Taken By Force


Completely in her power now, I moaned, "I want you to lick me out."

She chuckled again. "Be more specific pet."

I was going wild with frustration. I managed to say, "I want your tongue and your fingers inside my cunt, and I want you to make me cum. Pleeaaase."

I didn't understand her answer for a moment. "All right darlin', I'll do it for ya once ya've done it for me."

I leaned up on my elbows, staring crazily at her as she stood and began unbuttoning her leather pants. I stammered, "Please, now you've started I need you to...I can't do it for you, I never have, I don't know how to..."

She grinned at me as she slipped her T shirt over her head. "Just use your imagination pet. You give me a nice feel up and then I'll lick ya inside out, I promise." Then she loomed over me, naked.

Her body was amazing. Her skin was very pale, and her tits were even bigger than I'd thought, huge white, blue veined orbs, with pale pink nipples that looked as big as my thumbs. Blonde hair peeked out from her armpits, and her pubes started in a thin line just below her navel, running into to a thick, untamed mat on her pubis, extending between her thighs and beyond. Even her inner thighs were quite furry, and small delicate blonde hairs covered the rest of her thighs, although her lower legs were smooth. Her biceps bulged and, on the right one, there was a tattoo of a huge tarantula. She had a livid pink-white scar across her ribs, just below her left breast, which looked as if it was a knife wound.

She lay next to me, and cradled my head in the crook of one arm. "Right pet, you were starin' at these in the pub" – she indicated her tits – "now you can give 'em a good suck." She placed a hand under one of the mountainous boobs and lifted it to my lips. Hesitantly, at first, I sucked it onto my mouth, trying to put my still fevered pussy to the back of my mind for the moment. Her flesh was cool to the touch, and tasted slightly salty from her sweat. Pearl tangled her fingers in my hair as I started to suck on the boob, my tongue flicking and circling its mammoth nipple. I found it was really quite pleasant sucking on her tit, and from the purring sound she was making it seemed I was doing something right. I was about to switch to the other one, but Pearl got there first: she lifted her boob to her own mouth, and took her nipple between her lips.

I wasn't sure at first what to do with my hands. One was supporting the boob I had in my mouth. I trailed the other down Pearl's body, running a finger down the line of pubic hair from her belly. Then my fingers encountered the main forest of hair. It felt as if she had as much hair there as I had on my head! Pearl pushed at my elbow with her fingers, encouraging my hand to continue to descend. I had never even seen another adult woman's pussy before, let alone touched one. But I slid my hand between her legs, and I felt her hips lurch as I pressed one finger against her burning hot labia. I slipped two fingers inside her and started to stroke her pussy. I wasn't really sure what I was doing, but I was desperate to satisfy her to get my reward, and I worked my digits deep into her. She broke off from sucking her tit long enough to husk, "ohh, that's great man, do me clit."

I stroked my fingers up her inside searching out her clitoris. It wasn't difficult to find: mine's like a tiny grey-white bud; Pearl's was a huge stalk, almost like a small cock. I took it between my finger and thumb and began stroking and gently squeezing it. Her purring turned to growling, then outright moaning. After a very short period her hips started bucking back and forth, forcing me to fight to hold on, and she roared like a lioness as I felt my already damp fingers suddenly become much wetter. After that Pearl released her boob and lay back staring at the ceiling as I continued to suck on the other tit and stroke my fingers around the inner walls of her pussy.

After a couple of minutes she stopped me and pushed me onto my back. "Thanks kidda, that was bloody good for a first time. Now I'm gonna give ya that tonguing I promised ya." With that she dipped her head down my body and, once again, I felt her lips on my pussy as her tongue entered me. If I'd cooled down at all while pleasuring her I was immediately back on the boil, and fast moving towards meltdown. I groaned continuously as she licked me out, shamelessly thrusting my pussy at her face. With one of my hands I kneaded one of my tits; with the other I stroked Pearl's slicked hair. Her tongue was quite amazing – it seemed to go everywhere, and seemed to penetrate me even deeper than my husband's dick did.

