tagNonHumanTaken Ch. 04

Taken Ch. 04


Okay guys here's chapter four, hope you enjoy it. Once again thanks to Angelicsounds for doing such a wonderful job. As always feedback is much appreciated.


Alicia looked up from the magazine she was reading at the sound of the lock turning, expecting to see Kristen or Anita, but her face quickly fell at the sight of Gabriel.

Immediately, her body went on high alert. Ugh, she hated the sight of him, from his wavy dark hair to those gorgeous blue eyes, all the way down to his damn feet. And even worse, she hated how her body reacted whenever she saw him. Even when he wasn't around, she felt a pull towards him that she didn't understand. She supposed one would call it physical attraction, but this was something else. It was a need that manifested into something greater with the passing of each day. What was going on with her? Alicia might have been a virgin, but even she knew her reaction to Gabriel wasn't a normal one. Every day, the sensations became even stronger, almost to the point of pain. She felt like she was going crazy. If she didn't know any better, she would think she was having a psychotic episode.

Could he be drugging her? Maybe he was poisoning the food? Whatever it was, she definitely wasn't ready to be alone with him again and he knew it. Turning her back on him, she tried to feign interest in the magazine she was supposedly reading. Damn her shaking hands.

Mustering up as much attitude as she could, she spoke, "What the hell are you doing here? I thought you were letting me adjust to the situation?" With a brief pause, as if she were in thought, she continued, "Oh no, I remember now. I was supposed to come running to you, right?"

She bit the bottom of her lip. Did she really just say that? Here was a man who could possibly murder her and no one would blink an eye. Why the hell was she being a smart ass?

Gabriel just stood there in the doorway, staring at her intensely and looking highly pissed. Thinking she must have pushed the wrong button, Alicia wisely kept quiet.

Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath to calm herself, yet as soon as she did, she began to feel the tingling sensation spreading throughout her body. But instead of the usual slow and steady creep, this time, it was like a wildfire that was out of control. Her eyes snapped open. Oh no. She had to get him out of there and quick.

She turned, expecting to see Gabriel still standing by the door, instead he was behind her chair, staring down at her. Alicia looked over her shoulder, waiting for him to say something. Seconds ticked on and he said nothing, he just stood there looking at her. For a moment, Alicia was afraid of what he might do. Nervously, she lifted her hand to her chest as if the action would calm her racing heart.

Deciding to chance it, she asked, "What the hell do you want?"

Placing both hands on the chair where she sat, Gabriel bent down to whisper in her ear, "You know, Alicia, I have been very patient these last couple of days. I allowed you your space while trying to give you an opportunity to get to know me. Yet each time, you denied me."

He paused and leaned in so close that if she moved her head an inch, his lips would be touching her ear. Just the thought made her shiver. "It's become quite clear that you're too frightened to come out of your room and face me; which I can understand, since you aren't used to being in the presence of a man such as myself. But, I can't allow you to sit up here and hide in your room any longer."

The man was trying to bait her deliberately, just to see her get all riled up, and she likely would have, but he was so close, too damn close. Beads of sweat formed on her brow. It felt like someone had turned the heat on and she was about to suffocate. Alicia couldn't think, couldn't move. She swallowed once, then again as she tried to summon up something clever to say, but nothing came to mind.

Knowing she was flabbergasted, Gabriel continued. "I want you, Alicia, and I know you feel the same way. Why deny ourselves what we both need? I know you feel it. Hell, I can hear you at night, calling out to me. I tried to be strong, but I want you so bad, I have to have you."

He continued, whispering his desires, his wants and needs, telling her how good it could be if only she let him. His words were like a smooth melody, caressing her and easing her worries away. She was so lost in his voice that she hadn't realized that his hands had slipped down her shirt until he squeezed her breasts, causing her to cry out.

She was so hot right then, she couldn't stand it. The magazine had long ago dropped to the floor as she sat with her hands clutching the armrests of the chair. As much as she wanted to tell him to stop, to leave her alone, she couldn't. Her mind and body were too far-gone to tell him no.

"I can't deny us any longer. I won't," he stated before he kissed her.

