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Taking & Giving


Peering out the window, Carol saw that it was still raining. Would it ever stop? She has things to do, doesn't mother nature know this? With a sigh she turns and heads for the laundry room. Surely she'd find something to do in there. With Tom, her husband, working construction six days a week, there was never an end to the laundry that needed to be done.

She was right, there were several piles of clothes that needed to be washed. Just as she's about to bend over and start on the first pile, suddenly an arm comes from behind her and a gloved hand is placed tightly against her mouth. Another arm wrap around her from the other side tightly across her stomach, just beneath her breasts. Instinctively she reaches up and tries to pry the hand from her mouth as her screams are muffled. But it's no use, she's powerless against the strength of her assailant. Even her kicking goes unnoticed.

"Just be quiet and I won't hurt you," growls a deep voice just behind her ear. Shaking, Carol's mind starts spinning, trying to think what is the right thing to do? Her heart pounds as she feels his hot breath against her ear, whispering "Like I said, I won't hurt you if you do what I say. Now stop struggling before I change my mind."

He drags her backwards toward the door of the laundry room. The arm beneath her breasts moves away from her body and then the room goes dark. She starts to panic as she realizes he's turned off the light. Should she fight or be still like he told her? Before she has the chance to decide, he's again pushing her forward, back into the center of the room. The gap beneath the door allows in just enough light to see where they are.

"I'm going to remove my hand from your mouth, but one word out of you and you'll never see daylight again. Understand?," he grumbles deeply.

She nods, afraid to make a sound in fear of what he might do. Slowly he moves his hand from her mouth, his body pressing her against the washer. She can tell he's at least 6 ft tall and close to at least 200 lbs. She turns her head slightly trying to get a glimpse of him but it's no use, it's just too dark to see. Suddenly he takes her arm and brings it behind her back. She starts to struggle and pull her arm back but he presses her against the washer even harder and grabs her behind the neck, digging his fingers into her skin. Immediately she stops, remembering his early warning.

"Good girl," he whispers with a chuckle, "You learn fast for a whore." He again takes her arm behind her back, tying a strip of material around her wrist. Then he takes her other arm and ties it tightly to the first, pulling on them to be sure she can't get loose. Satisfied with his work, he places both hands on either side of her shoulders, squeezing them as he whispers into her ear, "Time for the fun to begin. I've been watching you for days now. I know no one's home and I know that punk of a husband of yours wont be home for at least another five hours. That leaves you and I plenty of time to become acquainted. If you are nice, you live to see daylight again, if not... well let's just not even think about it, okay?."

"Please don't hurt me," she begged. That was all she could manage, her heart was pounding and her body was trembling. All she could think of was Tom finding her dead body, but she couldn't let that happen. She loves him so much, she has to see him again. Even if it means doing whatever this monster says.

"Oh I'm not going to hurt you, unless you force me to. It's all in your hands now," he said as his hands slowly trail down along her upper arms, his fingertips making chill bumps rise up from her skin. Suddenly he squeezes her arms tightly, pulling her from the washer and turning her around, facing him. He was close to her, so close she could smell him. A mixture of leather and sweat, a smell she'd never forget. She feels his hand softly touch one side of her face, his fingers moving down along her cheek to her chin. He takes her chin in his hand and tilts it upwards. She couldn't see him but senses that he is close. Then she feels his lips on hers, kissing her softly at first then with more force. She feels his tongue pushing against her lips trying to force its way through them into her mouth but she wouldn't allow it. The thought of his tongue on hers makes her sick to her stomach.

He pulls away with a chuckle and moves a step back from her. "You're a feisty one, aren't you?" he hisses. "Well I can be just as feisty as you are." He then reaches up to her shirt and rips it open with one quick yank, sending buttons flying across the floor. "How's that for feisty?" he growls. Again he presses against her, pushing her hard against the washer, his hands reaching inside her ripped shirt, placing his palms against her sides and slowly moving them up toward her breasts. Taking her full breasts in his hands, he squeezes them gently, massaging and caressing them.

