tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTaking Pictures Again Ch. 08

Taking Pictures Again Ch. 08


"Where does that one lead?" she asked, pointing out the trail to Tom. He walked over to the sign that showed a map of the trails and looked for a few moments before returning to her.

"It's a short loop that leads to an observation tower. It looks to be about a quarter mile loop and it's paved. What was that look for? You just got an idea, didn't you?" he asked as the grin crossed Tina's face.

"Well I had planned on heading back to the hotel and modeling some outfits for you and demonstrating the toys I was talking about, but now I have an idea for the last remaining outfit in the bag. You wait here, I'll be right back." she said as she took the bag from Tom and headed for the bathrooms at the head of the trail.

When Tina comes out of the restroom, Tom is somewhat disappointed when he sees that she is now wearing a basic gray zip-front hooded sweatshirt and matching shorts, running shoes and socks. Tina giggles at the expression on his face.

"Oh honey, don't look so dejected. I promise you that this gray cloud has one sexy lining. Now let's head for that tower." she said as she tugged him toward the trail.

They walked the trail to the tower more quickly than they had the other trail they were on. So it wasn't long before they were at the base of the tower looking up. It was a typical observation tower with stairs zigzagging their way to the top. There were four landings along the way to a square platform at the top of the tower, perched 75 feet off the ground and clearing the top of the trees between it and town by 20 feet.

"Oh this is going to be perfect!" Tina exclaimed. "Give me a piece of paper and a pen then turn around." she ordered.

Tom dug in the bag and pulled out a small notepad and pen he kept in the bag for emergencies. He gave them to Tina and turned around.

Tina put the notepad against his back and wrote a short note. Then she tore the page out and put it in her pocket before giving Tom the notepad and pen.

"Here's my idea. I am going to climb the tower and you are going to shoot from the trail right about here. At each landing I am going to remove an article of clothing and toss it over the edge. You shoot the clothes as they float to the ground. I'll let you know when I get to the top so you can come up and join me."

"Sounds good." Tom answered as Tina turned and started up the stairs to the first landing.

When she got there, she stopped and bent over at the waist to remove her shoes. Tom quickly positioned himself to get some pictures of her behind as she was bent over. Then he backed up again as she turned and threw he shoes toward him. He made sure he got a picture of the shoes in midair. By the time he got the camera trained on Tina once more, she was already headed up the next flight of stairs. She stopped at the next landing and took off her socks. She smiled at him as she threw them to him. About halfway up the third flight of stairs, she tugged at the zipper on her sweatshirt.

Tom quickly zoomed in and followed her, hoping she would pause as she turned the corner to throw her top down to him. He was surprised to see a bare breast as she turned the corner of the landing and didn't stop at all, throwing the top while on the move. He followed her as best he could on that flight but she was moving quicker than he thought she'd be able to move. He still managed to get quite a few pictures of her from the side, catching her breast bouncing in some of them. When she reached the next landing, she stepped back from the edge to where he couldn't see her. It was only a moment before she threw her shorts over the edge to him. He got two pictures of them before they hit the ground. Then he turned the camera toward the top of the tower just in time to see a piece of paper come floating down to him. It dropped too quickly for him to catch so he took a picture of it as it hit the ground. He opened the note and read it before quickly dropping it on the ground, open, to take a picture of the note.

Then he quickly gathered her clothes and the note and raced to the top of the tower himself. He took out the camera and started taking pictures as soon as his eyes appeared at the top platform. True to her note, Tina was in the far corner of the tower, on her back, knees drawn toward her chest with her hand furiously working her pussy and clit.

Tom took as many pictures as he could before she ordered him to join her. He set the camera down and replaced her fingers with his tongue. Tina placed her hands on her breasts and began rolling her nipples in rhythm to the motions of Tom's tongue. He spread her lips wide with his fingers and circled her clit with his tongue slowly at first then gradually gaining speed.

"Oh god that is good. Open me wide baby. I want your tongue inside. Lick my g-spot like only you can do." she moaned.

Tom happily did as his wife ordered him to do. He used his fingers to open her pussy and thrust his tongue as deep as he could, licking the ripples on the roof of her pussy. Occasionally he flicked her clit with his tongue and it didn't take long before she wrapped her legs around his head while his tongue was inside her, holding him there. Moments later she came in a rush of fluids. He drank it all down and continued licking and nibbling until she told him to stop.

"So tell me, baby, was it good for you?" she asked sheepishly before she covered his face with kisses and licked her juiced from his lips and chin.

"It always is baby! Even if I don't..." Tom answered but was interrupted by sudden banging and motion of the tower. He leaned over the edge and looked down. The look on his face told Tina all she needed to know, even before he told her.

"You gotta get dressed! We have a bunch of kids coming our way!" he exclaimed to her. He turned to see that she was already pulling her sweat shirt and shorts out of the bag. She was dressed and zipping up the sweatshirt when the first of the kids came onto the platform, completely oblivious to the couple there with him.

He ran to the edge and looked over, telling the rest of his group to hurry up.

Tina looked at Tom and smiled as she put her shoes on without socks. They took a few more family friendly pictures at the top of the tower with the city in the background before returning to the car.

They managed to get inside and shut the doors before bursting into hysterical laughter. Tom was first to calm down as Tina, still laughing, unzipped her sweatshirt and shrugged out of it. She reclined her seat as far as it would go, then lifted her hips and pulled down her shorts too.

"What are you doing?" Tom stammered as his wife proceeded to get naked beside him.

"I am doing exactly what you suggested before the tower. I am going to ride all the way back to the hotel naked and stay that way until I get into our room. Then you are going to join me and together we are going to do things we have never done before. So you better get us moving, buster." she said. Then she reached into a side compartment of the bag and took out a flesh colored dildo roughly the same size as Tom's own cock.

Tom watched mesmerized as Tina turned the base of the dildo and it started vibrating.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Tina demanded as she inserted the dildo into her pussy in one shot.

Tom didn't need to be told again. He put the car in gear and squealed the tires as he pulled out of the parking lot.

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