tagSci-Fi & FantasyTalla's Temple Ch. 12

Talla's Temple Ch. 12


So this is what women do? Talla thought, as she eyed herself in the small mirror she shared with her roommates.

Salee and Lara were sitting on her bed, looking at her. They weren't Serving tonight so they were just there to see her off.

"You're really going to wear that?" Lara asked.

"Yep," Talla replied haughtily.

If someone from Form dragged her off and whipped her, so be it. She might deserve it less than M'lis and Adria had, but only barely.

"No underwear?" Salee prodded.


That was how she felt tonight. She had no reservations or concerns. She didn't care how unprotected she felt. She wanted it that way. Her eyes were cold with determination even as she felt the heat between her thighs.

She didn't have a word for how she felt this evening. There just wasn't one in the current vocabulary of the people of Gern. There had been such a word but the women of the ancient Temples, having long ago judged the word unnecessarily derogatory, had struck it from history.

Bold. That was the best word that she knew.

The top she had appropriated from Tina was revealing. No one could look at her tonight and think that these were the breasts of an Initiate. Let them ogle. Let them see her nakedness. She would take it as a compliment if someone stared. In the meantime, she would gladly feel the wind between her thighs every step of the way to her destination.

Now to find this Jace...


"Your business, Mistress?" the guard asked.

"Adjudicate Sonja with the daily justice report," she replied stiffly.

The guard turned her head slightly.

"Go ahead, girl," she said to a Virgin in a knee length skirt.

The young girl turned and padded her way in to formally announce the Adjudicate.

Sonja stood at the threshold to Principia Tight, proudly taking in all of its glimmering silver and green glory. Here was the true centre to the Temple. This was where law and order was kept; where the centre was held, where the weak were strengthened and those gone astray were corrected.

Oh the rules themselves were made next door in Iron but, for the most part, it was Tight that made sure those Protocols and Dictates were obeyed.

Without Tight their blessed society would descend in to lawlessness.

The young girl padded her way back to the entrance.

"The Sorceress of Tight will see you now, Mistress," she reported. "She asked me to remind you that she is Serving tonight, so it will be a brief audience."

Sonja remembered a time, many years in the past, when she had served at this little girl's post.

"Thank you, girl."

The Virgin curtsied and stepped aside.

Tight's domain was a beautiful, well-ordered place. It was always a pleasure to come here, to see the precisely aligned desks and the green banners fitted snugly in place against walls and pillars or pulled taut from ceiling to floor. It was a sharp and serious place to be. It was the way the whole Temple should be, really, if anyone would think about it for a moment.

The Sorceress was at her desk at the very back of the room. Due to the hour, the room was empty save for a few attendants lingering around their leader.

Sonja walked smartly to the foot of the desk and waited for her Mistress's attention.

The Sorceress signed a final document and raised her eyes to look at the Adjudicate.

"A summary, please," she said.

"Three decisions today, Mistress," Sonja reported.

"Only three?"

"The rain, Mistress," Sonja pointed out helpfully. "It tends to cut down on both criminality and the discovery of same."

Tight pursed her lips.

"Indeed. Go on."

"Two Keepers from Pussy were caught switching Service assignments," Sonja said. "Both confessed and were given a choice between six common lashes and two heavy lashes. Both chose the former."

Not surprising, really. The heavy lash was slightly barbed ...

"Their names were recorded?" Tight asked.

"Yes, Mistress," Sonja replied. For such crimes it was important that a note appear on each woman's record for future reference. Recidivism was a primary concern when it came to enforcement. If punishment didn't discourage repetitions of antisocial behaviour, then punishments would be changed.

"Go on."

"The other was Insubordination," Sonja said. "An Adept from Lips speaking improperly to an Officer. She also confessed, Apologized to her superior and was given one heavy lash."

A simple docket, really. Nothing that had tested her jurisprudence to any level.

"You said there were three?"

"Oh, yes."

She'd almost forgotten the last one.

"Two stupid girls from Endowment, exposing their breasts to each other at a depot outside the Temple. I gave them three lashes with the toy whip," she said casually. "I told them it was the common lash. They appeared to believe me."

