tagAnalTaking Turns

Taking Turns


This is just a work of fiction, hope you enjoy.

My girlfriend and I have an agreement: we trade off or rather, take turns. What that means is that each Monday I roll a die to see how many days she gets to use a strap-on on me. Sometimes it's an entire week sometimes it's 1 day, whichever it is we go by it. This morning I rolled a 3. So for the next 3 days she gets to fuck me all she wants and I, like the good little bitch I have to be, just get fucked. I never know what strap-on she'll use, we have a nice collection of them ranging in sizes and shapes. Some are small but curved just right for maximum effect. Others are massive, just huge pieces of sexual delight that stretch me out and make me cum. If it wasn't for the fact that I love pussy so much I'd be the biggest cock whore around. I mean I truly LOVE getting fucked in the ass. The feel of it. The kinky satisfaction it gives me when I cum over and over while being filled with something hard.

She decides that we're going out today, she goes into the bedroom and gets her bag where she'll put the strap-on and lube plus whatever else we might need (towels, blankets whatever). I go put on a pair of jogging pants and a jock. My dick and balls are simply too big to go without underwear but the jockstrap is perfect, it keeps everything in place while leaving my ass hole uncovered for easy access. I know that all she'll be wearing underneath her pants is the harness. Just thinking about what's in store is causing me to get hard but I've got to keep it under control, this is a marathon not a sprint. 3 days is a lot of fucking so there's plenty of time to get excited.

We get in the car, the bag setting pretty in the back seat like a prom queen teasing her date. The anticipation is one of the things I love the most. I mean yes the sex is amazing and important but the wait...oh man the wait is what gets me. Just knowing that my beautiful girlfriend if going to fuck me and I won't know with what is just delicious. The tension almost has a taste and it tastes a lot like cum and sweat. We drive around talking about our day. Just connecting after being apart all day. This is important I think to any relationship, that reconnection you need to do each day by letting that other person into your world again. Sex (pardon the pun) comes and goes but the mental aspect holds you together.

We keep driving around, she's doing this on purpose the minx, till finally she heads toward the park. One of my favorite places for taking her. We first met here, 2 years ago, and every so often we'll pack a bag and go on one of the trails for a little picnic. Looks like this time it's my turn to be the main course. As we pull down the drive that leads into the park I look over and see a sly smile spread across her face. She's up to something beyond the obvious. I'm not worried really, I know she won't do something dangerous but I am curious as to what she's thinking of. We park the car and get out, she grabs the bag before I can get it, and sets off toward our favorite trail. Not many people use this one, it's a rough climb. VERY steep in places. Out of all the times we've came here I think we've only ever met 2 people on this trail and the last time was over a year ago.

We walk/jog this trail nearly everyday, we both like to stay in shape and be fit and this trail gives one hell of a cardio workout. Today though we take our time just walking and talking. She still has that maddening sly smile on her face. I'm not just curious now I'm horny. I know that smile. I know this woman. Whatever it is it's going to be something special. I can not wait.

We head up a side path that is a, at times, near vertical climb. The park staff over the years have added a rope guide to hold on to as you climb. I mean this is a mean ass climb but the view from up top in amazing. You can see a huge section of the park stretch out beneath you, the trees and grass and wild flowers are just beautiful. She gets out the blanket and spreads in on the ground. We lay on it, looking at the clouds and catching our breath. Just beautiful.

She reaches over and pulls down my pants and jock and starts to suck me. She loves oral as much as I do, both in giving and receiving. We've never had a problem with any aspect of sex really, she's open to everything just like I am. I raise my hips up and she pulls my pants and jock completely off never once taking my dick from her mouth, I pull my shirt off and feel the breeze and sun on me. She stops only long enough to pull her top and bra off then turning around so that I can take off her pants. Just like I thought she's only wearing the harness. I start eating her out, just sucking her clit and lips, driving my tongue as deeply into her pussy as I can, tasting her juices. She has without doubt the best tasting pussy of any woman I've been with. After a few minutes my face is covered by her 'juices' and she moans loudly as she cums. I follow a few seconds later with my own orgasm. She turns and looks at me, just smiling that smile of hers, asks me if I'm ready. FUCK yes I'm ready!

She tells me to raise up and turn around, to stick my ass out and not peek. I do it, my body is just tingling with excitement, butterflies in my stomach and even tho I just came I start getting hard again. The excitement is just fucking incredible. We've never done this outside before, and I'm truly scared of someone coming and seeing me get the hell fucked out of my ass by my girlfriend. She squeezes some lube on my ass, pressing a couple of fingers into me, just slowly working them in and out, occasionally tapping my prostate to get me primed. She pulls her fingers out and moves behind me, I feel her press the head against my opening and push. It pops thru and it's big, the head is massive! She pulls out and pops it back in again, sliding more into me as she does. She whispers to me to get ready, and then pushes. It IS big! It's stretching me out more than I ever have been. She pulls it nearly out and then drives it back into me, I grunt from the size of this thing. She tells me that it's new and big. Bigger than 'Buzzard' the 8 inch we bought last year.

She keeps pulling nearly out and sliding back in more and more, I'm fuller than I've ever been and it's still going in, till finally I feel her legs against mine. She reaches around and starts jacking my dick, using the pre-cum that's coming out like a leaky faucet to slick it up. She starts pumping into me, first long and slow than short and hard. I'm moaning and growling as she changes her speed and tempo. It's fucking amazing!

She settles on a nice long stroke that drives me wild, I can hear myself telling her to fuck me, asking her for more. Begging. After a while, I truly don't know how long it's been, I cum. No touching anymore just the friction in my ass setting me off. The orgasm is hard, I jerk and pull away trying to get this monster out of my overly sensitive ass but she just grabs hold of my hips and pounds into me harder. I'm grunting and moaning, making noises I've never made before as she keeps up her pace. I can't believe the feeling, it's like every pleasure nerve in my body has suddenly moved into my ass and she's hitting them all. I hang my head down leaning on my arms, just trying to hold on to my thoughts but I can't. My minds drifting on and off with each stroke, like a set of windshield wipers on high. I cum for a third time, crying out at the intensity. Finally I feel her stiffen behind me, as she has her own orgasm.

She lays on my back panting, I can feel her hard nipples on my skin as she rubs them over me, shuddering as they add to her pleasure. She pulls out, I can feel the coolness of the air on my ass, and I reach back to feel my opening. It's huge, 3 fingers fit inside without any problem. I turn and look at her, she leaning back, panting from exertion, the dildo sticking up from her hips. The thing is a monster, WAY bigger than Buzzard. It's thick, with heavy realistic veins running up and down it's length and a wide head triangular that touched everything. I reach over and grasp it, stroking it. I can't believe that I had the entire thing in my ass. I can't believe just how good it felt either. I lay down beside her, pulling the harness off of her as she rolls over on my stomach kissing me. Her nipples are still hard, like pebbles and her pussy is still so wet that I can feel her juices run down my leg. She just looks at me, kisses me gently and with that same maddening smile she wore on the way over here asks me if I'm ready for the next 3 days.

How can you not love a woman like this.


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