tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTaken by the Wolf Ch. 03

Taken by the Wolf Ch. 03


The Wolf's words pinged through Alex's brain, but he couldn't make sense of them. His brain felt fuzzy, hazy, as if all of his ability to think had been sucked right out of his cock along with his jizz. Bella's orgasm had ripped the shreds of his self-control away, a battle he'd already been losing thanks to how hot and wet she'd been. But he didn't blame her, she couldn't help her body's response any more than he could help his - and in some ways, it made him feel slightly less guilty that she'd obviously been aroused and that he'd managed to make her enjoy the sex, despite the less than ideal circumstances.

But what did the Wolf mean it was his turn?

Alex struggled to push himself upright, ready to defend Bella. Even though it was stupid, he somehow felt betrayed that the Wolf was going to rape her after allowing her to choose between them.

A heavy hand pushed him back down and Bella let out a small cry as his weight came down hard on top of her, her body bending in half again. Goddamn she was flexible. All of the families that lived on the moon participated in calisthenics and aerobics to keep themselves fit, even with the artificial gravity, but some were more dedicated to the exercise program than others. Bella's limberness wasn't entirely unexpected, but it did add a certain eroticism to her that he'd been unaware of before.

Growling behind his gag, Alex tried to push himself back off of her, but he had gravity working against him and his arms were tangled in her long legs. The pressure on his back moved, and suddenly he was aware of two men on either side of him, both holding him down on top of Bella. His cock was still lodged inside of her, slowly shrinking but quite firmly planted. The weight of his body and the men pressing down on her seemed to do something pleasurable to her because she gasped and her pussy tightened around him again. It was almost too much for the sensitive surface of his cock and he felt himself jerk inside of her as he spasmed.

Behind him the Wolf chuckled. "Ah... Toy... I'll be interested to see how you enjoy this."

Something slick and hard pressed against Alex's anus and he howled with sudden understanding. The Moon families didn't mind experimentation as long as there was at least one child in each family who would create a new generation; back when he'd first been declared an adult, Alex had experimented with some of his male friends. He'd ended up deciding that it wasn't for him, he preferred the soft curves of women, their musky scents and slick pussies. And while he'd enjoyed anal sex when it was his cock doing the breaching, he'd found that he hadn't enjoyed receiving nearly as much. In fact, he'd only tried it a couple times before ending his experimentation - and that had been years ago.

Feeling the Wolf's finger burrowing into him, stretching that nearly-virgin orifice, Alex began to struggle in earnest. It was only the squeaking cries from Bella that caused him to freeze again, as he realized that his struggles were hurting her.

"I'm sorry..." she whispered, looking up at him with tear-filled brown eyes. Alex knew that she'd realized what must be happening. "I'm so sorry..."

He wanted to tell her that it wasn't her fault, he didn't blame her. How could he? What was she supposed to have done; chosen the Wolf to rape her? It wasn't like either of them could have predicted the outcome.

But he couldn't help trying to squirm away, trying to push up, as the Wolf's finger was buried inside of him. Alex groaned as the intruder probed and twisted, greasing up his channel with lubrication. The stroking tip found a spot inside of him that made his body clench, blood surging to his dick in response.

No. No, no, no, no, no.

Gritting his teeth against the rubbery gag, Alex shook his head. Maybe he couldn't fight back, maybe he couldn't even run away, but he'd be damned if he enjoyed this.

A sudden gripping thought nearly slayed him - was this how Bella had felt as she'd creamed herself all over his cock? It made him feel a lot less good about making the sex pleasurable for her.

Unable to look at her any longer, to see the guilt and pity in her eyes - especially when his own guilt was nearly suffocating him now - Alex buried his face into her shoulder as the Wolf pulled his finger out and then came burrowing back, this time with two fingers to stretch Alex's sphincter. The worst part was that it didn't entirely hurt; it burned slightly as his muscle stretched and spasmed, but the Wolf's questing fingers also pressed against his prostate as they plunged in, and Alex felt his cock stiffen slightly in the hot grasp of Bella's pussy.

The fingers twisted, plunging back and forth, and causing him to writhe uncontrollably against Bella's softness, doing his best to keep still if only to keep from hurting her further. They were trapped together, their bodies still interconnected, while the Wolf tormented them.


