tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTaking Pictures Again Ch. 05

Taking Pictures Again Ch. 05


She was still breathing hard a few minutes later when she looked at the camera and crawled toward it on her hands and knees, purring provocatively, "Mmm. Now that was fun. Was it hot enough for you? See you next time. Muah!" she finished by blowing a kiss to the camera before she turned the camera off.

"Woman, I don't know what has gotten into you, but I like it. This is better than when we used to do it all the time." Tom said when he got his breath back. He started to get dressed.

"Wasn't that the point of this weekend? Didn't we want to jump back into this hobby with both feet? Can you hand me the bag, babe? I have a change of clothes for the next set. Don't worry, this time I won't be leaving you behind." she said, giggling.

"Here you go, babe." Tom said, tossing the bag to Tina. He went over to the camera and picked it up. He was changing the settings for the next series when Tina caught his eye. "Whoa. Damn Honey! When did you get that little number?" he asked when he saw what she had on.

Tina was wearing a white, tight fitting tube dress, which stopped well short of mid thigh. The bandeau style twist in front left a good portion of her cleavage out in view. It was tight enough to let everyone know Tina was wearing nothing but the dress. The material was thin enough that Tom could see the outline of Tina's nipples. She giggled as Tom raised the camera and began to take pictures.

"I take it you like it, huh?" she purred as she struck pose after pose for him in the clearing.

"Hell yeah I like it." he growled as the camera continued to click.

"Good. You think you like it now? You just wait until I use this on it." she said seductively as she pulled a big bottle of water out of her bag.

"Good lord woman...you are going to kill me this weekend." Tom exclaimed with a wicked grin on his face.

"Nah, I wouldn't do that babe. Who would I have all this fun with then?" she purred before abruptly turning and walking away from him and back toward the trail.

Tom watched her go for a few moments before finishing packing everything and joining her on the trail. They walked together hand in hand for a while, pointing things out to one another. Then they came upon a sign that stated the trail split in two different directions. One direction led to a stream, the other direction led further into the forest then up the hillside. Tom looked at the map that was part of the sign.

"Well, the streamside trail looks to be about a half mile stretch that ends at this other trail here. That trail is a three-mile loop and I don't think we have the time or supplies to go explore that one. This trail leads into the forest again then back up the hillside to that overlook deck up there. Which way do you want to go, honey?" Tom asked.

"I think I'd like to go see this stream. If the water is clean enough, we'll be able to drink this bottle of water instead of dumping it. Let's go this way." Tina answered as she tugged him toward the stream.

It didn't take them long to find the stream. Soon after they entered the next bit of forest, they heard the gurgling of a nicely flowing stream off to their right. It wasn't too long after hearing it that Tina saw it through the trees. She excitedly pointed through the trees and started to head that direction when Tom held her back.

"Let me go take a look first, honey. I have better shoes on for this type of thing. I'll make a trail for you first so hang out here for a moment. I'll be right back." he said. Tina looked down at her sandals and realized he was right. He took off his pack and carefully worked his way around the few vines growing in his path. He made a path to the water's edge then he looked up and down stream. He disappeared down stream. He had an excited look on his face when he returned to Tina.

"Ah, my hero returns." she giggled as he came bursting back onto the trail a few feet up from where he went in at. She could tell he was excited about something so she asked him, "What are you so excited about? What did you find?"

Tom grinned as she fired her questions at him. He picked up his pack and turned to face her. "You'll see. Come on, let's go." he said as he grabbed her hand and led her through the woods to the stream.

Tina looked out at the running water, judging it to be two feet deep and 30 feet across. It was crystal clear and she could see the bottom all the way across it. It had a lazy current to it. She tested it by throwing a stick out into the stream and watching it float slowly away from her. Then when the stick got to about 50 feet down stream, the stick suddenly stood up and disappeared.

"Tom, did you see that? Why did the stick disappear like that?" she asked, startled at the sticks erratic behavior. Tom chuckled at the look on her face.

