tagBDSMTaking Ownership

Taking Ownership


Chapter One


As he had instructed, she was naked and kneeling, near to the foot of the bed. She was facing the headboard so she could not see him enter the room, so she would be vulnerable to him.

She heard the door knob turn and her heart raced. In her mind, she kept repeating to herself what he had told her "Keep your head high, your eyes lowered and do not speak." It took every ounce of self-control to not look at him as he walked into the room. She wanted so much to see his face, to see his reaction of her here like this.

She could tell he was behind her now, as she held her breath, waiting for him to touch her. He ran his fingers playfully through her long hair, admiring the silky strands as they fell down around her shoulders. He stretched out his fingers, grabbing tightly at the nest of hair at the nape of her neck and held her hostage. She couldn't help but close her eyes and moan as her neck went limp into his hand. He grinned at her reaction.

"Good girl," he whispered into her ear, "Remember, your Master wants to know that he is pleasing you. You may show me in any way, but do not speak." She felt his breath on her neck while his other hand softly and slowly moved down her spine to her hips. His hand was fully open and rubbing, feeling, caressing her now. He continued downward, until his hand rested on the cheek of her ass. He rubbed softly in a circle, massaging for a moment, then reached back and brought his hand down swiftly on her cheek. Startled, she gasped and it made him smile. Just the reaction he hoped for. Her body tensed and grew stiff, not knowing if there would be another.

He removed his hand slowly from her hair and gave her a light kiss on her neck, lingering long enough for her to feel the heat of his breath. She turned her head towards him and moaned, her eyes still closed. She wanted him already and wondered how long he would make her wait.

Suddenly she felt his hand cup her heat, pushing up on it softly. His slipped his finger between her lips and into her wetness, circling around her clitoris. He felt her hips jerk a little and fall open into his hand. He chuckled at this. He found the opening to her sex and teased the rim of it, using her own juices to wet and tease her entire slit, up to her anus.

"Very nice, my pet," he spoke. "This pussy knows who it belongs to already." She could tell he was pleased by the tone in his voice.

He stood and came around to sit on the bed in front of her. She sat quietly, her palms face down on her thighs. Her body was quivering from excitement. He studied her for a moment, taking in her round, voluptuous shape, her full lips, her breasts rising in time with her deep breathing. Her entire body was covered in a fine sheen from her excitement. He leaned forward and cupped her face with his hands while he breathed in her lilac-scented hair. She smelled good enough to eat, but in due time, he thought to himself. He reached down to caress her breasts and watched her face as he slowly pinched her rose-colored nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Her eyes were barely open and her mouth fell open as he squeezed. Her chest raised as she gasped at the pinch. What a beautiful reaction. So simple, so expected. But she made it look exquisite.

He continued to squeeze her nipples as he spoke to her.

"Look at me Pet," he said softly.

She raised her eyes and met his gaze. He was looking at her with such love.

"After tonite, I will own you completely. You will be my slut tonite and do as I say. You will open every hole of yours for me, and you will take my cum in each of them. Do you understand me?"

She wanted to speak but couldn't. No one had ever talked to her like this before. No one had ever made her feel like this, she seemed caught in a dream.

Chapter Two


"Answer me. You may speak freely," he said.

"Yes, Master," she managed to push out softly between her lips.

"Yes, what?" he said, the tone in his voice growing a bit stern.

"Yes, Master. I am your slut tonite. Every part of my body is yours now, to do with as you wish, to use as you see fit. I am honored to accept your cum and will do my best to please you."

He chuckled at her response. It was a little more than he expected, but it pleased him and made his cock harden, nonetheless.

"That's very good. Now, I want you to suck my cock with that experienced little mouth of yours. You are not to waste any of my cum. And when you are finished, you will lick me clean with your tongue and thank me for everything I have just given you."

She sat in awe of him. Had someone else said that to her, she would have laughed at them and done everything her way. But it was his tone, both loving and firm, that made her want to please him. It was his tone that made her pussy throb uncontrollably now.

