Taking my Sister In


In record time my wife's pussy was clenching and spasming around my cock as she screamed out her orgasmic pleasure.

As she came down she rolled over panting with exertion. My sister climbed on top of her straddling her face and settling her cunt down onto my wife's mouth.

I'd never seen my wife eat pussy before and as far as I knew she never had but my sister immediately began grinding her pussy and humping as she grunted and groaned with newly rising excitement.

"Does my brother want to fuck his little sister's ass again?"

"Oh fuck yea." I said as I went over to where my sister's pussy was being serviced by my wife's tongue.

I looked down into my wife's eyes before I lined my cock back up with my sister's tight back door.

"Yeah, baby! Fuck your little sister's ass!" My wife encourage taking her mouth from my sister's pussy for a moment.

As I prepared to press in, my sister's head lowered down into my wife's cunt and as my wife moaned into my sister's pussy, I pushed my dick deep into her ass for the second time tonight.

As I began to fuck my sister's ass again I knew I couldn't hope to last long not having cum since I fucked her before, almost an hour earlier at this point.

I rocked back and forth, ramming my dick deep into my sister's tight ass as I listened to both women moan into each other's pussies.

I could feel my orgasm building quickly, and as my balls began to tighten I knew I would be blowing my load soon.

Suddenly my sister's ass clenched tight onto my cock as my sister screamed into my wife's cunt. I grabbed tight to her ass as I rammed my cock deep into her ass shooting my load deep into her pulsing ass, letting out a loud yell as I filled her ass with my cum.

My wife was the last to cum and she screamed louder than I've heard her scream as she came into my sister's mouth for a third time.

As I pulled my dick free of my sister's ass I bent down kissing my wife tasting my sister's juices on her tongue. Then my sister turned around, and her and my wife both licked my cock clean again.

Spent, the three of us collapsed into the bed, completely sated and exhausted, sleeping in a tangle of sex soaked bodies.

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Waaoow!very very hot This reminds me of the many years I had a threesome with my wife and her colleague.it was fantastic. They both told me that it was their first threesome experience and both wouldmore...

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