tagGroup SexTaken By Mistake Ch. 1

Taken By Mistake Ch. 1

byLinda Jean©

I had to go next door to feed brut and water the neighbors’ plants. They had to go out of town for a few days on a business trip. Peter had a meeting in Frankfort Germany and Sally went with him. My husband left for a 5 day run, (he’s a long distance truck driver.) I wanted to be early to get to one of my favorite flee markets. It was a lovely day and I decided to wear the dress I borrowed from Sally the day before. I never wore a dress so sexy as this out alone. I get a kick out of dressing like this when I am with Sally we both end up looking so beautiful, Sally and I are very stunning when we go out together dressed like this. Many times we are taken for sisters, some even think twins when we dress alike. My red hair is just a little shorter than Sallies.

I knew I had to hurry in order to get there before the rest of the world woke up, so I ran out my back door, into my neighbors back yard, I fed brut, and went in the back door of the Johnson’s to water the plants. Leaving it was easier to go out the front door to my car. I could not help but think as I walked to the car that it was a good thing that Peter and Sally took their car to the airport. You see we both have black Toyota Mazda’s and I don’t know how many times I would walk out in to our adjoining drive ways and try to unlock their car. At least today I would not have to worry about unlocking the right car. I could not help thinking how nice it is to have friends like Peter and Sally. Phil and I have known them now for almost 4 years; they are wonderful neighbors and very good friends.

Driving away from my house I did not notice the van following me, I gave it no thought when the van pulled into the parking slot very close to my car. I just figured it was another early bird. When I stepped out of my car, and shut the door, the side door of the van opened and before I knew what was happening, or I could scream. I was being pulled into the side of the van, I felt the strong arms around my waist and a hand over my mouth, I felt a sting in my arm, and every thing went blank.

As I started to wake up, I realized that I was laying down on a bed of some sort, there was something in my mouth, I could not see because something was over my head. Like a leather sack of some sort, my hands were behind my back and they were secured with handcuffs, I can hear voices talking, they were men. My mind was racing, why? Why did they kidnap me, we don’t have any money to speak of, I started to cry to myself as I lay there. I heard one of the men ask another "how long before she wakes up?" the guy he asked said "maybe 1 hour, maybe more.

"Well teach that son of a bitch not to fuck with us, when we get finished with his fucking wife. He’ll give it back to us, he better if he ever wants to see his bitch back." One man said and another said "Yea, if she does go back, she’ll be going back a changed woman" a voice popped up and said "oh yea, how’s that?" The first guy said something that scared me to the bone. "She’ll go back "Freshly fucked" and she’ll be so well fucked, that cum will seep out from her for days" another said "I can’t wait to get into that pussy, Her husband said there isn’t a hotter piece of ass in this world"

My eyes opened wide, I felt the leather hood against my eyelids, I was in complete horror. My husband, my husband would never say that, he knows I don’t like sex, he knows I only put his thing in my mouth to pacify him, so he won’t put that monster of a thing in me. Every since we were both 13, I would get him off with my mouth, just so he won’t make love to me. My husband would never say that, we make love maybe once every three to four months when he has to have it. I then heard one ask, "when do you think we will get a answer and our money?" Another man said "That son of a bitch has until 6 p.m. to give me that formula, if he doesn’t he will never see his sex bitch again. I have a white slaver ready to buy her" "no shit" another voice said "how much?" then the first guy said "One hundred Thousand, but I’ll make 20 times that with that fucking formula" another voice asked "Jesus, is that stuff that good?" the first voice

Said, "you can bet your ass it is, I have seen woman do things they never would do. It takes away any and all inhibitions when she comes out of it; I’ll show you. I still have a little left over from all of our test" another asked "what test, you mean you actually got woman to try that shit?" then I heard a lot of laughter "Oh fuck no" the first guy said. "They tested it, they just did not know they were being tested, but no one was wilder or hotter with it than this sweet cunt over there. Peter must have been testing it on her for about 9 months. The videos I have seen of her fucking all those guys is almost unbelievable. Peter said all he did was put one drop in here morning coffee every day and from the first day, she became a sex fiend.

