tagSci-Fi & FantasyTalla's Temple Ch. 03

Talla's Temple Ch. 03


Seven days of teaching had had a profound effect on all ten of the girls in Talla's group. They had been taught and then tested on hundreds of rules. The threat of physical punishment was more than enough to make them pay attention, although over the last week the the method of meting out that punishment had evolved. Punishment itself was rarer as the Virgin's knowledge increased and errors decreased, but the trade off was that it had become more embarrassing. Rather than bending over their desks when they committed their errors, the instructor would mark simply down their names for later.

The teachers said that this was more in keeping with the way proper Temple discipline was enforced. In "the real world", those who committed crimes and broke rules would have a day to collect witnesses and consider protesting the charge. At the end of that day, the punishment would be meted out with the venue set so that an appropriate number of people would be able to watch.

To imitate this, the teachers and the Virgins would gather at the end of each day. There was another group of Virgins going through training who had started three days after Talla's group and they would watch too. At each gathering, the "guilty" from both groups would be called up and asked if she had anything to say in her defense. There being no such defense, she would submit to her punishment. In front of the assembled Virgins and teachers, the guilty individual was required to lift her skirt up and bend over a table at the front of the room for the appropriate number of swats. So positioned, she would receive her punishment from whichever teacher she had failed.

Of all of them it seemed Sila was taking the most damage – even three swats on one occasion. She tried to hold it in, but let out a mewling cry on the third strike.

Maksa handed out the salve generously.

Talla's head was full of rules. She'd taken one good whip on the third day, while thirty women watched, and that had been enough to teach her. Her butt was soft and easy to sit on, not like poor Sila whose many times abused flesh was a source of constant discomfort. Talla wondered what would happen to the poor girl when they were all required to deal with "the real world" and the whipping stick became a lash.

There was but one thing that remained for Talla and the other girls in her group: the Initiation. No one had clued them in yet as to what was involved. It was an incredibly well kept secret considering the fact that every woman in the Temple had gone through it. Talla remembered the two women who had advised her to dive in and enjoy it. That was the closest she had come to actually finding something out about the ritual.

The last of the girls on the punishment list, Eletta, took a swat on the ass for mixing up the names of the parts of a penis. That was essential knowledge. Each of them had been taught – theoretically - rudimentary skills for handling men. Eletta, a member of the group following three days behind Talla's group, replaced her clothing and returned to her group of Virgins.

"All right, girls," Maksa said, "Your studies are over for today. You may go have dinner. If you are in my dormitory, you have now completed your orientation. You will return here by the seventh bell. Go on."

She clapped her hands and rushed them out of the room.

"Do you think that's it?" Arlia whispered to Talla. "Tonight?"

"I think so," Talla whispered back eagerly. "What do you think we'll have to do?"

"I don't know," Arlia said as she peered in to the distance, "I've thought about it but I don't know. Do you think it will be painful? I know we won't be having sex. Everyone says that comes after the Initiation."

They argued right through dinner as they tried to guess what would happen to them, continuing to discuss possibilities until they returned to their classroom at the seventh bell, as instructed.

"Good, we're all here," Maksa said as Talla and Arlia arrived. "Come with me."

There was no further explanation. The girls nervously followed Maksa through a maze of Temple streets and alleys until they stood before a large circular building with a single door for an entrance. Maksa paused at this entrance and turned to face them.

"This is the Initiation Temple," she said reverently, "Please enter quietly. Inside you will find, among other things, many closets around the room. Please choose one of the curtained ones and stand in front of it. Once you have chosen your places, the rest will be explained to you and you will begin your Contest."

Talla could almost hear the capitalization of that last word.

She entered eagerly, trying not to push the girl in front of her.

Among the "other things" that Maksa had offhandedly mentioned were four spectacular bronze statues. They were done to about double scale and faced outward from a central bonfire whose flames, snapping and crackling, reached two or three metres into the air. Each statue was of a woman standing on her toes, leaning forward slightly with her arms stretched out and backwards, almost touching fingertips to fingertips with the next statue. The heads of the statues were facing up and, like almost every female statue in the Temple, they were nude. The resemblance to other statues ended there.

