tagNovels and NovellasTalking with Debbie Ch. 02

Talking with Debbie Ch. 02


After our argument when I had confessed that Debbie having sex with someone else was my fantasy, we had been rather sheepish around each other. The next morning she had come down and made breakfast and simply carried on as if nothing had happened. Our conversation was stilted but we managed to talk about some items in the Sunday papers and as the day progressed the awkwardness lifted. By the next day I thought that maybe it had been put behind us and no damage had been done.

However, the public airing of my fantasy caused it to blossom. It now became something of an obsession. Just as they say celebrities crave the oxygen of publicity, so it seemed my fantasy needed vocalisation. Once it had been spoken it began to flourish unchecked. It was as if it was at its peak all the time now. I was having to sneak off to the toilet at work to masturbate about Debbie in a variety of sexually scenarios. During the following week I imagined her having sex with three teenage boys in the park, sucking off my boss in my office, letting a married couple in a restaurant masturbate her and stripping for my friends. I hadn't dared initiate sex with her since the argument, so I was wanking with the frequency of a teenager now.

All this would be manageable, but it also affected most of my time with Debbie. We'd be out shopping and she would ask me a question I would have to get her to repeat it because I was imagining her wanking off the lad who was serving us. I was walking around in a state of almost permanent arousal. I realised this was getting out of control now, but wasn't sure how to stop it. I hoped that it would fade eventually, that it couldn't continue at this intensity.

Then about two weeks after the initial argument we were out in a restaurant. We had drunk a few drinks before coming in and were onto our second bottle of wine with the meal, so Debbie was feeling quite relaxed.

There was a pause in our conversation and I knew from the way she distractedly played with the ice-bucket that something significant was coming.

"Dave, you know the other night, when we had that argument?"

"Look, I'm sorry about that, I was just a bit drunk and.."

"Shh. It's okay. I've been thinking about it. I suppose I over-reacted a little. I'm just not used to talking about things like that. But I thought about what you said, about fantasy being different from reality. And as long as it's just fantasy,that's okay isn't it? I mean you don't really want it to happen do you?"

I was so wrapped in my fantasy by now I couldn't honestly say whether I could separate it from reality, but I was smart enough not to say this. "No, of course not. It's just a bit of fun."

"Yes, I think we can do that. We're adults after all."

Trying not to grin I asked "So, what about you? You must have some fantasies."

She shook her head. "No, not really. That's what I've been thinking, I'm a bit boring like that and maybe I should loosen up a bit."

"Come on. There must be some things that excite you a bit."

"Well, there was one time," she looked nervous. "You promise not to think less of me?"

I was intrigued, "of course not."

With a small cough she plunged into her story, "well I was out running in the park, about three months ago. I was doing my usual circuit. There was this old bloke, in his sixties probably sitting on one of the park benches. I felt as though he was looking at me as I jogged past. He looked like a bit of a dirty old man, wearing a scruffy black coat and had messy hair. Not a tramp, but just a bit seedy. Anyway the bench he was on is at the end of my circuit, so when I finished I went over there to do my stretching and cooling down routine. I was wearing my usual shorts and T-shirt, and as I bent over to stretch my calves I was aware of him staring at my bum. Then he said 'Nice arse love'. I was shocked, but I just carried on. He continued to stare at me blatantly. Then he said 'I've always liked a nice arse.' At this point I stood up with my hands on my hips glaring at him. He wasn't abashed though. He just looked me up and down, focusing on my tits and legs. I said to him, 'you dirty old man. You should know better.' But he just chuckled and said, 'don't pretend you don't like it. You saw me looking at you earlier. You didn't have to come to this bench to wiggle your firm little arse as you did your exercises, but you did.' I didn't know what to say."

I was flabbergasted. This was so unlike Debbie. Trying to sound calm I said, "he was right though wasn't he? You said you noticed him earlier so you could have avoided that bench."

"Yes," she admitted. "He was right, that was why I didn't know what to say. I was surprised at myself. Then I felt ashamed and I turned and jogged away. As I did he said 'I can always spot your sort love.' I could still hear him cackling as I left the park."

"Wow Debbie. I'm glad you told me. I have to admit I'm a bit surprised."

"You're not angry are you? It's not like I wanted anything to happen, he was fairly horrid, but I did feel a bit excited by the sordidness of it all."

