tagBDSMTaken at the S&M Club

Taken at the S&M Club


It was Saturday and Angel and I were playing dress up all day in preparation for a night at our favorite club, Club Discipline. Tonight was a Western Theme. I decided to go as a gambler and my fiancé choose Dance Hall Girl attire.

We arrived early as usual and went to the various play rooms to take some pictures. I had just finished strapping her across leather hoarse when an attractive young couple came into the room and started watching us.

He was dressed as a Western Bartender and she was also in Dance Hall Girl attire.

They asked if we "would like them to take our picture together?"

We readily agreed.

To make it look better, they tied me up next to her, with my hands fastened above my head on a suspended bar. After we were both secure, they began to tease us both verbally and physically.

She was whispering in my ear saying,"Well, well, well, looks like you and your little hussy have gotten yourselves into a bit of a fix, haven't you?" She was rubbing my crotch and pinching my bottom.

Meanwhile, he was rubbing his hands all over my fiancé and saying. "My, my, aren't you a pretty, sexy little slut? All dressed up to tease. Well bitch, I have a special treatment for teases and you are going to get it!"

Before I could complain, his girlfriend had taken off her panties and stuffed them in my mouth and tied them in place with a scarf.

He in turned, slipped a ball gag on my girlfriend.

She grabbed my balls and warned me if I offered any resistance, I would end up with a pair of crushed nuts.

Meanwhile I could see my girlfriend was starting to respond to his fondling of her breasts. She had always been easily aroused with breast play and tonight was no exception. He had removed her top and her beautiful, full, round breasts were fully exposed and both of her pink nipples were erect. She let out a little moan as he squeezed and pinched them.

A small crowd was starting to gather and obviously enjoying the show. "Spank the bitch!" "Let's see her bare ass!" shouted the onlookers.

In spite of my concern for my girlfriend, I could feel my cock getting hard as I watched the love of my life being stripped, teased, spanked and verbally humiliated.

"You are really enjoying this, aren't you?" my female tormentor chided. Suddenly she unbuckled my pants and in one quick motion, pulled them down, with my underpants, leaving my nude and erect for everyone to see. I could hear the laughter from the other people watching.

"Shame on you, getting all hot and bothered watching your girlfriend's ass being spanked, I think you need a spanking too." She chided and then pulled the belt out of my pants and began whipping me with it. She really knew how to use that belt. My butt was turning scarlet.

I could see my girlfriend starting to breathe more heavily and soft moans were emitting from around the ball gag in her mouth, as two women in the crowd had move up to her and one was rubbing her breasts while kissing her neck and ears.

The other women had slipped her hand between her legs and were slowly massaging her clit. My girlfriend was dripping her sweet juices on her thighs and on the leather hoarse she was tied to. The bartender kept up his rhythmic spanking while the other two women kept massaging her tits and pussy.

Suddenly she could take no more. She started cuming, and cuming and cuming. The crowd staring applauding and saying "That's right, you hot little bitch, cum for us!", "Oh yeah baby, let yourself go!"

And she did. She came load and hard, much to the pleasure of the spectators. Soon I could feel my own orgasm building as my beautiful captor rubbed my cock.

"Come on baby, cum for me, show us how much you like to see your sweet little girlfriend cum for a group of strangers while getting her tits squeezed and ass spanked." She said. I could hold back no longer. I shot cum all over my legs and the floor, moaning to the delight of all present.

After we both came, we were untied and left alone in the room to recover. We held each other close and kissed.

After our ordeal we staggered to our car. I clicked the unlock switch on my keys as we approached the car but as we got in, two men ran from the shadows and jump in the back seat. They were young, maybe late teens or early twenties and Latino. I remembered them from the club. They were in the crowd that watched us being spanked and publically abused.

They pulled out a gun and instructed us not to call for help and to just drive to a quiet street so they could rape my woman, while I watched. Angel and I smiled at each other knowingly. We had often talked about this kind of scenario and what action we might take. She knows how much it turns me on to see her fucked by another man.

"I don't know." I replied.

"You better know!" the taller one said, "I have a gun and I am not afraid to use it."

"Oh, I know you have a gun," I calmly replied, "but I'm not sure you can handle this much woman. She has strong needs and frankly, I'm not sure either or both of you are up to the task."

"Don't you worry, mister, we can take care of her!" he replied.

"Well, "I answered back, "that's easy to say, but you don't know my wife. I would hate to see her all frustrated and unfulfilled after your amateurish fumbling. And I am the one who will have to satisfy her after we get home if you fail to do the job."

The two boys seemed confused with the way the turn of events were going, but insisted that they were capable of satisfy her.

"What do you think baby?" I asked my beautiful fiancé.

"Well", she said "I am very hot from this evening at the club, and they are kind of cute, maybe we should give them a chance, they might make up in enthusiasm, what they lack in experience."

"OK, you two," I said, "we'll give you a chance, but I expect you to do a good job, none of this, wham bam, stuff, you do it right. Build her up slowly, wait for her response, and listen to her instructions, in other words, fuck her like a man!"

I could see the two boys were starting to feel a little nervous and mixed up, but they still seemed willing.

We found a quiet street with a small park. I pulled over and we all got out of the car. I took a soft leopard patterned quilt which I kept in the trunk and spread it on the ground under some trees.

"OK, gentlemen, she's all yours." I told them. While Angel was tearing open the crotch in her net body suit, the two boys took off their pants, but didn't seem quite sure where to begin.

"Why don't you go down on her, while she sucks your friends cock?" I offered.

"OK, ok," he said angrily, "I'm not a virgin. I know how to please a woman!"

"We shall see." I replied.

Meanwhile Angel had started sucking his friend's cock, a talent she excels in. He was so nervous and excited he shot his load in about thirty seconds.

"Oh fine", said Angel, "A thirty second wonder, that's all I need!"

"I'm sorry!" he apologized, "It's just that you sucked me so good, I have never had any girl suck me like that, I couldn't stop."

"That's ok," said Angel, "But now it's up to your friend to finish me off by himself."

"Thanks a lot, Meho!" his buddy said between licks.

Angel was starting to respond to his tongue now "Oh yeah baby, that's it, that's it, a little lower, don't stop, don't stop, ok, now, fuck me hard, give it to me!" she screamed.

The young boy was so turned on he came as he started to slide his throbbing cock into Angel's wet cunt.

"Oh no, not yet, not yet, "Angel screamed is frustration, "oh damn, not you too!"

"I...I...I...I'm sorry!" the young boy stammered, "you felt so good, I couldn't help it." "Come on Meho, let's get out of here!" He said and he and his friend quickly pulled up their pants and ran off.

I looked down at my fiancé on the blanket. She was breathing hard, her breasts heaving, and her eyes ablaze with passion. I fell between her legs, licking her juicy cunt, sucking his premature ejaculates from her sweet pussy and bringing her to orgasm.

After she quieted down, I picked her up in the blanket and carried her to the car. We both laughed all the way home. What a night!

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