These statues featured slim women instead of giant breasted ones. Their genitals were free of hair and their legs were skinny. Talla realised that these statues were of Virgins and had a moment to wonder if they might be the only such statues in the whole Temple. Around them were hammered sheets of metal that reflected the sparkling firelight up the fronts of the bronze Virgins to the high domed ceiling.

After dragging her eyes away from those unique shapes, Talla noticed the glossy white tiled floor. Then she noticed the small table – no, altar - facing the door through which they had just passed. Finally she noticed the closets that Maksa had mentioned. If she guessed correctly, that they continued behind the statues, then there must be at least twenty of them. Only the five closest to the entrance on either side had curtains in front of them. As the girls filed quietly in to those ten slots, they could see around back of the fire.

Shanata was there, as were some other women. The others were wearing what the girls recognized as High Temple Clothing. None of them had ever seen it before, but it was easy to spot. A combination of brown and black leather clothing and a bronze mask that had been decorated with golden shapes obscured everything about the women. Besides that, each one had a musical instrument. Two had drums of different sizes, one had a pair of cymbals and the last had a flute. The four musicians stoically formed an arc behind the motionless Shanata, who wore the same scant orange clothing as always, but without the whip stuck in her waistband.

That was a hopeful sign.

Shanata walked around to the front of the fire where all of the Virgin girls could see her. Maksa stood next to her. They paused there, calmly examining the girls. In the back of the room, the women on the drums began beating them softly.

"You are about to take part in a long standing tradition," Shanata spoke, her voice paced to the drums. "For hundreds of years, longer than this Temple has stood, women have undergone this Contest of Initiation, not only as an entrance to the adult world, but as a test to determine who will get to choose her Discipline."

"Compete well in this test," she continued as she walked from one end of the anxious arc of girls to the other, "and you will have your choice of Disciplines. Compete poorly and you will have less choice. Compete poorest of all, and you will have to repeat the Rite. One person from every Rite is required to repeat."

Talla swallowed nervously. So it would be girl against girl. But there was as yet no clue how the competition would work.

"Look behind you," Shanata said, "On the outside of the closet you have chosen are nine symbols. You should recognize them."

Talla looked behind her. Indeed, there were nine symbols carved in small ceramic tiles. These were arranged vertically along the edge of the doorway. She recognized them as the symbols of the Nine Disciplines. The Disciplines of Sweetness were highest, followed by the three Disciplines of Endowment, and finally the three of Form. Pointing outward above each was a wooden peg.

"Your objective in this Contest is speed," Shanata said as she picked up a small wooden circle from a pile on the altar. "You must get a ring on each of the nine pegs, one for each Discipline."

Which, Talla noticed, still did not explain the nature of the Contest. The girls were tense, hanging on her every word.

"The way to achieve a ring is simple," Shanata said, "you must make a boy ejaculate on the part of your body corresponding to each Discipline. For Sweetness, his semen must be on your lips or inside them. For Endowment, it must be on your breasts, and make sure that it is on your nipples when you execute Point. As for Form, the Tight ring will be given only when his semen drips between your cheeks. The Iron ring requires ejaculation on your stomach and for Facial, it must be on both your face and in your hair. And no smearing! The semen stays where it lands."

"The rules, besides those, are simple," Shanata said. "The boys who are eligible have blue ribbons in their hair. These are the boys who are not too old for you and yet are still adults. You may use your hands and only your hands to make them ejaculate. No other part of you may touch their penises. You will go in to the town, find such a boy, tell him that you are doing your Initiation and bring him back to the doorway you have chosen. Take off your clothes, take off his, then make him ejaculate."

"Inside each closet is a gong. When he has finished his orgasm, allow him to dress and then hit the gong. Either Maksa or I will come over, inspect your body for semen and award you one ring according to where the semen is. You will only get one ring at a time, so you will have to find nine boys. This means that you will have to make three boys ejaculate on your breasts and three on your genitals. After each boy, use the showers at the far end of the room to wash off. Then dry off quickly and find another boy. You are being timed. You are competing with each other."

