Taking Her


His appointment was scheduled for 2pm in her office. She was the lawyer's assistant he was sent to see about getting his estate documents in final form. He wasn't expecting such an attractive woman and he couldn't help staring at her beautiful face, long hot legs and sexy body. Her breasts were straining against the tight fabric of her top. She too seemed to be attracted to him and he caught her looking at his crotch a few times.

His stares became much bolder and he openly appraised her tits as she watched him do it. There was a sexual tension building between them as the estate questions were asked and answered. After a while, she went to get some forms from the filing cabinet and got up to walk to the other side of the room. He liked the short skirt and the spiked stiletto heels. He liked her ass and the way she moved. She bent over the file and stayed in that position for a while as she went through the forms. He knew she was posing like this for his benefit and when she started to stand up straight, she realized that he was standing directly behind her. She could feel the closeness of his body. She was afraid to turn to face him and just stood frozen in that spot. Her body trembled as she felt his hands on her shoulders. "Don't move," he said caressing her shoulders and arms as he stood behind her.

His hands were large and encompassed an entire shoulder in each one. As he did this again, he reached forward and touched her breasts softly and began to caress her from the neck to the hardening nipple tips. His hands ran down her arms and over her hips then back up to her hard tit flesh. Then he caressed her just above her panties before moving up again. She was trembling as this bold and dominating stranger touched her so erotically. Her senses were confused. He was a total stranger to her and this was her office. And yet, here he was touching her body as if he owned her. Could this be happening? She knew she should stop him.

He took the files from her hands and placed them on top of the low cabinet. His hands now took hers and placed the palms flat on the wall in front of her. "Keep your hands on the wall," he whispered in her ear. He pulled her hips back so she could feel his crotch pressed hard into her from behind. She was scared and excited at the same time. He pulled up her tight blouse over her breasts and let it rest just under her armpits. She felt the fear of what was going to happen to her. "Please don't," she pleaded softly through her ragged breath. But she remained there with her hands on the wall. He unsnapped her bra in the back and let it fall forward. A quick rush of breath escaped from her as his fingers touched her naked breasts and brushed against her swelling nipples. His large rough hands held the full tits as he pinched her nipples and pulled them out. He rolled them between his fingers and heard her pleading moan, "Please, you can't. Please," she exhaled through aroused lips. But she was helpless to stop this delicious assault. Was he going to rape her was her next thought. And, if this was rape, why didn't she fight him?

He reached under her arms now and pulled the blouse and bra completely off. She was naked from the waist up and stood there motionless in only her tight skirt wondering what was next. Again his fingers were on her tits and pinching more urgently on her nipples. He had increased the pressure and the pain was completely masked by the exquisite pleasure. She felt so aroused that she thought she would cum just from his caresses. Her hair was pushed to the side and his lips were on her neck as he continued mauling her big tits. Without realizing it she pushed her hips back into him, needing to feel his hard cock wedged firmly in her ass crack. He was using her inflamed body as his toy. His tongue and then his teeth were on her neck and wetness was forming between her legs. Slight moans were coming from her lips and she had lost all control to stop him. Her palms were still glued to the wall where he told her to put them. She was totally exposed to his hands. He occasionally dropped his hands from her chest to take her hips and pull her back against him. He was hard and her ass needed to feel the pressure of his cock. He grabbed and squeezed her ass before moving to her breasts again.

Pulling her hair back, and taking a shoulder to direct her, he moved her from the wall and back to the desk. Still behind her, he pressed her forward until she began to bend her torso onto the thick glass top. The cold glass was a jolt to her inflamed nipples but also aroused her in a strange way. She was face down and half naked on the desk as he placed her hands so they gripped the far edge of the desk. She was bent over and spread out for him. "Don't move your hands," he told her.

"Please, don't hurt me," she begged him. He ignored her and reached down and pulled the hem of her tight skirt up all the way above her hips. It sat there like a wide black belt on her waist. He saw that she was wearing a black thong above her thigh high stockings. Her ass pointed out invitingly. A hand dropped to her ass and then down between her legs to pull the thong to one side and rest the thin string halfway over her ass cheek. She knew he was looking at her naked body bent over and ready for him to take; to fuck; to rape.

