tagBDSMTaking Advantage Ch. 02

Taking Advantage Ch. 02


In Part 1 of the story John Carroll, a middle-aged dentist, has relocated to a Latin American country to practice his trade and enjoy himself. He has hired a live-in maid, Tina, and made it clear to her that she must satisfy his every need in order to keep the job, which she badly needs. Tina is sexually submissive and has no problem with the arrangement. John has just finished having sex with Tina for the first time.


Feeling very satisfied with myself I picked up my wine and proceeded into my bedroom. My heart was still beating fast, and I knew I would want more sex with her very soon. In fact I was getting concerned that I liked this girl too much. Her enjoyment in submitting to me without making any demands was different than any experience I had ever had with a woman. And that firm, tight little body was positively delicious. I definitely had to be careful not to get too carried away.

I sat in my comfortable chair and picked up a book I had been reading. There was no way I was going to do what I really wanted to do, which was to go grab Tina and drag her into my bed. She had to be made to realize that she was going to be tangential to my life, not central to it. I could not start acting like her boyfriend on the first day.

All these thoughts were going through my head as I tried unsuccessfully to focus on the open book. It was no use kidding myself; my desire for more sex with her was too strong to get my mind to think about anything else. How was I going to deal with this situation?

One thing I have always liked is sex in the morning. When I first wake up and am still sleepy and groggy, I can sense the built up testosterone in my system. I want to lie there with my muscles totally relaxed and have a soft hand caress my hard cock until I am fully awake and ready to take my pleasure. Sometimes I've been lucky enough to wake up with a woman who would meet my needs, but it always depended on her mood. Now with Tina I had the opportunity to be totally selfish and get what I wanted, when I wanted it.

A plan began to take shape. I would make it Tina's duty to come wake me up every morning, and to do it in a special way, then I could choose to use her sexually that morning or not, depending on my mood. My life was going to be lived my way.

I opened my bedroom door and found her just finishing her kitchen work. "Tina, come into my bedroom please."

She had put her same clothes back on, and she looked lovely. "Yes Sir," she said.

I sat on the edge of the bed and watched her walk toward me, a smile on her face and heat in her eyes. She obviously was expecting more sex. A few feet from the bed she stopped and waited.

"Tina, I want you to come here every morning at 5:30 AM and wake me up. You are to do this by removing all your night clothes and getting into bed with me. When I feel you next to me, I will roll over on my back. You will take my cock in your hand and gently rub the tip as I slowly wake up. Do you understand?" I was feeling my power and wanted to be very explicit.

"I think so," she said, "but sometimes I have hard time waking up that early."

That kind of ambiguous reply could not be tolerated. My eyes got hard and I grabbed her wrist. "You will learn not to equivocate when I give a command," I barked. A hard jerk on her wrist pulled her down across my lap. It occurred to me that I probably had used the wrong Spanish word for "equivocate", but no matter, she got the message.

"I'm sorry," she wailed. "Of course I will wake up every morning as you say."

But it was too little too late. I was determined to punish her hard so that there would be no more hesitations. Merely tying her hands before had not been sufficient. I was going to turn that cute ass of hers a lovely shade of red.

"Put your hands on the floor and keep them there," I ordered.

She was quick to comply, leaving my hands free to work her tight pants down over her ass. I got them down to her knees and followed them with her skimpy panties. Her light brown ass protruded nicely on my lap.

Whappp, Whappp, Whappp... Three times I spanked her, much harder than she was expecting.


Again and again I slapped her ass, making it shake and quiver. She bounced and twitched and sobbed and cried, but she did not move her hands from the floor. After about ten hard hits I paused, my hand stinging.

"Have you learned your lesson?" I asked.

"Yes, yes....please no more......"

"What did you learn?"

"I learned to do whatever you say, with no objections."

"Good girl," I said soothingly, while I slid my fingers up between her legs to feel her pussy. As I hoped and expected, it was slippery with her juices. The spanking had turned her on. "Now get up and show me what you are going to be doing at 5:30 every morning."