"Are there any questions?" Shanata asked. No one raised a hand, and so she said, "Then the Rite of Initiation begins ... NOW!"

The cymbals crashed together and the women with the drums began beating them much faster. Shocked out of their stillness, the ten girls pelted out the exit like so many flaming white arrows.

It was an easy path to reach the outside of the Temple. There were torches lined up, adorned with white ribbons, to lead them lest they get lost. Four female guards in full leathers were watching the entrance through which they ran. This would be one of those occasions in which men were allowed inside the Temple.

Talla was one of the last to leave. She was jogging. Let the others run ahead, she thought, this will be a long night and I don't want to tire early. She briefly considered the fact that the other nine girls would take the boys closest to the Temple entrance and leave her with a more difficult job finding her first boy, but she decided to risk it.

Talla stepped outside the Temple for the first time in a week. It looked different now. It was a place of childish glee and innocent ignorance. This was the place of her past, of living among men and children, of wearing ratty clothes and wondering what was inside the Temple. She was better than all of this now. She was clean. She had nice clothes.

As she jogged, searching for one of the elusive beribboned boys, she tried to remember what ignorance had been like. It was surprisingly hard. How could she have been idly whistling away her time without an awareness of what adult life would be like? Had she really been ignorant of what hung between a man's legs? No, she must have known somehow, but how could she?

Lost in reverie, she stopped paying attention to where she was going and suddenly ran headlong in to someone.

"Ow, sorry," the someone said.

It was a boy. He looked a little dazed as he rubbed his stomach where her elbow had jabbed him.

"Um, my fault," she said, having woken from her fugue, "I'm sorry ..."

That was when she noticed the bright blue ribbon tied in his dark hair. Not a boy then but, technically, a man.

"Oh!" she screeched, "Have you ever done an Initiation before?"

"Um, done a what?"

"It's easy," she said quickly, "Will you help me with mine?"

"What do I have to do?" he asked.

"Just ejacu - I mean, come on me. I mean, ah, part of my body."

She had to remind herself to use the cruder words when talking to boys.

His eyes widened in shock. "Here?"

"No, no!" she replied. "Come back to the Temple." She grabbed his hand and pulled him back the way she had come. "Hurry, I'm in a race!"


With their hands clenched together they ran for it. Talla could feel her heart beating. She began to wonder what it would feel like to hold his penis in her hand, to watch semen come out. Would it stick to her or slide down her body? They had told her it would be white, but would it be sort of see-through or completely opaque? How fast would it really come out?

She could see the Temple entrance the whole way. The statues were so tall that you could see them from anywhere in the city. As they wound their way back, she couldn't believe how far from the Temple she had run without even thinking. A jink and side step around a passerby and they ran up to the gate that would lead to the Initiation Temple. The guards let them by.

"I'm allowed in?" he asked while gasping for breath.

"As long as you stay with me," she replied. "Come on."

The entrance was easy to find. He stopped at the threshold, stunned by the combination of the statues, the fire and sound of the instruments.

"Come on," she urged, "this way."

He followed, looking a little ill at ease as he saw the masked women on the far side of the fire. Talla didn't spare them a glance. The bare second that she had before she got to her own closet was spent checking the closets of the other girls. Four of them were curtained off. Of the open ones, one already had a ring in it. She couldn't remember who had taken that one.

Talla dragged him through the entry and jerked the curtain closed behind her. He seemed to relax once there was some privacy. She was already stripping off her top.

"Okay," she said as she unfastened her white skirt, "you're the first one, so you get to pick. Where do you want to come?"

"Where?" he asked as his eyes locked on her tiny breasts.

There's nothing to see yet, Talla thought, but you just wait.

"Yeah," she continued as she knelt down and undid his pants, "you can come in my face, on my breasts, my stomach, my pussy or on my ass. I'll let you pick."