He smiled at her, and continued. "When you respond to me, I want you to rephrase what I have just told you and say it back to me in question form so that I know it is something you wish to do. If you do not wish to do what I command, you may say no, but there will be consequences. If this is the case, you will respond 'Only if it pleases you Master'. Now, how shall we proceed?"

She took a moment, searching for the right words and looked up at him. "Master, may I suck your cock with my little slut mouth?"

He smiled. She learns quickly, he thought. He sat silently waiting for the rest to come. She looked puzzled and not wanting to overdo it the first time with her, he offered it to her.

"Yes, my Pet. You may suck my cock. And what will you do with my cum?"

She giggled nervously, realizing her omission. This was so hard for her in some ways, she knew she was blushing and wondered if he could tell. "Please Master, may I suck your cock with my little slut mouth and swallow your cum? I wish to lick you clean afterwards and show my appreciation for your cum."

"Beautifully done," as he stroked her hair. "Now show me how well I have chosen," he said while standing up in front of her.

She reached up and undid his pants. She leaned into his crotch and breathed in his warm, musky smell. It made her pussy swell. She pulled down his pants and underthings, admiring his well muscled thighs. She pulled them off his feet and took care to fold his clothes neatly and place them on the bed. He smiled at her thoughtfulness. She was now focusing on him, her hands on the back of his calves, rubbing and massaging. She bent down and kissed the top of his feet very softly and continued up his shins, to his knees, and now his thighs. He moaned from the feel of her soft flesh pressing into him and from the feel of her silken hair brushing up against him. Her hands worked their way up and around his backside and caressed the wonderful mounds of muscle at the top of his legs. Her mouth now rested in front of his organ, which was pointing straight at her. She looked up at her new Master and smiled.

"Make me proud, my little slut." he grinned to her, pushing his hips towards her, beckoning her to take his swollen organ into her mouth. She smiled as she opened her mouth and welcomed his member. It stretched her tight, little mouth like a virgin cunt. He moaned and placed his hands on her shoulders. Her hands held firmly onto his ass, her fingers playing with his cheeks.

After sucking on it softly for a few strokes and coating it with her saliva, she pulled the organ out of her mouth and licked it up one side and down the other, all the while looking her Master directly in the eyes. What a wicked sub I have found, he thought. He gasped as he watched her open her mouth and almost in slow motion, devour his cock to the very base. Her nose buried in his pubic hair. It had been so long since he'd felt this way about a sub, that someone had devoured him without him demanding it. He knew she was the one. He knew they would experience many new heights together. He felt her throat tighten around the tip of his cock, sucking it, massaging it. Her choking sounds driving him crazy. He moved his hands to the nest of her hair and began pumping his hips into her mouth. She pulled herself into his hips and became his receptacle. He pumped and pumped, fucking her warm mouth until he couldn't stand it any longer. He grabbed tightly onto her and came explosively into her mouth. The elixir was watery and warm, and she moaned and gagged and swallowed all together. She had almost cum with him, but resisted and kept sucking and swallowing until he was empty. He sat down on the bed panting, leaning back on his elbows. He said nothing and waited to see if she remembered his instructions.

She leaned towards him and put his cock in her mouth and was slowly pumping on it, caressing it with her tongue. When it was spent, she held it gently in her hand and began to lick him clean. She licked around the shaft of his gift, she ran her tongue through his pubic hair, into the crease of his legs and finally, began suckling his balls. He moaned deeply and smiled lovingly at her. This was his favorite. A beautiful sub to suck his balls clean. He could not wait to fuck her and see her lick him clean of both of their juices. She was not shy and showed her skills well here. She teased the area around his anus, just under his balls. He could tell she enjoyed this. Her face was covered with his juices and those from her own mouth. She had no shame in pleasing him this way and he already loved her for that.

She continued to kiss his thighs and rub his calves, pleasing him, relaxing him until he motioned for her to sit up.

Chapter Three


"Come here, my Pet," as he patted on the bed, next to him. "I want you on all fours."

She smiled and climbed onto the bed next to him. As she waited next to him, he began to instruct her.

