tagLoving WivesTaking Instructions

Taking Instructions


You get home one evening to find that I am not there but on table in the foyer is a vase with a single rose and note in a fine envelope sitting under it. The envelope says simply "for Helena."

You open the envelope to find an embroidered invitation and piece of paper. The invitation simply states:

"My Darling Helena, Please join me for an evening of pleasure at 10pm."

On the piece of bonded paper inside are typed instructions to take a bath, pamper yourself, put on your sexiest dress and go to our favorite hotel, room 11500. It also has a disclaimer that reads: "When you arrive, you will receive further instructions. You must come without reservation and with complete trust. You will be treated tenderly and with affection."

You know from our time together that I like to plan elaborate, erotic adventures, and you have gained a great trust in me. We have explored all parts of our erotic fantasies together, so you do not hesitate to accept the invitation. In fact, you are already getting very excited.

You go into the bath room to find it set up with candles, sweet music playing and tub full of water, oils and everything you like at the perfect temperature. You think that I must not be far away to have this all set up and perfect when you arrive. You strip out of your work clothes, sink into the tub and begin to soak in the luxurious, deep bath. Your mind wanders to our previous erotic adventures and you drift away.

After a bit, you get out of the tub, fully relaxed. You must have slept because all of a sudden on the counter is a glass of red wine at the perfect temperature. You smile to yourself knowing I am actually near. You start to get ready.

You have plenty of time, so you move deliberately picking the clothes you know I adore starting from the stockings to the panties to the dress and the jewelry I bought for you on our various trips. Before you slip everything on, though, you want to make sure you are ready underneath. You apply all the scents and specialties that make you smell and feel beautiful. Then you dress. You are feeling very sexy tonight.

When you are just ready, the doorbell rings. You answer to find a chauffeur at the door. He tells you that you needn't worry about driving tonight. He has been hired to take you where you want to go. He helps you with your things and lets you in the door of the limousine. Inside you find more of your favorite wines and a collection of your favorite romantic and sexy music He enters the car and drives you the distance to the hotel. When you reach the hotel, the door to the car is opened for you and you are greeted by name, "Please come this way." There is no waiting in the lobby of the hotel. Everything is arranged. You are taken to a special elevator that only leads to the penthouse suite. You enter and the bell boy goes with you and presses the button. You are whizzed up to the top floor and the door opens.

"Have a good evening," the bell boy says. You exit the elevator, the doors closing behind you, and find yourself in an exquisite room with large windows and a view of the city. It has full furnishings of a luxury apartment. You walk around but seem to be alone. Finally you see on the bar another red rose in a vase and another note. You open it and read:

"Please go into the bed room. When you enter sit on the bed. There will be another envelope. Follow the directions exactly. Please do this in full agreement with the instructions or not at all. You will be treated tenderly and with affection."

You are getting excited again. What a strange game, you think. But you want to follow the instructions so you walk back to the bedroom, your high heels clicking on the floor as you walk."

The room is beautiful and the four post bed is the most exquisite your have seen. You see the next envelope and a long silk scarf. You sit on the bed and read the new instructions.

"My darling. To proceed to your fullest pleasure, you must follow these instructions. First, if you have worn panties, please remove them. Then sit on the bed and take this silk scarf, use it as a blindfold and tie it behind your head. Make sure you are unable to see. Once this is completed, please sit quietly on the bed. The rest will be my task. You will be treated tenderly and with much affection."

Hmmmm.... You think. This is getting stranger by the minute. But it is very erotic and you trust me to treat you well. So you reach under your dress and hook your thumbs in your sexy panties.

You see yourself in the mirror at this point looking amazing and are slightly bent over, your dress around your waist and removing you precious panties. The site is so erotic, you feel the dampness form between your legs.

Sliding the panties off, you then sit on the bed and lift the silk scarf. It is white and feels wonderful and smooth. Nothing scary about this, you think. You put it over your eyes and tie it behind. Then you sit, hands in your lap and wait.

You wait and wait in the dark. It takes a while. You lose track of time. It could be minutes that pass but it seems longer, maybe 45min or an hour, hard to know.

Suddenly you hear a sound. The doors to the elevator opened. Someone has entered the outer room and is walking toward the door. You can hear the footsteps getting closer. The door to the bedroom was half open so you do not hear it move, but the sound of men's shoes stops as it is dampened by the carpet. Someone is in the room. You feel his presence. He draws close to you. Now you can even smell the scent of him. You think, Michael has different cologne on tonight... stronger... richer. Your heart beats fast as you are completely aware but unable to see what is going on.

You feel a man's hand gently brush back your hair. He is gentle. He takes your chin and guide your head up. You feel a very gentle kiss. Sweet and nice. You want a deeper kiss and lean forward but fingers touch your lips instead. No more kisses. The message is clear.

He guides you to a standing position. You feel him behind you. You feel him examining you, your body. He is appraising you. Now he is behind you. His breath is on your neck. He kisses it and the same time you feel him press against you, reach around and take your breasts into his hands. Your bum presses against his waist. You feel him, his hardness against you. He kisses your neck and shoulders while fondling you through your dress. Then he removes his hands and you feel the zipper of your dress begin to come down. Your dress is pushed from your shoulders and removed to the ground. On the way down you feel kisses along your back to your lower back and to your bum. You feel his hands grasp your waste and him all but bury his face in your bum and lower areas, his tongue licking and caressing every part of your lower body, naughty places you would not expect. You are now dripping wet.