Alicia moaned, taking pleasure in the kiss, the way his tongue battled her own, his taste. Everything about Gabriel felt so right, the way he touched her, the way he kissed her, and she couldn't get enough of this man.

Finding the strength, she tore herself away from him and forcing herself to get up from the chair. Alicia stumbled over the furniture as she made her way across the room. "Gabriel ... Gabriel... please."

She held her hand up to stop him from coming closer. Her emotions were so out of control that she started to cry.

"I don't know what's wrong with me. I should hate you, but for some reason I don't and the more I try to fight, the harder it is. It's like I...I ..." she broke off, unable to finish.

"It's like you need me?"

Alicia nodded. She had almost said 'love,' but 'need' would do for now.

"When you're away from me, you feel like you're going crazy?" he asked, inching his way towards her.

"What are you doing me?"

He stood directly in front of her. "The same thing you do to me."

Taking her hand, he placed it over his heart. "Everything about you drives me crazy, Alicia. I can't stand being away from you, especially when I know, deep down, you feel it too." Wiping the tears from her cheeks, he murmured, "I never needed anyone or anything as much as I need you right now. Tell me you want me, Alicia."

"I..." She hesitated. Alicia closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Maybe it was the stress, maybe she was tired or maybe she was just plain crazy, but whatever it was, she couldn't fight it anymore. She was willing to give in, at least for the moment.

Looking up, she said, "I do...I want you, Gabriel."

Gabriel could have sworn his heart stopped when she uttered those words. It was what he'd been waiting for since Garrison had introduced them. An indescribable feeling came over him as he looked into her beautiful brown eyes. He knew it had taken a lot for her to admit that she wanted him and he would make sure she never regretted it. Knowing she was a virgin, he vowed to take things slow, even if it killed him. Tonight would be a first for both of them.

Taking her hand, he walked her over to the foot of her bed. Succumbing to the need to touch her, he slid his hands under her shirt, stroking her smooth skin. Grabbing her shirt, he lifted it over her head and next went her pants.

Gabriel took in the beautiful sight before him, creamy brown skin, high round breasts encased in a white bra with matching panties. In an attempt to distract her from her shyness, he kissed her softly on the lips, then on the cheek, trailing down to her neck, all while removing her bra. Scooping her up, he laid her down on the bed and began to undress himself, never taking his eyes off of her.

Alicia drank in Gabriel. Unsure of what to do, she just laid there as she watched him rip off his clothes, literally. As much as she wanted Gabriel, she was scared out of her mind. Gabriel had the body of a Greek god, tight and sculpted in all the right places. The man was beautiful and he wanted her.

Alicia began to doubt herself. What if she wasn't what he expected, or worse, what if she was terrible in bed? After all, she had never gotten this far with the opposite sex before. And even though she didn't consider herself ugly, she couldn't help but wonder what Gabriel saw when he looked at her and if he was pleased with what he saw. That thought alone scared her more than she wanted to admit.

Taking her eyes off his chest, she followed his movements as he removed his boxer briefs. She gasped. Oh hell no.

Alicia figured he was big, but seeing it and feeling it were two different things. Not only was he thick as hell, but he was long too. Maybe this was a mistake. She'd never been into the whole 'the bigger, the better' thing. In fact, she had always thought six inches was big and Gabriel was nowhere near that. Alicia had heard girls on campus gossiping about being with guys who were so 'hung' that after sex, they couldn't walk straight for days. The idea of that had always made her grimace. Ooh, he is not about to have my ass walking with a limp.

Gabriel chucked, as if reading her thoughts. "Trust me, love, you have nothing to worry about."

Alicia groaned, closing her eyes in embarrassment at being caught staring at his package. She could only imagine what her face must have looked like. Unfortunately for her, she was one of those people whose feelings showed as clear as day on her face.

"Alicia, look at me."

She opened her eyes as Gabriel hovered over her. "Trust me when I say you have nothing to be embarrassed about," he said, kissing her softly on the lips before moving slowly downward.

"Don't you know I love everything about you, baby?" he questioned as he took a nipple into his mouth, sucking gently while caressing the other one with his fingers.

