tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken by Pirates Ch. 02

Taken by Pirates Ch. 02


I want to thank you all for your amazing feedback! It was much more than I was expecting being this is my first story and all. I'd like to make it known that I am open to whatever suggestions or pointers you may have! Thank you so much for reading, and I sincerely hope you enjoy this chapter as much as you did the first!


James had Katherine sit in a chair in front of a grand, mahogany desk. Her heart was thundering against her chest, begging to be free as his hands guided her by resting softly on her shoulders, his fingers barely grazing her neck. Perhaps he was trustworthy? Perhaps he would let her go? Apologize for the roughness of his crew and the destruction of her home? Richard's face popped into her mind and her heart lurched into her throat. The pain of losing him was there, but her body was in complete shock at what was happening to her. James was sitting across from her now. His eyes staring deep into her own, and she felt chills run up her spine. She nervously put her hair behind her ear, and tried to straighten her dress, which had been ripped in several areas. Something inside of her wanted to stare right back into his eyes, and hold her head high. But she couldn't think at the moment. She didn't know what to do with herself.

When her eyes found his again, she finally blurted out, "What do you want with me?"

The corners of his lips twisted up into a crooked smile. He leaned forward on his desk, and Katherine leaned back on instinct. "Do you want the political response? Or the personal response?" Katherine swallowed. But before she could answer he took charge and gave her both instead. "Politically because your father is the governor, and I bet you're worth hell of a ransom. Personally?" His crooked smile grew as he slowly stood from the chair. He reminded her of some sort of creature. A prowling, large creature stalking slowly after its prey. He walked around the desk and behind where she was sitting. His hands took her long, golden hair into his hands and pulled it to one side. His hands ran over her shoulders as he leaned down to the side of her neck. His lips caressed her skin, and his hot breath caressed where his lips had been. "Personally, I am excited to find out what a minx you are."

Katherine was frozen in her chair. She felt something warm stir deep inside her. Perhaps it was the way he spoke. His dark and gravely voice, caressing around her ear. Or maybe it was the way his strong and capable hands moved over the soft skin of her shoulders. But she wouldn't admit anything to herself, she was chalking it up to fear, and her body just didn't know how to react.

His hands started moving down her chest, and his fingers slipping under the opening of her dress, finding the soft, delicate skin of her breasts. Katherine jumped up and spun around. Her green eyes finding an expression on his face that terrified her. He was between her and the door. And he must have realized that's what she was looking at, because he spoke, "Number one, you wouldn't make it to the door before I was on you. Number two, between the door and your escape is forty crewmen who would claim you in a heartbeat. Number three, between your escape and home is already over two hundred feet of water. You're stuck here, pet." Katherine felt like she couldn't breathe as tears sprang into her eyes. "Darling," he spoke a term of endearment to her, but it almost sounded like an insult in with the sultry tone he spoke it in. "There is no need for tears. I am not going to kill you. All I ask, is you do as I say. Can you do that?"

Katherine looked around, as if she was going to find escape somewhere. Even though she knew there really wasn't one. So her wide, innocent eyes found his again, and she nodded slowly. "I want you to step out of your dress." Katherine just wanted to cry. She'd never undressed for a man before, she was saving herself for Richard. But he was dead. He was dead because of this man and this ship.

"No." She said as strong as she could manage. Her no only caused James to laugh however.

"Oh love, there is no, no here. Only yes. Now, take. Off. Your. Dress." It was terrifying how quickly his sentence shifted. His first few words were still mixed with his laugh, but his last few? There was so much venom and ice dripping from those last words, that it stirred something more inside Katherine. She was stuck though. If she didn't do as he asked, there was no telling what he would do to make her. So her shaking hands went behind her back, and slowly started to unlace the corset that held up her dress. As the fabric started getting looser, Katherine felt more and more vulnerable. James' eyes were going over and over her body, waiting for the dress to fall. When it finally did, his eyes grew and his smile got even more crooked, if that were possible.