With that I pushed her off onto the floor and stood up. Quickly I pulled my shirt over my head. Then with her watching from her position on the floor, I undid my belt, dropped my pants to the floor, and stepped out of them and my sandals. My cock made a huge tent in my shorts and she looked up at it with some trepidation.

Turning away from her, I pulled back the covers and got into the bed, lying on my back with my arms behind my head. I wanted to see if she would perform without further instructions.

Slowly she got up off the floor. The sight of my stiff cock seemed to revive her and restore her confidence in her ability to please me. She took her time removing her clothes, showing me her body from every angle. Her medium-sized breasts were like conical muffins with ripe cherries in their centers, red fruits that were big and firm and pointed slightly upward. The areolas around the nipples were large and slopped like the sides of a mini volcano. I remembered reading once about puffy nipples, and I thought this must be what they look like.

Her slender waist fanned out to tapered hips on her sides, and a smallish, round ass in the back. She stood by the bed in profile on her tip toes and arched her back to show me the sumptuous curve of her body, with her tits thrust forward and her rose colored ass protruding provocatively. I knew that one of my hands would just contain a breast, while my other hand would just fit around one of her ass cheeks.

"Do you like me?" she asked, obviously proud of her figure.

"You're okay, but the real test will be whether you can follow instructions." With that, I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.

I felt the mattress sink slightly as she lay down beside me. For a long minute, she did not move, driving me nuts with anticipation. My cock remained rock hard, straining against my shorts, trying to break free.

I felt her fingers gently pull open the slit in my shorts. With a little tug to the side, she positioned the slit so that Big John popped out. I shivered but kept my eyes tightly closed.

A moment later, a soft thumb and finger lightly pinched the super sensitive tip and began a slow rolling motion. At the same time, she pushed her body up against my side and put her lips to my ear.

"I am going to make you feel so good," she whispered. "Every morning my hand and tongue are going to bring you back from sleep with sensations like this." Then I felt the tip of her tongue in my ear, darting in and out. Between licks, she continued to talk to me.

"Do you like this? I think you do. Your twitching cock tells me so. Just tell me what you want and I will do it. Anything."

At this point my precum was flowing profusely, and she began to spread it downward on my shaft. Again she used only her thumb and finger tips, tantalizing me, never putting enough pressure to bring me off.

"Lick me all over," I said.

She started at my ear, and then moved her lips and tongue over and down my face, her fingers never letting up their teasing of my cock. When she reached my mouth, she kissed and licked my lips until they parted enough for her to thrust her tongue inside. I so wanted to engulf her little body in my arms and fuck her, but I was determined to let her complete her wake-up practice, and I kept my arms behind my head.

Down my chin and onto my chest went her tongue. She shifted position so that she could reach the lower part of my body with her mouth. Whenever her tongue touched a really sensitive spot, my cock would twitch and she would know to linger there. She spent what seemed like a full minute on each nipple.

Finally her head met her hand at the point where all my nerve endings seemed to converge. She held the tip up with her thumb and finger and, beginning at the base, she started a rhythmic upward licking like it was her favorite ice cream cone. Every time she reached the top she would look up at me with hot eyes.

"Time to get up," she teased. "You can't stay in bed all day you know."

"Take it in your mouth," I growled. I knew I could not last any longer.

"Not yet," she said. "I'm not finished licking."

God, where did she learn how to drive a man out of his head? The tip of her tongue traced a little circle around the base of my crown, then flicked across the top. I gasped, and she raised her head to look into my lust-crazed face. My lips were actually quivering with the intensity of it.

Down came her mouth again, repeating what she had just done. This time the flat surface of her hot, wet tongue lathered the pulsing knob. She had to hold onto the base of my member to keep it from jumping out of control.

"Oh god, Tina....," I moaned.

"Time to come to Tina," she hissed. Into her mouth and back to her throat went my throbbing cock. At the same time she cupped my balls in her hand and gently squeezed. I went off like a broken water pipe, and it seemed it would never stop. It was incredible. No matter how much I gave her, she kept it all in her mouth and swallowed, until finally I was done.

