tagFetishTaking Fate's Advise

Taking Fate's Advise


This story is mostly true I have embellished some for my pleasure and changed some names and places to protect people. It may be a lil slow at first but I feel you as the reader deserve to know the background to understand the love involved. Trust me it gets hot.

I met Mandy in a small town in Virginia when she was in junior high I was in high school at the time but god did I have the hots for her. We became friends in a short time but not the type of friends I wanted to be. You see Mandy was my dream girl a little Goth and tomboy and a body to die for. She wore glasses and always sent my pulse racing when I saw her. As time went on we went in and out of relationships during our friendship and lost contact sometimes ending up states apart. But it seemed that when one of us would really think about the other or wonder if the other was still doing well fate would intervene.

Fate always seemed to bring us back together but we always ignored it. The last time I saw Mandy I was engaged and she was getting married funny enough I was at her wedding and even walked her down the Aisle. Yea our friendship has many levels to it as much as I want to be the lover in her life I want her to be happy... even if it's not me. Now as we approach the 6th time fate has shoved us together I won't ignore it. Mandy is getting divorced and I never married but we both have kids. I have a little girl I raise on my own and Mandy has a little Son on her own as her divorce settles. This is where we are now that you are caught up let's dive in...

Mandy was given my number by a mutual friend I had just bumped into a few weeks ago and out of the blue she calls me up sayin we should meet after the last 4yrs of not seeing one another so I agree easily. I tell her we should meet for dinner at her place and she gives me directions but wow she is in a different town about an hour away. I tell her I'll shower and be on my way. As for me I'm 5'7 shaved head with a goatee and foo man Chu moustache I weigh 215 and built like a linebacker. I have a nice size prize too 7.5 cut and thick too something I enjoy sharing every chance I get. Anyways the drive sucked but was worth it I was dressed in all black boots slacks and silk button short sleeve shirt.

I get to Mandy's door ring her bell as my pulse races and can't wait to see my longtime friend. She answers the door in a knockout Goth outfit tight leather pants with a corset fishnet top combo. Dark eyeliner and hair pulled back into a tight ponytail and those sexy librarian glasses she looks at me and laughs at the look on my face. Hey john I know my tits look good but don't stand there all night (and they did look good too nice b-cups that were perky as hell). Get in here and eat she says or the food will get cold I walk in and smack her tight ass and our friendship is just as it used to be. The food smells good just like you do Mandy I dunno what I want first you or the food. Mandy turned around slammed her hand into my chest and tells me look bub nothing is gonna happen unless I want it to and I... I stop her right there pulling her to me pressing her lips to mine for the first time enjoying her soft lips and taste.She pulls back and steps away she starts to say something I stop her saying don't speak listen I've waited years to be the man in your life and we both ignored it at first after all the years I'm not waiting if you won't take fate's hint I will.

I reach out grabbing her by the ass pulling her towards me once again locking our lips ramming my tongue into her mouth. I pick her up by her ass while she wraps her long legs around me caressing her ass and back while probing her mouth with my tongue and feeling her tongue ring in my mouth. I carry her into the dining room slamming her 115 pounds onto the table smearing salad all over. God you're so hot I tell her pulling away from our kiss while she is fumbling with my zipper to get to the raging hard on she feels against her leg. My god how big is it John!! Hurry up and you'll find out I tell her as I rip her top off and tossing pieces onto the table and into the food. She finally gets my cock out staring at it you can see the lust in her green eyes. You've wanted that for awhile haven't you I've always wondered what it looked like john but in school you weren't my type. Well your lustful expression and grip tell me now it's all you want. God I want it give it to me john right now she says laying back onto the table and lifts her ass inviting me to it. I grab a steak knife slicing off one side of her pants as I slice the other side she moans in delight. She grabs her pants tossing them on the table exposing her perfectly shaved mound and pierced clit dripping with desire. I jam the steak knife into the table by her thigh as I jam my tongue into her waiting slit feeling her wetness fill my mouth.

Take me now John she screams as she forces my face into her mound Ahh GOD!!!!! I'm Cumming so fucking much!!!!!!!! Taste it!! Drink it all you dirty boy she screams. I rip my face away from her mound as her body convulses on the table from her massive release. I I can't believe that how did you make me cummm like that!!! That's nothing Mandy were just getting started I tell her as I take off the rest of my clothes. She stares at my hard cock in wonder as it drips precum on the table I grip it jerking it's length oozing more out on to her foot. She reaches down wiping it with a finger and lifting it to her mouth to taste me.

You like my taste don't you Mandy and you want more so cum get it I grab her leg dragging her across the table I spin her around knocking food all over her sweaty body and the floor. I stop her face first right in front of me and laugh hey Mandy remember all the times we played spin the bottle. Well you're the bottle now she starts to speak but I shove the head of my throbbing cock right in to her open lips. I start shoving more in and she gags and I'm not even a 4th of the way in I pull out Mandy you poor girl if you can't take it how are you going to enjoy all I have to offer your perfect body. She looks up at me smile's that warm smile I missed over the years please john show me how teach me to take it. She slides off the table and drops to her knees gripping my wet cock in both hands and stroking it please john fill my mouth let me drink you. Alright Mandy if you want it I won't hold back I'll let you have it I tell her. She smiles looking in to my eyes as she envelopes the head in her tiny mouth slowly taking more and more. I grab a hand full of her pony tail as I push more into her mouth. Hmmm just like that Mandy take it I can feel your drool on my balls as my cock twitches in your mouth. Mandy starts fingering her clit as she picks up speed on my shaft.

I start to feel that great feeling from deep down as my balls tense to coat her tonsils with my man juice. Ohh god yessss just like that Mandy don't stop alllmost there Fuck I'm CUMMING I'm Cumminggg ohh yes!!!!!!!! As my first shot blasts out she gags and my cock pops out shooting round two onto her face and glasses she recover and opens her mouth as my 3rd shot hits her tongue and my 4th. Ohhh fuck Mandy it's so much god it feels so fucking good as I buckle onto a chair and shoot a 5th shot in her hair.

My body covered in sweat and feeling like I ran 5 miles Mandy stands up and straddles my softening cock as she shoves her tongue down my throat as I feel my hot load sliding between our mouths I can feel my cock stir. My cummm tasting sweet as we share a kiss she pulls away while wiping her fingers across her perfect face to get my spent load and licking it up. Fuck john do you always cumm like this or was this special just for me she says with a smile. Mandy my dear you have no clue what I have been saving for you all these years but I swear you'll find out soon. Now what we going to do about the dinner that we are wearing instead of eating I ask as I stand up my cock getting hard again just at the sight of the little minx in front of me. First shower then order pizza she tells me while pulling me by the cock into her bathroom besides John things are finally just getting started.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my first story I look forward to you comments as I continue on with my adventures.

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