tagNon-EroticTaking the Plunge

Taking the Plunge


It seemed strange to be standing in the Doctor's office naked to the waist.

There was a Nurse and two physicians there, both men. The older man, Doctor Tillman, was busy drawing little lines on me. The nurse just stayed out of the way.

It tickled, I stifled a giggle. The younger man, Don Hansett looked up at me and smiled. I had already noticed that his eyes were darting to my bare breasts and away.

I am also a Doctor, a G/P. The only reason I was here in the first place was due to an accident.

Sally, my friend, my roommate, and also my one time Supervisor at the Health Clinic I used to work at was in the outer office.

I still wasn't able to drive. We had been on the way back from the beach, just a day out, a couple of women having fun and enjoying the day. It had been hot, too hot, so we stopped for some ice cream. Sally got out, and made just a few steps when a pickup truck jumped the curb, ran down the sidewalk, knocked over a mailbox. Then it jumped the curb into the parking lot, hit me broadside in the driver's door.

I had only had time to turn my head. I woke up days later in the hospital. Left arm shattered, (of course I am left handed) left leg broken, ribs broken. My face was badly swollen, my long thin nose that I always hated was badly broken, laid almost sideways on my face. One cheekbone was smashed.

It wasn't good.

I had cried when I saw my face. I have never been what anyone could call beautiful, at least by magazine standards. And I hated my nose, it was long and thin and looked like it should belong to someone else. Now I was horribly ugly!

They put my arm back together, it will be a long time before I type 80 words per minute again, but I will. My leg is healing, it itches though.

Now it was time to try and fix my face. I insisted I wanted to be put back exactly the way I was. Something in me insisted, it took me awhile to realize it was just fear.

Well, I have faced fear before, I steeled myself. Doctor Hansett was to do the facial surgery, he showed me options he could do. He also mentioned a tiny bit of snugging up would take out some of the lines that were daily becoming more obvious. He used a computer screen to show me the different looks, I was indifferent, still insisting on just the way I was. Then one combination caught my eye.

He sensed my hesitation, expanded the look, pulled the lines out of my face. I was suddenly interested.

I liked it, I would look 30 again, and finally a nose that fit my face, no more ski slope.

I laughed out loud, "That one!" almost giddy at the idea.

"Then I will need new breasts." I kidded.

"No reason why not."

I just looked at him.

So here I stood, naked to the waist, one man looking at me in obvious enjoyment, the other drawing on me. The whole thing was unreal, exciting.

I felt the marker touch my nipples, he drew a line around each one. I almost fell to my knees, they both realized, of course. My nipples were extended a full half inch.


"Yes, very."

Doctor Tillman spoke briefly to Doctor Hansett.

"The surgery can cause you to lose sensation." Doctor Tillman said, matter of factly.

"But we do have another option."

He reached out with a warm cloth, removed the markings, and drew a tiny line under each breast.

"If we go in this way, it saves the sensation. But we won't do as large an enhancement."

"How large?" I asked.

"To keep the incision as small as possible, oh, say perhaps a "C" cup."

I looked down at myself, now not quite a "B", closer to and "A". In fact, bras have just one function on me, they help to make an evening gown look right.

A "C" cup! God.

I made my decision.

"OK. Let's do it."

Doctor Tillman did the paperwork, I signed the disclaimer. Everything done at once, new nose, new breasts. I could feel the dull and steady ache in my left arm. New robot arm, too.

It was only one day later, I lay there as the mask came down over my face. I started the count as instructed, and just as I was starting to panic and change my mind I was out.

It was done.

I woke up hours later, it was dark. Within seconds, the door opened and the same Nurse from the day before came in.

"How you doin' honey?" she asked brightly.

Well, I felt sick, swollen, sore and generally a mess.

"All right."

"Good. No food for tonight, just rest and stay still."

I brought my right hand up to my breasts, bandages. I slept.

It was the next day when Doctor Tillman came in, followed by Doctor Hansett.

"Well, let's see."

I mumbled something in reply, off came the wrappings on my face. He held up a mirror, I looked at myself. Black eyes, puffy red cheeks, I was awful. But my nose! It was discolored, still puffed up, beautiful! The wrinkles around my eyes were gone. I could already see the change, even swollen.

"Now the other."

I sat up carefully, they unwrapped my upper body.

Someone else's breasts came into view! A full "C" cup, easily!

I started to cry. Doctor Hansett reached out and touched my hand. "We need you to stop that."

I did.

"May I?" he asked, pointing at my breasts.

I nodded, he reached out and lifted each one carefully, checking the incisions. They were very small. I used the mirror to check, the lines from the blade were still red, the flesh pulled together by tape instead of stitches. What I could see would have no scar or very little.

Then he touched my nipple on my right breast, the familiar tingle flooded though me. Both nipples crinkled and extended.



He smiled. "I think we have outdone ourselves, you will look 15 years younger."

"15 years?" I thought.

"And you will knock them dead on the beach in a Bikini!"

"What Bikini?" I grinned.

They left and Sally came in. The nurse was placing a support bandage under my breasts.

"Holy shit, girl! Look at those boobs!"

She gave me a gentle hug.

"Going to be all right."

Yes, I think so.


PS: Some of you asked for a picture, I never would. Now I will, just as soon as I heal up.

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