tagNovels and NovellasTaking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 15

Taking the Risk: Misha's Story Ch. 15


For those that wanted to know more about Misha before he met Froo, here is his story and how he came to be in England which is where he met her and fell in love,, and his time with Suzanne the woman in his past.

His passion for Suzanne becomes an obsession, as she plunges down into a self destructive whirlpool, so for those that believe that life's many experiences make up a rich and interesting tapestry....here is Misha's story.

To read about Misha and Froo please read the companion story Taking the Risk Chapter's 1-21 under Novels and Novella's.


He glanced across at her as she stared out the car window at the passing scenery, the look on her face curious. "Misha, this is really weird, driving on the wrong side of the road! I feel like we're going to crash at any moment."

"You'll get used to it."

The scenery changed as they left the Motorway, into the town of Guildford and as Misha manoeuvred the hire car across the town to the offices where they were going to pick up the keys to his their new home, Suzanne watched the people walking, going about their business in the Surrey town.

"This is Guildford Suzy, our place is over the other side of the town, slightly out of the centre, near the river."

"It looks so different...so provincial...so....I don't know....so English."

Laughing Misha told her, "Yeah...it is kind of middle England....wait until the weekend...we'll go up to London and you'll love that. It's fast and has a real pulse like New York....there is so much to see...and do...you'll love it. We can catch a show if you like...or go clubbing."

Settling back into the car seat, she replied, "Whatever...."

Pulling into a parking space near a row of shops in a side street, he looked across at her, "I know it seems a real contrast and upheaval, but give it a chance Suzy....This is our chance to make a real go of it....a new beginning...new home, new business, new life.....the opportunities are endless.....and we can have real fun exploring and working together to build that new life."

Getting out the car and walking over to the office to pick up the keys and paperwork, Suzanne held onto Misha's arm as if he was her life line, "Is there somewhere we can get something to eat and drink Misha before we go to the apartment.....I'm starving, the food on the plane was crap."

Looking around he noticed a small café. "Yeah, over there...we'll grab something first and then go to our new home. We'll need to get in some supplies to take with us. Do you want to stop off and get them on the way or later?"

"On the way..."

The man in the office sat them down and Misha signed the relevant paperwork, showing his identification.

"Here are the keys Mr Rubin, all the utilities have been turned on as per your instructions and here is the signed receipts for the furniture deliveries we took on your behalf last week. The bed and couches arrived and are placed in the flat.....I hope everything is as agreed. Please contact me if you have any problems...here is my card."

"Thanks.... "

Later in the café as they waited for the food to be served, Suzy whispered to Misha, "They all talk funny..."

"It's called an English accent Suzy....they think our accents are different.....we're the odd ones here."

Handing her some money he told her, "Here is some cash....you'll need it for various things...if you need more let me know."

Suzanne looked at it, "It's so odd. What is this one?"

"It's a twenty pound note....that's a ten....that's a five. The gold coins are one pound....you'll soon get used to them.....think roughly two of these to one dollar exchange rate."

"What is this strange looking one? It's a funny shape....?"

"Twenty pence,,,,,five of them make a pound..."

"Oh God, it's all so weird, the accent, the money, driving on the wrong side of the road.....even place smells different."

"It's called fresh air....we're in the middle of the countryside, Guildford is the biggest city in this area, but its still fairly small."

"Your kidding...this is a major city....Misha you're kidding!"

"No....London is an hour's drive up the A3, and the next nearest large towns are Dorking and Woking. But Guildford is the major one in this area."

"Why did I ever let you talk me into coming over with you.....I'm missing New York already."

As the waitress placed their food down in front of them, Misha told her, "Give it a chance Suzanne. I know it's a big change, but give it a chance." But he was worried. Deep down he knew that although this was his dream, it wasn't hers, and she was already looking like a fish out of water in this typical British town.


Laying on the big double bed, the only piece of furniture in the big bedroom, his arms behind his head, he watched her rummaging amongst the clothes from the cases at her feet. The rest of their stuff that was being shipped across was due to be delivered over the next couple of days, and the large apartment was bare apart from the bed and the big leather couch he had ordered over the internet and had delivered prior to them arriving.

"Do you like the place.....is it as I described?"

"Yeah...it's definitely bigger than your place in New York."

"Well you've got Carte Blanch to decorate it as you want....should be fun..." patting the bed he told her, "Come over here Suzy....lets christen the bed and make out!"