The Sorceress actually smiled at the notion. "Toy whip" was a term for any of the lashes used on the young women who weren't from Form. It would be almost completely ineffective against any woman with even a single Tight upgrade, but was sufficient for others.

Stupid girls, indeed.

"Did you report it?"

"No, Mistress."

Which was fine. Young girls were expected to do stupid things. They needed to be corrected, certainly, but there was no need to take note of such trivial juvenile idiocy. It was enough that they knew that someone was watching and that rules would be enforced.

That, after all, was the purpose of Tight.


How many women were there in Endowment, anyway? Talla had been so anxious the night she'd gone to see Zhair'lo that she hadn't noticed how many women had been crammed in to Endowment's plaza on their way out to Serve.

There must be a thousand women here tonight, she thought.

Many of them were calling out addresses. It seemed insane, trying to gather with those headed to the same place.

Seeing the dumbfounded look on her face, an Adept stopped to speak to her.


"Um, maybe."

"Where you headed?"

"2-11, house 7."

"Sector two gathers over by the entrance to the Hall. They'll be in order from one to thirty two."


With that in mind, Talla soon began to see the order in it. The women were in bunches, gathering according to their destinations. It wasn't complete guesswork after all. She took a stab at where the eleventh group might be and headed that way, navigating past women who were crossing her path.

She blinked as she recognized someone.

"Nadine," she called out without thinking.

She was hard to miss. There were never going to be very many long-skirted Virgins at any one meet up.

"Oh, hey," Nadine paused to reply. "Um, Talla, wasn't it?"

"Yeah," she said. "You're Serving tonight? Already?"

It seemed to Talla that most girls didn't start Serving right away. Most, like Lara and Salee, waited at least a day. Why was Nadine in a hurry?

"I didn't really want to wait anyway," she said distractedly, her eyes on the groups of women at the far end of the plaza. "And then they told me that I could either have him tonight or miss my chance."

She turned to look at Talla and added, "He's going to be busy, right?"


Nadine was talking about Zhair'lo. Nadine was on her way out to Zhair'lo's farm. Could they switch places? No. Nadine would never go for it. She had chosen Zhair'lo on purpose, just as Talla had. Could she send a message, just something to let Zhair'lo know that...what? What did she want Zhair'lo to know? What was there to say besides, "Come to me as soon as you can"?

She felt the opportunity slipping through her fingers. What could she do? What could she say?

"Have fun," was what came out of her mouth.

I want to be you, was what she wanted to say. But even that would have been a lie. Talla didn't want to be anybody but Talla. All she wanted was to be going where Nadine was going.

"Thanks," Nadine said, her eyes once again attendant elsewhere. "You, too."

Talla watched Nadine swirl away to the groups of women headed to sector three – Zhair'lo's sector. A frown slid across her expression before she shrugged it off. There was nothing to be done about it.


"You're not pregnant?" Tia asked.

She was formally dressed in the white smock of a physician. They were not sisters, at this point, but a doctor and a patient.

"No," Shanata replied.

"The urine sample didn't indicate any problems," Tia told her in a coldly serious tone. "Remove your top."

Shanata had seven upgrades in Abundance. When she removed the rather scant top that protected her considerable assets, they stayed firm and high. Six fortifying upgrades in Strength could do that, making her breasts seem even larger than they were.

Tia, as a physician, knew how to compensate. She ran a tape measure around the Acolyte's breasts at the level of her nipples.

"No sign of degradation here," she announced.

She flipped the tape over to measure across the width of Shanata's areola. She then gently squeezed and tugged at one of her nipples until it became stiff.

"Size and response are good. Lie down."

Shanata laid back on the cloth coated bench. Her breasts sprawled a bit as she did so – there was only so much that Strength upgrades could do, after all. She knew this test. She'd already done it herself when she began to have doubts about her body. Tia was going to check her pectoral strength.

The correct position was the one that men used for lifting barbells – an activity for which women had no use except as a test of health. Tia placed her elbow in to the palm of Shanata's hand and leaned.

Shanata could have pretty much lifted Tia off the ground with one arm – the physician was not particularly heavy – but contented herself with merely holding her ground.

"Good," Tia declared.

She then put a leg over the low bench on which Shanata was lying and, straddling her abdomen, pushed on the larger woman's shoulders.