"Oh God," she thought, "he's going to fuck me right here on my desk." Her cunt betrayed her fear. It was soaking wet. His finger parted the aroused lips and ran the full length of the opening. The wetness made a swishing noise and she knew he could feel her total erotic submission. The finger moved insistently along the inflamed pussy. Without thinking, she moved her stiletto heels farther apart so he could get at her more easily. She was spreading herself open for him. She wanted this total stranger to fuck her right there on her desk at work. She only cared about this insistent sexual need she had. She needed his cock buried in her. She wanted to be fucked hard. She was a submissive slut for him and she knew it.

She heard him undo his belt and pull down the zipper. Her hands gripped the glass table tightly in anticipation. He was going to fuck her. She was trembling with sexual tension. Her ass was up and opened and waited for him. His pants fell to the floor and he kicked them away as he placed his hard cock head at her opening. He ran it up and down her crack and she pushed back trying to force it into her waiting cunt. But he was taking his time and continued to rub it along her slit and then on her clit. The contact with her clit made her jump. He was driving her crazy with his cock. She wanted it so badly. Her breathing was tortured and erratic as he teased her pussy with only his cock head. Then she said it, not being able to control her needs. "Fuck me," she cried out, "please fuck me." He had turned her into a cock-hungry whore, she thought, and she needed her release. With that he placed his fat cock head directly into her opening and she immediately pushed her ass back and drove him fully into her. The total length of his hardness was now embedded in her and she was moving her ass on him like a stripper. His hands gripped her hips and pulled her back and forth on his cock. He took her hair in one hand and used it to pull her onto him. She was in a sexual frenzy as she was being brutally fucked by this total stranger. She was out of control and moaning for him to keep fucking her and could feel her orgasm building quickly. "I'm almost there," she panted, "make me cum." She felt the sensation start to roll through her body as he fucked her savagely from behind and pounded against her helpless ass. And then she came with an explosive rush of erotic sensation. Every nerve ending was alive and overloaded. "Oh God, I'm cumming,," she repeated again and again as he too erupted and began to fill her with hot cum. His cock twitched and spasmed inside her and she continued to roll from one orgasm to another. His cock filled her to overflowing and cum began to drip onto the carpet. Her cunt was producing an enormous amount of fuck-juice from the continual and shattering climaxes. Her stocking tops were dripping with the mixture as their fucking began to slow. She lay motionless on the table with the stranger's cock buried completely inside her wanton body. The feeling was exciting and erotic and dangerous all at the same time.

Finally he pulled out of her and another gush of liquid spilled down on the floor and ran down her black stockings. She didn't move but just lay there feeling the afterglow of the erotic moment. Her hands still held onto the desktop where he had ordered her to place them.

"Get up," he said. At last she got up from the glass table and turned around to find him dressed and sitting in the original chair he occupied when he came in. Her breasts were exposed and her nipples still hard and extended. Her skirt was still around her waist and her thong off to the side. Her dripping pussy was fully exposed. Her legs were covered with his cum as it ran like a river down her black nylons. She leaned back against the desk and made no move to clean up or get dressed. Her breathing was coming back to normal and she didn't try to stop the flow or clean up. It felt good. She reached for her handbag and pulled out a compact and lipstick and carefully re-did her lips and then her makeup. She was a beautiful woman. Even more beautiful after being so savagely fucked.

"So, where were we concerning the estate documents," he said looking up at her. "Unfortunately we're out of time. I have another appointment in just a few minutes. Maybe we can go over this tomorrow at the same time," she replied. Standing only a foot from him she finally adjusted her thong, pulled down her rumpled skirt and reached for her bra and blouse. His hand reached out and a finger scooped up some cum from her stockings. He stood up and rubbed it onto her thong-covered pussy. "Tomorrow will be fine," he said.

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