"Yeah, I saw it. In fact, that is what I was so happy about a moment ago. Come on, I'll show you." he said, taking her hand and leading her along the water's edge. When they got to the spot, Tina immediately understood. There was a small, five-foot high waterfall right there. She spotted her stick floating it's way downstream, still doing lazy circles in the current.

"Oh my god, it is absolutely perfect! Oh we have to shoot something here, honey. It's way too sexy to pass up." she exclaimed excitedly and started to step into the water, heading for the edge of the waterfall. Tom reached out and stopped her quickly.

"Wait a minute honey. Those shoes will just dump you and this dress in the mud or on the rocks. Put these on your feet before you go into the water. They will grip the rocks on the bottom much better than your sandals." he said, handing her a pair of water shoes with spandex mesh tops and rubber bottoms. Tina eyed them skeptically.

"Those things aren't very sexy honey. How about I just go barefoot?" she asked as she stepped out of her sandals. She took a few steps into the water. "Ow, ow ow! OK, gimme those things." she exclaimed and reached out for the shoes.

Tom chuckled as he handed them to her. "Well if you'd given me more than a seconds notice I'd have pointed out all the sharp rocks on the bottom, honey. Besides, it doesn't matter if they're not sexy. They aren't going to be in the pictures anyway." he explained as she leaned against him, sliding on one shoe then the other. "So, do you have any plans for what to shoot here?" he asked.

"Not really. I just thought I'd head out into the water and go with the flow, so to speak. Why, do you have some ideas?" she asked as she waded out into the stream, getting used to the temperature of the water.

"Yeah. I got the idea from what you said about using the bottle of water. I was looking at the drop-off over there. The water has beaten away a little ledge at the bottom. It is about four-feet wide and pretty flat, perfect to stand on, and it places your boobs right at the level where the water flows over the edge. I thought we could do a few before and after shots. Come on over here, I'll show you what I mean." he said as he led her to the edge of the waterfall. She immediately spotted the ledge he was talking about, and it gave her ideas of her own. She decided they would go with his plan first, but she would have it her way after that.

"OK. You go get situated where you're going to shoot from. Do you want this to be a voyeur type series or am I posing for you?" she asked as he worked his way out into the water, carefully protecting the camera. She made her way to the edge of the water below the waterfall while Tom got himself positioned.

"I want you to pose for me. We got plenty of voyeur shots a while ago. Ok, now step out into the water and pause at that ledge I pointed out. Keep your back to the water but in it at the same time. I know it's cold but it'll make your nipples stand out great against that material.

Tina did as he asked, gasping slightly when the water first hit her. Tom smiled and she knew why. She didn't have to look down to know her nipples were like rocks poking against the fabric of her dress. When she got to the ledge, she paused for a moment.

"Ok, now when you're ready, lean back against the rocks and into the stream, let the water flow over your shoulders if you can." Tom directed.

"But the water will pull down my dress!" she exclaimed, playing at being shy as she crossed her arms and placed her hands on opposite shoulders.

"So what if it does? You're going to be taking the dress off in a few moments anyway, aren't you?" Tom said sternly, playing at being a rude photographer. "Now do what you're told or you're fired and I bring the next girl in." he finished.

"Oh, alright." Tina pouted, spreading her arms to her sides, partly for the pose and partly to steady herself. She slowly leaned back against the ledge and let the water do its work. The shot worked out perfectly. Tom set the camera for continuous shots and just held the button down. The water flowed beautifully over Tina's shoulders, missing her breasts at first. Then she shifted her position and it began running down her body. She held the pose for a few seconds before leaning forward out of the water again and striking a showgirl pose, turning her hips slightly sideways and thrusting her arms out to her sides as though to say, "LOOK AT ME!"

"That was awesome! Man, I can't wait to get home and look at these pictures and videos on the big monitor." Tom exclaimed as he strode toward Tina, sporting a very obvious erection.

