tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 04

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 04


For those that wanted to know more about Misha before he met Froo, here is his story and how he came to be in England which is where he met her and fell in love, and his time with Suzanne the woman in his past.

His passion for Suzanne becomes an obsession, as she plunges down into a self destructive whirlpool, so for those that believe that life's many experiences make up a rich and interesting tapestry....here is Misha's story.

To read about Misha and Froo please read the companion story Taking the Risk Chapter's 1-21 under Novels and Novella's.


Laughing they watched Letterman, her body draped over his on the couch. She lent against his back, her arms over his shoulders, her face looking over his right shoulder her body pressed against his back. He could feel her vibrate against him as she laughed out loud at the story that the actor being interviewed had told.

"Man, that guy just breaks me up. Just love his crazy English accent."

Misha grabbed the last piece of cold pizza out the box and bit into it. Over the past week everything had been going along smoothly. No repeat of that night when he had come home to find Suzanne drunk on his door step. She had been fun to be with and they had spent every night together, either at his place enjoying themselves or out with John, Robin, and Joanie.

It was if the beautiful woman draped over him was two different people, the sweet woman that was great fun to be with, or the loud, flamboyant and exhibitionistic party-girl that needed attention from men. Misha had gone each night to watch her rehearsals after work and then they would either go out or go home, enjoying each others company. At night they made love, their bodies craving each other, the sex hot and wild, Suzanne always enthusiastic and inventive leaving Misha wrung out and laying there, his body sated, and in wonder at this bundle of womanhood he had found.

"My mom is English like him," he nodded at the TV screen, "she came over here to the States when she met my dad."

"Does she talk like that actor, real funny?"

"No, she has a kind of mid Atlantic accent. I have family over in England that as kids we went over and visited during summer vacation. My Grandma and cousins, down in a place called Guildford, they talk more like him. How about your family? They all have a slight southern accent like you?"

"I only have my mom. She was a single mother, my dad ran off while she was pregnant with me. The bastard hasn't been seen since."

"No other family?

"They disowned my mom when she fell pregnant. Having a child without the ring around your finger was not the done thing in South Carolina where my mom came from. She left and settled in Augusta and had me. Never saw her family from that day to this."

Turning his head to hers over his shoulder he said, "I'm sorry."

"No need to be sugar, what you've never had, you don't miss."

But he knew she was lying, her could hear the wistfulness in her voice. The hurt and the rejection. He was beginning to understand her, what upset her. Turning completely around and grabbing her he pulled her down on the couch, moving his body over hers, and in a mock English Accent said, "Well what have I managed to catch here. A real honest to goodness Southern Belle, perhaps I had better capture her and claim her for England." Biting her neck, he heard her throaty laugh and in an even more pronounced mock Southern accent she drawled, "Well bless my little cotton socks, I do declare that this poor little Southern Belle has found herself in a difficult situation. Pray my good man, what is it you want from me?"

"To have my evil way." and Misha started to move down her body, biting and kissing his way down, his hands removing her clothes out of his way until he came to between her thighs where he looked up and laughing told her, "The things I do for mother England!" before he bent his head and with his tongue started to do things both their mothers would be shocked about.


Dmitri sat behind his desk in his office with Misha standing behind him looking out of the window onto the street below. "I know your aunt is being pushy, but she would like you to come by yourself to dinner. She wants you to meet Alice, no pressure Misha. Just come, meet her and that will be it."

"Dimi, I'm already seeing someone, and it would be both cruel to this girl that she wants me to meet, and puts me in a difficult position."

"Just humour her Mikhail. Once you've met her, you don't have to do anything else. I promise."

"Just this once to please her, but she has to realise that I don't need any help meeting people, and I'm very happy with Suzanne."

"Good, be around at eight. Don't wear the jeans. Now Henry tells me that you're doing fine, pulling your weight and he's please you're on his team."

Walking around the desk to sit in the chair opposite his uncle, one long leg sticking out by his ankle hooked onto his thigh he told him, "I love the work; it's what I wanted to do. Thanks for giving me this chance."

"No problem Misha. You know, you've always been my favourite nephew. You're so much like you father. He was a special person and I miss him still. When we were young he would always wait around to walk me home from school. We would stop off on the way, where he would always buy me some candy with the money that he had earned from working at mowing neighbours lawns or cleaning their cars at the weekend. A caring and generous man."

"Yeah I miss him too. When I was in the hospital and woke up after the accident he was sitting there next to me crying. It was the only time I ever saw him cry."

"He told me he was heartbroken that your dreams were going to be shattered."

"I was shattered at first, I'd been working towards my dream to make the cut to swim in the Olympics since I was young, but Dimi, I soon realised that while my dreams were shattered, I was lucky to be alive and still have my right leg. That soon put it all in perspective."

"But it would have been such an honour."

