Taking Joy


It was a company soiree on a massive cruise ship. I was one of ten lucky employees and their spouses that had been chosen to attend the week long getaway. Well, I had no spouse. But Tom from upper management did. Joy was her name. And with all the different foods and booze the ship had on board, none of it seemed as delectable or intoxicating as her. With all the activities and games the staff provided, none of it looked as engaging or exciting as seeing her in that dress. That black gown, heavy with shimmering beads sewn into the soft material, held up only by two thin shoulder straps above a full, ample pair of breasts. The kind of breasts that seemed to crave attention all the time. For three days aboard that ship, trapped in the middle of the ocean, she and I exchanged long flirtatious stares and engaged in witty chit-chat while her husband was BSing with his other coworkers. I knew I could have her if I could only get her alone. And so, I hatched plan and let her in on it.

The party was in full swing. It was late into the night, and most everyone was drunk and dancing. The DJ blared familiar favorites out of speakers that shook the very air of the room. And thousands of tiny lights partially illuminated the room from the constant spiral of a mirror ball. I spotted Joy, in that dress, dancing with her husband. The way that black cloth hung from her body made it seem that it wanted to fall around ankles, exposing her to everyone at any moment.

As I sat at the bar watching her, the maintenance man who worked on the ship approached me. I greeted him with a smile as I reached into my jacket pocket. "Is everything ready?" I asked him, pulling out my wallet.

"Yes, sir," he said confidently. "Your practical joke should work out fine. Getting back at your coworkers, are ya?"

"Not exactly," I told him. I took out a few bills and paused. "Now, you are sure that only the lights will go out, but..."

"But the music will still be playing," he said with a confident nod. "Don't you worry none, sir. The lights and sound system are on separate switches."

"And you're sure you can keep them off for 15 minutes?"

The maintenance man nodded and I gave him the money. I saw Joy pass me a knowing smirk.

I then made my way to the DJ and requested several songs to be played, all of them loud and blaring. When the first one started up I made my way through the crowded dance floor, to Tom and his lovely wife.

Tom was having the time of his life, laughing and dancing with drunken abandon. I had to tap his shoulder several times (and quite hard) to get is attention.

He turned and gave me happy smile. "Dominic!" he yelled, shaking my hand.

"Domino," I corrected politely. "Would you mind if I danced with Joy?"

"Take her!" he answered jubilantly. "She's all yours!" He let out a big laugh that was subdued by the music. Oh, how right he was. More than he realized.

He gave his wife a kiss on the cheek before stumbling away to the bar. Without saying a word I looked at Joy, took her in my arms, and we began to slow dance as the beats pounded loud and fast. We did not bother with conversation by trying to shout over the music while in such close proximity. Hearing took a back seat as our other senses took over. I felt her arms encircle my waist from inside my open blazer. They were warm, smooth and strong arms with hands and fingers that played along my lower back. My hands were on her waist, fingers opening and closing against the beads of her gown. Her swollen tits were pressed hard against me, causing them to bulge upward on verge of spilling out. I felt my cock harden and press up against her abdomen. Her sultry eyes glanced downward as she started to turn her body back and forth, rubbing her beaded dress against the swelling front of my slacks. Looking back up at me, she grinned with mischief in her eyes. The air was thick with the smell of sweat, booze, and her perfume. My hands wandered to her upper and lower back, pawing, daring to explore. Somehow, one of her shoulder straps fell to the side, allowing one of her juicy breasts to pop out. It was perfect, the nipple exposed, waiting to be sucked.

Then the lights went out and all went black.