Giving him a long look she huffed, "I'm tired Misha....we've just travelled for eight hours on a plane, driven from the airport for a couple of hours to get here, messed around buying groceries and my body is telling me it's the middle of the night. The only christening of the bed I'm going to do is to make it up and get some sleep." Holding up a couple of sheets she walked over to the bed and told him, "Get off...NOW."

Rolling up off the bed, he grabbed the end of the sheet helping her to make up the bed, "I love it when you talk domineering to me like that."

"Shut up Misha and just make the bed."

As she leant over to tuck in the top end of the sheet he reached across, grabbing her and pulling her over onto her back, climbing up over her, his knees each side of her body, clamping her arms to her sides. Leaning down he tried to kiss her, but she moved her head to the side, "Stop it Misha, I'm tired....let me up."

"Not until you give me a kiss."

"Piss off...."

"Come on sweetheart, just one little kiss....."


Sitting up, he felt hurt...."Ok...if that's the way you want it...." Getting up he released her and walked into the bathroom. Turning on the shower he stripped off his clothes and stepped into the hot water spraying down on him. A few minutes later he felt her hand on his back.

"Misha...I'm sorry sugar....it's just that I'm tired and scared....it's all a bit overwhelming....."

Turning around he pulled her into the water, clothes and all, "I know baby....its going to be all right...I promise." and kissing her, the water soaking them he started to remove her clothes, "I love you...."

"I love you too sugar."

They made love on the bedroom carpet, realising that they had packed the towels in the stuff coming over in a couple of days, and not wanting to soak the bed and the only sheets they had with them. Their bodies rolling around, their hands and mouths rubbing and kissing each other, breasts, base of spine, backs of thighs, curve of neck, bellies and inside of thighs. Sighs and moans resounded around the barren room, curtain less windows let in the evening light from the waning moon, and the rough blond coloured carpet below them rubbed against sensitive skin as they moved.

Misha licked the moisture from her face and body from the shower, and Suzanne bit down hard on his tight small nipples causing him to jerk as the small pain radiated down to his already engorged prick, causing it to swell even further.

Watching as she turned her body around, presenting her small bottom to him, he knelt up on his knees and entered her doggy style, feeling the hot deep warmth of her tight vagina suck him down into her. Holding her waist with his two large hands and moving slightly back, he then pulled her towards him as he thrust back into her, hard and powerfully. Listening to her grunt as he bottomed out, hitting her cervix, he repeated the process, gathering up speed, moving in and out, his hips grinding and rolling as he moved, the erotic picture of her on all fours joined to him and the sucking and tight feel of her surrounding his cock pulled at him. He felt himself rising up to the powerful release as his balls, tingling and hot tightened up, all coherent thought leaving him as he exploded into her, panting and gasping with the effort and the pleasure.

Feeling her vibrate with her own orgasm around him, he knelt behind her, stroking her back listening to her own gasping release, and eventually he moved back releasing her as she rolled over onto her back on the floor, her body sprawled out on the floor before him, her small pointed breasts pointing up at him, her body glistening with a fine sheen of sweat.

Grabbing her hand he pulled her up, and they climbed into the bed, falling asleep within minutes, jet lag and sexual release claiming them and dragging them down into a dreamless sleep.


Days later they stood in the main room, discussing where to put the prints they had bought today in the town shopping mall. Suzanne had found the main shopping area and felt better, finding that she recognised so many outlets and shops from back home, as well as small individual boutique shops that she loved to rummage around in.

Last night they had spent time with his British family, and she had clung to him, just as she had at the family BBQ that time in California. But this time it was not so boisterous, with a buffet dinner in his mother's new home. His family here in the UK quiet and more reserved that his massive noisy family back home in LA. His cousin Amanda, the same age as Suzanne had invited her to go out tomorrow shopping in London, and Suzanne had jumped at the chance, as Misha was going to meet up with possible suppliers for his new business venture and would not be able to be with her.

"I'll take you to Knightsbridge Suzanne; there are two of our most famous stores, Harrods and Harvey Nichols there, you'll love them." Amanda told her.

Misha groaned along with the men around them. "Suzy, don't buy anything in those two stores for Gods sake....what ever you find we can get it cheaper elsewhere. Don't forget we have a budget."

Giving him a look, Suzanne told him, "I won't forget Misha, but if I see something I'll phone you....by the way will my mobile work here?"

A discussion started up about the best way to get a new mobile so that the costs would be kept down, and Misha relaxed as he watched Suzanne start to shine, subtly flirting with his male cousins and finding herself the centre of attention.

It was a place she always wanted to be, and he knew she loved. The centre of everyone's attention, and the way she kept hold of her fragile ego.

Mentally crossing his fingers he hoped it was all going to work out.

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