Now you feel a wisp of silk across your skin and the man gently takes your hands and brings them together in front of you. He ties them with another silk scarf. The feel of the material is nice but you definitely cannot break the bond. It is comfortable but tight and wound around your wrists. Oh my you think. I am at his mercy. He turns you toward the bed. Places your hands on the mattress and proceeds to work you into position. You are now bent over, hands supporting in front of you, your legs apart and your bum in the air. Not a word has been said between you. You feel his hands move up your legs, slowly. He is kneeling again behind you. He strokes your ankles, your calves your thighs. Then he moves to your inner thighs and higher. His fingers find your pussy and your bum. He spreads you open. You once again feel him press his face against you but he is more active this time. He enters you with his tongue and licks along the length up to where you bum is met. He spreads your cheeks and lick you there as well inserting his tongue fully while his fingers now enter your pussy and he plays with your button with his thumb while moving them in and out. The feeling is incredible and naughty. The thought of it all brings you to near orgasm. You hear yourself moaning and squealing as if it was someone else. The pressure is building up.

Suddenly he stops.

He turns you back around and guides you to your knees where you find a nice cushion under youryou. You hear him unbuckle his belt and lower the zipper on his pants. At the sound you are so wet you feel it running down your thighs. You feel something touch your lips. Your instincts tell you to part your lips. But something is not what you expected. The scent. It is not man but woman. It is you on his fingers. He inserts his fingers between your lips. You are so turned on, so eager, you will not refuse anything. You taste yourself and it is like an aphrodisiac, a sexual tonic. You cannot get enough. He moves his fingers around your mouth stretching your lips slightly at some points. The fingers withdrawal and are quickly replaced by his hard, thick cock. You bring your hands up to grasp it. He lets you. You want to do this. You want to kiss and lick and suck his cock. It is making you crazy. Your senses are powerful and alive. He is getting bigger. You think, this is so exciting, I want to make him orgasm. You think about him shooting out all over you and you want this. But he pulls back. He lifts you back to your feet and gently lays you on the bed. He spreads your stocking covered legs. You feel his tongue one more time at your your pussy but he is only getting you ready. He is about to enter you. You can feel his cock at your entrance.

It is only then that it passes through your mind. The notes were not signed. You have not seen this man. You have not heard him. He has a different cologne than Michael, and he is about to enter you. You cannot be sure this is Michael. Fuck. It must be. He know all about your fantasies, your wants, your need for tenderness. It must be your husband. But you cannot be sure and this makes you so incredibly excited. He enters you.

You are in a fit of ecstasy. The man leans over you. Starts to kiss you. You think of resisting but you are past that point. You are too engaged. You could not fight him anyway. He is clearly a big man like Michael. It must be him. You thrust your hips into his burying him deep. He moves in and out of you. The pace is getting rapid. He is deep and hard and thick. It feels familiar but different. You think, it is the scent that makes it all seem different. He smells different. But maybe Michael just wore something else tonight. You no longer care you are getting near. He is swelling. The incredible feeling is too much to fight, too much to bear much longer. You orgasm...

It is the most intense orgasm you can remember. Then, you feel him pull out and the next thing you feel is him shooting all over you, your chest, your stomach, your thighs. It is warm and there is a lot of it. This makes your orgasm even more intense. You love this feeling. Michael knows that. But why pull out. There is no need now that your are married and trying. Your doubt creep back in. Who just made love to me?

The man gently lays you back an cleans you with a warm towel. He pulls the soft covers over you then unties your bound hands. You go to remove the blindfold. Anxious to see your love, but he stops you. Pushes your hands back down and places another envelope in them.

You hear him shuffle out of the room. You are emotionally drained and ready to rest, but you must know. Finally you lift your blindfold. The room is all but the same as when you entered. The new envelope is at your side. You open it:

"My darling, Helena. Enjoy the room. Have a rest and a relaxing day tomorrow. You did wonderfully." Nothing. No indication. Whoever it was (you are sure it was your Michael), it was fantastic. You close your eyes and sleep deeply having wonderful erotic thoughts. You orgasm at least one more time in your sleep.

In the morning you wake and go out into the living room. There you find me reading. "Good morning, my love. Did you have a nice rest?" You nod and lean down to kiss me. I am wearing my normal cologne. Fuck, you think.

"I apologize my darling. I had a sudden project. I wanted to surprise you with the room. You obviously got my text. I came in and you were sound asleep. I didn't want to bother you, so I slept on the couch." I get up and head into the bedroom.

Your back it to me as you sit wondering. He is playing with me, you think. He must be, no doubt it. It had to be Michael. You are desperate, frustrated.

Suddenly you feel it. I drape a silk scarf over your shoulder. "Happy Anniversary," say, "I feel so bad, I had it all planned out. A real adventure, and I was called away. No matter, we will definitely have some fun tonight."

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by Anonymous

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by SuddenThunder04/22/15

didn't do anything for me....

I'm not Helena. And I sure as hell don't want to spend an evening of pleasure with you. Sorry.

Second person is hard to write and 2nd person erotica is almost impossible.

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by Lickideesplit04/22/15

Second-person PoV SUX

Except for the written instructions, the vast majority of the interaction between the two lovers is NARRATED! GMAFBreak!

I, as the reader, am NOT in this story! Certainly hard to imagine myself beingmore...

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by Tigersman10/20/14


This is a very erotic story. The wife will always be wondering if her lover was her husband or a stranger. What makes it even better is apparently her husband and the stranger had the same size cocks.

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