For several minutes, she lay there with her head on my stomach and her hand massaging my shrinking organ. My racing heart gradually slowed as I contemplated what had just happened. She was so very good, and again I was afraid of letting myself go with her. I knew she was still very turned on and wanted me to pleasure her. Her ass and pussy were undulating slowly just inches from my face. It would be so easy. But I was resolved to keep her in her place.

"Not bad," I sighed. "With a little more practice, you will be a good alarm clock. Now I need to get some sleep. Go to your room and come back at 5:30 in the morning."

In my past experience, this kind of selfish, demanding treatment would be met with anger and resentment from American women. They would retaliate by making your life miserable for days. Relationships were a constant contest of wills. Never again, not for me. It was going to be my will, my way.

Tina did not let me see her reaction. She simply got up, picked up her clothes, and left the room. There were no screams and no tears, but her body language told me she was disappointed and hurt. I had achieved my goal of putting her in her place. Now the question was what would happen in the morning.

I slept well that night, and as usual woke up with the first soft light of morning. The melodic chirping of the tropical birds was still unfamiliar and exotic, like mood music in a movie about paradise. I could not believe my incredible good fortune in ending up in this place. It was goodbye to my old high stress life, with never enough money, complaining customers, lawsuits, terrible weather, and most of all, demanding and unhappy women.

The display on my bedside clock read 5:15. Would Tina be coming as ordered or had I made her so angry that she had left during the night? I went over in my mind what had happened the night before and concluded that I had done the right thing. There was no way I was going to let myself get back into my old pattern of trying to please women so they would give me sex. Tina had to learn that pleasing me was part of her job. If it pleased me to pleasure her, I would do it; if not, too bad. It was important for me to establish this position right at the beginning.

At exactly 5:30, my bedroom door opened and a naked goddess approached my bed. I pretended to be half asleep, lying on my side with my eyes barely open. She paused and stood by the bed, displaying herself like she had the night before. Her luxurious dark hair was combed to a shine, and there was a string of bright red beads around her neck. Other than a pair of red, strap-on high-heeled slippers, she wore nothing else.

My hooded eyes focused on her breasts. Her nipples and areolas seemed larger and more pronounced than before, and I wondered if she had painted them with something. She must have noticed my gaze, because she leaned forward to let her breasts hang in front of my face. There was a mischievous smile on her lips. I lay still and waited.

At that point she seemed to remember that she was supposed to get in bed with me as the signal for me to roll over on my back and give her access to Big John. My bed is higher off the floor than normal, and she put one knee on the mattress beside me to raise herself. As she leaned toward me her right breast ended up right at my face, with the extended nipple brushing my nose.

It was altogether too much. My head came up and my mouth engulfed her nipple, while my arms wrapped around her shoulders and pulled her into me. I feasted on that puffy nipple like I was trying to suck the pit out of an olive. She moaned and threw one slender leg over my body, opening herself in blatant invitation.

"Oh, Mr. John," she squealed. "I thought you were asleep. You didn't give me a chance to wake you up properly."

I pulled my mouth away from her tit so I could look into her smiling eyes. She was obviously not mad at me. On the contrary, she seemed to be enjoying our little game. "Who is really in control here?" I thought.

My hand found her pussy and began a gentle massage. She pushed back against my fingers and began twisting her hips from side to side. With each movement my fingers she got wetter and more slippery, and suddenly two fingers were inside her.

"Ohhhhh....goddddddd....do anything you want.......I can't stop you.......ohhhhhhhh."

Those words of submission drove me over the edge. All thoughts of control and manipulation vanished from my mind and were replaced with blind passion. I grabbed her ass and rolled her under me, urging my hips between her spread legs. Her hands pulled at my pajama bottoms and somehow got them down to my knees. I wrapped my fingers in her long hair and brought her lips under my mouth. There was nothing subtle about the way our tongues dueled each other between gasps of heavy breathing.