Well, she thought, he's certainly ready. They'd told her that sometimes a man could take a while to arouse if he were nervous. This one didn't have that problem. His penis popped out of his pants as if it had a coiled spring underneath it. It pointed directly at her nose.

"Er. Wherever. I, um, your face. Okay?"

She nodded and wrapped her right hand around the top of his penis and used the left to cup his testicles.

"Okay, I don't want to put too much pressure on you, but I'm in a race, so the faster you can come the better, okay?" She was babbling and she knew it. It seemed to be working, though. His penis was definitely getting harder and was starting to point up over her head. The tip of it was even turning purple and starting to swell wider than the rest of his penis. That was one of the signs she had learned.

She glanced up at his face and noticed that he was intently staring at her chest. Her flat chest with its unremarkable pair of light-coloured nipples? "Are you sure you want to come on my face, not my, um, tits?", she asked him as she continued to jerk on his penis.

"Uh ... no," he said between ragged breaths, "I just like to ... look at them."

There was something about that she liked; a man's eyes locked on her breasts even though she basically had none. What would it be like if she had larger breasts? She thrust her chest out so that he could see her little mounds of flesh a little better. What else could she do to make him ejaculate sooner? Flustered, she tried to think back to her lessons. The only thing that came to her mind was that most men liked to hear their own names.

"What's your name?" she said, trying to be demure.

"Zhair'lo," he gasped. "What's ... yours?"

"Oh, Zhair'lo, my name is – "

That was as far as she got. His penis had swelled up as she pronounced his name and within the next three syllables, she received her first load of semen. Her mouth, hanging partially open because she was speaking, got a taste of it. Her eyes closed by reflex as his semen traced a line from her chin up to her right eye and down her cheek. It took all of her willpower to overcome the instinct to move away.

She managed to stay focused on the importance of the Initiation. She leaned her head down and made sure the second shot of semen got into her hair. After that, she wasn't concerned except that Zhair'lo's orgasm finish properly. She jerked a third, fourth and fifth shot from him, all landing on her left cheek. The sixth she had to milk out of him. She watched as the last bit of his semen hung at the end of his penis before dripping down stickily to her chest. Of all the semen that landed on her, this was the only portion that she could actually see. It was thick and white and warm on her face. No one had mentioned that it would be so warm. It even warmed her breast where the tiniest drop had landed.

"My name," she decided to finish her sentence with just her left eye open, "is Talla."

Breathless, he laughed.

"Nice to meet you, Talla."

"Okay, you have to put your clothes back on so they can inspect me," she said, still squinting at him with her right eye closed. "Hurry, hurry."

He complied, lacing his pants back up. His breathing was slowing down now. He suddenly appeared to be quite relaxed.

Without standing up or opening her semen covered right eye, Talla reached for the little gong and rang it. She heard the music speed up in response.

It was Shanata who yanked the curtain back and examined Talla's semen covered face. "Face and hair?" Shanata confirmed.

She came around to look at Talla's face. Her eyes widened. Talla had never seen Shanata surprised by anything.

"Great gods, what a load of semen. What's your name, boy?"

"Zhair'lo, ma'am," he responded to the older woman with respect and a degree of uncertainty.

Shanata noted his name on a piece of paper she was carrying and held up a wooden ring.

"Well, Talla," she said, "that little bit of semen on your breast doesn't count, so this definitely goes under Facial." She hung the ring on the peg that was third from the bottom.

"Wash off," Shanata instructed. "You, boy – Zhair'lo – stand over there. Someone will escort you out in a moment."

"Bye Talla," Zhair'lo shouted as Talla ran off.

Talla waved as Shanata looked on disapprovingly. Men and women were not supposed to forge friendships. It was enough that they related to one another sexually. Anything else would simply get in the way of duty. Talla didn't notice Shanata's concern, though. She had other things on her mind.

Three hours later, seven more boys had ejaculated on her body. She had stopped giving them options after Zhair'lo. The next three after Zhair'lo were made to come on her breasts. The first of them even managed to hit both her nipples. The only really odd thing was that their semen had cooled very quickly. Had it only been her anxiety that made Zhair'lo's seem warm?

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