"Four upgrades in Iron?" she confirmed. "Sit up."

Shanata felt her stomach muscles tensing as she pushed against Tia's weight. Tia nodded and let Shanata sit up.

"Remove your bottom," Tia said.

This was always the least pleasant part of visiting a physician. It shouldn't be any more awkward than having sex, but it was hard to be even a little bit aroused in a clinical environment.

She slid off her small orange bottom, laid on her back and stared at the ceiling in resignation. Tia knelt at her side and slid a hand down her belly to her crotch. Shanata felt fingers coursing over her mound.

"Two upgrades in Pussy. Coarseness and thickness are correct."

A well-practised physician could tell with a touch. Tia parted Shanata's lips.

"Two upgrades in Lips. Clitoris and labia appear correct."

She hesitated a moment.

"You are a bit too dry," she warned, holding two fingers in the air over Shanata's upper body.

It was a matter of preference. Temple women didn't use artificial lubricants, not even for medical reasons. Saliva was always available. It was just a matter of where it would come from – and it was left to the patient to decide.

Shanata opened her mouth. She found it too intimate to use someone else's saliva. Tia slid her fingers in to that open maw so Shanata could thoroughly coat them. Tia took the wet pair of fingers and first rubbed them in circles around Shanata's clitoris.

"Clitoral response and size are good," she concluded. "Are you prepared?"

Shanata nodded and immediately felt Tia's fingers pressing at her vagina. She winced slightly as the physician forced her way in. That mild clitoral stimulation had not been sufficient to relax her vaginal muscles, which protested the intrusion.

"Squeeze," she commanded, and Shanata obeyed. That wasn't comfortable, not in the least.

"Squeeze inward."

That meant to use her muscles to pull Tia's fingers up inside.

"Push down."

She tried to push the offending digits out of her body.

"Two upgrades in Within," Tia said, a trace of chagrin in her voice. "Feels right."

She did not, Shanata noticed, remove her fingers. Shanata grimaced. She had never been able to do this part of the physical exam, yet they always asked her if she -

"Are you able to have an orgasm?" she asked.

"It would be difficult," Shanata said.

She understood Tia's desire to give her a full examination, but it wasn't likely she could make herself aroused in this environment.

"I do want to warrant your good health," Tia told her. "Have you ever been able to have an orgasm during an exam?"

"No," Shanata replied.

Tia's fingers were still inside her.

"With only two upgrades in each of the Sweetness Disciplines," Tia said, "direct stimulation is not likely to work without some other source of arousal."

There was that chagrin again, as if Shanata were some oddball failure because she preferred Form upgrades over Sweetness. If Shanata had chosen even two or three more upgrades in Sweetness – rather than unbalancing herself so heavily toward Form – then simply rubbing her clitoris while penetrating her would eventually force an orgasm regardless of her mood.

Tia appeared pensive a moment.

"There is a possibility, if you consent," the physician spoke after a moment. "It is not something we discuss, given the Protocols."

Shanata raised an eyebrow. She hadn't imagined, so many years in to her career, that there were yet surprises.

"I can use my own fluids to arouse you."

Shanata's eyes widened. She had known that Within women possessed the ability to stimulate men with their vaginal juices, in the same way that a well advanced Abundance woman like Shanata could squeeze small amounts of breast milk onto a man's penis and achieve the same goal.

"I thought that only worked on men."

"It will work on women," Tia said. "We just don't discuss it, what with – as I said – the Protocols against sexuality between women. Your confidentiality is assumed."

Shanata, still lying on her back with a pair of fingers inside her, thought about that a moment. She had been caught, a long time ago, fingering one of her sisters after an evening of Priming. It had seemed innocent to her at the time. The woman who caught the two of them, however, had had a different opinion. Shanata had barely escaped a public whipping by promising never to do it again.

"I do require your consent," Tia said. "I think it is relevant, though, if you have health concerns."

Shanata took a breath. She very deeply wanted to find out what was wrong with her.

"Go ahead," she said.

The physician gently took her fingers from Shanata's vagina and rose up to her full height. She removed her smock to reveal the plain blue skirt and blouse she always wore. It was a simple matter then, as she stood there, to push her skirt out of the way and begin stroking her clitoris with the fingers of her dry hand.

