tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTaken for a Ride

Taken for a Ride


I'm not given to hyperbole. So when I tell you that every tap of her nails on the keyboard was a tap on my glans, you will understand. Waiting for the typing to stop and the mail icon to light up was torturous. My stomach tightened, my scrotum drew up and I'm pretty sure I held my breath each and every time. Needless to say, my work was suffering.

<POP> Oh, god, here it was again. And I'm breathing again, too quickly.

"I have a package for you. Please swing by my desk and pick it up. I expect you to deliver it immediately."

I'm anxious and more than a little curious what this is about. Never before has she issued directives like this. On a normal day we exchange flirty emails; sometimes erotic; always suggestive. Today was shaping up pleasant. Her tone has been more erotic than flirty and I've spent the last hour or so adjusting myself.

Shifting my erection, again, to be less obvious, I walk through the office to her desk. She looks lovely today; shear white blouse, camisole underneath, charcoal skirt. I can even see the seams of perfectly arranged stockings along the backs of her calves. It's never a wonder that she gets my blood pressure elevated.

On the corner of her desk is a manila envelope and a folded sheet of paper. As I approach a slight nod from her indicates I am to take the envelope.

I pick it up. "What's..." starts to come out of my mouth, but I quickly cut it off when I see the way she is looking at me.

"Get moving, this is important!" and she turns back to the work in front of her.

I'm a bit off balance. This isn't part of the game at all. Did I miss something?

The envelope is lumpy though not too heavy. The folded piece of paper simply reads:

"Elevator. Garage. Key in envelope. More instructions in car."

This makes little sense. I turn to walk back to her, but the elevator has arrived, and I think back to that look. It was almost contempt.

Into the elevator. Press B2 for the garage and lean back, a little crestfallen. I was thinking of asking her out today. This feels like a rude awakening , I guess. I am still confused.

Five floors to go. The envelope is wound shut, though not glued. I untwist the closure and turn the envelope to pour into my hand. First the key... and then black silk? Wet black silk. It's then that the scent hits me. A musk. Sweet and sensual. My arousal is almost uncontrollable and instant. As I turn over the silk I can see it is a pair of very feminine silk and lace panties. They are soaked through.

My mouth is dry and I can feel sweat breaking out all over my body. The elevator stops. Looking up notice we aren't in the garage yet. The two women and man that step into the elevator cab stop short when they see me. I must be more of a mess than I thought. The older of the women notices what is in my hand first and gives me a rather uncomfortable cough accompanied by a scowl.

The doors have closed and there is no escape. As deftly as I can, I try to push the panties back into the envelope without drawing the attention of the other two. It seems like the man didn't notice, but I'm certain the women did. Looking from the older to the younger, I notice they are both still staring (the younger a little less subtly than the older). I look down to see if I got the panties back in the envelope and notice my erection is really making a tent of my trousers. Can we say Jr. High awkward? I realize with an explosion of embarrassment that the women were looking at my raging boner. Oh! God! I look back up and catch their eyes. The older woman purses her lips and scowls at me even more, the younger's eyes bug and she turns scarlet. Much the same color I feel at the moment.

The elevator halts and I plunge out of the car pushing past the trio and those waiting in the lobby. I can't be in the elevator any longer, not that I'm claustrophobic, but that was a little more crowded than I am able to deal with. To be fair, I usually prefer a less crowded venue to show off my endowment. I'll take the stairs down.

Three floors later, my heart is no longer beating a hole in my chest and my breathing has slowed to normal. While my erection is no longer in danger of ripping out of my pants, I can still feel my slightly turgid cock swinging against my thigh. This day is not at all what I thought it would be.

I reach back in the envelope to retrieve the key. I have to push aside the wet silk to find the key. As I catch the key in my fingers, I hear a 'tink'. Whatever that was wil have to wait until I'm somewhere a little less exposed. I'm not really relishing another panties-in-the-elevator moment.

Its an Audi key. No remote, just the key.