Was this her fault? If she hadn't chosen Alex earlier, would he be suffering like this now?

The idea that she'd saved her own skin, only to sacrifice his, even unintentionally, was horrifying.

Although she couldn't tell exactly what the Wolf was doing to him, she had a very good idea. Same-sex experimentation was not unknown to her, although she'd never done it herself, so she knew what the Wolf must be preparing him for. And she also knew, from Alex's struggles, that he wasn't enjoying it.

The very idea of anal sex had always horrified her. It seemed so dirty and undignified. With Alex's big body on top of her, his broad shoulders blocking out her vision now that his weight was on her, she couldn't see the Wolf at all, but it was obvious he didn't feel the same way as her.

Alex shifted on top of her again and it was all she could do not to moan. His pelvis was pressed against her splayed pussy lips, his pubic bone still grinding against her clit every time he moved, and that whole area was super sensitive after her shameful orgasm. Thankfully she was flexible enough that being bent in half, even for a length of time, was only uncomfortable rather than being painful. Unfortunately, being merely uncomfortable didn't do anything to decrease the pleasure that sparked every time Alex's body rubbed against hers.

He made a groaning noise behind his gag, muffled and pleading. When she looked up at him, she could see that his eyes were closed and his forehead was wrinkled as if he was in pain or at least extreme discomfort. That or...

The sudden pressure deep within her made Bella realize that Alex's cock was growing inside of her, hardening and pushing its length back into the depths of her pussy.

"Oh!" She writhed beneath him again, her pussy tightening around the hardening shaft.

Was Alex being aroused by what the Wolf was doing? And was he actually enjoying it, or was it the same as when her body responded without her mind's consent? Bella didn't doubt that the Wolf was a master at eliciting the physical responses he desired.

But there was nothing she could do to help Alex; she was even more trapped than he was, pinned beneath him like a bug on a stick. The analogy would have made her giggle if the situation wasn't so awful.

Something bounced on the bed beside them and Bella looked over, gasping when she saw Trish's face only a foot away from hers. The young blonde was bent over the bed, her wrists still tied behind her back, and Jordan was standing behind her, fisting a huge, angry-looking red cock. Seeing Bella watching him, he winked at her and then positioned himself.

Trish's cry as Jordan began to push into her made Bella want to close her eyes, but just as before she couldn't look away. The contrast between Trish's humiliated and degraded expression against Jordan's one of abject pleasure was striking. The young woman closed her eyes, biting her lip as the big man behind her began to pump back and forth, fucking her with long, hard strokes.

To Bella's horror, as before, Trish's ravishing made her own pussy spasm in sympathetic response, bringing her unwanted pleasure.


Beneath him, Alex could feel Bella responding, her body tightening around his cock as the Wolf fingered his ass. He chanted 'No, no, no, no, no" behind his gag, but of course no one could hear it – and he doubted that the Wolf would stop even if he did. Bella was mostly quiet, other than the occasional squeal or moan, but he didn't blame her for not drawing further attention to herself. In fact, he was glad that she didn't. At the very least, his current position protected her from molestation by the Wolf or his men; even if it wasn't by his choice at least he could feel like he was doing something for her.

Unfortunately there wasn't anything he could do for Trish. Although at least it looked like Jordan was being fairly gentle with her. Alex wasn't sure whether or not he had a hope for that himself.

The Wolf's fingers were relentless, pushing and stretching the tight ring of muscle, spreading the lubricant liberally in Alex's spasming channel. Alex could only groan and try to relax, try to make the burn lessen... he remembered that much from when he'd experimented before.

Then the fingers were entirely withdrawn and Alex felt his body relax instantly, leaving him panting for breath. He hadn't even realized how tense his muscles had become while the Wolf had violated him.

"Hold him still."

Hands came down on his shoulders and his wrists from either side, and Alex began to struggle again, feeling Bella's hands tightening on his shoulders as she clung to him and squeaked with dismay, but he couldn't help it.

Something hot and hard and much thicker pressed against his anus and began to push in. The pressure was immense and Alex found himself panting and groaning, unable to do anything as one of the Wolf's hands rubbed his lower back. The man was speaking, but Alex couldn't hear any of the words, there was a roaring in his ears and all he could do was squeeze his eyes shut and struggle with the overwhelming sensation of being unbearably stretched. If the Wolf's fingers had burned, his cock was like a searing brand.

