tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken by Her Professor

Taken by Her Professor


Jenny packed her things as fast as she could. As she rushed from the science building, she nearly collided with the new bio professor. She apologized, explaining that she was late for a dinner with classmates and so was in a terrible rush. He motioned to a black luxury sedan parked at the curb and offered to give her a ride. Feeling bad about being late and also looking forward to the opportunity to spend some time talking with the new professor, she accepted.

As they drove, they talked about the college and other professors and her classes. He was very charming and had her laughing right away. He was young for a professor and all the girls in the class found him attractive. Her eyes were drawn again and again to his long, lean figure, occasionally pausing on his crotch were a significant bulge showed. She noticed that her left hand was playing with her hair while her right was tracing invisible lines on the skin of her exposed thigh. 'My God,' she thought to herself, 'I'm flirting with him.'

Five minutes later they were pulling up to the curb by the sidewalk café where she was to meet her friends. It was a warm September evening and most of the tables were full. She could see her classmates sitting at an outdoor table and pointed them out. The professor pulled up just in front of them. She waved to her classmates, who seemed to be looking right at her but they did not react. She realized they could not see her through the heavy tint on the windows.

She thanked him for the ride. Before getting out, she paused and smiled at the professor, wondering if he might give her some sign that he was interested. But he just smiled at her and said nothing.

She tried to open the door but it would not open. Obligingly, he reached across her towards the handle, but instead of opening the door, he pressed a button on the side of her seat that caused it to fall back. Taken by surprise, she fell back with it. Before she could react, he had moved across the seats and was on top of her, pinning her down. She could just see her classmates over the edge of the window. She screamed for help, but she could not make them hear her. "One of the nice things about a luxury automobile is the sound proofing," the professor told her with a smile.

She struggled against him but with his weight pressing down on her and his strong grip on her wrists, she was powerless. After a few moments of intense fighting, she was exhausted and defeated. She stopped struggling and lay still. With cool efficiency, he used a strap to tie her hands to the headrest. He then unfolded a large sun visor across the front windshield. Now in perfect privacy and with her completely under his control, he pulled her loose dress over her head, exposing her long thin thighs, flat stomach, bare breasts, and tiny white panties.

He ran his hands up and down her body, caressing the curves of her hip and stroking her nipples. His touch was calm and confident and as much as she hated what was happening, she was becoming aware of a warmth and wetness growing between her legs.

After a few minutes examining her, he reached down and hooked the strap of her panties with a finger. He ordered her to lift her ass so he could slide them off. With all her will she tried to resist, but she was in his power. She meekly complied. She was now completely naked. On seeing her freshly waxed pussy, he let out a low whistle of appreciation.

He slid a finger downward between her lips and across the hood of her clit. She gasped and tried to squeeze her legs together. "Open them wide" he told her. Again, after a second's resistance, she meekly complied. His finger slid easily into her hole and she burned with shame for him to know how completely soaked and aroused she had become.

Through the window, she saw one of her classmates pick up his cell phone and make a call. Then she heard her phone, in her bag on the floor, start to ring. She tried to kick into the bag, hoping to hit the answer key on the phone and so be able to shout to her friend. However, the professor realized what she was doing and pinned her legs up to her chest. While the phone rang, the professor took advantage of the improved access to her pussy, sliding his fingers into her and targeting her spot. She stifled a moan but could not hide the involuntary pump of her hips as he pressed into the rough spot on the inside of her pelvic bone. After several rings, her classmate put his phone back on the table -- her phone stopped ringing. He turned to their classmates and said something, then signaled for the waiter to bring menus.

Letting her legs go free, the professor opened his pants and started to pull them down. She could not help but look, petrified of what she was going to see and what was about to happen. As his pants cleared his hips, an enormous penis sprang free and stood straight out. It was the biggest penis she had ever seen. The long thick shaft was crisscrossed with bulging veins, the red-purple head was swollen to the size of a door knob, clear pre-cum fell in long stringy drops across her hips and onto her bear mound.

Slowly, almost casually, he moved over her. She began to shake uncontrollably and begged him to stop. Ignoring her, he positioned his head against her lips, gently brushing up and down against them or briefly dipping in head-deep only to pull it back out. Despite the revulsion she felt, the touch of his penis to her lips sent a chill of anticipation through her. Then his head dipped down and brushed against her ass. "No," she pleaded, fearing the pain of having his huge cock in her ass. He gave her a mischievous smile, then raised it back up and continued to tease her pussy.