She stepped out of the crumpled fabric at her feet, and her hands immediately went to her chest and between her legs, trying to cover herself. "Nu-uh lovey, keep your hands at your sides." Hesitating, she did what she was told. The captain moved forward, his hands trailing down her arm as he walked around her. She continued staring forward, leaving her unprepared for the smack on her ass. It caused her to stumble forward, and his arms went around her just as quickly. His hand grabbing at her breast as he held her firm against his body. Katherine let out a shuddered sob as his hands violated her flesh.

She was scared, scared to her core. Even more so when she felt his member press against her bottom. "Shhh. It's okay." One of his hands moved down her stomach, sending chills throughout her. He found her private area, and she let out a small cry, trying to move her hips away from his hand. But he held her firm, and his fingers found her soft folds and pushed them aside. "You're dripping, doll. See? You want this." His fingers moved around her more, until they found her button. He was so gentle, the way his fingers moved softly to caress her, moving down to tease her entrance. The only firmness was how tightly he was holding her.

But she didn't want this. He was wrong, no part of her wanted this. Her body was just betraying her. She gave into his touch for a few moments before she tried pulling away. His hands moved from her and gripped her waist. He spun them around and pushed her over his desk. A hand came down hard on her, causing her to let out a cry. He did this several more times, until he flipped her so she was laying on her back. His hands were no longer gentle like they were just minutes before, instead they were quick and hard, knowing what they wanted.

He held her legs spread apart, his eyes taking in the view before him. He then moved his right hand quickly, and pulled out a dagger, holding it up so she could see it. "Don't move a muscle." He whispered his threat in a seductive tone before sheathing his dagger on his side once more. His hands began exploring her body, marveling over her breasts, rolling her nipples in his fingers before moving his hands softly down her stomach. He found her wet center once more, but this time he inserted a finger, causing Katherine to let out a soft cry, that almost sounded like a moan.

"Gods you're tight. Have you ever been fucked before?" His light brown eyes met hers and she shook her head. His smile returned. "Good. Very good." And then he ducked his head to find her with his mouth.

Katherine had far too many mixed feelings about what was happening to her. She couldn't want this! She didn't want this! And then she gasped as his mouth began sucking on her. She felt an odd sort of burning pleasure within her, but before it peaked he pulled his mouth away and crashed his lips against her own. He tasted so good, even if she was tasting herself. She couldn't want this. Katherine tried to pull out of the kiss, but his hand grabbed around her throat, forcing her to remain still. His other hand moved down and began adjusting his pants. The next thing she knew, something was forcing its way inside her. "No!" She cried out, trying to move her hips from him, but James pulled out the dagger again.

And those light, piercing brown eyes turned dangerous. "I said, there are no no's. you only say yes." Katherine whimpered, but she remained still. And with one great thrust, she felt a horrible pop inside her, and he was in. Katherine let out a startled cry as he didn't start slow. The man moved in and out of her at a fast pace. He was massive. Katherine felt like she was being ripped in half as this pirate captain moved inside her. But the quicker he moved, the more the fire grew deep inside her, until suddenly pleasure swept through her like the wind.

She let out a cry as her body convulsed under him. She swore she heard James laughing. Katherine had never felt so violated in all of her life. Was anyone looking for her? How would they find her? Would they find her? Suddenly, she felt that same wave again, sweep her into a reality she had never experienced before. This one was more intense than the first, but all she could think about was how her body was betraying her. After several more pumps, James locked onto her shoulder as he emptied himself inside her. She could feel it, the hot liquid shooting inside her as his teeth dug into her shoulder.

Katherine felt tears finally spill from her eyes as he moved off of her. She felt sore. She hurt. His fingers moved up her slit, and wetness covered them as well as some blood. He smiled and put them in his mouth, sucking them clean. "Lady Katherine, I do believe your ransom is going to be an expensive one. Now, let me go through the details of your stay."

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