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Taking Control


I would hazard a guess that I managed to get laid in more ways by more ladies in the last 4 months, than I have in the last 25 years!

It even started to bother me a little, so I went to the Doctor and got myself tested. No reason to worry, all of the tests came back clean as a whistle.

During the period when Lee left me, and came back just over two months later, I must have had no less that a couple of dozen crazy sessions. My practice often involves touching in a manner that is sensual, and many of my clients are the wives of people I know!

I am a Massage Therapist, and an instructor 5 days a week at one of the local Colleges.

But the incidents of the past few months have changed me, and my "bedside Manner" has changed, too.

When Lee left me, I went into a depression so deep I didn't even go to work. I would have done anything for Lee, anything in the world. I would have died for her, she was everything.

That was the problem, she could make me do what she wanted, and in many ways, she was in control. Carey showed her what she wanted, a Man in control. He took her roughly, she was there for him, he decided when and where, and how.

Lee needed that, and she didn't even know it, our life was quiet, gentle, normal.

Then she saw me in a different light, first, I grabbed her and took her in almost anger, then I fought and won for her!

I saw her eyes sparkle with excitement, and the one thing that was lacking in her life. That one thing was a pure male protector, she felt safe and secure all of a sudden, and she just gave in to me.

Suddenly I was the big fish in the pond, I had lost weight, and the loss of the extra pounds made my already muscular upper body even more prominent!

It was an odd feeling to me in some ways, but suddenly I was the Master.

In my massage practice, many of the ladies I work with like a sensual touch, I found myself becoming more aggressive.

Most welcomed my touch, but a few would tense up, and I would be cautious when I sensed that. Aggressive is one thing, stupid is another, I could end up in a steel bedroom if I went over the line with the wrong person.

To be honest, I suddenly like the new me, I like being in control, and I like sex! I went over 20 years with woman after woman all but nude on my table, many wanted me, but I resisted, because of my wife. Also because I was " supposed" to, society dictates that.

Well, now it's the HELL with that!

So just over two weeks ago, I fucked a fellow therapist's wife senseless on my table, while my wife sat meekly in the other room! But I did feel a bit of guilt, so I allowed him to fuck Lee in return, it was fun, to be honest! I watched his wife Annie's big tits flop as I pounded her tight snatch, she had her legs spread as wide as she could get them considering she had some extra pounds on her. I liked the way she went "YUHH YUHH YUHH" as I stabbed at her! I also liked the way Lee's pussy rolled back as Dan's big mushroom headed dick pulled back against her, and the way her stomach began to ripple as she climaxed over and over!

As I sit here and write this, Lee is sitting in on the sofa. She is naked, that is the way I keep her at home. I threw away all of her undergarments, she isn't allowed any. As soon as I finish this story, I will have her pour me a nice drink, and then give me a nice blow job! I never used to care too much about that, but now I rather like the way her cheeks bulge out when I blow off inside her mouth!

Old Doc Barker, the Doctor who just did my blood tests? I just swapped the price of the tests for a package of my "Therapeutic" massage sessions...*LOL**

Her name is Anita, she is a 36 year old Redhead. She looks to be a natural one, too! She has the roundish face, freckles, the wireframe glasses. I noticed her at a party a few months ago, she likes to wear the criss-cross tops that leave a lot of cleavage.

I can hardly wait, she is coming over Wednesday evening.

I will bet I have her on her hands and knees with my cock up her butt in 30 minutes!

*LOL*...I will write and let you know how it goes.... my cock is hard just thinking about it.

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