He could feel a fear tears leaking from his face, Bella's hands rubbing his chest as if to try and make him feel better, and the Wolf's cock stretching him wider and wider. When the crown popped in past his sphincter, Alex could actually feel it and he groaned with the minor relief. Thrusting inch by inch, the Wolf sank deeper into him, making Alex spasm when the head of his cock pressed against Alex's prostate. His own cock, still firmly lodged inside Bella, had started to soften again, but with the stimulation against that sensitive spot, it began to swell.

NOoooooooooooooooo... Alex's protest was lost behind his gag as the Wolf immediately began to rock on the spot, rubbing his cock over that sensitive portion of Alex's interior over and over again. All the blood in his body seemed to start rushing into his own dick, which was all too happy to grow thicker and longer in the warm confines of Bella's body. Grunting and straining, there was nothing Alex could do with the Wolf's men pressing him down on either side. Beneath him, Bella squirmed and gasped, her movements only adding to the pleasure that was beginning to mix with the burning discomfort of his own nerves.

Beside them, Jordan was practically ignoring them, running his hands down Trish's sides as he continued to fuck her. If Alex hadn't been able to see her tear-stained face, it would have looked almost just like a regular couple having sex. With her, as well, he could see the same struggle not to enjoy what was happening to her...

It was obvious that the Wolf and his men were masters at what they did, coaxing a response from even the most reluctant of their victims. And there was nothing Alex could do. He'd always been strong but right now he was overpowered and outnumbered.

Giving up, telling himself it was only for the moment, Alex could feel his body relax.

"Good Toy... let me into that tight ass."

The Wolf retreated and plunged in, deeper than ever, and his cock slid, burning... burning... until his hips pressed against the curve of Alex's ass. They were now linked together, the Wolf filling Alex as Alex filled Bella.

Wrapping his fingers in a bruising grip around Alex's hips, the Wolf began to move.

Each time he pulled away, he dragged Alex partially with him, which meant that each time he plunged forward, the momentum and weight of his body would cause Alex to sink back into Bella. It was as if he was fucking both of them at once, Alex's cock a mere extension of his depraved machinations.

It was awful. It was wonderful.

Alex had never experienced the like before. His insides were burning as the Wolf stretched him, over and over again, but at the same time his cock was in the heavenly, wet haven of Bella's pussy. Every drag of the Wolf's cock across his prostate made his own dick jerk as his asshole tightened in response. Somehow the burn, the discomfort, the strange feeling of fullness began to intermingle with the more pleasant sensations of Bella's soft body beneath his and her rippling pussy clenching around him.

The pain and pleasure was almost shocking in its intensity. Alex almost felt like he was having an out of body experience, half of him was being brutally raped by an infamous criminal, the other half was in heaven as he wallowed in Bella's body. It seemed so wrong to take any pleasure in the experience at all, but he couldn't help it. The tight wetness of her sheath was killing him by inches, even if his movements weren't under his control this time.

The Wolf's thrusts came harder and faster as Alex's tight tunnel submitted to him, adjusting to the rough intrusion. Beneath him, Bella's hips were moving, meeting his thrusts, and when he looked her eyes were closed - turned away from Jordan and Trish, turned away from him. He couldn't help but wonder where she had gone to in her mind, but he was glad that this wasn't entirely awful for her. The soft little "ohs" that dropped from her lips with every thrust just made the blood pump through his veins even harder.

He could almost lose himself in the hazy burn of pleasure like Bella had - God knew he wanted to - but he resisted because that was the only thing he had left of him. The only thing he could control. Not that it made a difference to his body; he could feel his own orgasm approaching as the Wolf pounded into his ass, forcing him to rape Bella's sloppy pussy.

It was wrong, and he fought it... uselessly. The rubbing head of the Wolf's cock found his prostate with every prod, Bella's body moving under his, her own soft moans of pleasure, it was all too much. Alex shouted behind his gag in despair and ecstasy as he began to orgasm. Beneath him, Bella arched, her pussy rubbing against his body as she tightened around him in sympathetic rapture.

