Taking Rose


The darkening skies signaled the end of the day. As evening set in and the night came on, Rose felt the longing again. She tried to keep busy. She cleaned the house, washed the dishes. There was simply no escape from the growing desire in her body. The television did its best to hold her mind. Alone in a house seldom filled with passion, she spent days waiting for his return.

The object of her desire spent his days alone too. Each day filled with the next grueling task, John's hands and mind were always busy. He could stand the days without concern. The oil rig for which he worked was a dangerous place. Only steady determination and a will to keep one's mind on task avoided injury or worse. The smell of Rose and the touch of her skin only seeped into his world at night. Nights were all too different from the days.

Back home, Rose spent her nights in a similar fashion. The dream came and went. The feelings it brought were always the same. The heat. The all powerful arms around her. She knows they are dreams, only they are too real. She can feel his breath on her skin. The touch of his hands on her body are more than she can endure. The evidence in her soaked panties reveals the need building inside of her. Only the touch of a man can stop the torment in her body. Granted, the two small children keep her busy. But they are not a substitute for the arms of a man and the feeling of release she craves. If not for these two reminders of her love, she may well give in and look for consolation elsewhere. But she loves John and would never betray his trust, consciously.

The internet was a wonderful way to keep in touch. Each night at 8;00p.m. Rose and John would meet online. They would talk, passing on the usual information husbands and wives share. Maria got another tooth, Little Johnnie was in trouble at school today. The conversations were normal and helped each to feel closer to the other. Until his 15 minutes were up. The company was happy to help employees stay in touch at home, but only for 15 minutes per day. After that, Rose was left with a blank screen where her husband had been. She began to look around more after each visit. It wasn't long before she started to converse regularly with several other people who were always there. She joked and had fun. It was nice to have someone to "talk"to on a regular basis. She even confided to one friend her predicament. This lady's help started a series of events worthy of telling.

Some one named marge22 gave Rose an address to "help" her with her feelings and to get some self applied relief. The stories were a totally new experience for young Rose. She had read romance novels in the past, but wow, this was more. The tales of sex and sexuality were enough to bring her out of a shell. She became a regular here as well. She even noticed that some of her favorite stories were by one author. Just for kicks, she sent off several messages to tell the unknown author how much she enjoyed the work.

She soon learned to lose more of her initial fear and secrecy as they conversed freely. Asking if he could write a story for her was a simple joke one evening. Of course he promised to try. He would need some information though, and she must be honest. He wanted to know many personal facts. These would be his basis of information to cull a story from. So she passed on her vitally important information- height, weight, bust, hair, eyes, hips, favorite positions, etc. once satisfied he had what he needed, he promised to get down to work as soon as possible. Little did she know just how important the information was to become. The two new friends conversed regularly. Soon the two began to have cybersex and Rose was hooked. She could not believe how quickly she could orgasm under his guidance. It seemed all he had to do was tell her he was there and touching her, and the waves began to roll.

This went on for a couple months. The chatting, the cybersex, the incredible orgasms alone in her bedroom. One night he asked if she would like to do this live instead of online. Rose did not know what to say. She loved John with all her heart, but her body craved a man. She explained she couldn't willingly betray her marriage. He had an idea. He could sneak into the house, and attack her. Taking her by force, she could remain true to her vows and convictions. All Rose had to do, aside from giving him directions and an address, was leave the back door unlocked. He could take care of the rest. It took her three nights to respond. When she did it was a simple message- Thursday night, listed address, kids will not be home, I will be online waiting. The stage was set.

The appointed evening came and found Rose stationed at her computer. She had left the back door open as requested. All over her body tingled with anticipation. Again and again she tried to send a message to her author friend- no response. She did not hear the back door close, and lock. As she sat typing a response to a lady from nowhere, a hand closed around her mouth. Before she could react, her hands were caught by one strong hand. "Don't be alarmed and don't make a sound Rose and I will not hurt you,"was all she heard.

The hand on her mouth relaxed and she took a breath. The unseen hand quickly produced and applied handcuffs to her wrists. Next a blindfold covered her eyes. She was a captive. The voice began again, "you are more beautiful than I imagined my dear. We are going to have such fun together."

Rose pleaded quietly to be set free and left alone. She couldn't go through with it. "Please," she begged.

"It is too late to back out. That is why I have blindfolded you Rose. There is no way you can identify me."

Once he was satisfied she was totally blinded, the man pulled her to the floor. She heard another pair of cuffs click and found she was now cuffed to the leg of her own desk. Her arms totally useless to her now and her eyes covered she whimpered once more for release.

"Release you will have my pretty, over and over again." was the response to her pleads. And then he covered her mouth with his.

Kissing Rose hard and passionately, he forced his tongue into her mouth. She shrunk away and tried to turn her head. Grabbing her by the jaw, he did it again. Breaking the lock on her lips he traced his way down her chin and past her throat with his tongue. Telling her as he did so how wonderful her lips finally felt in real life. Complimenting the way her skin tasted. He slowly worked his way down to the collar of her long nightshirt. Leaving it intact, he moved to her knees. Her resistence gone, she allowed him to begin to kiss and lick his way up from her knees. Long soft kisses followed by his hot breath on her skin and his tongue teasing its way up her leg.

Bound as she was, Rose could not escape. Even if she had wanted to. The kissing and licking had her body begging for more. By the time he had reached the hem of her nightshirt on the first leg her nipples had hardened to a point she was afraid they would burst. As his mouth reached it the second time, she could feel a wetness of anticipation seeping through her panties. Her moans were all the encouragement he needed.