As we continued to dance we felt the others on the dance floor brushing past us, vacating the area. The music continued as all my confused coworkers filtered out, leaving Joy and I alone surrounded only by loud music and total darkness. When I was sure it was just us I cupped her bare breast and put mouth on it. I felt her hand press against the back of my head, urging me on. The delicious nipple found a happy home between my lips, tongue and teeth. My other hand released her other breast and then they both were mine! I sucked and licked and pressed them together around my face. I traced her cleavage with my tongue and teased her nubs with my fingertips. Then her lips met mine in a fiery kiss. Our tongues reached deeply at each other, wrestling, playing, fucking. We kissed until our heads got light and then kissed some more. All the while, her busy hands yanked at my belt, unbuckling it in a mad frenzy. Next came the zipper, then the button, then my boxers were yanked down. All at once it seemed she had grabbed my stiff cock with both hands, pumping it, stroking the skin up and down my monstrous shaft. It was both painful and pleasuring, but with her mouth locked with mine I could easily handle her rough treatment. Suddenly, she was on her knees, shoving my prick into her wet mouth. The shock of that sweet warmth nearly caused me to lose my balance. But she held me steady.

Joy's eager mouth was as strong as her hands' grip had been, only smoother and slicker. Her tongue had a mind of its own. Her lips formed a perfect plump "O" around my cock. And her pallet and back of her throat hugged and rubbed around my fat cockhead as I fucked the lovely face that I could not even see. Before too long I felt her rise up and turn around. She pulled up her gown and rubbed her bare ass cheeks against me. I felt that she was wearing some kind of thong. So, I bent her over, reached deep into the crack of her shapely ass, and pulled the string to one side. There was no time to waste. I had to have her then a now. It did not matter that we were new lovers fumbling in the dark. My cock found its way into her dripping wet pussy with ease and little help from my hand. Not coming as soon as I was all the way inside her was one of my most difficult moments. I had to breath, relax, focus on the music as her velvet cunt snapped and sucked at the entire length of my cock. If it had not been for the preparing pleasure of her mouth beforehand, I am sure I would come from that sudden clench of pure ecstasy. Once I got my bearings there was no turning back. I gripped her shapely hips and began to fuck her mercilessly. She was so wet, so smooth inside and out. A hard fucking was what she needed and what she got. As the music pounded into our ears I pounded into her cunt. As darkness swallowed us her pussy swallowed me with each colliding impact.

We were still standing as we coupled on the dance floor. And I was leading our little dance with my hands on her hips. But somehow in the middle of it she was able push back, as if bracing against something. "She's probably pushing against a table or wall or column or something..." I remember thinking. All I knew was that it felt amazing. Letting go of one hip, I took the liberty of wedging the tip of my thumb into her asshole. As I did so she started to roll her hips pushing into my thumb and cock both. She was loving it. Soon, I had my entire thumb working in and out of her ass as I fucked her quivering cunt. Then I felt both her holes seize super tight around my digit and member. She was coming hard. I was able to pump maybe a dozen more times before having to pull out and coat her ass with hot jizz. My brain did a backflip as I felt her come-coated ass rub against my spent dick. I was fighting to breath, to remain standing.

Then every light in the room came back on.

It all happened in a blur. I yanked my boxers and slacks up as Joy stood and dropped the skirt of her dress down. And just on the other side of her, TOM HER HUSBAND was putting his dick back in his pants! "That's what she was bracing against!" I thought in shocked disbelief. As I zipped my fly, Joy turned to smile at me as she pulled her straps back over her shoulders. The faintest trail of come was leaking out of the corner of her smug mouth, her eyes sparkling with satisfaction. My jaw dropped. I glanced back at Tom, who was also grinning at me mischievously.

"Enjoy the rest of your vacation, Domino!" he said with a very sober laugh. He then took Joy by the arm and whisked her off the dance floor. As people began to file back into the area, I, too, took my leave.

Shortly after, I was alone in my room, trying to make heads or tails of the situation. "It's simple, you fool," I thought with a laugh. "I got the tail while her husband got the head! She had let him in on our plan. The player became the played."

To this day, whenever Tom sees me at work there is always the slightest glint of cockiness in his eye. It is a goodnatured cockiness, to be sure. There was never any trouble after the incident. I look back on it now fondly. Oh, how clever that woman was. How alluring! How utterly gratifying! It was a dance to remember, that night I took joy in taking Joy.

The End

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