tagFetishTaking Care of Business Ch. 03

Taking Care of Business Ch. 03


Ava stood hesitantly, watching the girl suck Mr. Lewis. Mr. Gibson explained that Ava had been watching them through the window, had gotten hot herself while watching them, and now wanted to join them.

Mr. Lewis said he was more than happy to have another participant. The girl never stopped sucking his cock, just gave a thumbs up.

Mr. Gibson told her, "It looks like you're in." He smiled devilishly at her, and moved her hand to his cock.

She was eager to taste him. She asked him to move so that she could watch the girl suck Mr. Lewis' cock.

"So watching excites you, huh?" he asked.

She responded by taking him deep into her mouth and giving him a firm sucking. He groaned in delight.

Soon the only sounds coming from the room were sucking, slurping and groaning. Both women were on their knees making quick work of the cock in their mouths. Each man had hold of the head in front of him, enjoying the motions of the mouth working on him. Having just cum not to long before, it took the men longer to reach their orgasm. The women were not deterred. They were glancing at each other, watching the motions. Both women had their hands at their pussies, fingering their clits. The sights before them added to their excitement.

Mr. Lewis shot his load on the woman's tits once again. The woman reached up and rubbed his cum into her skin, grazing over her nipples with one hand, fingering herself to orgasm with her other. Ava grew more and more excited, watching this play out in front of her. She worked Mr. Gibson faster and with more fervor, fueled by the sight. As he came, she swallowed what he had to offer. This was what she had fantasized, and it lived up to her fantasies. She hoped this would not be the last time she was allowed to suck his cock.

Ava was hesitant as she approached the woman. She wanted to clean her tits of the cum that Mr. Lewis had deposited there. She bowed her head and touched the woman's nipple with the tip of her tongue. The woman gasped, but did not tell her to stop. She placed her mouth full over the woman's tit, sucking hard on her nipple. The woman pressed her tit more firmly against Ava's mouth. It was all the invitation Ava needed to continue. Mr. Lewis and Mr. Gibson were soon behind Ava. Their fingers and tongues worked her ass and pussy as she had seen them do the woman before. Ava continued to clean the woman's tits of the cum, fingering the woman's pussy at the same time. She was on fire with sensation as the men worked her as she worked the woman. She had never imagined she would be doing something like this, but she felt powerless to stop it. There was far too much pleasure. Her ministration caused the woman to cum yet again. She felt empowered. She had made a man and a woman cum in a matter of less than thirty minutes. Her feeling of power heightened the intensity and soon she was drenching both Mr. Lewis and Mr. Gibson with her own cum. Their fingers and tongues continued to work her as she rode the waves of ecstasy.

Ava collapsed onto the woman. Mr. Gibson was aroused by the sight. He chuckled and said,

"I suppose we should introduce everyone here. The woman you are laying on is Marcy. I just hired her today. Marcy, this is Ava, my secretary and Mr. Lewis, our client, as you have already determined.

Mr. Lewis spoke next. His words falling like rocks in the room.

"As much as I would love to continue with this, I have a plane to catch. I will be back in two weeks. I hope we can pick up where we left off when I return."

Everyone agreed that they would anticipate his arrival again and it would certainly be a night, or more, of pleasure.

Over the next two weeks, Ava and Marcy had lunch together several times, talking about the events of that day and what each of the men was like. Marcy described what it was like to have both of them fuck her at the same time. She gave such a vivid description that Ava could almost feel it herself.

Gibson had been able to get a couple of blow jobs from each of the girls, but there hadn't been enough time for anything else. At least he had that release. He wondered if Lewis had been thinking about the coming days as much as he had.

A few days before Lewis was coming into town, he sent Gibson an e-mail.

"Go out and buy the girls something sexy to wear for our night together. None of that stuffy conservative shit they normally wear. I want every head to turn when we are seen with them. The sluttier, the better. Make sure that they both have those high, fuck me heels," the note read.

Gibson had a great time shopping for the girls. When he gave the girls the packages, he explained Lewis's instructions. As each of the girls dressed for their night they became more and more aroused as they put on their sexy clothes.