Leaning forward, his arms on his spread out thighs. "Mmm..... But it's no good looking back. I have other dreams, other plans now."

"What are they Misha?"

"To have my own video production company like yours Dmitri, one I can grow and be proud of. That one day will be the best around."

"Not lost your edge of competitiveness I see Misha."

"Nope, but I promise not to open it in New York when the time comes."

Smiling at the young man, so like his father in looks and personality he told him, "In the meantime don't disappoint your aunt and don't be late tomorrow night. It's not the only thing you've inherited from your father; you've got no sense of being on time."


Suzanne was screaming down the mobile at him, "So are you ashamed of me then?"

"No. You know I'm not. Suzanne it's just a family thing. My Aunt and Uncle asked me over and I promised to go."

"But not take me?"

"No Suzanne, I told you it's just a family thing."

"Then fuck off Misha."

The phone in his ear went dead, and he sat at the end of his bed, shoulders slumped. He should have known that she would have been angry and hurt at not being invited. But he was in a difficult position, wanting not to upset his aunt and uncle, not wanting to hurt Suzanne. He'd decided to go tonight and be polite and friendly, but now it had upset Suzy and he really didn't want to do that. Getting up and grabbing his trousers where they hung in the wardrobe, he slipped his legs into them, pulling on and then zipping them up, deciding he would deal with Suzy tomorrow once she had calmed down.

Later as he sat at his Aunt's large Art Deco maple dinning room table he asked Alice who was sitting opposite him what she was doing at the moment. Getting the obtuse and flat answer from the frizzy haired woman, "What right now? Visiting your Aunt and Uncle."

"No what I meant was what do you do for a job. You know work, career."

"Oh. I see. Work...."

"Yes, what do you do?"

His Aunt answered for her, "Alice is a clerk at her father's depot."

Nodding she told him, "It's over in the Meat Packing District."

"Really! I went to a great restaurant there the other week."

Reaching over to place more meat on her plate, she told Misha's aunt, "This is very good lamb."

"Thank you Alice."

Misha sat eating, the time dragging on as he tried to make small talk but finding it difficult. At the end of the meal as he helped clear the table his Aunt asked him, "Well Mikhail, what do you think. Do you like her?"

Putting his arm around her shoulder and kissing her cheek he tried to let her down carefully. "Helena, thanks for thinking of me and wanting to help me whilst I'm in a new town, but I've met someone I've gotten involved with. Believe me if we break up I promise to put Alice at the top of my list to ask out. It just isn't the right time now."

Looking up at her nephew she smiled, "She's not really your type is she?"


"Well it was worth a try. Her mother will be upset. She really wants to get her off of her hands."

"Mmmm. Have you tried Corey?"

"Yes but he's not as polite as you. He told me where to get off when I tried to set him up."

Laughing he kissed her on the cheek again. "Better get Cousin Jesse over from Westwood. He's next down the line."


Lying in bed later that night he heard his mobile ring. Rolling over in the bed he reached for it, looking at the time. Two thirty. Looking at the number he didn't recognise it so putting the phone to his ear he said, "Misha....?"

"Look, you don't know me, but I got your number from Suzanne. I think you need to come over right now."

"Who is this?"

"Arlene. I'm one of Suzanne's house mates. She's taken something and is crying. You need to come over right now."

Sitting up he asked her "What? What has she taken? Have you called for medical help?"

"She says she doesn't want anyone except you. Can you get here soon?"

"What has she taken? Is she alright?"

"Just get her soon. It's a bad trip. She's really in a bad panic, she's crying and asking for you."


"Just get here."

He got the address and quickly dressed whilst holding his phone to his ear and dialling for a cab. Grabbing his things he ran out the door and down the stairs to wait for the drive over to her place. When he got there he met Arlene who introduced herself and showed him into Suzanne's bedroom, where she sat hunched up on the bed, her arms wrapped around herself, rocking and wild eyed. Stepping over the mess on the floor of tangled clothes he climbed up on the bed and hugged her to him. "Suzy....Suzy....what are you doing to yourself."

Arlene and another girl stood in the doorway. "She hasn't done anything like this for over a year. Last time was when some guy she was going out with dumped her for someone else."

Suzanne's arms around his neck, her face tucked close into his neck, her shaking body curled up into his. He asked over head to the girl in the doorway, "How long ago did she take the tab?"

"Not completely sure, but I think sometime during the past four hours. She came home from the club early and went into her room and then we heard a lot of noise, came in and found her in this state."

"Get me some water and a cold flannel." Lying down on the bed holding her, he waited through the night for the bad trip to end, keeping her close, whispering in her ear words of comfort. Letting her know she wasn't alone. Sometime in the early hours of the morning she settled down quietly and then drifted off to sleep, leaving a strung out Misha holding her, his head pounding.

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