He told me he even cut back the amount to one drop every other day then one drop every three days, and then once a week and finely once a month. He told me she is a cock hungry fucking nymph. I have seen so many videos of her, I feel I know every inch of her, I just found out Peter was using it and testing it on her." "Gees" a voice said "that shit’s a gold mine, just think any poor guy with a cold fish for a wife could get the girl of his dreams. Hell, I would pay big bucks for some of that stuff. My wife is so fucking dead when it comes to sex" he was interrupted with a lot of laughter.

The first voice said "you should see this fucking cunt, she doesn’t just suck cock, she makes love to it with her mouth. She doesn’t just fuck, she goes ape shit, she just can’t get enough of it, and you know what else?" not waiting for a answer he says, "She always wants more, you should see her use things to fuck herself with. God just thinking of what I have seen is getting me hard as a rock" then several voices said "yea, me too." "Oh yea" another said "man I can’t wait, I think I’ll get some right now"

I heard that and froze, I knew I had to pretend to be still knocked out from that shot they gave me. Then I heard the first one say "OK, go ahead, but you will be sorry. I know for a fact, when she wakes up, you will have the best sex you have ever had in your life. But like she is right now, you might as well, just beat your meat" every one laughed. Everyone but me, I knew they had the wrong woman, but they didn’t. I heard the guy say "OK, I’ll wait, but what makes you think she is going to be hot for us? When she comes too, she’ll be afraid, and anything she will do will be out of fear, not out of desire" The first guy said "maybe, maybe not, I have seen her fuck 6 guys in one session many times. I know she loves lots of cock, this bitch is a cock hungry woman. You know, she just may wake up wanting to fuck us all. She just may want to cooperate with us, if not, I have some of the stuff, it works fast, so, if she decides not to put out, I’ll give her some of this shit and then she’ll be raping you boys" they all broke out in laughter again

I then heard one man say "I wish I could have seen one of those videos of her, I bet she’s something." The first voice said "I saw her video last night, she is one hot fucking bitch" "Oh yea" the guy said, "you guys have seen her in action, but I haven’t. I don’t think she is any hotter than any other cunt I ever fucked before." "Oh yea, just watch this, I brought the video with me, her husband left it in his machine before flying out." I wanted to scream out, you got the wrong woman then I realized. What if I do convince them I am not the right woman, then I became worried even more. What would they do? Would they just dispose of me. I then heard one of them insert the videotape into a machine, and the sound of a TV coming on; it was apparent that they were going to watch it.

I could not believe what I had been hearing, formula? Thousands of dollars? White slavery? Why oh why did Phil have to be on the road all the time, why couldn’t he be here to protect me? I’ll never see him again will I? These men were all talking about this guys wife all about sex, sex, sex, sex, God, why did men have to always think about that? What is this thing with sex? I pacify Phil; thank god he’s not like

these men.

When the video started one of the guys said: hey, are you guys sure that’s her, she looks different in the video?" another said, fuck yea, look at the dress. It’s the same one, besides, I watched her come out of her house, that’s her all right, see the red hair?" I wanted to scream out. No, No it’s not me, you have the wrong girl, it’s not me. I could hear them breathing it was so quite, I could hear every thing from the TV. I could hear the slurping and then I heard one man say "Good God, look at the way she attacks that guys dick, I never saw any one work a cock like that, shit she does love it, look at her go." I listened to see if I could hear anything that may help me when I get free, so the police could catch these bastards. Then I heard a voice I was sure I recognized. It sounded like Peter, he said "what do you think baby, is his cock big enough for you?" I could hear the woman make a loving hungry sound "Hmmmmmmmm." Then the guy said, that’s it baby, suck that cock, here use this." One guy said "look at that, she’s going to fuck her self while she sucks him" the first guy said, "yes, but look where she puts it after she spits on it, look at that boys, she loves it in her asshole. I tell you boys, she is insatiable" one voice said "go baby go, fuck that ass, then he said, I’m going to get some of that when she wakes up"