"Me neither. But wait right there, I'm not done yet. I have another idea. You just start shooting now and I'll let you know when to stop." Tina ordered. Then she took off the water shoes and threw them to shore. then, standing barefoot in the water, she looked directly at the camera and began to slowly pull down her dress. She had the dress below her breasts when she abruptly looked over Tom's shoulder and paused, then she looked back at the camera and smiled seductively as she continued to roll the dress down her body. When she had the dress rolled down to her feet, she stepped out of it and unrolled it. Laying it flat in the water, she let it go with the current and told Tom to photo it as it drifted toward him. He did what she told him to do the he bent to pick up the dress and hung it over his shoulder as he resumed his duties as photographer. Tina carefully made her way to the edge of the water and climbed, nude, to the top of the waterfall. Tom continued taking photos the whole time. She made her way back to the center of the stream and Tom noticed the water got deeper the further out she went. She was waist deep when she settled into the water and floated on her back to the edge of the waterfall. Tom made his way to the waterfall and climbed up a bit for a better vantage point.

"Ok now hang on a moment. Let me get my feet set at the edge here. I think this is going to be cool." Tina said as she positioned herself at the edge of the waterfall. She got herself set so she was floating below the surface of the water with her pubic mound, her breasts, and her face the only parts of her body out of the water.

Tom immediately started shooting pictures in continuous stream to get as many as he could before she lost the pose. Then he shot a 10 second video clip before turning the camera off and wading to the water's edge. "You stay right there, woman. I am not through with you yet." he said.

He placed the camera and the dress on the ground and left his clothes there as well. When he turned around to get back in the water, he saw that Tina had started without him. He watched as she pinched her nipple with one hand as the other hand slid down her body to her pussy. She slid her fingers between her lips and slowly stroked her clit in a circular motion. She did this for a few moments and he just stood there and watched while his cock grew harder and harder. Without thinking Tom reached down and began to stroke himself slowly, in rhythm with Tina's clitoral strokes. She soon opened her eyes and looked his direction and smiled.

"Hold that pose right there." Tom said as he quickly bent down and picked up the camera, turning it on as he stood up. He brought the camera up to his face and pointed it her direction. He was focusing on Tina when he spotted some movement in the trees on the other side of the stream. He quickly zoomed in on that movement and spotted a bare foot as it slid behind a tree. He smiled to himself as he focused the camera on Tina once more. He took five pictures of her in that pose. Then as he was zooming in on her pussy and hand, he spotted the movement again and this time he was successful in catching their voyeur on film. He turned the camera off and set it back on the ground. Then he quickly joined Tina in the water.

He stood on the ledge below the waterfall. He took Tina's feet in his hands and helped her float to the edge of the waterfall so that her pussy was at his chest and her butt was against the edge of the rock. "You just lie there and let me do the work. Relax and I will rock your world." he said softly.

"Baby, you rock my world every day." Tina purred in response as he picked up her feet and placed her legs on his shoulders then he slowly lowered his face to her pussy. He licked up and down each lip, occasionally nibbling for a moment before moving on. Tina did her best to move her hips so that Tom's mouth would find its way to her clit, but Tom just moved away every time she got him close. He licked and nibbled his way slowly up the inside of her right leg to her knee then back down her leg to her pussy. Tina moaned as she reached for his hair to hold him in place. Tom simply pulled away from her grasp and pinched her butt very close to her asshole. Her hips jerked.

"Ouch! What are you doing?" Tina exclaimed.

"I told you to lie still and let me do the work. If you want to help, play with your nipples. I want to see them as hard as they've ever been. I love it when they stand up." Tom said as he slowly lowered his mouth to her pussy lips again.

"Mmm, lover. You are so good at that. I hate it when you tease me, but it is oh so worth it in the end. How's this, baby? Look at my tits baby. Do you like my nipples like this? Oh God yes. Push it in!" she exclaimed as Tom nibbled on her pussy lip and gently teased her ass with his finger.

"You know I love your tits, baby. I think you should get your nipples pierced. Pull on your nipples baby. That's it. Does that feel good?" Tom asked as Tina pulled her nipples hard enough to lift her breasts. He knew she was liking it because the more she pulled on her nipples, the wetter her pussy got.