With key in hand I start to walk the length of cars, looking for this Audi. I found one about halfway down the line of parked cars. The key slides into the door lock, but it refuses to turn. Very carefully I worked the key back out of the lock so as not to damage either key or lock. On down the garage on the other side was another Audi. Same result though! I walked the remaining length of the garage. Nothing. BMW, Nissan, a couple Fords, there was even a Mini. As I quickly ran out of parking stalls I began to think I might have to go back up to the office. And then, it was there. Last stall. Deep in shadow.

Key slides in and turns without hesitation. The door makes that satisfyingly expensive sound when I lift the handle and pull. I slide into the driver's seat and pick up a sheet of folded paper from the passenger seat.

"Before reading anything else get in the back seat. Once there open and read."

It says this on the outside of its folded form.

I'm pretty sure, after the panties, that we are still playing the game, though perhaps a little more advanced version from what was taking place last week. I state this to explain why I would crawl into the back seat of a parked car. I am imagining that she comes down and joins me in a few minutes. What could be more fun or inspiring than a clandestine nooner in the parking lot.

I step back out of the car and close the driver's door. The back door opens easily. There's a lot of room in the back of these cars...

Close the door, settle back, read note.

"As you might expect, I'm going to come down and join you in a couple minutes. As I said, I really need you to make a delivery! *wink*

If you want to take a moment to reduce the amount of clothing in our way, I'm sure you will find it appreciated greatly.

In the envelope, you will find a couple things to help set the mood. I'm looking forward to seeing you. I won't be long."

Not sure about you , but I find all of this rather arousing. My cock is no longer "slightly" turgid. I don't mind if I do shed a couple layers.

I have at least a couple minutes, so I carefully fold everything and set it in the front passenger's seat. I'm going to have to be seen in public after this and would rather not have to explain a wrinkled suit. It's just me in my birthday suit. I'm guessing that no matter what she planned, finding me completely naked will be a little shock.

Clothes off, now what's in the envelope? The panties, not quite so sodden do help set a mood aromatically and imaginatively. I'm assuming she is walking around without any panties on, which is hot. At the bottom of the envelope is the ring. Obviously what the key tinked on. It's thick and highly polished, about 2" across, maybe a little more. I know what this is, though I wasn't expecting to find it. This woman does keep me on my toes.

Deep breathing, thinking of grocery shopping and about three minutes later the cock-ring is on, secure around my cock and balls. The lift on my scrotum is delicious. Very quickly, what arousal that had abated is regained, and grocery shopping is put from my mind. My erection is ridiculous. My mind wandering through the coming possibilities and the ring pulling at me have me thick and hard.

I can hear someone walking. They are too far to see with the adjacent cars cutting off views. The click of steps draws closer. I can feel the throb of my pulse in my cock as my heart rate increases. Even in the dark I can see that it is her walking towards the car. The fall of her hair and the movement of her shoulders giving her silhouette away.

She circles to the passenger side, opens the front door, and in a swift and graceful movement scoops up my clothing and closes the door.


I grab the handle on the passenger side. *Click* I check the lock. *Click* What the hell. If I pull any harder I'm certain the handle will break off. Shifting around the back seat my cock slaps my thigh and stomach. I grab the handle to the driver's side and pull with conviction. *Click*

*Thump* The trunk opens, but my door remains sealed. A glance shows me something going in the trunk and a bump suggests her briefcase. A heavy thump and the trunk closes. For a second she is framed in the rear windshield and then she is circling to the driver's side of the car.

I'm trying to climb into the front seat. Though a roomy car this is not an easy task. My cock is caught yet again on the seat-back. I shift to loose it and freeze. She is opening the driver's door. I pause here with no idea what is next.

She slides into the driver's seat; the weave of her skirt zooshing across the leather seat and the silky blouse crushes into the seat as the settles back. My position and awkwardness are comedic in light of her grace and calm.

" Sit back." She starts the car. Reaching up to adjust the mirror, " I don't want you getting thrown around... yet."

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