Behind him, the Wolf kept pumping, kept raping him, and forced his body to keep moving and thrusting into Bella even as his cock began to spew cum into her pussy for the second time in less than an hour. The stimulating friction against his cock was almost too much to bear and he cried out behind the gag as it became almost painful for his shaft to continue fucking her.

When the Wolf groaned and shoved deep, filling him completely, it was almost a relief. He slumped over Bella's body, feeling her shuddering beneath him in the final throes of her own orgasm, as he felt the sensation of spurts of cum pressing pass the tight ring of his sphincter and shooting deep into his body. It was utterly degrading to know that he had orgasmed while being raped... and for the second time while raping Bella.

Alex had never felt so useless, so helpless in his entire life. This wasn't who he was.

Was it?


The Wolf sighed with satisfaction as he pulled away, and Bella opened her eyes, realizing that it was over.

Looking to her left, she saw Trish's eyes were closed, but the flush in her cheeks and Jordan's triumphant shout as he slammed hard into her, made it clear that he'd manipulated her body in the same way that the Wolf had Bella and Alex's. More tears trickled out from underneath Trish's eyelashes and when she opened them, Bella could see her own shame mirrored back at her in Trish's eyes.

Bella felt awful. Sick. How could she have orgasmed while being raped - not once, but twice! And the second time, while Alex was being forcibly fucked as well! Yet the tingling state of her pussy, the hypersensitivity of those soft folds against Alex's body, made it impossible for her to lie to herself.

The men who had been holding Alex down pulled him upright, supporting him as he stumbled back. As he did so, her legs fell down from the crook of his arms and she moaned with relief as her body was allowed to unfold. Her legs fell down, apart, so as not to put any pressure on her sore pussy lips, which were feeling decidedly battered by now.

The Wolf looked over both of them, his eyes taking in the cum that was seeping from Bella's red, swollen pussy, the sticky juices that were covering Alex's crotch, and he smiled. The way that he looked at them... it was almost triumphant.

"Very good. You both have pleased me." A feeling of relief swept through Bella at the Wolf's words; hope rising inside of her, which was firmly crushed with his next. "I look forward to doing... so much more with both of you. But for now I have work to do. Dr. Margolis, Nurse Roche, come and take care of my Pet and Toy." Turning towards Jordan he raised one dark eyebrow. "I assume you'd like to go through the procedures for your blonde yourself?"

"Yes Sir."

Bella looked over at Trish, who looked frightened but resigned. Her nipples were still hard and dark pink from the pinching abuse Jordan had put them to, and the blonde thatch of hair between her legs was matted with their combined juices. It was obvious from Jordan's proprietary arm about her that he'd rather not have anyone else touching her at all.

As a man and a woman came forward, Bella found herself shivering. She didn't want more strangers touching her, not even a doctor and a nurse. It was rare that such medical professionals were needed on the Moon, the families were always healthy and any defects or internally occurring illnesses rarely needed the human touch; computers and automated constructs did everything for them. To her increasing horror, she realized that the doctor was headed towards her and the nurse towards Alex.

The doctor was a thin man, younger than the Wolf, with sharp, narrow features and a cruel cast to his thin lips. Dark eyes looked her up and down, an aura of anticipation hanging about him.

"Please, no," she whispered, hugging herself as she sat on the bed, her legs coming together as if to protect her most sensitive areas, even though it put pressure on her swollen pussy lips.

"Now now, be good Pet," the Wolf said, coming forward and stroking her hair in a propriety manner. Out of the corner of her eye, Bella saw Alex begin to try and come towards her, despite how exhausted he must be, only to have the two men that were holding him bodily drag him away, following the Nurse out of the room. "Dr. Margolis is only going to do some necessary things for processing. At the moment, he doesn't have permission for more than that, but if you're bad then I'll let him do a great deal more."

As frightening as the Wolf was, his almost kindly demeanor made him seem a lot less threatening than the Doctor, who was smiling at her in an increasingly unsettling manner. It seemed that he liked her fear, which only made Bella feel more afraid. But if there was one thing that she trusted, it was that no one here would go against the Wolf's orders.

And she certainly didn't want to get in trouble and have the Doctor given carte blanche to do with her what he would.

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