tagInterracial LoveTame the Untamable Ch. 01

Tame the Untamable Ch. 01


Loral's eyes opened to the sight of the man that haunted her everyday reality that made her panties permanently wet with her arousal. He stood naked, his erection long and gloriously thick, his sun-kissed color hand slowly stroking it back and forth. His eyes were filled with lustful dominance that made her body shiver with anticipation.

Loral closed her eyes praying silently that this wasn't a dream, but the sound of a fierce growl brought her back. Before she could open her eyes she felt him lower himself onto the bed, his knees spreading her legs wider.

"Look at me!" he snarled pinching her clit causing her to cry out. Her eyes sprang open, tears escaping her eyes. His face was flushed. Need pulsed off of him thickening the air along with the wetness coating her pussy.

"I want you, Loral. I want you bad." His southern accent caressed her body, making her yearn desperately. She reached for him.

"Hands above your head or I'll handcuff you to the headboard!"

"Why can't I touch you?"

"Because I'm in control."

"What if I don't want you to be in control?"

"Tough." His mouth crushed hers in a drugging kiss that had her toes curling. Her lips opened beneath his harsh growl, accepting the thrust of his tongue in her mouth. His lips were demanding, biting down roughly on her lower lip causing a whimper to escape as his hands began to go wild.

He palmed her breast, his fingers pinching her nipples, twisting them into numbs of pleasure and pain. She moaned arching up, pleading for more as the sensation went straight to the valley between her thighs.

His lips left her lips to travel to her neck as one of his tangled in her hair and the other made it's way down her belly and between her legs.

"Oh you're so wet for me, Lo aren't you? This pussy knows who it belongs too doesn't it?" he growled smacking it.

"Yes!" she cried out as he jammed two fingers inside her. He withdrew and plunged deeper, grinding the palm of his hand against her clit. He brought his mouth down to her nipple, taking it into his mouth with unknown hunger. His teeth latched on, clenching on it until she cried out his name while rocking in rhythm with his thrusting hands.

"I have to have you, but first you will come like this."

"Then let me touch you." She pleaded. He grinned adding another finger into the mix, moving faster. He scattered open mouth kisses across her neck and chest as her inner muscles began to clench around his fingers her pussy throbbed around his fingers, sucking them as deep as they could go as her orgasm began to swim through her body.

He swallowed her screams of pleasure with a heart stopping kiss, she swore she'll never forget. Tearing his mouth away he looked down at her his mouth moving, but only the sounds of beeping filling the air. She looked up confused trying to figure out what he was about to say, but the beeping became louder and louder drowning out.


Loral woke with start, nothing but the sound of her alarm beeping drowning out the silence. She was alone, yet again. Fingers penetrated deep within her pussy, yet again. Her body still shuddering from an dream orgasm, yet again.

God, she thought removing her fingers watching her essence drip from her fingers, she needed to get laid...quickly, but how could she get the guy she truly wanted to even notice her?

She wore low cut shirts that showed off her cappuccino colored 36c(sometimes 38c if she was lucky) breast, she wore tight dresses to show off her ass that was not overly big, just big enough so she could still fit in her size 11 jeans. She had a body that many would kill for, besides the one man that could make her go stark naked with just a look.

Cade McKay was everything she wanted and needed bottle up into a man. The only problems she could find herself having between them(or what she thought they could be) was she was young, he was old. She was black, he was white. He was 6'4 she was 5'10. She really didn't think the height would affect him because she had seen him go out with women who were way taller, it was just the age she thought was the major thing since he still calls her Kiddo even though she just turned 21 a month ago. He was forty and she was 21. He had more experience and she had none. Life was just to complicated.

"I need a cold shower," she muttered getting out of bed. Before she she stood her phone went off, vibrating up a storm on the night stand next to her bed. She picked it up with out looking at the caller ID and that was a big mistake.

"Hey kiddo, what are you doing today?" Cade asked, his southern accent making more cream gather down below. She cleared her throat as she began walking towards her bathroom.

"You know how I hate when you call me that Cade. Maybe I should be calling you Grandpa or Old man."

"And I'll tan your hide with my hand so hard you won't be able to sit for a week." He snarled.

"Promise?" she teased as she turned on the shower.

"Oh I promise all right kiddo." Loral rolled her eyes.

"Whatever. What did you call me about, Grandpa?"

"That's one." She perked up, leaning against the sink.

"One what?" she asked.

"I called you to ask you if you wouldn't mind going on a double date with me." He said as if she said nothing at all. Loral sighed.

"A pretend date?" she knew the answer before he said it. It hurt worst hearing him say it.

"Of course kiddo. I have a client that is interested in investing in the club your brother and I run."

"No." she heard herself say before even realizing it.

"No what?" He sounded as confused as she felt.

"No I will not be your pretend date."

"Why?" she shook her head trying to come to realization about what she was about to say.

"Because I will not pretend for you anymore. I hate having to be your pretend date, I hate how you always come to me for this shit!"

"Lower your tone, kiddo." He warned his voice turning dangerous.

"Stop calling me fucking Kiddo for Christ-Sake. I'm not a kid, I haven't been one in a long time."

"That's two." He barked into the phone.

"Yeah, well here's three." Click. She stared at her phone in disbelief. Did she really just hang up on Cade McKay? Oh my God she did.

"I think I need two cold shower" she mumbled putting her vibrating phone on the counter next to the sink, knowing it was Cade calling her back to either yell at her or threaten her.

It was time she started thinking about a way to get him back for all the times he treated her like a little girl. She wanted; actually she needed to show him she was no longer a little girl anymore.

Hopefully fuzzy handcuffs and a riding crop will do the trick. If not, well she can always go to the club and ask Mistress Marie how to tame a dominant male to heel.

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