"No, I'm not angry. To be honest I'm turned on. I wish you'd told me before." I was very turned on and had a painful erection under the table.

She smiled at this, "well I felt ashamed and dirty. I didn't know about your fantasy at the time and I think that might have been why I reacted so strongly when you told me. I had been struggling with myself since that incident and I think partly my anger at you was directed at myself also.

"What worried me was his comment about spotting my sort. What did he mean by that?"

"I don't know, probably says it to all the women. Or perhaps he meant just sexy women."

"Do you think I'm sexy?"

"God yes," I answered with more enthusiasm than she was expecting.

She giggled. "See I don't really think of myself as sexy. It's never really bothered me much, sex. But that encounter and then your fantasy have set me thinking and maybe I should think of myself as sexy."

"Believe me Debbie, you are very sexy. I see it everywhere we go men look at you. You're not sexy in an upfront, obvious way, but I think it's the way you carry yourself. It certainly turns me on."

She blushed, "thanks. See? I didn't really know that, and I should do. Anyway, back to the dirty old man. I don't think that's what he meant. I think he meant he could spot someone who liked being spoken to like that. And that worried me because I didn't think I was, but maybe he could see something in me I didn't know about."

"I wouldn't credit him with too much wisdom. Like all dirty old men he thinks all women want it probably."

"Maybe. Anyway, my head was spinning with all this as I walked home. And then I decided to go back to the park and see if he was still there."

This truly shocked me and I didn't hide it very well. "You went back to the park? Why?"

"Shhh," she cautioned. "I wanted to ask him what he meant by that comment. But he wasn't there anyway."

We both sat in silence for a while. Then she said, "so that's my confession. Now I want you to tell me something."


"I want you tell me one of your fantasies where I have sex with someone else."

"Debbie! I can't do that."

"Why not? Come on, we're being adults remember. I won't be angry. Like you said you were turned on by my story. Now I want you to turn me on with one of yours."

I looked around, there was no-one seated by us. "Alright. I have to admit I have quite a range."

"Oh," she blushed. "Been a busy girl have I?"

"Oh, yes," I smirked, "very busy."

"I'm not an expert in these things. Something fun, where I'm a bit naughty."

I searched my well-populated mental database and then said, "okay, I've got one. It's with Tim, do you mind?" This had been one of my earliest ones and I had revisited and revised it so often I was confident I could tell in without hesitation and with the necessary detail.

"Ooh," she said, surprised. "Okay, go on then."

"Well, Tim has come around to stay with us. We've been to the football and when we come back we have a barbecue. You are wearing that slightly short green skirt you have and that halter top, so your lovely flat belly is on display. As usual Tim can't take his eyes off you. At one point you are bending down to get something from the barbecue and he moans softly as your bum is projected towards him. We drink a lot and later on you are sitting on the arm of my chair. I notice that Tim is staring at your legs. When I look down your skirt has ridden up at the side, exposing quite a lot of your thigh. I wonder if you are doing it on purpose.

"We start talking about nicknames.

"'I was called snotty at school,' you say. 'It started because I always had a runny nose, but then I think it was because they thought I was a bit snotty. It plagued me for years. What about you guys?'

"'I was called Joe for a while, because I had big Joe 90 glasses and was a bit swotty. That was before I became cool of course.'

"You laugh, 'Joe! That's perfect. You are a swot still. What about you Tim?'

"Tim looks embarrassed. 'I didn't have one,' he mumbles.

"'You had one at uni I remember,'I tease him.

"'What was it?' you ask.

"'I don't remember,' he says.

"'Go on, Tim tell her,' I goad him.

"He looks angry and then says 'Donkey' as he drains his beer.

"'Donkey?' you ask. 'Why was that?'

"'Debbie,' I say, 'come on, think about it.'

"'Oh,' you say, flushing. 'Ahem, I'll get another drink.' As you go into the kitchen I'm sure you give Tim's groin area a quick look.

"The evening carries on, we drink a bit and I am sure you are flashing more of your leg to Tim than can be put down to accident. Eventually you go up to bed and I follow shortly after. It is a hot night so you are sleeping on top of the sheet in just your knickers. As I enter the room I am sure Tim catches a glimpse of your semi-naked form before the door closes. I think you look incredibly sexy lying there. I give your pert little boobs a stroke and you murmur and turn over.