The wet hand, the one covered with Shanata's saliva and internal liquids, waited at the entrance to her vagina.

Tia, as Second of her Discipline, held ten upgrades in Within. As well, she had nine each in Lips and Pussy. A slight moan escaped her mouth as she became quickly aroused. Shanata was amazed. It had taken only seconds and Tia was already sliding her fingers up inside her vagina. She worked her fingers around, carefully making sure that they were as slick as possible.

Those two fingers came out again, now glimmering with the Within woman's powerful fluids. Shanata watched Tia kneel at the foot of the bench and tried to ready herself for another round of digital penetration.

She later acknowledged – if only to herself - that nothing in her life had ever prepared her for what happened when those syrup laden fingers spread her lips and came in to contact with her clitoris.

Shanata gasped in shock. The sudden increase in her arousal banished all of the air from her lungs. She'd been penetrated by hundreds, maybe thousands of men. Through the mesh, she'd been elevated by their arousal whenever they were hornier than she was.

But she had never, not even once, felt such a sudden mindless burst of lust like this. Two fingers of Tia's right hand slid unimpeded in to her vagina while the fingers of the left made forceful circles around her clitoris.

Shanata moaned incoherently and clutched both of her breasts.

Gods, gods, gods ...

How embarrassing was this? Moaning like a Virgin on her first night – here in a doctor's office?

She didn't care. Her genitals were covered and penetrated with a natural elixir far too powerful for her to resist.

Normally she liked to have men massage her breasts, perhaps twiddle at her nipples or suck on them gently. There was none of that here. She squeezed as hard as she could, pinching her nipples to make them as stiff as possible.

She was getting close now. Never had masturbation brought her to climax so quickly.

Tia switched to three fingers and stabbed as deeply as she could while working Shanata's clitoris as vigorously as possible.

It was too much. Orgasm overtook Shanata. Her back arched painfully and her hands latched on to her breasts spasmodically as she felt her vaginal muscles twitching and squeezing at the fingers that had brought her to this state.

Tia, with the complete lack of emotion typified by those of her profession, carefully observed the force exerted by Shanata's internal muscles. She placed her left hand over the inside of Shanata's left breast. Given Shanata's death grip on her breasts, it was the closest spot she could reach to her patient's heart. She nodded in satisfaction as Shanata's orgasm continued.


Jace's house wasn't one of the bigger ones. It was a modest, greyish, single storey building with more chimneys than a building this size could possibly need. It wasn't, she noted, the least bit like Harzen's farm.

"Just the three of us?" Talla asked one of the women in her little party.

"Probably clear the building," a woman in her thirties, an Adept II named Nanda, said. "Can't imagine there are more than three men living here."

Talla nodded as Nanda opened the door. As the highest ranking woman, she entered first. The other woman, an Adept, went next. Talla followed, closing the door behind her as a fragrance struck her quite strongly.

"What's that?" she said with a strong sniff.

"Soap factory," the other woman whispered and added with a wink, "at least they'll be clean."

Talla giggled lightly. The room they found themselves in was a small, clean place that doubled as both kitchen and common room. A man was playing some kind of solitary game on a table while another man and a younger boy were talking in the kitchen.

Talla caught sight of the young boy – whom she assumed to be Jace – before he saw her. He was facing away from the door so all she could see of him was the black of his hair, tied back in a pony-tail, and the tips of his nose and one ear. The three small torches that lit the room made for light that shimmered off his hair and rendered what she could see of his flesh a slightly brown shade.

She watched as he turned to look at the door. With a quick scan his eyes locked on to Talla.

I need you right now, she wanted to tell him. I've needed you for hours, ever since I watched my poor friends suffer under that whip. I need relief. I need to take out my anger and my frustration. I need it more than I can possibly explain to you.

She turned her body just slightly, to let him look sideways under the scant protection of her slanted skirt, and then she smiled at him in genuine affection – or at least honest heat. She only had to wait her turn now.

"Erizen," Nanda said softly.

The man playing solitaire stood and took her hand. Nanda smiled and let herself be led off.

"Molyar," the second woman said before the first couple had even left.

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