Taking Care of My Brother


"Please Adam take my virginity. Fuck your little sister. I want your cock in me now." Adam started deep kissing me as he begain rubbing the head of his cock up and down my slit masturbating me with his dick. "Please Adam. Put it in. I want to feel your cock in me." Adam slowly started to push his way in. Stroking in and out, each time he would go in it was a little deeper.

"I don't want to hurt you when I break your cherry."

"Oh Adam don't worry about that. I broke my cherry years ago doing myself with my vibrator." He had a brief look of shock then my big brother pushed all the way in at once. I screamed and came at the same time. Adam was afraid he really hurt me.

"I'm sorry Diane, did I hurt you. I am sorry." Adam was so afraid he hurt me he didn't move. I came again with the feel of my first cock in me.

"No Adam you didn't hurt me. You really surprised me and I came at the same time. In fact I came twice. Now fuck me I want to feel your cock moving in and out." My brother made my first time special; I am came several more times before Adam finally came.

"No Adam, don't pull out just relax on me. I want to feel your body on mine. I want to feel your cock shrink in me."

As we both lay there trying to catch our breath Adam stayed on top of me and we started to kiss. Light, easy gentle kisses like lovers.

For the next week Adam and I would make love most every day. Usually while our parents were at work but sometimes if he didn't take too many tablets he would sneak into my room at night and we would make love or just lie together and kiss. Then one night at dinner Mom dropped the bomb.

"Diane, I almost forgot you have a doctor's appointment tomorrow at noon."

"Oh? What for? I just had my school physical not to long ago." I was confused and looked to my dad.

"Well Diane your mom and I have been talking. We think it may be about time for you to start birth control."

I know my face drained of color. I looked to Adam for strength but he was white as a sheet and was looking hard at his dinner. "Why would I need birth control?" I was afraid they might know the answer.

"Please girl. You think your dad and I don't know that you and Adam have been going at it like rabbits every chance you get? Your father and I were shocked at first but as we thought about it we decided that with all of the diseases and AIDS out there, as long as you two only do each other you wont catch anything. So you can stop sneaking around. When you are in the house you can act like boyfriend, girlfriend if you want. Sleep together if you want. Stop hiding."

Adam and I just sat there not knowing what to say. We looked at each other, then at our parents. We were in shock.

"In fact." Dad began. "Adam why don't you and Diane move into your apartment. Diane still has about six weeks before school starts. You to can enjoy each other. Go wild. No parents to get in the way. Give 30 days notice cancel your lease and move back here until you are completely recovered. By then the insurance money should be here and you can get another apartment. Or just stay here, whatever works best." Mom and dad then got up from the table and went to the kitchen; Adam and I just sat there and looked at each other.

"Pack a bag Diane. Let's go to our apartment. And talk about this. And sleep like lovers."

"Mom, dad, Adam and I are going to go to our apartment. I won't forget my doctor's appointment tomorrow. We love you both."

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