For Marcy he chose an ultra short red dress that just barely covered her ass. He paired it with a sexy garter belt and silky stockings. The dress was so short that everyone would know she was wearing a garter belt. The dress clung to every curve of her body, leaving little to the imagination. He chose a pair of five inch silver heels. He knew they would show case those lovely legs that he loved to have wrapped around him.

For Ava he chose a long black dress, slit up to the middle of her thigh. It was cut nearly to her navel in the front, with thin criss crossing straps all the way down her back, ending just above her ass. It would not allow her to wear anything underneath it, except the silk crotchless pantyhose he had chosen for her. He was thinking of his cock entering her and feeling the hose on his face and legs when he chose them. She'd be lucky if her tits stayed covered by the dress. All the guys watching her would be lucky if they didn't. The shoes he chose for her were black as well. They were high heeled sandals with thin straps that criss crossed up to her knee, matching the back of her dress.

When he picked up the girls his cock was almost instantly hard. They had gotten dressed together and he wondered if they had gotten each other off before they dressed. His mind was swimming with the possibilities. He told them both that they looked good enough to eat, but as sexy as they were, he couldn't wait to get them out of their clothes.

The girls got in the backseat as he drove to the restaurant where they were meeting Lewis. They sat in the backseat together, so all he could do was watch in the mirror. Marcy pushed the fabric aside on Ava's dress and began circling her nipple with her tongue. Ava groaned with pleasure. Gibson had one hand on the wheel and the other rubbing his cock through his pants. It became a struggle to watch the show in the back seat. Fortunately, it would be a short drive. He watched as Ava thrust her fingers into Marcy's pussy, Marcy riding her hand. Marcy continued to work Ava's tits, sucking them and tugging the nipples with her teeth. He almost burst when he heard Marcy say,

"You'd look so hot with pierced nipples. I'd play with them all night. I love it when mine are pulled. It adds an extra sensation."

His mind raced. How did he not notice that Marcy had pierced nipples when he fucked her? Was she not wearing them? As he looked in the mirror again, he struggled to see if he could tell through her dress, but he couldn't. Damn! He couldn't wait to find out.

Thankfully for Gibson, they arrived at the restaurant. He didn't know how long he'd last if they continued the show. It nearly pushed him over the edge when he saw Ava remove her fingers from Marcy's pussy and suck them clean.

Just as Lewis had asked, every head turned when he entered the restaurant with the girls. He had one on either side of him, and they each had an arm around him. He felt like the luckiest guy in the world. Little did everyone know that he'd be fucking both of them in a little while. They may have been wondering, but he knew for sure.

Lewis was already seated, waiting for them. As they approached, he struggled to stand to greet them. He had already been thinking about plunging his cock into the girls. The sight of them was more than he ever imagined. He gave both girls a deep kiss. They responded by grabbing his crotch. They were pleased to find him hard. It was the first time Ava had felt his cock. The sight of it was one thing. Feeling his length, width and hardness was amazing. Tonight was going to be a very good night.

When they sat down, Lewis finally spoke.

"Gibson, you did one hell of a job. I have never seen two girls look hotter or more fuckable than these two. "

"Do you like the outfits that Gibson picked out for you?" he asked.

Marcy was the first to answer. "I had to finger myself just from looking at the outfit. Right now I feel sexy, slutty and ready to be fucked. Thank you for suggesting this."

"I have never owned anything so sexy in my life. I enjoyed watching the men and women stare at my body as we walked over to you. Knowing that we'd all be fucking later just added to the excitement," answered Ava.

The start of dinner progressed rather normally. There was sexual innuendo all over the place, but to the average person they were just two couples having dinner together.

Ava surprised everyone when she said,

"I am so horny right now, if I don't suck some cock I'm going to explode. I've had Mr. Gibson in my mouth several times now, so I want to get Mr. Lewis off."

She tried to be discreet as she headed under the table. The room was full. She knew someone would probably figure out what she was doing, but that added to her excitement. She purposefully left her feet stick out from under the table slightly so if anyone was looking closely, they'd know that one of the men was getting a blow job under the table. She was so excited. She didn't waste time being playful. She just went to work on Lewis' cock. He had to struggle to keep from bucking his hips and groaning with pleasure.