I know it sounded like Peter, but I knew it could not be him. Then I heard a voice I was positive I knew. MY GOD, IT IS SALLY. Jesus, they think I’m Sally, it is Peter, Her dress, I came out of their house, Oh my God, it can’t be, this is a bad dream. I heard her say "Oh, baby, I love this, I love it, come on fuck me with it, fuck me baby." I don’t know what happen or what position she got into, but what ever it was, the men liked, and Sally kept telling the man doing her. (I assumed it was Peter) but then I heard Peters voice say, "yea, baby, fuck him, fuck him hard, that’s it." My god, Peter, how could you, I have had supper with him, we played cards together, gone on trips together. Sally No, it can’t be you, my mind was racing, I could not believe my ears, Sally was loving every minute of it, there was no doubt what so ever, she was going nuts, I could hear her slamming herself against the man fucking her. Sally my best friend, Sally the one who I confided that Phil and I seldom ever had sex, that to me it was a duty to let him do it. Sally who told me to hang in there that maybe one day it would be good for me. I was hearing her screaming for the guy to fuck her harder, screaming that she was close to cumming, screaming over and over "GIVE IT TO BE, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OH SHIT IT’S GOOD, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEEEEE"

I never heard anything like that in my life; I was 27 years old and never heard or felt anything like that. Nothing has ever brought me to the point of any enjoyment let alone the wild sex hungry stuff I was hearing from her. I have read things about climaxing, I know it felt good once and a while when Phil could last more than a minute, but never ever anything close to what I was hearing. I heard her groan, and the guy groaning. I knew that sound in a man, it meant he finished, I never made that groaning sound, I would just be thankful it was over and when Phil pulled out, I could jump up and empty myself. I then heard Sally’s voice, "next, come on, get over here, I need more dick" then one of the guys there said. "Jesus, she is hot, she’s a fucking slut, she can’t get enough" the first guy said "it’s the stuff guys, that shit will make any woman just like that. And best of all, it takes so little"

I heard foot steps, some one was walking over to where I was, I felt the weight of some one sitting on the bed next to me, I told my self to play dead, to act like I was still out cold. The guy shook me and said, "you awake honey? Hey, honey, come on baby, wake up, I want to fuck you bad" one of the guys asked him "is she awake yet?" he said "no, but I got to touch this pussy, I just may eat it and see if she wakes up that way" a couple guys laughed. I felt the guy roll me onto my back, my heart was pounding, my eyes were wide open in the darkness of my hood, I was biting on the ball in my mouth. I felt him open my legs, I told myself that in order to survive this I had to pretend to be out, to make my body limp, to not resist. Let him do what ever he wants, it would be just like Phil, once he gets his rocks off, he’ll go away. I felt his hand go to my vagina. Then he said, "I thought you said she never wore panties?" the first guy said, "her husband told me she never wears them. Maybe she’s on the rag?" the guy probed me, but his face between me legs and smelled and said, "nope, she’s not on the rag" and with that he lifted my hips and pulled off my panties.

Once bare his fingers went to work, not like Phil, this guy started touching me near the top of my bush, Phil never touched me there, he found a spot and started rubbing that sent something like electricity through out my body. I was scared to death, I knew I could not move or let him think I was awake. Yet this bastard was doing something to me, that I could not help but like the feel of. I heard Sally, she was going nuts again, she was screaming at who ever it was fucking her to do it harder, then slurping. I assume she started sucking her husband, then Peters voice said, "that’s it baby, suck his cock, suck that cum dripping dick that just came out of your hot cunt, suck it, do you want me to fuck your asshole faster baby?" I heard the slurping stop long enough for Sally to say "yes, oh yes, fuck yes, do it, fuck that ass, fuck me, I heard another voice say, "Jesus, Peter she’s a wild cat, I can’t stay in her"

By this time I had a picture in my mind of her straddling a man, Peter behind her and somehow she was sucking another guys dick. All of a sudden my mind was brought back to the fingers touching me. Those fingers would not stop, they would not stop, oh GOD, PLEASE DON’T LET THEM STOP, OH JESUS, SWEET JESUS, OH GOD, IT FEEL SO WONDERFUL, OH MY GOD, I THINK I’M GOING TO CLIMAX. YES, YES, YES, OH SHIT YESSSSS

I was going wild in my head, how I was able not to move my body and betray myself I don’t know. Half of me was going wild with my very first climax, the other half of me was forcing myself to stay limp, to act knocked out. I somehow made sure that my body did not move, it did not tense up, what did happen shocked me, my vagina felt swollen, it felt open. I did not want the fingers to stop rubbing the top of my bush, and yet I wanted them to slide down into the opening. As if he read my mind his fingers slid down, they slid in and he started to slide his fingers in and out slowly. I heard him say "you should see this, she is out cold and her cunt is dripping wet, she is one hot bitch. I wonder if I can make her cum, do you guys think I can? Anyone want to bet me?" one of the guys said, leave us alone, this is good, come over and watch this" the guy on the bed said "watch it your self, I want to make this bitch cum, I want to eat her"