She holds her breath as he's doing this, terrified to make a sound and afraid of what's to come. Suddenly he leans down and kisses her neck as he takes her nipples between his thumb and finger, pinching and rolling them. She tries to control herself but moans softly, her nipples have always been so sensitive.

Again he pulls away from her, "You like that huh?" he hissed. "You are such a whore, what would dear hubby think of you acting this way?" he sneered. He then reaches down and starts undoing her shorts, yanking them down and letting them fall around her ankles. He places his hand between her legs and feels her panties are slightly damp, just as he thought they would be. "Tell me to fuck you, bitch. Beg me to rip your panties off and fuck you like the whore you are," he growled in a deep, husky voice.

"Please don't . . . please don't rape me," Carol whined nervously. "Please, I have money. Take whatever you want and just go, I won't tell anyone I promise."

"Oh I plan to take exactly what I came for, something you and I both know you want to give me. So shut the fuck up and do what I say. We don't want this to turn ugly, do we?" he asked.

Suddenly he takes her by the hair and drags her over to the pile of laundry on the floor. Pushing her backwards she lands on her butt on the pile of dirty clothes. She can only see the outline of her assailant, standing above her. She hears him moving, hears him place something on the washer. Then she hears a zipper . . . and realizes he's getting undressed. Her heart starts pounding faster and she tries to back up but she can't. She's against the wall in the corner with nowhere to go. He's actually going to rape her and there's nothing she can do about it. How did she ever let herself get into this mess? Didn't she lock the door after Tom left for work?

Her thoughts were interrupted by him walking toward her. She can feel him standing over her, one foot on either side of her body. She knew he was naked, she knew she was about to be raped. He again takes her hair in his hand and pulls her up, "On your knees bitch," he growls. "It's time to show me how much you want to live."

Quickly she struggles to get to her knees before he rips her hair out of her head. With a whimper she manages to do just that. He moves closer to her and something warm touches her on the side of her face. He pulls her hair toward him, bringing her face up to his crotch, her nose against his full balls.

"Lick my balls bitch, and keep in mind you're showing me how much you want to live. Not how much you want to die. So don't do anything stupid," he said angrily.

With tears coming to her eyes from the pain of her hair being pulled, she slowly sticks her tongue out and barely touches him with it. She feels warm soft balls that have been freshly shaven smooth. What kind of rapist takes the time to shave his balls before an attack? A quick tug on her hair brings her back to reality and she again turns to the task at hand. She begins to lick at his balls, caressing them with her tongue, keeping in mind her life depends on her every move. Gently she takes one into her mouth, letting it float there on her warm wet tongue as she softly sucks on it. She hears his breathing getting deeper and knows she's doing her job well. She then moves to his other ball, caressing it as she did the last. Taking it into her mouth as gently as she can, imagining this is Tom instead of a stranger just so she can get through it without getting sick.

She feels his cock growing larger against her head as she continues sucking and licking at his balls. She's always loved going down on Tom. Sucking his beautiful cock always turns her on like nothing else does. For a moment she feels guilty for thinking of him while doing this to another man, but it's not like this was her choice. Thinking of her husband may be the one thing that gets her through this ordeal alive.

Suddenly he pulls her head away from him. "You know you want to suck my cock, don't you bitch? Ask me to let you suck my big hard cock. Beg me to let you," he said in that low growl of his.

Could she really force herself to say those things? If she wanted to live, she had to. "May I please suck your cock for you?" she whispered.

He pulls her head up by her hair and softly rubs the head of his cock along her cheek, down the side of her face and across her lips. She feels how hard and big it is. How soft the head of it is against her lips. Then she stops herself from thinking of such things. How could she possibly be thinking of this man and his cock in a good way? Again he slowly drags it across her lips, but this time she parts them and slides her tongue between them just enough to feel the soft velvety head of his cock as it goes by.

"You know you want it. I can tell you're one of those sluts that love to suck on a nice hard cock. Tell me you want it and maybe, just maybe I'll let you have another taste," said the growling voice of the dark.

She decided to go with it. She wanted to live. "Please let me suck your cock, I want . . . no, I need to taste you, I beg you to please let me," she said a little louder than before.