After several minutes of teasing, he entered her with a slow smooth thrust, burying himself deep inside her. It stretched her wider and touched her deeper than she knew was possible. She cried out and instinctively clamped down on the shaft, trying to deny him access. He took a moment to settle in, and then began pumping her with long in-out strokes. He would start with his head pulled out to her lips and finish with their pelvises grinding and his heavy balls slapping against her ass.

She lay there, her whole body clenched, expecting him to cum quickly and for it to be over. But he just kept fucking her with that long rhythmic stroke. Against her will, she felt herself begin to relax and accept him deeper into her. Feeling the change, he adjusted the direction of his stroke; his penis now rammed up into her spot. An uncontrollable shudder started in her pelvis and ran through her body to the tips of her fingers and toes. A deep moan escaped her. She felt hot pulses of her own juice escaping her pussy and flowing down over her ass. The seat was becoming slick with it.

To her horror, she felt the distant stirrings of an orgasm rising. She panicked. With everything she had, she fought it. She kicked out trying to get him off of her. She again clenched down on his shaft, trying to drive him out. She shifted her hips to try to stop his head from rubbing across her spot. The fight slowed the building of the sensation but did not make it go away. He let out an almost friendly chuckle, "The harder you fight it, the more intense it is going to be when it eventually comes."

The deep rhythmic trusts finally overcame her. The first waves of the orgasm started from her clit and crashed hard over her body. Wave after wave, curling her toes, arching her back, forcing streams of tears from her eyes and hot gushing juice from her pussy. It seemed to go on forever, made all the more intense as he had begun to slam his cock hard into her with enough force to rock the car from side to side. Finally the feeling crested and began to subside. Her body went limp, blood rushed to her head, her vision blurred and she nearly passed out. He slowed his pace to a gentler stroke. Occasionally his pelvis would brush her swollen clit or his head would hit her spot and an electric shock would run through her body, jerking her limbs like a marionette.

As the orgasm subsided, she realized that the people outside must have noticed the rocking of the car and known what was happening. She glanced over at her classmates. They had indeed noticed and were watching the car and laughing. She started to cry. All the while he was still pumping her.

Then a new sensation distracted her from even that terrible feeling of shame. Unlike every orgasm she had in the past, the sensation did not totally stop. As he drilled into her, another orgasm rose, crested, and broke over her, quickly followed by another and another until they blended together into steady electric jolts of pleasure. It went on forever.

Just as she knew that she could not bear another, his pace began to quicken and thrust even deeper inside her. With a few more hard thrusts, he let out a loud groan. Inside her, his head seemed to swell to twice its already enormous size. He released deep in her belly. She felt white hot jets spraying into her. The feeling of his giant pulsing head and his cum filling her insides set her off on her hardest orgasm yet.

When their orgasms had passed, they lay still for several minutes, panting and unable to move. Her feet had fallen limp onto the dash board. She willed them down onto the floor but they simply would not obey. She was slathered in sweat. Slowly he slid out of her. She felt her insides shift as the huge presence disappeared.

She looked down at herself. Three things struck her: Her stomach muscles and legs were quivering and twitching uncontrollably. Her clit was swollen to three times its normal size and was a deep dark red, she could feel every beat of her heart pulse through it. Finally, her pussy was leaking a steady flow of cum and juice onto a seat that was already squishy wet.

The professor shifted back into the driver's seat and did up his pants. Then he reached across and untied her hands. She quickly pulled her dress down over her body. He watched her with a slight smile. "Here's the deal: You are welcome to get out here and now, in front of your classmates. Before the start of class tomorrow, the whole school will know about this. Or you can stay in the car and I will drop you off safe and sound where ever you like. But, if you chose not to get out now, we are first going back to my place where I am going to fuck you again, but longer and in much more interesting ways than just now." With that, he hit the button to unlock the doors.

Her hand shot to the handle but stopped short of opening the door. It hovered there for a few seconds, still shaking slightly from the lingering effects of the last monster orgasm. The horrible guilt of what she had just done crashed over her. She knew she could never face her classmates like this -- her thin dress sticking to her sweat-soaked body, face flushed from so many orgasms, and cum visibly running down her thighs. And she knew that accusing the popular professor would be public and humiliating; she would have to transfer schools. Her hand dropped back into her lap and the car pulled away from the curb.

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