"About two in the morning I am aware of you getting up. You stumble to the door and go downstairs. You have forgotten to bring up a glass of water and have woken up dehydrated. I am just about to go back to sleep when I hear Tim's door open and he goes downstairs too. I pause for a minute and the follow quietly.

"You are bending over, trying to find something in the fridge. Your lovely firm arse is pointing towards the kitchen door. I watch from the stairs as Tim comes into the kitchen. He is wearing only his pants. He is shocked to find you there. 'Oh, Debbie, sorry, I err..' he stutters.

"You jump up from the fridge and put your hand across your naked breasts. You too are embarrassed, 'Oh, Tim. I needed some water. I'll go back to bed now.'

"'Sorry,' he says. He is gawping open mouthed at you. I notice a movement in his pants. You notice it too and quickly look away.

"'I can't sleep in this heat,' you say.

"'No, me neither,' he pours himself a glass of water. 'I think I might stay up for a bit.'

"'Do you mind if I stay up for a while too?' you ask, to my surprise. Your hand is still across your chest, but one nipple is half revealed through your fingers.

"Tim has noticed this too and the considerable lump in his pants grows a bit more. 'No, of course not,' his voice is shaking slightly.

"You look down at your chest and say, 'sorry, I haven't got a T-shirt down here and I don't want to go upstairs in case I wake up Dave. We're old friends aren't we? Would you be offended if I dropped my arm? I'm not sure I can stay like this all night. It wouldn't embarrass you would it?'

"'No,' he gulps.

"You put your arm to your side and stand there in front of him. He is too shocked to make any pretence at not staring. There is a long silence, before you cough and say, 'Not much to look at are they?'

"He finally manages to look at your face and whispers, 'I think they're fantastic.'

"You laugh, 'why thank you Tim. I thought you were a leg man though. You certainly looked at mine enough tonight.'

"'Sorry,' he says, 'I can't help it. You have such lovely legs.'

"The bulge in his pants is now enormous. You are staring at it and I notice your nipples extend and harden. Looking at the scene before me I reach down and start rubbing my cock through my pants. You two seem frozen in a tableau. He is gaping at your breasts and you are transfixed by his erection. Then there is a twitch in his pants and the top of his cock pushes over the waistband of his pants. Like some animal trying to free itself it twitches again and the waistband slides down to his balls. His cock is enormous, probably ten inches or so in length and thick. He doesn't try and put it back.

"'My God,' you sigh. 'Tim, that thing is enormous. I've never seen a cock that big in my life. No wonder they called you donkey.' You both look at it for a while. It reaches up past his belly button and sways in the semi-light. Then you step forward and ask 'can I touch it?'

"He just nods and you reach out tentatively and touch the end of it and then withdraw your hand. It twitches at your touch. Then you stroke it lightly down the side. Tim moans softly. You reach down and pull his pants down and cup his balls in your hand. Then stroking it lightly you say to him, 'how many times have you wanked this big cock thinking about me Tim?' I am amazed at hearing you talk and act like this and fish out my own cock and start masturbating.

"Tim strokes your neck and says, 'loads of times Debbie. I love to imagine you sucking it.'

"'Mmm,' you murmur and then sliding down you say, 'like this?' Then you take the end of his cock in your mouth. It looks huge in your mouth and you only take in the head. Then you remove it and trail of spittle momentarily connects it to your mouth. Then you lick and kiss it down its length.

"'God, Debbie,' he groans. You stand up and kiss him, while rubbing his cock. I can see it pressing into your stomach as you squash against him. His hand is groping your bum and you squirm against him. Then you look directly at me on the stairs. I freeze, my hand around my shaft. You have seen me, but you don't panic, instead you just smile contentedly and turn back to Tim. You take his hand and put it inside your knickers. 'Feel how wet I am Tim,' you say. 'I'm not sure I can take it all, but you're going to have to fuck me with that monster cock of yours. Will you do that Tim?'

"'God yes, Debbie,' he says, working his fingers inside your pussy.

"You are speaking louder now and I know it is for my benefit. 'I'm so horny Tim, I need to feel that thing inside me. Make me come with that big cock.'

"You are wanking his cock now, your hand cannot close around its girth. He is massaging your tits and both of you are panting. You tug your knickers down and pull him onto the floor with you. Lying on your back you open your legs and say, 'fuck me Tim, please.'