Oh God, he’s a cannibal; he wants to eat me. He wants to make me come and then kill me and eat me. I felt something warm and wet at the top of my bush, I realized it was his tongue, I felt his face between my legs I wanted to cry, I wanted to tell him the same thing I told my husband when he tried to do it. I wanted to tell him to stop, that it was nasty, that it was disgusting however I realized that I could not, I did not want him to know I was awake, I knew they would use me if they found out. Why couldn’t he just touch me like he was doing? It felt so wonderful, so good; I wanted to get that feeling again. As I was laying there I realized, what ever he was doing with his mouth and tongue was making me feel good, no, better than good, his mouth was sucking on something near the top of my gash, and it was driving me crazy. I could feel myself going to that place I was at when he used his fingers only it was different, it was so different, it felt like heaven I was loosing control, I felt his mouth and I loved it. I could not think it was nasty, it was blissful, I could not think it was disgusting, it was the best feeling I had ever felt in my life. My hips moved, I started to push against his mouth, I did not want him to stop. I was getting there fast, real fast, I felt my vagina contract, I felt my butt hole flex, I moaned as I went over the top to a feeling like never before, it was like the first time when he used his fingers, only some how it was more intense. I was humping against his mouth as I moaned and climaxed. I ground my groin against him, and as I hung there in this blissful climax, I was hoping, he would not stop, I felt this warm, this floating feeling I did not what it to end.

He never stopped; he licked and held my ass with his big hands. I felt him lift my thighs up and I felt him lick all around my asshole. When his mouth and tongue were at my asshole, his fingers worked the place he had been licking at and in my gash. He kept me at a state of pure heaven, his licking my asshole felt wonderful and I don’t know if it was the fingers or his mouth, but because they worked on me at the same time. It made this wonderful feeling twice as intense, maybe three to four times I don’t know, It was just too intense. I felt his tongue push in my ass and I wanted more, I was moaning now none stop. I was so lost in my own pleasure I did not notice the men come over to where we were. My mind was spinning, when I did notice there was another person with us, it was because I felt his warm breath near my ear area. He said, "I’m going to take the ball out of your mouth, and let you suck my cock, would you like that baby?" I heard him but I was not listening to him, for the very first time in my life I was having sex the way I had heard sex could be. The fact that the person making me feel this way was not my husband never crossed my mind. I had been denied a pleasure I never knew existed, and if they had not made a mistake when they picked me up, I would have never experienced this. I felt my head being lifted up and someone untied something then I felt the ball come out of my mouth. I barley had time to breath when I felt a hard dick touching my lips.

What came over me I don’t know, all of a sudden I wanted to give pleasure, I was being given pleasure way beyond anything I had ever had in my life. Some how I wanted to express myself in gratefulness, I knew the guy with his cock at my lips was not the same one licking me, but he would do. I moved my head up and for his dick, I knew how to suck a dick, I did it to Phil to get him off. I never did it for me, something inside of me now wanted it to do it for me, not to just get him off or for it to be good, but I wanted to have it be the greatest mouth job I could give. His cock did not smell like Phil’s, his smelled clean, I licked it, I worked it, and I made love to his dick with my mouth. He was making all kinds of sounds, and I could feel it swelling up, I knew he was close and just as I felt his cock pulsate and squirt his sperm in my mouth, my own body exploded again. My whole body shook as I felt my vagina twitch and wave after wave went through my body again. With my head spinning with pleasure.

As the man pulled out of my mouth I said quickly, "I have to pee" with that a voice said "take her to the john, let her pee, but don’t uncuff her. I felt hands help me up to my feet, and slowly guide me to I guess the bathroom. I was turned around and I felt him lift the back of my dress, I sat down and relieved myself. I all of a sudden realized, with my hand behind my back I could not wipe myself. I asked "could you let me wipe myself please?" he said with a chuckle "no, but I’ll do it for you"

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