"Gibson how did you make it through our meeting when you had Marcy working your cock under the desk? Ava's mouth has me ready to scream. A few seconds later, he dumped his load down her throat. Ava took as much as she could. When had met her max, she aimed his cock at her tits. When she emerged from under the table, the cum on her tits was very apparent, and she made no attempt to clean it up.

Gibson's cock grew even harder. He couldn't have been happier when Marcy said, "My turn," disappearing under the table. Between her mouth and what he had seen so far, he couldn't last long. Marcy swallowed him and sucked hard, making her mouth as tight as possible around him. When he came, she swallowed eagerly. She emerged from under the table, licking her lips and fingers.

When the waiter arrived with their food, he noticed Ava's chest. He thought that she had spilled something. Out of instinct he offered to help her clean it up. As his hand came up against her tit, he realized what he had done, but liked the feeling. He took a long time cleaning her up, lingering near her nipples. As he got close to her chest he smelled the familiar scent of cum. Now he realized what was on her chest.

"It appears that you've already had something to eat tonight," he stammered.

Ava looked him straight in the eye as she answered him. 'Yes, I did and it was fucking fantastic. You look as if you'd be great to eat too." She gave him a little wink. He stumbled his way back to the kitchen, tripping over his own feet as he continued to stare at her.

The food was on the table, but no one was interested in eating. Lewis spoke first.

"Why don't we get this boxed up and head to the suite that I have for us?"

They couldn't leave fast enough. Everyone knew what was ahead and they couldn't wait to get to it.

Both girls climbed in the back seat with Lewis. Gibson was once again left watching. Both girls were rubbing their hands all over him, and occasionally each other. Gibson began to tell Lewis about what they had done on the ride to the restaurant.

"Oh fuck. I want to see you do that," he told them.

Together they undid his pants and pulled his cock out. Each girl had a hand on his cock. The other hand was busy playing with tit and clit as they had done before. Lewis was groaning, his cock coming back to life. The sight of the two girls fingering each other was damn hot.

Finally they arrived at the hotel. Both men wanted to plant their cocks in some pussy and ass. The blow jobs were wonderful, but they wanted more. Both men had gotten blown by Ava, but neither of them had fucked her yet. They both wanted to know how tight she was.

Lewis had already checked in, so they headed straight for the suite. In the elevator you could not tell one body from another. The girls were sandwiched together, kissing and fingering each other. The men were behind them, exploring the same places. They instantly knew that both women were ready. They were so wet, they easily slid their fingers into them.

The elevator stopped and they separated, begrudgingly. Everyone was fumbling to get into the room. The girls were horny, starting to strip quickly.

"Stop! I want to watch you slowly undress each other. Watching you rub and suck each other is so fucking hot. Leave the hose and shoes on. Your legs look delicious in them, and we can still get in to fuck you. Smart choice Gibson," Lewis exclaimed.

They began to remove each other's clothes; hands gliding slowly over bodies as they did. Gibson was finally able to feast his eyes on Marcy's tits and saw her nipple rings quite clearly. How he wanted to pull on those with his teeth and fingers. Ava did just that as he watched. Clits were fingered. Lewis and Gibson offered instructions on what they'd like to see. The girls happily obliged. It wasn't long before they heard the girls moaning. The men saw them taking fingers into their pussies and asses, grinding on the fingers. Both men stroked their cocks as they watched the sexy show.

Gibson finally said, "I'm going to explode and I want to do it in a pussy or ass."

Ava pulled herself away from Marcy. She finally had the opportunity to find out what he was like. She wanted his cock inside of her. He was standing, so she bent over, legs spread, so he could simply drive into her, and drive he did! His cock felt glorious. He knew how to work it just right.

Ava wasn't ready for this to end, but she needed him as deep as he could go. "Fuck me hard and fast. I need your cock deep in my pussy," she cried. He gave her what she wanted. They only lasted a few minutes before they both came. "I can't believe you've been sitting outside my office all these years. Why didn't we do this sooner?' marveled Gibson.