Some force was driving me to possess her totally and I strained to get my tongue deeper into her mouth. Our teeth were clicking against each other, and she was moaning and twisting under me. Then I felt her pull her hips back so that she could get her hands between us. Both hands slid down my chest and over my stomach. One closed on my raging cock, and the other cupped my balls.

Under the control of her hand my cock slid into her. She was very ready and I went in all the way with the first thrust. Her legs closed around my ass and pulled me to her, while her hand still held tight to my balls. I kept kissing her and fucking her like a crazed animal, and she writhed and squeezed me with both her pussy and her hand. From the way she was moving against me I could tell she was trying to get friction against her clit, so I slid my hand down between us until I could put a hard finger tip in just the right place.

Unearthly sounds came from her throat as her body spasmed under me. My orgasm started in my toes and surged upward through my whole body, activating nerves I didn't know I had. On and on it went, and she matched me shudder for shudder, cry for cry.

When at last it subsided, I was left totally spent and weak. I lay on her with no tension in any muscle for a good two minutes. She was still breathing heavily, and I sensed that she was ready for even more, but I didn't have it in me.

Finally I rolled off and looked at her. She returned my gaze with sparkling eyes. "Was that good?" she asked simply.

"Oh yes," I breathed. "And I think you liked it too."

"Mmmm... Giving you pleasure gives me pleasure. I am going to be the best domestica in all of the Americas."

A tiny alarm bell tinkled in my head. This girl was almost too good to be true.

"We should get up and get going," I said. "Today we have to go to town, remember?"

"I remember," she said simply.

"Go make my breakfast," I said. It was a weak attempt to regain control of the situation, and she knew it. The power that nature gave women is, as the song says, irresistible.

"Yes Sir," she said. She slid off the bed and posed for me for a few seconds before turning and heading for the door, swaying seductively in her high-heeled slippers.


A couple of hours later we were in my car headed for the big city, which was about 30 minutes away. I had an appointment later that morning with the manager of a dental office building, where I hoped I could rent some space and equipment so I could begin practicing my profession. I also hoped that the other dentists in the building would help me get started by referring their "overflow" patients to me.

Tina seemed excited to be going. She reminded me that I had promised to give her money for some new clothes. But first, she said, she had to go to the Western Union office to send some money to her mother. She knew her way around the city and told me that I could just drop her off at the bus station and pick her up later. That was fine with me. I didn't want her tagging along all day like she was my wife.

We pulled up at the bus station at about 10 o'clock. "Okay Tina," I said. "Here is two hundred dollars. Buy yourself some sexy new clothes. I will meet you back here at 2 o'clock."

Her eyes opened wide and her face lit up. Obviously, she had not been expecting that much. It made me feel like a king.

"Thank you Sir, thank you," she said, with a big smile. "If you wish, I will model my new clothes for you when we get back to the house. But I feel guilty spending all this on myself. Could I have a little more to send to my mother?"

It seemed like a reasonable request, and the way she asked it promised rewards for me if I complied. "Sure, Tina," I said. "I want to help. Here is an extra hundred."

With that she bounded out of the car and headed up the street. I watched her until she turned the corner, thinking about how much I was going to enjoy her fashion show that night. At the time I did not even consider how easily she had gotten me to give her the extra money. I was riding high on my feeling of power and control.

After consulting my map I drove off in search of the dental building. In half an hour I found the two-story modern structure on one of the nicer streets. There was a fenced-in parking lot nearby, which I was glad to see. Security was always a concern in the city. I parked in the lot and walked up the street, still thinking about seeing Tina in her new clothes.

The doorway to the building was large and inviting. Another good sign, I thought. Foreigners would be scared off by most of the doorways I had seen, which were small and heavily barred.

"Good morning, Sir. How may I help you?" welcomed the attractive receptionist in English. Her accent was charming and she was quick to recognize me as a gringo. I guessed she was about forty, a little on the heavy side, but beautiful dark hair and eyes and large breasts proudly displayed in a tight, scooped necked blouse. There didn't seem to be many small breasted women anywhere in this country.

"I have an appointment to see Mr. Calloway about renting an office," I said.

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