Carol feels the head of his cock press against her lips. She opens her mouth and he quickly thrusts it deep into her throat. Surprised by the quick movement she slightly chokes as her mouth tries to adjust to the hard intruder. She presses her tongue against the length of his cock and slides it back and forth against its smooth hard surface. He slowly pulls her head back, allowing his cock to slide across her wet lips, stopping and letting the head of it rest on her tongue. She sucks on it as though she were a child and this was her pacifier, trying to take it back deep into her mouth. Again with one quick thrust his cock is buried deep into her throat. But this time she was ready for him. She tightens her lips around his hard rod and allows her tongue to dance along its length inside her mouth. His cock is growing even larger and harder, filling her mouth and moving deeper into her throat.

His hips start to move slowly back and forth. Spit leaking out of the side of her mouth with each of his thrusts. She moans softly as he tightens the grip on her hair and pulls her head to him to meet his movements. "Suck my cock bitch . . . suck it harder!" he growls deeply as he starts pumping her face even faster.

She tries to keep up with him, tries to keep her lips wrapped around his thick shaft and continues sucking harder. Her lips growing raw from the friction and frenzied movements of her assailant, but she's determined to do as he wants.

Suddenly he stops and yanks hard on her hair pulling her face back and away from his cock. She hears him as he starts stroking himself, moaning and breathing hard as his tightens his grip even more on her hair, pulling her head back so far her face is pointing straight up as if she's looking at the ceiling. Then she hears him groan loudly and feels his hot sticky cum shooting all over her face, running down her neck and splattering on her chest. Breathing deeply he pulls her face toward him and she feels the cum soaked head of his cock press against her lips. "Clean me off slut . . . clean it off good," he whispered between gasps of breath.

She takes his cock into her mouth and bathes all the warm sticky cum from its shaft, sucking on the head, being sure to get every drop. After swirling her tongue round and round the head she lets it loose with a final suck and it pops from her mouth, nice and clean . . . and still very hard.

Finally he turns her hair loose and lets her drop back down onto her butt on the pile of laundry. It's over, she thinks to herself. I did everything he said and at last he'll leave and I'm still alive. Her heart starts to calm down a bit and she's suddenly not as scared as she was. It wasn't as bad as she had imagined, at least he hadn't raped her. That's when a sudden push to her chest sent her falling backwards onto her back. She felt the weight of this man on top of her body forcing the air from her lungs.

When she's finally able to catch her breath, again she asks him "What are you doing? You said if I did everything you told me you would leave. I did everything . . . what more do you want from me?"

He rose up a little, his head on her naked chest. She could feel his hot breath as he laughed an evil laugh. "Baby, but we've just begun. When I'm done with you, you'll know. Believe me, you'll know . . . ," he growled in that deep sinister voice he had.

With that said he forced her legs open wide with his knees. She felt something cold and sharp against her thigh. He slid it up to her waist, around to the front of her stomach and started slowly moving it down between her legs along the outside of her panties. She felt it pressing against her pussy, forcing her panties between the lips. She breathed in quickly, holding her breath, terrified he was going to cut her. She knew it was a knife and knew any movement would mean a lot of pain.

He took his other hand and slid it inside her panties, holding them up to give the knife room to slide inside the leg opening and quickly slice upwards, cutting her panties off in one motion. Snatching the torn material from her body and pressing his body upon hers, he brings the knife up to her face. "Remember what I told you about seeing daylight again" he hissed as he slowly slid the blade down the side of her neck.

Terrified, Carol didn't dare make a sound. She remembered his threat well. She tries not to think about what's going on, but it is hard to do with his cock rubbing against her pussy. Remembering how easily she became aroused earlier at just the thought of sucking his cock, feeling him rubbing against her pussy was almost more than she could take.

He raises himself so that his body is hovering over hers but his cock is still pressing against her. He then starts slowly moving back and forth, rubbing her harder, pushing his cock in between the lips of her pussy and against her clit. Back and forth he moves, over and over again. Her body betraying her, she moans softly and presses back against him. He suddenly stops, making her realize just how much he is getting to her. She certainly isn't fighting him off.