When Rose began to moan, her captor slid his hands across her covered breasts and began to squeeze. "Do you want me to stop?" he asked. Squeezing harder he kept asking questions, "Do you like my hands on your tits? Would you like my lips on them? Tell me how much you need me to fuck you." all the while he stroked her nipples and kneaded her soft tits. Her panties were totally soaked when she felt his mouth on her lips kissing them again. She reached up with her head and buried her tongue in his mouth. Trying so hard to feel herself become one with him. Thrusting her hips into him and moaning all the while. She almost whimpered when he pulled away from the kiss. Until she felt his next move.

Carefully he slid his hands under her shirt and pulled her panties off. Seeing how wet they had become, he tossed them aside and continued his slow assault up her legs with his mouth. Upon reaching the top of her thigh, he pushed them apart and quickly parted her puffy lips with his tongue. Stabbing into her with it and sliding it up out of her swollen lips and across her trembling clit. Before she could catch her breath, his lips locked on it, and sucked hard on the hard little nub of clit. At that moment she exploded.

Weeks of not having the touch of a man and the ungodly teasing she had endured now caught up with her. Her orgasm flashed through her body as she twisted and cried out. The long nights of masturbating could not give her a release like this. Her whole body shook and she put forth what seemed to be gallons of cum. He held her tight with his hands under her ass and sucked/licked every drop as her body offered it to his hungry mouth. When she settled down he let go of her ass and began to stroke her body. As her breathing returned to normal, he kissed her on the mouth again, and told her to relax.

With one orgasm done, he pulled her shirt up over her head and onto her bound arms. Finally he was seeing her entire naked body. God she was beautiful, he thought. Soft, full 36C tits, a small bump of baby belly with a few fading stretch marks, and full hips. Although not a tall lady at 5'2" she was sculpted in perfect proportion in his eye. His hands quickly found the soft full tits and started their kneading and squeezing again. Now exposed for his pleasure, he sucked lightly on the nipples. Circling the nipples and aureola with his tongue. Her body responded immediately and they hardened once more. He stopped long enough to remove his own clothes.

When Rose felt him pull away, she begged for more. In only a few seconds she felt his skin contact hers. Almost at once, her body flooded with heat and anticipation again. The cum he had so lovingly licked from her pussy began to ooze from her with new zeal. She raised her hips and begged of him, "Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me anyway you want, but please, fuck me now!"

The stranger did not give her what she wanted just yet. He was hard a rock and a drop of pre cum had slipped from the end of his dick, but he wasn't willing to fuck her just now. His dick slowly parted the puffy lips of her pussy. A moan escaped her mouth and her hip reached up. Carefully he kept just the tip of his dick between her lips. Rubbing up and down across her entrance. Moaning and twisting she tried desperately to penetrate herself with his body. He just kept stroking her slowly and squeezing her tits. Rose thought she was going to die she was so excited. Her pussy was dripping, her nipples hard as steel, her body aching for penetration, and then it happened. Thrusting hard and burying himself to the hilt he nearly split poor Rose in two. No restraint, no slow entrance for her body to adjust. He just plowed deeply into her body and held her tight. Withdrawing after a moment, he hammered himself into her again. This time she was prepared. The inner walls of her body now pried open so violently were accepting. His assault on her delicate tissues raged on while her senses did their best to turn her inside out.

The deep hammering strokes were having an unreal effect on her. Each time as he hit bottom her hips pushed back at him demanding more. Animalistic need to fuck and be fucked had taken over both of their bodies. The stranger never changing his pace or angle of entry, Rose never stopping her return thrusting with her hips. He could feel the tightening in his body and the sweat that was popping up on his back. He knew he was about to cum. Before he could reach his climax, Rose toppled over into another one of her own. She bucked, cried out, and dug her fingernails into the carpeted floor. All the while he kept the pace of stabbing her with his dick and grinding his groin into hers. When her orgasm seemed to fade slightly and she lay quietly under him, he stopped and pulled out of her completely soaked pussy.

He pulled from his jacket pocket the key to the cuffs. Releasing her hands and rubbing the red marks the made on her wrists. Gently he caressed her face and kissed her lips. Finally freed of her bondage she flung the nightie aside and wrapped her arms around him. Returning his kiss as she rolled over and on top of him. Spent though she was, she slowly guided his dick back into her pussy and began to ride him with a gentleness he had never felt. As she leaned forward and worked her hips on him, his mouth sought out and found her tits again. She let out a muffled moan when his teeth pinched her nipple. It only took a few strokes and the explosion of his cumming had him twitching inside of her. His cum shooting out of his body and leaking out of hers as she rode him slowly. She repaid the favor of continued motion until his orgasm faded away and then collapsed on top of him.

An hour passed before she awoke. Having rolled off of him in her sleep she found herself alone and naked on the floor. He was gone. The handcuffs he had used to restrain her were gone. All that remained was the blindfold, partially slid off of her eyes, and a note. If not for the note, her nakedness, and the mixture of their cum all over her and the floor, she would have thought it all a dream. Pulling the blindfold off as she rolled over, she grabbed the note and read.

My dearest Rose,

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I. Your body is too beautiful to see and touch to be left so alone. I plan to return on an as needed basis to take you. You are now mine. You will soon enough know who I am. You will soon enough find a need to feel me inside of you again. Until next time I leave you with these to help you remember to be quiet, and compliant.

Under the short note were several Polaroid pictures. Each one was carefully taken to show not only her naked body, but also her face. She shivered and slowly got up to head for the shower. Wondering when and where she would feel him touching and penetrating her again. She knew the note was correct, she would need him again. A feeling of comfort came to her as she realized it was also correct- he owned her now.

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