"Oh god baby it hurts so good. It makes my pussy hot and wet. Can you taste that?" she asked, looking him in the eye as he continued nibbling her pussy lips, edging closer and closer to her clit. He held eye contact as he suddenly gave in and plunged his tongue between her lips into her pussy, scooping out as much of her juices as he could. "Oh my god yes! Oh don't you dare stop that." she exclaimed as she pulled on her nipples and squeezed her breasts in her hands hard enough to make them red.

Tom slid his hands under her ass and kneaded her ass in rhythm with the motion of his tongue in and out of her pussy. Her juices leaked out of her pussy and ran down across her asshole. He massaged the juices into her ass and quickly slid a thumb into her ass. He thumb fucked her ass while he tongue fucked her pussy. Tina gasped and whimpered as his strokes gained force and speed. She released on of her nipples and reached down to vigorously rub her clit. That was all it took. Her fingers hit her clit at the same time Tom thrust his tongue into her pussy and his thumb into her ass. She curled up and screamed as a full body orgasm ripped through her. Her legs squeezed Toms face tightly to her pussy. Her ass clenched repeatedly on Tom's thumb as her pussy all but squirted juice into Tom's waiting mouth. He continued to lap at her pussy as Tina slowly relaxed back into the water. She took her legs off his shoulders and wrapped them around his waist. Tom stood there for a few moments, lazily massaging her pussy lips with his fingers, carefully avoiding her clit because he knew that would get her started all over again.

"Holy shit. That was the best we've done in a long time. I love you so much." Tina purred as she sat up and wrapped her arms around Tom's neck. Tom responded by picking her up and taking a short step back. Then with her legs still wrapped around his back, he slowly slid her down his body and slid his rock hard cock into her still quivering pussy. "Oh! Well hello there, Tiger. I take it you had fun with that too." she purred into his ear as she began to rotate her hips and slowly fuck his cock while they stood there.

She began to nibble on his ear and neck as she squeezed his cock in her pussy. Tom squeezed her ass as she moved and Tina took this as direction and moved in concert with his hands. It wasn't long before Tina sensed his impending orgasm. She immediately started talking dirty to him, whispering in his ear and nibbling his neck.

"Oh yeah baby. Fuck my pussy with your hard cock. Mm you feel so good. Do you like my pussy on your cock? Are you going to fill me up? Come on baby, cum in me! Cum in my pussy!" she purred and moaned as she thrust her hips forcefully. Tom simply growled before squeezing her ass hard as his cock exploded into her pussy. This caused an unexpected orgasm for Tina and she exclaimed in surprise as her pussy clamped down on Tom's cock and pushed his cum back out as fast as it went in.

"Hmm. It just keeps getting better doesn't it baby?" Tom asked when he could speak again. He still had Tina in his arms but his now softening cock was slipping out of her pussy.

"Mmm hmm! It is going to be so tough to top this weekend. I can't believe we have another day after today." Tina said softly into Tom's shoulder.

"You sound tired baby. Wanna go back to the hotel?" he asked as he slowly slid his left foot back to find out where the edge was. He slowly stepped back and put both heels on that edge and adjusted Tina in his arms.

"No way baby! I wanna keep playing in the woods. I could even be converted to a country girl if you promise it's like this every time we go camping." she said before kissing him and hugging him tighter.

"Good. I don't wanna go back yet either. But I do wanna do this!" Tom exclaimed.

"What? What are you doing Ohmygod! Tom!!" Tina exclaimed as he let himself fall over backwards into the deep pool at the foot of the waterfall. They hit the water with a big splash. Tom immediately searched for firm footing and when he found it he stood up quickly with Tina still in his arms, though in a different position. He now had her as if he were carrying her across an imaginary threshold.

"You. Are. An. Asshole." Tina sputtered as they stood in the chest deep water.

"Ha ha ha. Well you love me anyway, don't ya baby?" Tom answered.

"You are SO lucky that I do, mister. Now put me down so I can swim over there and lie down for a bit, maybe give our audience a closer look at me." she whispered and winked.

"You noticed him too, huh? Do you want to help him out if he still need it?" he asked as he let go of her feet.

"No, I'll let him finish himself off but I have no intention of touching him or him touching me." she said, looking Tom in the eye.

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