"Since we cannot always be together, I expect that when we are, you meet certain standards. One, that you are accessible to me, always. This means if I want to reach over and play with my pussy or spank you, there are no barriers to stop me, no pantyhose or underwear. Two, I want to see that you have been taking care of my property. This means you are clean and well-groomed. Finger and toe nails trimmed, painted if I desire. Elbows and heels will be soft. Your legs will always be shaved. Your hair will always be down so that I may do with it as I please, but it will in no way cover your face at any time. I want to see the reaction to whatever pain or pleasure I give you. Do you understand?" he spoke softly. He could see nothing but adoration on her face.

"Yes, Master. I will take care of your property." She couldn't take her eyes off him and the more he spoke, the more she thought she would explode. She didn't know if it was from what she felt in her heart for him, the intense feelings in such a short time, or if she would explode from what her body needed. But she knew a simple touch, a simple penetration would make her cum hard tonite.

"But most important of all," he continued "is that my pussy and ass are clean and ready for me to use as I want. Understand?"

"Yes Master." she purred, swaying her hips to help with her aching need.

"Now present your ass high for me. I want to inspect you." He said firmly and patted her bottom.

She felt his hands on the cheeks of her ass, spreading her open. It ignited her and embarrassed her at the same time. She felt him massaging and inspecting his new sub, judging the give in her flesh for the delicious torments he would deliver upon her. He ran his finger along her crack and stopped on her asshole, massaging and pushing gently with a moistened finger. She couldn't help but moan. Her clit was already going to explode and this act of anal lust made her want to lose it entirely. She wiggled her hips a little, pushing her ass into him, begging him to enter with anything.

He smacked her bottom hard. She was startled as he barked at her, "Be patient or you will not cum tonite."

"Please forgive me Master. I want you so." she whimpered.

Lovingly he rubbed her where his handprint now gleamed on her flesh. "You will be my slut tonite, there is no doubt about that. And you shall have me in every hole. But I will decide when and how. Another impatient gesture like that will get you punished."

"Forgive me Master," she choked.

"You are allowed your mistakes, my Pet. But be sure that you learn from them or you will not get what you want." And having said that, he took his other hand and began massaging the hot little pearl between her legs that now belonged to him between his finger and thumb while he continued to massage her asshole. He bent down and smelled the offering. She smelled so sweet, it made his cock come alive again. He lightly licked her pussy up to her asshole with the tip of his tongue and bit her cheek playfully. She squeeled softly and giggled.

"My pussy is very wet. Did you enjoy sucking my cock and drinking my cum?"

"Yes Master. You tasted wonderful." she purred.

"I think you have earned an orgasm. Would my pretty little sub like to cum?" he growled.

"Yes Master, I would love to cum for you." She tried hard to not wiggle her hips, to wait for his skilled hands to move against her, inside her.

Just when she almost couldn't help herself, she felt something wet on her asshole. Her Master had wet her with his spit and slowly began to work a finger into her puckered opening. She knew it wouldn't be long until she came.

"Open for me, Pet. I won't hurt you." She released a deep breath and pushed her ass even higher towards him. She felt her cheeks spread for him, her muscles relaxing, opening to him beautifully and he knew she would not have a problem taking his cock. Soon he had 2 fingers pumping deep inside her burning tight ass. Her moaning increased and breathing grew deeper, he knew she was close.

"Cum for me, my little slut." He coaxed her.

"Oh Master ....." she cried out and moaned deeply into the bed covers as she gathered and clenched them into her fists. Her hole tightened around his fingers. Her orgasm was hard and intense, it shook through her body with an almost violence that left her spent and covered in sweat. She was the picture of pure bliss and it made him increasingly aware of his own needs now, as his stiff cock bounced up and down from arousal.

He wanted to bury his tool deep inside her right then. But he had to show control. He was the Master here. He wanted to feel her heat on his cock and leaned in towards her and pushed the tip of his cock so it slid between the lips of his pussy, dripping with juices. He took his cock in his hand, rubbing it between her cunt lips and slapping her clit. This new pussy was like velvet around his cock, wrapping, grabbing, sucking and pulling at his manhood. Her clit was like a hard little pearl that he could feel grazing his swollen head with every pass. He pumped between her lips quickly until it made her absolutely crazy and she wiggled her hips again into him. He smacked her bottom hard. She gasped and realized what she had done again. She turned around to look at him with tears in her eyes and he only smiled at her. He rather enjoyed that she couldn't help herself. He enjoyed having to set her straight and knew there would be many opportunities like this one, as she was a feisty one.