"He lies on top of you and pushes his cock head at your pussy, but it is too large to go in. You are writhing on the floor now, 'get it in Tim, I need it in me.' You reach down and take the end of his cock and with a lift of your hips you pull it in. You gasp as it enters. 'Slowly,' you advise him as he pushes into you. You puff as he slides it up your pussy. 'God, it's so big,' you moan. 'I'm not sure I can take it.' He is only halfway in and with an unexpected thrust he pushes it all the way in. You scream, 'my God! That hurts. Oh God, I feel as though it's in my stomach. Fuck me Tim,fuck me like you've always dreamed of doing.' He withdraws and then pushes into you again. Then he increases his rhythm. With each thrust you moan and are pushed along the floor. Your legs wrap around his arse and you control his pace, slowing it down. He pulls his cock right back so it is almost out of you and then drives it fully in. You squeal, 'I don't think I can last long Tim. I'm going to come soon. Fuck me as hard as you can, I want you to come in me.' He speeds up, pumping into you. I am amazed at the length of his cock as he pulls back on each thrust. It seems to go on forever. I am wanking myself furiously now. You are wailing and writhing around in ecstasy. Your head is up against the leg of the table, but you don't notice as Tim continues to fuck you.

"You claw at his back and yell, 'I'm coming Tim. Are you going to come?'

"He grunts by way of reply and you scream at him, 'come inside me Tim. Fill me up with that come of yours.' Then you grab the table leg and start to buck. 'Oh God, o God, oh God,' you repeat feverishly. Then you emit a long wail and your hips jump about wildly. Tim grips your arm and yells out a primordial howl. He pushes right up into you one last time and I can see his buttocks contracting as he shoots his load inside you. At this point I ejaculate into my hand. You grab his hair and pull him onto your chest and then slowly relax your grip. For a moment you don't breathe and then you take a deep gasp of air and your arms fall to the side.

"Both of you lay there, panting and covered in sweat. Tim pulls out of you with a loud slopping noise. Even flaccid his cock still looks huge. You smile up at him. 'That was fantastic, thank you Tim.'

"He pulls himself off you and then you both seem awkward with each other. You pick up your knickers and put them back on. 'Best try and get some sleep I suppose,' you say. I quickly go back up to our bedroom and lay on the bed. On the landing you give Tim a quick kiss and squeeze his cock through his pants. 'Thanks again Donkey,' you say and then come in and close the door.

"You climb into bed next to me and put your arms around me. 'Did you enjoy that?' you whisper.

"'Yes, but not as much as you did by the looks of it.'

"You giggle, 'did you see the size on that thing?'

"'I could hardly miss it,' I reply, holding your hand.

"'Did you mind that I enjoyed it?' you ask.

"'Not at all, it was really sexy to see you letting go like that.'

"'Good,' you say, giving me a kiss. We lay in silence for a while holding each other. Then you say, 'Dave?'

"I already know what you are going to ask, 'yes love?'

"'Would you mind if I did it again sometime?'

"I chuckle, 'of course not darling, as long as I can join in next time.'

"You wriggle next to me, 'oooh, that would be nice. Do you think Tim will mind?'

"'If it means fucking you again, he won't mind at all,' I reply.

"'Good. When he leaves tomorrow will you fuck me?' You are getting sleepy now after your exertions.

"'Oh yes darling.'

"'That will be nice, now goodnight darling,' you say and fall into a deep sleep."

I leant back at this stage and the waiter came and collected our plates.

"So, what do you think?" I asked Debbie. Her face was flushed and she looked quite drunk.

"I think you'd better take me home right now and fuck me," she said. She had never used the fuck word before to describe our love-making.

I quickly paid the bill and we got a taxi home. In the cab Debbie was kissing me passionately and running her hands through my hair. I thought she was going to start the business right there. When we got home she ran to the door while I paid the cab driver.

"Looks like you're going to be busy tonight," the driver said.

"Reckon so," I said and hurried after Debbie.

The door was open and as soon as I stepped in she closed it and jumped on me, pulling at my clothes. Within minutes we were both naked in the hallway. She was kissing me with a passion I hadn't encountered before. We eschewed any foreplay and I was soon pushing my cock into her soaking pussy.

"God, I'm so horny Dave, please hurry." I entered her and we went straight to vigourous sex. We were both so aroused by the story that I knew neither of us would last long.

"Oh that's it. More, more," she pleaded. I wasn't sure if she meant I should increase my pace or she was requesting a larger cock, thinking of the Tim's one in the story.

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