"You love this" he laughed. "You little whore. You want me to fuck you so badly that your pussy is wet and begging for it." He moved back slightly, taking his hand down between her legs and placing it flat on her pussy, sliding two fingers just inside the lips. "So warm and wet, I knew you were a slut from the day I first saw you. It's just a shame that husband of yours isn't here to watch."

She can't believe how her body is betraying her. She is about to be raped! What the fuck is going on inside her? But she couldn't help it. He hadn't hurt her, hadn't forced her to do anything she didn't love doing anyway. And his cock felt so damned good rubbing against her clit . . . she does want him to fuck her!

Slowly his two fingers easily slide deep inside her warm, wet pussy. He moves them around and then teasingly brings them back out, slightly brushing over her clit as he brings his hand up from between her legs. "See how much you want me . . . taste how much you want me," he growled as he places his two wet fingers on her lips.

She opens her mouth and sucks on his fingers as though she were sucking on a piece of candy. She loves the taste of her own pussy, always has. After taking his fingers from her mouth, he again presses his hard cock against her. "Ask me to rape you," he demanded.

"No . . . please, no don't rape me," she whispered, even though she really did want him to. By this time she not only wants him to, but she needs him to.

Roughly he presses his cock against her, rubbing harder against her with every stroke. "You know you want it, admit it," he hissed as he continues the torturous teasing of her clit. But still she refuses to say anything.

Then he stops. He rises up off of her as though he gives up, leaving her feeling relieved yet confused. Then a sudden yank on her ankles makes her realize he hasn't given up after all. "Since you won't cooperate, we'll do it my way" he growled angrily. He reaches down and grabs a handful of her hair, pulling her up toward him. "Turn around and face the wall. And you had damned well better do what I say this time bitch or I'm going to lose my patience with you."

Carol does as he says, again recalling the threat about not seeing daylight. She gets up on her knees, timidly turning around as he had demanded. Then she is struck by a sudden push to her shoulders, sending her forward to the floor. In an instant he's on her, pushing her forward, leaving her no choice but to stay on her chest with her ass in the air. In one swift motion he impales her with his stiff cock, sending all the air right out of her lungs.

"Aaaahhhhhhggggggg," she yells in a mixture of pain and fear. He immediately grabs her by the hair once again, pulling her up off her elbows. Forcing her to arch her back and push her ass toward him, shoving his cock even deeper into her hot wet pussy. "Please nooo, please don't do this . . . " she cried.

He groaned loudly as he rears back, pulling almost all the way out of her and then ramming his cock back inside even further. Pulling her by the hair even tighter he growls "Scream for me bitch, fight me and make this even more fun than it already is." He places his other hand flat on her back and pushes down as he holds onto her hair and starts fucking her faster. His cock is so hard he couldn't stop even if he wanted to at this point.

There is nothing Carol could do, as if she wants to anyway. Her pussy had never felt so full before, she'd never been so excited and turned on as she is now at the hands of her rapist. Feeling his cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy is the best feeling she's had in a long time. She doesn't want him to stop, but doesn't want him to know this either. She also doesn't want him to know she is about to cum so she tries to control it . . . but it's no use.

He feels her pussy tighten up around his cock and knows she's about to cum. "I knew you wanted this. I can feel your cunt squeezing my cock. Cum for me you fucking whore, tell me to fuck you harder!" he sneered.

"Fuck me harder, damn you! Fuck my pussy hard and fast you son of a bitch!" she yells as she pushes her ass toward him, meeting his every stroke. Then finally she can't hold back any longer. Her orgasm tears through her body like a streak of lightning. She feels it from her toes to the top of her head. "Ooohhhhhhhh Godddddd yesssssssssssss . . . fuck me you bastard!" she screamed.

Feeling her cum and hearing her screaming like that is more than he can take. He lets go of her hair and grabs her hips, pulling her toward him and slamming his cock into her with all his might. Fucking her faster and harder, his cock sliding so far inside his balls were being soaked with her juices and cum. Then with one final thrust he explodes deep inside her wet, cum soaked hole. "Aaahhhhhhhh . . . ohhhhh baby . . . " he moaned loudly as he again thrusts his cock deep inside, emptying his load of hot seed.

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