gabe and more important he hated how she made their arrangement out to be more than what it was. Gabriel Kirkland was not one to mixed words especially when it came to women. Sure Liz was hot with her fire red hair, perky tits, and gorgeous green eyes but that was all there was. The woman was becoming way too needy and possessive for his taste the fact that she showed up to his hotel room to "surprise him," while he's handling business let him know he needs to get rid of her at least sexually speaking. If she hadn't drop her trench coat revealing her nude body he would have toss her ass out. She might be a headache but pussy is pussy.

"Umm I could lay like this forever with you" she cooed.


"Yea, well I gotta get ready for this business dinner. When will you be heading back?"

"Actually honey I was thinking I could go with you to the dinner, that way you can show me off."

Enough is enough already, first his father with his talk of settling down and claiming a mate and now Liz acting all love struck.

"Liz, what's with the married couple act?"

Sitting up in the bed, she gasp "What are you talking about?"

"You damn well what I'm talking about, the honey poo, I need you, and I wanna spend every waking hour with you crap you been spewing all month." Gabriel said getting even more pissed off.

"Gabe we've been dating for month, you have to know that I care about you."

He pinched the bridge of his nose willing himself not to go off. "Dating? Liz, you and I hook up for sex nothing more, nothing less. I told you from the beginning where I stood and you said you were okay with it."

Jumping off the bed she began ranting, "Are you serious? I know what I agreed to but can you honestly tell me we're not good together? Gabe you need a mate, a woman who is strong who can stand by you and help run the pact while tending to your every need. You and I know that I'm the strongest female in our pact, who better than me to be by your side?"

So that's what this is about becoming the top bitch in the pact always leave it up to a woman to have a hidden agenda.

Getting off the bed he walked directly over to Liz so she could understand each and every word he was about to say.

"I want you to listen very carefully because I'm only going to say this once and when I'm done you're going to get your things and head back to the compound. If and when I decide to choose a mate, who I choose will be solely up to me, what you or anyone else thinks I need is of no concern. I'm the Alpha therefore the decision is mine alone, understood?"


Grabbing her clothes she went into the bathroom to get dress. She was so mad she was shaking. "Your wrong Gabriel I am the best woman for you and you will chose me as your mate. I'll make sure of it."

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