tagGay MaleTaken by Paul

Taken by Paul


Our eyes lock as I run my hands up his smooth dark rippled body. His steady slow rhythm coaxing me into a trance of deep enjoyment. He moves in and out of me in long strokes as I feel his muscled chest with my hands and I'm amazed by his strength and confidence.

He starts to slow his pace a bit and stares deep into my eyes. He lets out a low moaning sigh and slowly leans in for our lips to meet. My arms reach around his back and I pull him into a deep passionate kiss as he continues to gently slide into me.

My legs wrap around him when he slides his arms under me, one near the small of my back, the other grasping the back of my neck. He takes complete control of me and I hear his heavy breathing as he kisses my neck and ear. I'm the one moaning now. I love the way he takes me. He controls me. It's about making him feel amazing. From the moans I can tell I'm pleasing him as much as he's pleasing me.

This is the third time he's taken me this weekend. It's all been such a surprise. A pleasant surprise, but so unexpected from what had promised to be a get away weekend for my wife and I.

I knew she was off enjoying a similar experience with Paul's friend Peter and that knowledge relaxed me further. I'm moaning steadily now as Paul's strong hands hold me tightly... The strong grip on the back of my neck making it clear that while he's a gentle lover, he is clearly the one in control.

He lets out a long loud moan and starts to increase his pace slightly. I spread my already open legs even wider to let him know how much I enjoy him. He moans my name and I know he likes it. We lock into another passionate kiss and I put one of my hands on his perfectly round ass and pull him deeply into me while my other hand stays on his back to keep our embrace tight and our lips locked together.

Paul breaks our kiss, moans my name again, and starts to adjust his position. He's upright now... On his knees... He's holding my legs open and I know he's getting ready to finish. His pace quickens. His cock still moving in long strokes... but harder now... quicker now.

My hand goes to my cock so I can come for Paul just before he finishes. He likes that. He likes to see me stroke myself and watch the creamy proof of my enjoyment as he nears his own climax.

I can feel his thickness in me and it makes me harder. My pre-cum lubricates me as I masturbate... I'm in ecstasy, moaning loudly as I near the breaking point. Paul senses how close I am and grunts as he starts to go deep and hard.

I can't take anymore and call out his name as I start to cum. I let go of my cock so that it's just Paul's hard deep thrusts that take me over the edge and into a long orgasm. My stomach and chest are covered with my cum and from the sounds of Paul's loud groans, I can tell he'll soon add more.

He's moaning my name as he finally pulls his cock out of me and pushes up my body. His hand sliding over his manhood. .. His cock positioned over my chest... my legs are pinned up to my sides as he lets his first shot go... He continues to stroke through his orgasm covering me with his thick cum.

He slides back down and slowly enters me again.. This time with a soft quiet sigh of relief. He leans back in for another deep passionate kiss and slowly moves himself into me. I feel his body relax on top of me and I tell him he's amazing... He whispers into my ear how good I still feel.

We stay like that for a few minutes and then finally pull apart. Neither of us wanting to get up, but knowing that we will have to soon. There are others to think of.

We lie next to each other now and I slowly caress his stomach and chest with my hand. His muscles and smooth, hairless brown skin still feel amazing to me... His body is beautiful. His muscles are strong and well defined. I can't help but still be awed by him. My hand caresses his lower stomach close to his cock. It is truly amazing. My wife Debbie calls it "Paul's gorgeous man pleaser" and sometimes I think she's even a little jealous, but then she proudly reminds me she's got her hands, and other things, quite full with Peter!

As I stare at Paul and marvel at the feel of his body, I think about Debbie and Peter together, and start to notice a slight tingle in my cock... I think I notice a slight twitch from Paul as well... Maybe there's one more in us after all?

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