Alicia gasped at the sensations he created as he alternated from one nipple to the other. Sucking, nibbling, licking, biting, it was all so new and felt so good. She had no idea she was so sensitive there, but the more he feasted on her breasts, the wetter she became and the warm sensation she felt became stronger. It was like her body was being consumed by fire, yet it wasn't painful. In fact, she reveled in it, no longer able to fight her growing desires, she allowed Gabriel to give her what she needed.

"Oh my... God," Alicia called out as she experienced her first real orgasm.

When she was able to focus, she saw Gabriel, who was smiling wickedly at her. "Oh baby, look at you. You look so beautiful when you cum."

Grabbing her legs, he spread them even further apart, licking his lips as if he'd spotted something tasty. He dipped his head, blowing on her clit and causing her to shudder. Alicia was so out of it that she didn't even realize he had taken her panties off. That thought quickly flew out the window as soon as she felt the first swipe of Gabriel's tongue, making her cry out.

Alicia blabbered incoherently as Gabriel continued to push her toward the edge, thrusting his tongue inside of her as deep as it would go. And when he curled it up while inside of her...Jesus!

"Oh shit, Gabriel, please," she called out, not even sure what she was asking for, but whatever it was, she was sure he'd give it to her.

Clutching his head in an attempt to push him off soon turned into her trying to shove him deeper inside. Hell, at the rate he was going, she'd be dead before the night was over with.

Gabriel couldn't believe how hard his cock was right then. He couldn't recall if he'd ever been that hard before. Alicia was everything he knew she would be and more. The way she responded to him, her touches, hell, even the way she moaned drove him out of his mind. Never before had he wanted to please a woman so much. Sure he always made sure the woman got off, but with Alicia, he wanted her screaming, out of her mind with need.

"Gabe! I..." Alicia screamed throwing her head from side to side.

He slurped, licking up all her juices. He just couldn't get enough of her, she was sweet and spicy and all his. When she called him Gabe, he felt an unexplainable emotion. He always hated being called Gabe, but when she said it, it felt right.

Needing to feel her, he slid one finger inside of her moist center. Damn, she was so tight that he wondered if she would be able to take all of him. As slowly as he could manage, he worked his thick finger inside of her while sucking on her clit, making sure to get her nice and wet before adding a second finger. His mate was so hot, pushing back onto his fingers. Gabriel smiled as he toyed with her sex, hitting all the right spots, taking her to the edge only to bring her back repeatedly, until he finally drove her over.

"Umm, baby, you taste so good," Gabriel said as he crawled on top of her, placing soft kisses along the way, until they were face to face.

Alicia was so consumed with lust that she kissed Gabriel fiercely, loving the taste of her on his lips. At that point, she was too far-gone to think of the consequences of her actions. Tonight, she would take what she needed.

"Please, I need ..." was all she got out before Gabriel thrust in to the hilt, causing her to cry out. Oh shit.

Even with being wet from the multiple orgasms she had, it still hurt like hell. In her state of arousal, she had forgotten just how long and thick Gabriel was. In a panic, she tried to push him off, but he wasn't budging. Just as she was about to say something, he withdrew and then thrust back into her, grinding in his pelvis into hers and it felt good.

Grabbing her legs, he stretched them as far apart as they would go while he pounded into her. The pleasure mixed with pain and it felt so good, she couldn't get enough. Alicia arched her back as she experienced yet another orgasm, screaming as he continued to take her even harder than before. She should have been scared as he tore into her over and over like a man possessed, but she loved it, all of it.

Just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, he grabbed her roughly, flipping her over onto her stomach and hiking her ass in the air at the same time. Before she could get grip on the sheets, he slammed into her.

"Gabriel!" she yelled.

She couldn't move, she could only lie there and take it. He was hitting all the right spots, going deeper and deeper. She grunted, loving the feel of his chest against her back, him stretching her to the limit. Suddenly, she was overwhelmed with feelings of love, pleasure, pain, longing, and loss, but most importantly, there was a need for him. She needed him.

"Please, Gabriel, give it to me."

Gabriel growled. She could hear him saying something that sounded like, 'Mine,' in a gruff voice. Something about the way he said it struck something primal within her.