When Ava looked up she saw Marcy receiving the same treatment from Lewis. She never knew how hot watching other people have sex was. It was almost as good as getting fucked herself. She crawled the few feet over to Marcy to get a closer look. She was lying on the floor, under both of them. She had a clear view of Lewis' cock stroking in and out of Marcy's pussy. She reached up and spread Marcy's lips apart for a better view. Gibson joined her, running his tongue up and down her legs. She knew from watching the scene in the office that he enjoyed legs. She surrendered herself to the feelings as she continued to watch the scene above her. Marcy's clit was so close, she couldn't help but touch it. Ava began to furiously rub that hot spot. It was all Marcy needed to go over the edge. Her pussy tightened around Lewis. He increased his speed and cried, "I'm going to cum!"

Ava had fantasized about this, so she told him, "Cum in her pussy so I can suck it out of her."

Lewis happily followed her directions. He pumped her full until he could no longer stay upright. When he withdrew Ava grabbed his cock and sucked it clean. Marcy's pussy was next. She attacked it, diving her tongue deep inside to get a taste of him again. She sucked Marcy's clit and hole, cleaning her out. She loved the taste of them together. She could have done this all day. When she was done with Marcy's pussy, she went to work on Marcy's clit. She never imagined she would be such a slut and be having so much fun with another woman's pussy, but she loved it.

When she finished, Lewis and Gibson traded places. Both men apparently loved legs. They were both licking, sucking and caressing each woman's legs. Occasionally they would move up to her tits, but the legs were the primary focus. Marcy knew how erotic it was since Gibson did it to her regularly. Ava was learning that lesson as Lewis licked the crease of each leg, the crease where her ass and leg met and ran his tongue up and down her legs and over her shoes. She was growing wet as he continued. He was masterful with his tongue. She wanted to feel it other places. She begged him to lick her tits and clit. He worked his way, ever so slowly, from her toes up to her tits. She groaned as the fire built in her. His tongue was hot and moist as it traveled up her body. His mouth latched onto first one nipple and then another. Marcy was watching on and off.

When she saw Lewis tonguing Ava's tits, she commented, "Don't you think nipple rings like mine would be beautiful on her? Imagine the sensations you could give her."

Lewis pushed his cock against Ava in response. She gave his head a slight push, guiding him down to her pussy. She looked at Marcy and asked, "Is your pussy as wet as mine?" When Marcy groaned in response, Gibson moved up to her pussy and began to working his tongue into her hole and across her clit. He reached up and tugged on the nipple rings. Marcy thrust her pussy further into his face. She cried out, "Make me cum, then fuck my ass." Gibson was already hard, but he grew harder at her request. He moved his tongue quickly to make her cum. He wanted to be in her ass so badly now.

Ava watched Marcy ride Gibson's face. She knew what it was like to lick Marcy's pussy when it came. It was so damn hot. This time she got to see the look on Marcy's face. She looked so beautiful when she came. It caused her to go over the edge as well.

Gibson grabbed the lube and began to work Marcy's ass, preparing her for his cock to enter her tight asshole. Marcy was beyond ready. His fingers slipped in and out of her easily. He pressed his cock against her hole. She pushed back to take him in. He was surprised at how eager she was.

Lewis was buried deep in Ava's pussy, giving her the fast furious fucking she desired. He loved how tight her pussy was around him. Marcy knew how tight he felt in her pussy. She remembered these feelings as Gibson continued to fuck her ass. She was becoming a real ass slut. It was so damn tight and felt so good. Gibson tugged on one of her nipple rings while he fingered her clit and fucked her ass. Marcy was overcome with sensation. She never wanted this feeling to end. She felt her climax coming. She tried to hold it off, but it was no good. She slammed her ass harder onto Gibson's cock needing him as deep as possible while she rode this out. He didn't ease up at all, instead giving her everything he could. Feeling her ass around his cock as she came was amazing. He was surprised by his restraint when he was able to hold off cumming. When Marcy finished, she told Gibson to go fuck Ava.

Marcy told Ava that she should take both of their cocks at the same time. Ava recalled the description Marcy had given her at one of their lunches. She knew she wouldn't be happy until both cocks were buried inside of her. She told Lewis that she wanted him in her ass now. He wasted no time in lubing his cock up and applying a generous amount to her ass as well. He was on his back on the bed, easing Ava onto his hard shaft. It was a tight fit as she slowly took him in. He loved the feeling. He allowed her to ease herself up and down to ensure that she was comfortable taking all of him in. Shock registered in him when she began sliding up and down as if she was fucked in the ass every day. This was one hot woman.

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