She held herself still and prayed that he would enter her. She wanted him so badly. He knew he should stop now, otherwise he wouldn't be able to. He leaned forward and chuckled into her ear, "Do you think I would enter you from behind and deny myself the look of pleasure on your face as your Master takes you for the first time?"

She turned and smiled at him, knowing he was right.

"Now be a good slut and come clean your Master's cock."

Chapter Four


She obediently turned and began licking and sucking feverishly at his member. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning for him. He loved to watch her suck his cock. Never had he seen anyone love the act so much. She covered him with her mouth, devouring every inch of him mercilessly, her passion growing.

After a couple minutes he remembered his bearings. He still had an inspection to finish.

As he pulled her gently off him he saw the hurt in her eyes, thinking she was not pleasing him. He laughed aloud and pulled her to him. "You are merciless and if I let you continue, I will not have enough to fill the other two holes as I promised." She smiled and lowered her eyes, blushing at her insatiable ways.

"Now, let's finish this inspection. On your back, arms at your sides, legs spread."

Almost like he had done with her a thousand times before, he picked up her legs and began at her feet. His hands grazing over her, feeling for worn, rough spots, his nose close to her skin, smelling every inch of her, his fingers searching every crack and crevice, exploring his new property, delighting in her reactions to his touch. Then finally he came to her sex.

"Raise your knees to your chest and hold your legs open with your hands."

She felt humiliated in this position, like in a doctor's office during her yearly woman's exam. On display, being poked and prodded. She struggled to hold this position, despite her embarrassment. He sat between her legs now, resting back on his legs. She watched his face as he viewed her, waiting for his reaction.

He could see everything she had to offer. From the little puckered asshole he would own, up her silky slit, past her full stomach, to her round, firm breasts and her beautiful face, watching and waiting for his next command. He looked directly into her eyes and smiled. Her smile was so sweet, like candy itself. He wondered how many times she had gotten her way by simply smiling?

He broke their gaze as he ran both his hands down the backs of her thighs, kneading and massaging the muscle. She sighed and moaned, it felt so good. She had a little meat back here and he was anxious to work her backside with a strap or paddle. Her skin would glow so nicely, he thought. Leaving marks on his sub was something he did not take lightly. To him, marks from him were gifts that spoke of his love when he could not be with her. He bestowed them only to subs who would cherish them. Somehow, he knew she would.

He squeezed at her flesh hard and pinched at her, testing her. She gasped at the strength in his hands and lifted her head to meet his eyes. He tried hard to keep his expression blank while he studied hers. She already had a way of provoking him, egging him on and it drove him crazy. It was up to him: either she would be a handful if he wasn't careful or complete ecstasy if he trained her properly.

He pushed her legs even farther down towards her chest, lifting her full round bottom off the bed. She saw what he meant to do. He raised his hand and smacked her cheek hard, rubbing the sting into her. He saw the surprise on her face and he could feel the blood rushing into his loins again. He didn't give her time to gasp as he delivered the next smack. She was stiff at first but as the spanking continued, she surprised him. He felt her legs go heavy, almost limp and her eyes had closed. What a spectacular site: her breasts swaying in time with each blow she welcomed to her bottom, as if this is where she belonged all along. It only fueled him and made him relentless in his delivery.

He could see the juices dripping from her cunt, glistening at him. Her bottom was a nice shade of deep pink, but he would have it red before he took her completely.

He stopped the spanking abruptly and ran his fingernails over the afflicted area. She gasped and looked at him, wincing from the scraping while begging him with her eyes to continue. He smiled wickedly at her as he lay down on his stomach, perching up on his elbows...his face just inches from her dripping sex. He could feel the heat from her skin and kissed it gently in several places.

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