"Take me, make me yours," she cried out, begging him. To do what, she didn't know.

There was a loud roar as he grabbed her hair, yanking her head back, and sinking his teeth into her shoulder, causing her to scream again as her orgasm ripped though her.

She fell forward, flat on the bed, unable to move as her sheath contracted wildly, milking him. Gabriel thrust once more, filling her to the hilt as he came. Just when she thought he was done, she felt it. It seemed like he was getting bigger, if that was possible. She could feel something inside of her, like a knot, yet instead of questioning it, she reveled in the pleasure it brought. Her heart rate sped up and she chanted Gabriel's name over and over until the pleasure became too much and everything faded to black.


"Gabriel, I mean, Mr. Kirkland, you startled me," she said grabbing her chest.

Gabriel grinned, showing off perfectly even white teeth. Where she was from, most men were missing a few. Nope, none of the men in her small town measured up to Gabriel Kirkland, for he was in a class of his own. She remembered the first time she saw him, over a month ago, when he and a couple of other men were checking into the Inn where she worked as a cleaner. She had never seen a man so handsome. Clearly they had money and she wondered why they would be staying with the Tate family, let alone in their small town. But having chores to tend to, she paid him no mind and went about her business, clearly unaware that she had caught his eye.

"Now, Adele, how many times have I told you to call me Gabriel?"

She wrung her hands nervously, which was becoming a habit around him when they weren't alone. How dare he play with her! What if Mrs. Tate saw him talking to the help? She could lose her job and the woman barely paid her as it was. She gave him a look that let him know she was not amused.

"Umm... It just wouldn't be right, sir, not with me working and all."

Turning around, she started dusting, or at least tried to.

He came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. "It's just me and you, Addy. Nobody else but us."

Adele sighed in relief as she leaned into his embrace, wondering how she had gotten herself into this situation, falling in love with a white man. Before him, she wouldn't have thought it possible to fall in love in such a short amount of time, much less with someone who was her total opposite. But, as usual, Gabe proved her wrong.

Adele smiled. He had said that only she could call him Gabe and get away with it. When she asked him why, he said, "Because you're the only one who makes me feel lighted-hearted and carefree, like a Gabe."

After their first encounter, Gabriel went out of his way to be around her, always calling for service and making sure that she was the one who served him. At first, she was a bit wary of him and made sure to keep her distance. After all, what would a white man, a wealthy one at that, want with a colored girl beside the obvious? Yet he continued to draw her into conversation, making her laugh, and he never asked her for anything.

She knew running around with Gabriel could mean a lot of trouble for her, and him, if anybody found out, but she just couldn't help it. Gabriel was the only person besides her Grandma that made her feel wanted. It was sad really, she had lived in the town her whole life and a man she had just met treated her better than the people she grew up with, all because of their holier-than-thou attitude.

"Gabe, you don't understand. If anyone found out about us, we could get into a lot of trouble. People already treat me differently because of my Grandmother, if they found out I was messing with you..." She shook her head to stop the tears that were threatening to escape. "I don't want to be an outcast any more than I already am."

Lifting her chin, he gave her a kiss on the lips. She knew she should turn away, but she couldn't. "Adele, baby, believe in me when I say you could never be an outcast."

When she said nothing, he continued, "Adele, I'm leaving in two days and I want you to come with me."

She gasped in shock. "I can't."

They had talked about this before, but now that the time had come for him to leave, reality was setting in. This was what she was trying to avoid.

His eyes narrowed. "Why not?" he asked.

"Gabriel...no matter where we go, no one will accept us. Besides, it's not like we can run off and get married. They'd throw us in jail, that is, if they didn't kill us first."

Gabriel had told her he would kill before he let any harm come to her, and the way his blue eyes turned dangerously dark, she believed him.

"I told you, where I'm from, none of that matters, and believe me when I say, you would never be made to feel less than you are," he paused taking a deep breath, "Just meet me tonight at our spot and I promise I'll explain everything."

Turning away from Gabriel, she expressed her fears. "This is crazy. Do you really expect me to believe that we can just go on like a normal couple? Besides, what will the people you do business with say when they find out you messin' wit' a colored girl."

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