She didn't only lick my pussy. That fantastic tongue went all over me – from my belly button down through my cunt, across my perineum, my inner thighs; she even thrust it into my bum and reamed me out, which, to my surprise (when I thought about it later) I found not at all disgusting, but incredibly erotic. When her tongue was in my pussy a finger was up my bum, and other fingers were palpating my clit; when the tongue went on tour, both her hands worked madly at pussy, driving me absolutely wild. I came over and over, and still she lapped at me. I quickly lost count of how many times I did cum, one just seemed to flow into the next. I'm sure that I must have had more orgasms in that one night than in my entire married life.

After what must have been at least half an hour she finally withdrew her head from my legs. I thought she was giving me a chance to catch my breath, but she grabbed her waistcoat off the bedpost and pulled a small foil wrapper out of a pocket. Watching through blurred eyes, I thought for one bizarre moment that it was a condom. When she tore it open, however, a gel-like substance leaked onto her fingers. As she reached under me and began to smear it around the entrance to my bum I lifted my hips, still not comprehending what was about to happen. Then she pulled out another gel pack and smeared the contents liberally onto her hand. After that she applied her mouth to my cunt again, and I lay back to continue my delirium of lust.

Within seconds I felt her fingers entering my bum again. In fact it seemed as if it was her whole hand. I gasped in surprise as it carried on moving, deeper, deeper. Finally, it felt as if her entire hand, big as it was, was inside my bum. Once there she started to fuck me with it, even as her tongue and her other hand exerted sweet torture on my throbbing pussy. The feeling of both my orifices being entirely filled was quite incredible; the sensations I was experiencing were so intense I seriously thought I was going to pass out. Within a couple of minutes I had one more huge, wild, screaming orgasm, thrashing about on Pearl's hands and mouth, almost sitting on her face, then collapsed back onto the bed, feeling totally, totally drained. Pearl delicately removed her hand then moved up and kissed me again, and this time I tasted the slightly sour tang of my own pussy on her lips and tongue. "See Karen," she whispered, "I told ya I was good."

I fell asleep for a while after that, with Pearl's weight draped partially across my body. We woke up in the early hours of the morning, and Pearl twisted her body round, in a crab-like movement, until I felt her breath of my labia again, and her own pink puffy vaginal lips were millimetres from my face, peeking at me through their blonde jungle. She murmured, "Please sweetheart, I love this." Then I gasped as, once more, her tongue entered my pussy, and pressed against my clit. Again, I didn't really know what I was doing, but I dove into her, my tongue experiencing the taste of another woman's sex for the first time. She tasted different to me somehow, although I really couldn't begin to describe how.

I licked and fingered her pussy and clit, enjoying the feeling as her big thighs pressed around my face, hearing her gasps when I did something particularly pleasurable as, between my legs, she returned the favour ten-fold, making me groan as my tongue danced along her slit. Experimentally I slipped a couple of fingers into her rectum, and she wiggled her bum encouragingly as I twisted them around inside her. We both came several times more until we really were spent. Then we kissed, each sucking our own love juices off the other's tongue.

I woke again just before 7.00am, to see Pearl fully dressed, her hair still damp from the shower. She grinned when she saw I was awake, and said, "Well pet, what d'ya think?"

I sighed. "Christ Pearl, that's the most amazing sex I've had in years." She raised an eyebrow quizzically at me. "All right," I admitted in a tiny voice, "it's the most amazing sex I've had in my entire life."

She sat on the bed and took me in her arms. She kissed me again and I kissed her back with equal enthusiasm, my tongue holding its own pretty well against hers. Pulling back, her eyes closed, she whispered, "Thanks for a great night Karen, ya're a fast learner. If ya're ever up this way again, give me a ring." She pulled out a business card, which surprised me, scribbled a 'phone number on the back and handed the card to me. Then, with one last grin, she was gone. When I examined the card my jaw dropped with surprise. I had assumed she was a car mechanic or something; in fact, Pearl was the assistant manager of a branch of one of the major banks in Newcastle!

I've got to go up to Newcastle again next week, alone this time, for some follow-up training. I've just 'phoned Pearl and arranged to stay at her place. Well, it's a convenient, cheap bed for the night; after all, I'm a happily married woman, what other motive could I possibly have?!

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